- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] 1st cum, pt2
[Author] Joe Slackie
[Type] Father/daughter

I was drained and Bonnie was basically incoherent. Jimmy was giggling and Cathy was simply frustrated. I tried to pull myself out of Bonnie but she had her arms and legs tight around me and simply wouldn't let me pull out. I watched when, as if in slow motion, Cathy reached over and grabbed Jimmy's cock. Then she started pulling him between her legs. "You said you are fertile honey" I warned her. "I need it daddy, there are no God damn rubbers in the house and I need it bad". Jimmy wasn't giggling anymore as I watched Cathy pull him between her open legs. I watched her guide him between her open lips and then grab his ass. I watched her fingers dig into his ass, and eight points of blood appear as she forced him into her.

I watched my son sink into my daughter till his balls rested against her ass. I watched my daughter's face grimace for a second then a smile that lit up the room. They lay like that for a while, neither moving. Holding each other and kissing. Then Cathy pulled her face away from his, holding his face in her hands she whispered "this is the worst time of my cycle, if you cumm in me, you might make a baby". Jimmy stared down at her, confused. "Should I pull out of you?", "If you do, I will scratch your eyes out" she exploded. "And you damn well better make me cumm before you do".

I watched Cathy start to rotate her hips, watched how her pussy sucked at my son's cock. Watched him thrusting into her. Both kids were moaning, and I knew both were getting close. I knew I should put a stop to it, but how could I justify it with my own cock in my youngest daughter. Then I heard a little voice under me, "daddy, you must like watching them do it, you are getting bigger again". I was, my balls were churning and I was going to need to cumm again soon. No problem, I was deep inside one of the two prettiest girls in the world.

Cathy looked over at me, her face twisted in ecstasy, "Daddy, I am going to cum, Jimmy is going to make me cum". A look at Jimmy's face told me that this would probably be a dead heat. I watched my son's ass go rock hard and heard my daughters cry. I watched my son's ass twitch, and knew he was pumping my daughter full of cum. Bonnie grabbed Cathy's hand, "are you pregnant" she asked. Cathy could only moan and hold her hand hard. The two kids bounced on the bed hard, actually bouncing Bonnie and me on the bed. I almost came in Bonnie again, but not quite. Then the kids were quiet, just cuddling and kissing.

Then Cathy looked at me and said "your turn daddy". I was already hard and ready to go, I had planned on blowing another load into Bonnie, but Cathy had other ideas. NO!! Said Bonnie, he is mine. Cathy pleaded with her, you have daddies and Tommy's cum in you, why can't I. Reluctantly Bonnie released her grip on me. As I rolled off her, a thin trickle of goo oozed out of her pussy. She stared at it, and asked Cathy if she was pregnant. Cathy said "probably". Cathy then eased me between her legs, there was no fight left in me, all I wanted to do was seed my daughter. Cathy whispered in my ear, "You are bigger then Tommy, if you hold it deep when you cum, it will be your baby".

I guess I went a little nuts, if Cathy was to get pregnant, I wanted it to be mine. We twisted and ground against each other, but I never let my cock even get a fraction of an inch out of her. I watched her face put on a mask of agony, "Now daddy, I am open, give me our baby". That was all it took, I could feel my muscles contract deep inside, feel the throb of ecstasy start in the middle of my body and push toward my cock. Feel my cock expand and the head spew my seed deep inside my daughter. I had to push Tommy's cum out of the way and push my seed to her waiting egg. Again and again, all the time Cathy was chanting deeper daddy, deeper. I don't know how many streams of thick cum I pumped into my daughter but all good things come to an end, I simply ran out of cum.

We went to sleep like that, me inside Cathy and Jimmy cuddling with Bonnie. Just before she went to sleep, Bonnie reminded Cathy that I was only on loan.

The next morning I woke to the gentle rocking of the bed. Jimmy was inside Bonnie and their moans of pleasure are what woke me up. Jimmy was going slow, obviously trying to make it last. Each time Jimmy's balls ground against Bonnie's ass, I could see her hands pull hard on his ass to get him deeper. Their lips were pressed together and their eyes were closed, it was obvious that they were playing tongue tag as they slowly made love. "Aren't they beautiful" came a whisper in my ear. Bonnie broke the kiss "I'm going to do it Jimmy" she whispered, I guess she figured that Cathy and I were still asleep and didn't want to wake us. Then she wailed "Jimmy I'm Cumming" loud enough to wake the people next door. That must have been too much for Jimmy, I watched him thrust as deep as possible and growl. "I feel you, I feel you coming inside me" wailed Bonnie, loud enough that the neighbors must have heard it. I watched Jimmy's ass go rock hard and twitch at least six times before he started a gentler movement. The kids went back to gentle movements as they kissed passionately.

