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[Story Name] the taking of Nikki's virginity
[Author] Tray Homaker
[Type] Brother/sister

I want to start my story by saying first, that it all started out so very innocently. It was truly never my intention before then, nor was it Nikki's, to ever experience anything sexual together.

Especially, since we were brother and sister. Coming from a Christian family from the bible belt area of the Mid-West made the taboo of an incestuous coupling feel even greater.

I was fifteen, almost sixteen at the time, and my little sister Nikki was just fourteen. I think that coming from a lower income family, one that only allowed my parents the ability to provide a very small but clean home, attributed to our first incestuous encounter. The house only had two bedrooms, so Nikki and I shared the same room. It was such a small room, that it required us to have bunk beds. It was very hard to have any privacy, so I very often saw Nikki naked or very near naked. I really never thought that much about it at the time, but an upcoming event, would soon change that forever.

I know now, that our bedroom being so secluded from the rest of the house, gave us far to much time totally isolated from my parent's watchful eyes. Most nights my parents went to bed early so that they could get enough sleep to put in those long hours at work the each day. That left us alone in our room, with far too much time and privacy, to do whatever we decided that we wanted to do.

I'd say that we had as normal a brother sister relationship as most kids our age. I mean, we would pester each other like most brothers and sisters do. I usually took Nikki's pestering pretty well, but when she started to get on my nerves, and if after telling her to knock off, she didn't, then I'd get her down and tickle her until she would almost pee in her pants. Finally, she would agree to quit pestering me, and I'd let her up.

I was a pretty big boy for my age, so Nikki never had a chance when I decided to get her down to tickle her. She was a very petite little girl under five feet tall and weighing no more than around eighty pounds. Most everyone had a hard time believing that she was anywhere near her age. She looked more like eleven years old than fourteen. Nikki was a very pretty little girl, and her tiny stature made her look so innocent.

Sometimes I would pester her until she got angry and then she would pounce on me, straddling my chest, and then put her knees on my arms to hold them down. I would let her think that she was getting the best of me for a little while. But, she was far to little to every get me down and then hold me there. I'd usually squirm around until I could roll her over on her back and then I'd tickle the hell out of her. Not stopping until she almost peed her pants or said uncle.

It was one of those pestering and tickling sessions that would change our relationship forever. We had already turned the lights out and had gone to bed. I slept in the bottom bunk, and would often pester Nikki by pushing up on the bottom side of her mattress. She would then yell at me to stop, or she was going to come down there and beat me up. I seldom ever stopped, so she would come down and jump on top of my chest and try to pin my arms down with her knees.

Nikki usually just slept in her panties and a tee shirt. In the winter when it was really cold she might sleep in long underwear, but otherwise would not. This night, she had on a tee shirt and white cotton panties. It would be one big contributing factor in what would happen that night.

I continued to pester Nikki until she had had enough, and she bailed out of her bunk and was on top of me in an instant. Only this time, she miss judged where she was landing, and instead of straddling my upper chest like normal, she was straddling my face. I feel certain that she was not aware of just where my face was, and she just stayed there for the longest time bouncing up and down. All that separated my face from Nikki's most private place was the thin narrow strip of cotton in the crotch of her panties.

I don't know why I did what I did next. It may have been the musky smell of Nikki's sweet little pussy that caused me to do it. I don't know for sure.

However, I do know that smell was intoxicating, and caused my cock to get hard almost immediately. I think that's why I stuck my tongue against the crotch of my sister's cotton panties and began to lick straight up and down its middle, pushing the thin fabric up in the wide gap between her meaty pussy lips.

Nikki froze dead in her place, and made no attempt to move off of my face. I continued to lick her, and even increased the pressure and speed at which I was licking. I was very surprised that Nikki didn't move off of my face immediately after realizing were it was.

I was more surprised when I could feel Nikki begin to rest more and more of her weight on my face. After several minutes of licking the crotch of my little sister's panties, it was apparent that she liked the way that my hot wet tongue felt. She especially liked it when my tongue passed over the huge bump located in the center at the top of her pussy groove. Never having licked a pussy before, I was unaware of just how unusually big Nikki's clitoris was. Not only was it big, it also seemed to be very sensitive.

As I continued to lick, the taste of Nikki's pussy began filtering through the thin fabric. I really wanted to remove her panties so that I could lick her pussy more freely. I was so afraid, that if I did try to remove her panties, she would decide to stop me all together.

