- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] True incest by myself
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Brother/sister

Growing up on a farm in the beautiful mountains of Colorado left my family
with the the seclusion my parents so much wanted.  We lived about five miles
 from our closest neighbor so privacy was never an issue.  My sister Sue was 13
when things started to happen between us.  I was 14.

Growing up with three sisters left me with noone to play with but my sisters.
  My knowledge of sex was nil.  My sister Sue was closest to my age so we got
 into mischief together.  Somehow when we were around 10 we decided to investigate
 the changes that had happened to our older sister Marge who had grown breasts
and Sue said she saw hair on her "pee pee".  I didn't believe her so we conspired
 a plan so she could prove it.  That night I grabbed a flashlight and when everyone
had gone to sleep, I crept into my Older sister Marge's bedroom.  She was sound asleep.
 At the foot of her bed I lifted the covers and eased myself under.  I could see
 her foot placement after I turned my small flshlight on.  She was sleeping
on her back with one leg slightly curled.  I proceded to ease my self closer
 and closer between her legs, lifting the covers as I went so as to form a
tent.  Marge slept in a big T-Shirt, so when I finally could see where her
legs ended the T-shirt was tucked between her legs.  I was breathing hard
now.  What would happen if i was caught.

I slowly eased the hem of her T-shirt up.  I could see that she had indeed
grown hair on he pussy.  Marges legs were spread before me and I was looking
 at her 14 year old beautiful pussy.  My lil penis was rock hard.  I moved
closer between her legs and put the lil flashlight in my mouth.  With both
fingers I spread her lips apart and looked for the first time inside her.
 I was nervous and excited and making jerkey movement with my hands.  She
was wet on the inside.  I put my finger into her pussy just a little.  She
 stirred!  She spread he legs a little wider and I froze.  My finger was
still inside her pussy.  I waited for a while till I was sure she was asleep
 before I continued.  I moved my finger deeper into her.  I was amazed that
I could keep going in.  It was slimy in there.  It was hot and slimy. 
With my finger all the way inside her I moved it around.  I could feel lil
bumps inside her.  I moved my finger out and there was clear slime on my
finger.  A string of her slime was between her pussy and my finger.
 I pulled my finger out and smelled it.  It smelled clean but was slippery
between my fingers.  I tasted it.  No taste.  I continued to play with her
pussy until the slimy stuff was coming out of her pussy.  I put the slime
on my lil penis and gave it a few stroked.  It felt so good.  Soon I had my
penis covered in her slime.  Stroking it so slowly so as to not shake the
bed.    When I came I dribbled down onto my sisters sheets.  Using my 10
year old reasoning I picked up my cum and put it onto my sisters pussy.
 Then with my finger I pushed it inside her.  One last spread of her pussy
lips to see my cum inside her.  She was glistening in the light of my
flashlight.  I eased out of her bed and snuck into my Sues room to tell
 her she was right about the hair on Marge's pussy.  She was asleep.
 Being the curious being I am I decided to compare her pussy to my bg
 sisters.  So I put my hand between her legs for the firt time.  Her pussy
had no hair on it.  In fact my finger could not even go inside.  Getting
 bored with her pussy I finally went to bed.

If you want to read more about what happened in the years to follow,
let me know.  Sue and I had some greater adventures together.