I am a voyeur at heart, and watching my son try to breed his sister had really turned me on. My cock was so hard inside Cathy that I could feel it throbbing, I guess Cathy could feel it too, "Our turn" she giggled, as she started to wiggle her hips. I mimicked Jimmy, moving in and out very slowly. Our moving was shaking the bed and the kids broke their kiss to look over at us. I went back to kissing Cathy, our lips together, our tongues caressing each other. My cock was in a tight, wet, warm place. I could feel Cathy tighten and loosen her muscles; I was in heaven. We both forgot about the kids as we went back to kissing, my cock moving gently in out of one of the most beautiful women in the world. Cathy broke the kiss long enough to moan "I love you daddy", I love you too honey, with all my heart" I moaned back, and we went back to our lip lock. I could feel Cathy shaking below me and prayed she was close. There had been so much stimulation watching Jimmy breed Bonnie that I wasn't going to be able to hold back long

I could feel the tingling tightening sensation which meant that I would not be able to hold back, that was when Cathy cried out "DADDY" like someone had punched her in the tummy and bucked so hard that she actually lifted me off the bed. Every muscle in my body tensed as I drove as deep into her as I could. I could actually feel my prostate pump a stream of seaman through my body toward my balls. There it picked up a large dose of sperm as it traveled through the little tube under my cock toward the head of my cock. I could feel the head of my cock expand as the thick baby making fluid blasted out of it and into my daughters welcoming pussy. Cathy must have felt it too, because she screamed "DADDY" again, as her pussy clamped down on my cock squeezing what little may have still been in the tube into her pussy. My body tightened again, I screamed "Cathy" as the second stream of goo made its way toward her womb. Again and again I fired into my lovely daughter, trying to force my cum into her baby maker. We couldn't kiss because we where moaning, screaming, and breathing hard. After it was over, Cathy and I started to kiss when a little female hand reached between my legs and squeezed my balls. I growled right into Cathy's mouth as one last stream of cum was forced deep into her. I looked up to thank Bonnie when I saw my wife and her dad in the doorway.

In my minds eye, I could see the heavy steel door at the Graybar hotel closing on me for life. With my real eyes, I could see something that was totally unbelievable. My wife and her dad were taking off their clothes!!! My wife walked over to the bed and ordered us to give her room; after we had, she lay down and opened her legs wide. Her dad crawled between them and started to lap at her pussy. She looked over at me and smiled as she said "Guess you can't be mad at me now, we were going to", her words were cut off, as her face became a mask of pure lust and pleasure. After she was done, my father-in-law crawled further up and sank his cock in her now oozing pussy to the hilt. Four sets of eyes stared at my wife as her father labored to get them both off. She was moaning and crying out, something she has never done for me. Hell, it was full daylight and she never had sex with me with the lights on, ever. Then just like Cathy had, she screamed "DADDY" and held him close and hard while her body seemed to vibrate. My father-in-law was doing pretty well also, I could see his ass clench and unclench each time he fired another stream of baby making cum into my wife. Too bad we got her fixed I thought to myself.

After they had come down from their orgasm, and finished kissing for a while, my wife looked me in the eye, smiled that pretty smile, and laughed, "I got it reversed". She didn't have to say what she got reversed, I already knew what it was. Then she reached over and planted a full mouth kiss on Cathy's lips. "No one is ever as good as your daddy," she breathed, still struggling for breath.


Well five months later, all three "girls" were five months pregnant. We had purchased a MUCH larger house in the suburbs, with a large plot of land, and all six of us are living there. To our right and in back, are sheer mountain cliffs. To our left is a large house like ours with a large swimming pool behind it. We have no worries from them though. They have a chain link fence around the pool, you can see right through it as if it weren't there. Many times we see them enjoying each other on the chase lounges around the pool. Father/daughter, mother/son, and brothers and sisters. Nothing to fear from them. Actually that afternoon we had been invited to go over there for a BBQ and pool party. Clothes were not optional, they were forbidden, fine with us, but that is another story.

There are other major changes in our "family". I never sleep alone, and during the week, I enjoy sex at least twice a day. During weekends I usually have sex four or five times a day. Hell I have even had sex with my wife a number of times in the last five months. She says that now she is sleeping with her daddy, she enjoys an occasional roll in the hay with me. Of course on those nights, Bonnie or Cathy are warming his bed. While I am mostly with Cathy, I never know whom I will wake up to. If two girls get up in the middle of the night to pee, they change partners. I may go to bed with Cathy and wake up to Bonnie or my wife. Of course no girl should go to school or work without a full load of cum in her pregnant tummy.

In short, in a very few months, my life had gone from absolutely dismal too absolutely FANTASTIC. All because my oldest daughter's shit head boyfriend wouldn't take the time to make her feel good.

The End

Over the years I have had several requests to finish this story and not just let it hang. I don't feel I write as well as I used to, but what the hell, it is an ending.