I decided to try the next best thing. I slid my arm out from under Nikki's knee, and then pulled the crotch of her panties to the side. I licked up and down the deep wide gap between her pussy lips. She would really react when my tongue would move over the hard little bump at the top of her groove.

So, I started to concentrate my licking and sucking on it. It was not long before Nikki pressed her pussy down hard onto my face and started rocking back and forth. I could hear her making soft moans, and then she started tighten her thigh against the side of my cheeks. As she continued her downward pressure on my face, I could feel it as more and more of it slipped into the depth between her swollen pussy lips.

I was far too young and sexually inexperienced at the time to know that I was about to give my little sister her very first orgasm. All that I knew, was that I was really enjoying what was happening to her, and was not ready for it to stop anytime soon.

I was sticking my tongue as deep in her pussy hole as I could, and then dragging it up and over the big hard bump that was steadily growing bigger and harder with each pass of my tongue. I thought Nikki was going to break my nose grinding her pussy down onto my face. She started to buck and jump and squeeze the hell out of my face with her thighs.

All of sudden, Nikki grabbed my hair in both hands, pulled my face as deep into the middle of her womanhood as possible, while at the same time clamping her thighs tightly against me cheeks to hold me there. I could feel Nikki's thigh muscles as they began to quiver against the sides my cheeks. Directly after that, Nikki's pussy muscles started contracting. I had no idea what had was happening when all of sudden a big gush of liquid burst from Nikki's pussy.

At first, I thought that she had peed on my face. But it didn't smell like pee to me, and it had come from inside of her. I actually liked the taste of it, and tried to let as much go inside of my mouth as I could. The rest ran down the side of my face and neck soaking the pillow below.

It was a few moments before Nikki finally released the vice like grip that she held on the sides of my face, but still continued to keep her pussy held tightly against my slurping mouth. It seemed to me that she really wasn't all that anxious to end the intense pleasure that she had felt. I was very happy being where I was also. I was willing to lie there with my face buried in Nikki's pussy for a very long time.

However, Nikki was slowly beginning to realize what see had just allowed her own brother to do to her. I think she was even more embarrassed about it, because she too, was thinking that she had just peed on my face.

When Nikki finally lifted her pussy off of my face, I asked her if liked what I had been doing to her. She meekly replied yes. I then made the stupid mistake of asking her if she had just peed on my face. With that remark, she shot out my bed, and up into hers, like she had been shot out of a cannon. She would be quiet for the remainder of the night.

The next day, Nikki was still very quiet and would avoid having any eye contact with me. She stayed pretty much to herself for the next couple of days, and stayed out of our bedroom until time for bed. I was becoming worried, that she might tell mom of dad what I had done to her. After the fourth day of silence, I figured that she was at least going to keep it to herself.

It took Nikki five days before she finally broke the silent act with me. It was bedtime, and the lights had been out for some time. I was about to drift off to sleep, when I heard my name called from above. I didn't answer at first, and Nikki called my name again. This time it was little louder.

I finally acknowledged her, and asked what she wanted. She was a little hesitant in answering.

"Do, do, do you remember the thing that you did to me the other night?" she asked.

"Yes", I replied. "Why do you want to know that?"

She went on by asking me if had liked licking her private parts. I told her that I had very much. She then wanted to know if I was mad because she peed on my face. I assured her that I wasn't mad, and then continued by telling her that I didn't think that it was pee. I wasn't sure what it was, but I was pretty sure that it wasn't pee.

It was a few moments before Nikki said anything else, but what she said next, made me very happy. She wanted to know if I would be willing to lick her there again. I told her that I would love to, and to come on down to my bed. She bailed out of the bunk above, and was climbing up across my chest to sit on my face in just a second or so.

When Nikki lowered her pussy onto my face, it was with no hesitation at all. Judging from the wetness in the crotch of her cotton panties, she had been thinking about this for a while. I immediately started licking up and down the thin cotton strip in the crotch of Nikki's panties. I then lay there, and I let her ride my face like she had before.

When I started to feel Nikki's clit swell and get really hard through the soaked fabric. I pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, and then took her clit into my mouth and started sucking and licking hard on it.

It wasn't long before was she moaning and clamping my face tightly between her thighs. This time I knew what to expect when she had her orgasm, and had my mouth ready to catch all the fluid that I could when her pussy finally exploded into my open mouth. I drank down all her pussy juice, and continued to lick her as she sat there shaking and jerking uncontrollably.

