- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Sliding into puberty
[Author] zzTurk
[Type] Brother/sister

The absolutely most difficult time of a boy's sexual life has to be puberty!

Before then, hard-ons were accidents of friction, no more, no less. You slept soundly, and you had no self consciousness about your dick!

My life was made more difficult by these little roadblocks in the way of life:

First of all, we were four children, maternal quadruplets (4 eggs, no identical twins), and our parents were dead. (Our father in Viet Nam, our mother in childbirth)

We were saved from an orphanage because of the large insurance settlements and our mother's parents were able to take us.

In the summer of our twelfth year, my brother Randy, and I were moved to our own bedroom. Our grandparents told us that as we got older, we'd need the extra room. (It was a good lie, and for the right reason.)

Our sisters, Sela and Sara, helped us set up our beds exactly the same as theirs, with respect to the doorways, windows, etc.

Even though we were only maternal quads, if the girls cut their hair, they'd pass for a brother!

We all had those famous Swedish, classic features: blond hair, blue/green eyes, light complexion, and no compunction against nudity.

So, in the course of summer doldrums, one night, my constant fidgeting in bed gave me a boner!

Randy saw it and tried to fidget one, too!

It didn't work, until I simply touched it!

It sprang to life and in less than five minutes, we were giggling and playing our first game of 'dick swords'!

It felt amazing! Undescribable!

Inherently, we knew enough not to make too much noise in bed. It always had the effect of getting grandpa into the picture to see what was 'cooking'.

Next night, Randy couldn't sleep and crept into my bed. When I wouldn't play 'dickswords', he poked it about my belly button. So, I turned over.

That allowed him to discover my ass crack, and what a new sensation THAT was!

I got into it and did it to him, next time; but with the juxtaposition of our anatomies, there could only be one at a time, in position.

A week later, while playing 'swords', I fell back on my bed and Randy, sort of, pounced for victory. But, to avoid kneeing me, he thrust his left leg near my rib cage which had the effect of placing his 'sword' near my sternum, and I just stared at his penis, close up!

As if hypnotized, Randy creeped the other leg up which dragged his penis right under my chin! I opened my mouth, honestly, in surprise, and Randy completed the first taboo: He inserted his penis!

It was a funny feeling, but I was more worried that he'd fall against me and I'd suffocate.

In less than five minutes, our bodies spoke some secret language, and we discovered the contraposed position we later learned was '69'.

It was awkward, at first, trying to not choke on eachother, but we managed, just fine.

Two nights later, we fell asleep, each inside the other's mouth, and it could've been disasterous, but we were discovered by Sara, who brought in Sela to see this!

That's when the good ship, Discovery, made it's fateful voyage!

Obviously, Sela & Sara didn't HAVE one, so we experimented!

We each laid our boners between the girls' asscheeks, but that got no response from them, and it was passe' for us.

Then, I hit upon the idea that, where they were missing their dicks, they had these smaller cracks!

I tried it on Sara, first, but the friction made us too sensitive, so I moved up her body just like Randy had done to me.

I promised not to 'pee' in her mouth and she opened up, placing a good spitwad along the undershaft.

Repositioning my penis at her slit, we commenced our first mutual masturbation (dry hump) and what's more, be both loved it!

Soon, Randy and I were taking turns with Sela and Sara, trying to find the best position.

This one night, Randy got, well, randy, and while I was dry humping Sara, I asked him to put some more spit into the mix. Now, to do this, I had to raise up which changed the angle, somewhat.

After Randy wetted us, he took hold of my penis and, sort of, stirred the mix with it, but Sara's entire innards were slick, and before you knew it, my penis penetrated her!

She cried out, in sudden pain and shock! I thought I was going up her asshole!

Then, we saw the blood! Oh, shit! I TORE her asshole, I thought, and my dick shriveled up!

We all kept this quiet, cleaned the sheets, and didn't touch any one another for several days.

But time healed even this wound, and before you knew it, we were all dryhumping ourselves silly.

Randy had observed that Sara's old blood spot never healed properly, leaving a larger hole than was previously there, but since she wasn't bleeding, we let it pass.

The following week, I got a little carried away, again, and my penis lodged in Sara's 'wound'. We were both wet and, as I froze, her opening seemed to stretch right around the head of my penis and begin to swallow it up!

I flinched, as if to remove it, but Sara already had reached down for it! She repositioned it and placed her hands, one on each buttock.

I took nature's course and drove my penis, slowly, all the way into my sister, Sara, who was obviously in the throes of pleasure, from this.

Again, instinctively, I pulled back to do a replay, again, again, again, and again, until a building pressure took over our loins!

When I exploded inside Sara, I thought I had peed inside her. It was my first orgasm!

Now, Sela was left out! And, since my equipment seemed to be the only one that fit, I wound up taking HER maidenhead, too!

But this tme, we were prepared (a towel on the bed), copious amounts of spit from Randy, yet, we had to stop after Sela's brave cry, confirmed by the blood, told us that she could go no further.

We had discovered, inadvertantly, why grownups sleep togther, but never tell the kids. (Kids have so much more time to sleep together they'd have more fun than the grownups!)

Sela, needless to say, was a 'new woman' after losing her bloodscab, as we called it, and Randy & I humped Sela & Sara constantly.

We still had this taboo thrill hanging over our heads and we vowed never to let our grandparents know what we were doing.

About a year later, the girls got their first periods, and their grandmother took them aside.

It's not supposed to be this foolish, but grandma wasn't a great communicator.

So, when she tried to impress upon the girls that they now could get pregnant, the girls misinterpreted the meaning as: You have PERMISSION to get pregnant!

Randy and I were no longer 'shooting blanks' and when Sara told me, I got an instant erection and said to her, "Let's!"

We had already discovered intimate contact, kissing, titty nibbling, etc., and we put it to immediate use.

It was about two weeks after the girls' periods that grandma stopped coming upstairs each night.

With the bedroom layouts identical in our rooms, we had already perfected our silent padding down the hall to visit our sisters.

Sara seemed to glow, tonight, and my erection seemed to be just a tad firmer, as we kissed our way around eachother's body.

When I was face first at her vulva, I left more spit than usual. Then, I kissed my way up her body, stopping to suckle each developing breast.

At last, I paced my moistened lips to Sara's and gently inserted my penis into her opening.

After we were well placed, I just floated for a while, my pelvis making little vibratio mini-thrusts and Sara started climbing the walls!

I built up. Sara clawed my back!

I started thrusting as if to send my penis out her other side, each time burying itself to the hilt inside my sister.

When she sensed my delivery, she wailed, "Now, fill me, yes, all of it, yes, yes!

And with that, I fairly erupted my babymaking semen right at the door to Sara's honey womb.

The sounds, next bed, testified that Randy had done the similar service to our sister, Sela!

And, each girl delivered twins!

The End