- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Sister Lust
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Brother/sister

Anyone who hasn't experienced the unbridled passion of having a taboo sexual relationship could ever imagine how involved in the pure lust of it you can become. My experience lead to the best relationship I could have asked for. My experience involved my younger sister Rachel. At the time our involvement began I was 16 and Rachel was just 12 years old. We weren't the only kid's in our family, we also have 3 other brothers, but they were never aware of our secret. Keeping everyone from finding out became a chore in itself, but I must say added to the experience and excitement.

It all started one day in early summer when my parents had gone on a day trip to visit friends in a neighboring town. Rachel couldn't go because she had to go to a rehearsal for her ballet class recital. I got elected by my parents to stay and chauffeur her. I really didn't mind because I had no desire to visit their friends anyway. I dropped her off at about 10 am, went to the mall and walked around, then went back and picked her up at noon. The rest of the day was free until my parents got back around 9 PM.

My lovely sister Rachel began to develop at the tender age of 10. At 12, she was already a very shapely young woman. Rachel was about 5'4", deep red hair, kelly green eyes, has a very well rounded ass, and firm peach sized breasts. She truly is a beautiful girl. I found myself comparing potential girl friends to Rachel; she was hard to equal.

My attraction to her began about a year earlier, but I was careful not to let her or anyone else notice my interest. This day was different; it was the first day I could remember being alone with just Rachel in the house. When we got home, Rachel wanted to get out of her ballet leotards. She ran upstairs to take a shower and change. I decided to go to my room and veg out while listening to my stereo. I grabbed my headphones, cranked up the volume, pulled the latest edition of Penthouse out from under my mattress, and plopped onto my bed.

I was just lying there enjoying the music, looking at the Pet of the Month, and wanking my Willie. I was totally unaware that Rachel had come in my room. Apparently, when I didn't answer her calling me, she came in to see what I was doing. She had been standing there for a good 5 minutes before I finally noticed her when I turned the page of my magazine. I was in shock, my cute little sister was obviously so turned on by watching me beat my meat, that she had her hand in her panties and was rubbing her now drenched pussy.

"Rachel!, what...what are you doing in here!", I said frantically, "How long have you been standing there....can't you knock before you come into my room!".

"I've been here about 5 minutes...long enough to see a pretty good show....and I did knock, you didn't answer....and I'm doing the same thing you are!", she replied in a tone I'd never heard from her before, very alluring, very seductive. "Ya want me to help you with that Randy," she said.

"What.... what do you mean sis?", I answered.

With that she slipped her oversized T-shirt over her head, and let her panties drop to the floor. Quickly she was on my bed, my cock in her hand, rubbing it up and down.

"This is what I meant Randy...do you like this?", she said.

"Oh damn yes sis....don't stop", I managed to say.

Rachel did stop however, but immediately replaced her hand with her mouth. I reached down and began squeezing her tits with one hand, and fingering her clit with the other. She stopped sucking long enough to tell me that how good that felt. After about a minute of her warm wet mouth on my dick, I lifted her head away. I got up and laid her down on her back in my place.

"Rachel, do you want to do it?" I asked with great anticipation, my cock hanging inches away from the target I hoped to hit.

"You mean...you mean hump me Randy?" she said with a air of fear and excitement.

"Yes sis, do you want my cock to fuck you? ....please Rachel!", I begged.

"I've never done that before....will it really fit Randy...yes Randy, do it...do it Randy...fuck me!" she replied.

I grabbed my extremely hard 7" cock and placed it at the entrance to her inviting cunt. Slowly I pushed into her. At first it took a little pressure to get started, but after the head got in the rest eased in with surprisingly little effort. She was tight, and wet as hell! We started with a slow pace, but in a very short time we were both moaning and fucking like rabbits. It didn't take long before I could feel my cock nearing explosion, and Rachel was ready to cum in a big way.

"Rachel, I'm cumming!" I yelled, "I'm gonna fill your pussy up with my cum!"

"Yesss...yes yes!!" Rachel moaned, "I'm cumming...I love your cock Randy!...cum with me!!"

My balls started to dump their precious cargo deep into my sister's womb, spasm after spasm shot what felt like a gallon of sperm into her. She exploded into a violent orgasm that almost knocked me off her.

"Randy, I love you...I felt your cum shoot in me...it felt so warmmm ....... do it again ...please!" she said.

"I will, as soon as I can sis, I love you too", I replied. We made love three more times that day.

We make love every chance we get. Rachel and I have used every opportunity and reason we can think of to be alone together. We manage to fuck at least four or five times a weeks. Rachel told me... after three months of love making, that she was pregnant. She had our baby girl at the ripe age of 13, which was over 10 years ago. Our parents, who thought the baby belonged to an unknown father, let Rachel raise our daughter in their home. Rachel and I moved in together, in a town half the country away, and now live as husband and wife. We have no contact with other family members, as our brothers figured out our secret five years ago. Rachel is pregnant again and expecting our son in about two months.