After Nikki's orgasm subsided, she slid down beside me and I held her in my arms while she tried to catch her breath. I had never kissed my little sister on the mouth before, but she didn't seem to mind at all. I really liked it, and was sure that it would not be the last time.

As we lay there together, I slid my hand down between her legs and softly stroked her clit. She grabbed my hand, and whispered in my ear that it was so sensitive that she couldn't stand it being touched. I kissed her one more time very softly before she climbed across me and then climb up into her bunk. I lye awake for a long time after she left, not able to stop thinking about the intense satisfaction that I received from lick my little sister's pussy. Finally, I was able to drift off to sleep.

I licked Nikki's pussy every night for next couple of weeks. As soon as the lights went out and the house got quiet, here she came.

As much as I loved licking Nikki's pussy, it was beginning to take its toll on me. I would lye awake afterward, with my balls aching from my hard on that I still had.

I told Nikki the next night when she climbed into bed with me, that I was not going to be able to continue licking her pussy for her. It made my cock stay hard for so long that my balls ached afterward, and I was having too much trouble going to sleep.

Nikki then explained how one of her girl friends at school, had told her that she would let her brother stick his cock inside of her panties, and then move it back and forth between her pussy lips, until he shot his stuff there, and then he would feel better. Nikki told me that she would let me do that to her, if I would promise to keep licking her pussy for her. I told her that I would try it if she really wanted me to, and if it worked, then I'd continue licking her pussy whenever she liked. With that, Nikki climbed up and straddled my face. Just like every night before, Nikki's orgasm was very intense.

As we lay there afterward, I began to quiz Nikki about how the brother had stuck his cock inside of her girlfriend's panties. She went on by telling me her girlfriend had told her, that the best way they had found to do it, was for her to lie on her side with her butt pushed up against her brother's crotch, and then let him pull down the back of her panties and stick his cock between her pussy lips and slide in back and forth. She continued by saying that the panties would keep the mess isolated between her legs.

I decided that it was time to try it and pulled Nikki toward me. Her little ass felt very good pushed so tightly up against my stiff cock. I pulled down the waistband in the back of her panties, and then placed the head of my cock between the lips of Nikki's hot little pussy.

My cock looked so big sticking between the lips of her tiny little snatch. I said earlier, I was a pretty big boy for my age. My cock was seven inches long back then, and it was pretty big around too.

I asked Nikki if she was sure about this. After saying yes, I started to push the head of my cock back and forth in her hot wet pussy groove. I had never felt anything so wonderful before. I moved back and forth slowly at first, not knowing if it would cause her any pain or not.

I suddenly felt Nikki's hand as she put it between her legs and pushed against the fabric in the crotch of her panties. She was pushing my cock deeper between her pussy lips. My balls immediately began to tighten as I felt Nikki tighten her legs together and push harder on the fabric in the panties crotch. She had me wedged tightly between the lips of her slimy little twat. I had to start moving more rapidly as my balls began to get a tingling sensation. I was now pulling all most all the way out of Nikki's groove and then back up it until my cock slid past her hard clit and tented the front of her panties.

Suddenly I felt my balls getting very tight, a tingling sensation shot from my asshole all the way out to the tip of cock. I grabbed Nikki's hand and pushed it harder against the crotch of her panties. I had my cock pushed as deep between her pussy lips as it could possibly go. Damn! It felt so hot, so tight, and so wet, that my balls immediately started to empty their contents in the crotch of my little sisters panties. I shot semen all over her sweet little pussy, and completely soaked the whole front crotch area of her panties. She had been right about the panties helping contain the mess. If she hadn't had them on, I feel certain that there would have been semen shot all over the bed sheets.

I hugged Nikki tightly, and held her against me until my cock went completely limp. I told her how good it had felt to me, and if she would let me do that each time, I would gladly lick her pussy every night. She just snuggled her ass back against me and nodded her head up and down in approval. After a few more moments, Nikki rolled away from me, pulling my limp cock from its resting place. As she did, I could hear the waistband of her panties snap back in place.

As Nikki got up to climb back up to her bunk, I could smell the strong scent of my semen in her panties. The smell excited me, and I knew then that I might have to fill them once more before the night was through. I waited a few moments and then crawled up in Nikki's bed. It was hot and very slimy as I slid my cock between her pussy lips. My previous cum, served as a very good lubricant. I rode her little pussy groove like a maniac.

In a very short period of time, I once again blasted the crotch of her panties with my hot semen. This time the rapid pounding my cock made against her already aroused clit, made her unleash an orgasm of her own. The combination of my semen and her orgasmic fluid, had the front of her panties wet all the way up to the waistband. Nikki's panties were soaked completely through in the crotch with a slimy white coating of my semen. But, they had contained all the mess right there. I don't think that I would have wanted to keep them on, but Nikki did. I didn't have any problem sleeping that night.

The next morning I awoke first and got up before Nikki. Soon my rustling around the room woke her up, and she sat up on the edge of her bunk with her legs dangling off the edge. I came over to Nikki, and the crotch of her panties came into full view. The material in the crotch of them was still very damp, and the material had conformed itself to the contour of her pussy lips.

As I came up and stood between Nikki's open thighs, the smell on my semen was still very strong in the fabric of her panties crotch. I laid my face on her lap and breathed in the scent of our last sexual encounter. I could not wait for bedtime to come around again.

I guess that Nikki and I kept this same nightly ritual for a couple of months. Then one summer night, after I had finished licking her pussy, and was getting ready to deposit another load of my semen in her panties crotch, a sudden summer electrical storm came up. Nikki's was extremely scared of storms.

As we lay there together in the spoon position, my cock was already wedged between her pussy lips. A loud crack of lightning hit close to the house and caused Nikki to jump. In doing so, she shifted the angle at which I had been gliding up and down her groove. This caused the head of my cock to pop right inside of her tight little vaginal opening on my next thrust forward. I was starting to pull it out when Nikki pushed back against me causing me to slide in even farther. I pulled her against me trying to stop her from pushing me any farther inside of her.

I wasn't sure that we should be doing this. Pulling her close was the opposite of what I should have done. It caused me to slide in even deeper. The next push from Nikki sent my cock all the way to the balls inside of her. I had never felt anything so good before. I was letting Nikki take total control of the situation. She slowly fucked me as I lay there behind her panting like a dog. I was not going to last very long in such a hot and tight place. I was already feeling that old familiar tingle in my balls. I told Nikki that I was going to pull out of her pussy soon because I was getting close to shooting my load any second, and she should not allow me cum while I was inside of her pussy.

She didn't have time to reply, because we both heard the doorknob on our bedroom door turn at the same time. We both acted like we were asleep. It wasn't that unusual for Nikki to crawl into bed with either my parents or me during a storm like this one. I didn't think that mom or dad would think anything was wrong with this picture. It was a fairly common event in the summer months.

I lay there with my cock very still inside of Nikki. Thank goodness! We were still covered by the sheet, and my mother would not notice that I had my cock buried in my own sister's pussy. I wasn't moving at all, but Nikki continued to contract her pussy muscles around the shaft of my cock. I couldn't say anything or do anything, but just lie there and fake sleep. I was going to cum any second if Nikki didn't stop what she was doing with her vaginal muscles.

My mother came over to the edge of the bed, and my heart almost stopped. I was so fearful that she would pull back the sheets and be able to see what we were doing. She just stood there for a moment, brushing the hair out of Nikki's face. She then reached down and pulled the sheet up over Nikki's shoulder. She paused there for a moment watching her little girl sleep so soundly in her big brother's arms.

Little did mom know, at that very second, Nikki's pussy muscles sent me over the edge, and I began pumping jet after jet of my hot baby making fluid deep into her virgin womb. She once again brushed the hair back from Nikki's face, then bent over and kissed her on the forehead. She was totally oblivious to what was going on inside of her little girl's belly at the moment.

I feared she would smell my semen as it bubbled out around the shaft of my cock and ran out into the crotch of Nikki's panties. She turned and headed out of the room totally unaware of the volcano that had just erupted in a fiery pool inside of Nikki's flat little belly. I wondered if Nikki's belly was going to remain flat after the huge load that I was filling it with.

Nikki grabbed her belly as soon as my mother closed the door, she could feel my hot semen shooting off way up inside of her belly.

"Mmmmmmmm! It's so hot, and I can feel it all the way up to my navel", she said. "It feels sooooo gooood inside of me right now! Please fuck me again, big brother! I want to feel your hot stuff shoot off inside of my belly again."

I told Nikki that it probably was not wise for me to do that to her again. "I might make you have a baby Nikki!" I continued.

"It's to late to worry now about that, you've already shot your stuff in my once. You may have already given my your baby. So will one more time tonight really make that much difference? I promise! After tonight, we won't do this again. Okay?"

I was certainly old enough to know better, and I should have made myself stop right then, but I too, wanted us to fuck each other again. I wasn't able to enjoy my first cum inside of Nikki as much as I would have liked. I mean, it's hard to let yourself enjoy it much. When your mother is standing right next to you.

I finally agreed with Nikki, and slipped my cock out of her pussy and rolled her over onto her back. I would need a few minutes to recover before being able to fuck her again. I pulled Nikki's panties off, and dove between her thighs. I wanted to give her another orgasm first.

Nikki was not having an easy time reaching her orgasm like normal. I raised up, rolled onto my back, and then motioned for Nikki to straddle my face like she normally did. It was not long before Nikki was rocking and grinding her pussy on my face. Seconds later, she began to orgasm. She filled my mouth with a mixture of semen and her own female ejaculate. I reached my goal of getting her off again. Now it was going to be mine turn to cum again.

The excitement of Nikki's orgasm had my cock raging hard again. I crawled between Nikki's open legs, and in one quick motion buried my cock to the balls inside of her. This time I was going to fuck her missionary style. I wanted to fuck her and cum inside of her just like a grown up man would. She wrapped her legs around my back and I fucked hard and fast. This time I was going to last much longer before reaching my climax, and I intended on giving Nikki more pleasure than her young little body could stand. I felt like a prize bull as I pounded her pussy hard and deep.

I could tell that my fucking was starting to bring Nikki close to another orgasm. Her breathing was getting short and choppy, and she was starting to moan loudly. I steadily increased the speed of my fucking as Nikki's orgasm approached.

I could tell by the whining and moaning, that Nikki's sexual pleasure was about to peak. I too, could feel my sexual pleasure beginning to peak. It would not be long before Nikki would realize her wish of feeling me explode deep inside of her belly.

Suddenly, Nikki dropped her legs to the bed, and then stiffened the muscles in her thighs. Her entire body became stiff, then she began to convulse uncontrollably, her chest and stomach rose and fell rapidly. She arched her stomach into the air, pushed her cunt upward toward my pounding cock, stiffening her body while holding her ass up in mid-air.

I continued the assault on my sister's hot little snatch. I could feel her vaginal muscles tighten more and more with each thrust I made. I could tell that was only a few more strokes away from my own climax.

When I felt the spasm start in Nikki's vaginal muscles it caused my balls to tighten immediately. It wasn't until I felt her ejaculating her female fluids that I began to throb and ejaculate my own fluid deep down inside of baby sister's unprotected womb.

We had our crotch wedged together in mid-air as both our orgasmic fluids spilled onto the sheet below. I was pumping blast after blast of hot semen into her, and her pussy was unable to contain it all.

Once again, Nikki grabbed her belly. "Oh! God! Your stuff is so hot inside of me! It's making my whole belly feel hot!"

Nikki's body began to tighten again. "Oh! Shit! I'm going to cum again!"

I held on as I felt Nikki's pussy release another load of female ejaculate.

As both our orgasms began to subside, I softly kissed Nikki and then told her that I loved her. I couldn't believe it when Nikki whispered in my ear that I was going to be the only man that she would ever let fuck her.

"My pussy will always belong to you big brother," Nikki sighed as she snuggled her face into my neck. "I hope that this makes me pregnant. I want to have your baby so badly. Please! Will you fuck me every day until I get pregnant?" Nikki pleaded.

I kissed Nikki deeply, and then assured her that I was hers to fuck nightly if she wanted. And that's pretty much how things went. Over the next few months, either she would crawl in my bed nightly, or I would crawl in with her. Each night I would fuck Nikki's unprotected pussy, filling her to overflowing with my hot semen. Around four months later, her flat little belly started to protrude. It wasn't long until she began to feel signs of the life growing inside of her. It was nine months to the day, when our baby girl was born. I suppose that Nikki was correct, she probably did get pregnant that very first time that I shot cum into her. My mother was probably standing there watching as Nikki and I conceived our first child together.

Over the years there has been much turmoil in our family because of our love for each other. Through out those tuff times, one thing has remained constant. I am the only man that Nikki has ever made love with, and she is the only woman that I have ever wanted to be with.

As I finish this story, my beloved Nikki is leaning over my shoulder with her big pregnant belly poking me in the back. She is around eight months now, and carrying our fourth child. We are hoping for a boy this time. If not, Nikki swears we are not stopping until we make one. I could think of a lot worse things that could happen to a guy.

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