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[Story Name] Loving sisters
[Author] from Family affairs
[Type] Brother/sister

    My sister, Kathy, and I feel your magazine has helped many people who read of other experiences in incest.  My sister is a very beautiful woman, with nice big tits, long, one-inch nipples, a beautiful, round ass, and fat cunt lips with black hair.  Her shape is so perfect she could be a model.  I have been with many other women, but they never satisfy or feel like my sister.  I don't know what it is, but my sister is the only one who gives me sexual satisfaction.  I know I am in love with my sister.

    My sister, Kathy, and I first had sex several years ago during my college recess.  Our family went out of town.  This particular weekend, Kathy and I stayed home.  I was sitting on the sofa, looking at television, when my sister walked into the television room naked.  I pretended not to notice her, but I did.  My nine-inch cock was hard as a rock. She lay down on the rug and spread her legs wide open, then she pulled her cunt lips wide open with her fingers.

    I couldn't take it anymore.  I dropped down and started eating her.  God, she looked beautiful!  I asked her if she loved me.  She said that if she didn't love me, she wouldn't be doing what she was doing with me.  Then she said that she was not a whore, which I knew she wasn't since I was the first to fuck her.  So, I told her I was sorry, that I didn't mean to imply she was a whore.  I continued to eat her and she started to shake her big tits, bouncing them up and down.  She was coming, and that always makes me feel good.  I just grinned, got a towel and cleaned her up.

    She got up and said she was going to fix me lunch, like a good wife should.  I felt so lucky to have a sister/wife like her.

    After we ate, we both got naked.  She kept staring at my hard cock, then said, "It is so big and full of blue veins."  She jacked me off.

    She then said, "Pick me up in your arms and carry me to Mom and Dad's bedroom."  So I did.  I laid her down on the bed and pulled the covers back.  GOd, her skin felt like silk - so smooth!  My cock kept jerking, and it was so hard it hurt.  She started to jack me off and French-kiss me.  Then we did sixty-nine.  She was on top, her wide hips and round ass driving me crazy.

    I needed to fuck her, so I said, "Katy, wait.  I'll get some rubbers so I won't have to pull out."

    She told me no, she didn't want me using rubbers.  I could just go ahead and come inside her.

    My sister kept playing with my balls and ass while she sucked my cock, and then I laid her down while she spread her fit-lipped cunt wide open.  I rubbed my cockhead on her clit, and then put my cock in her real slow.  She kept coming and coming.  I have never seen a woman come as much as she did.  She kept saying that she couldn't stop coming.  Of course, that made me feel like her man.

    I kept fucking my sister, sucking on her big tits.  Her nipples were sure long.  The feelings I felt, words can't express.  She then started to tremble, her big ass and tits looking like Jell-O.

    She kept yelling, "Honey, give me more cock, more cock."

    At this point, I didn't care who walked in on us, not even Mom and Dad.  I couldn't hold my cum back anymore, so I shot her full of it, while she kept saying, "Fuck me, brother, fuck me."

    We fucked all weekend.  We went dancing and I introduced her as my wife.

    Two months afterwards, she told me that she was pregnant and that she was going to have our baby.  My sister told Mom and Dad that she had a boyfriend, but wouldn't say who he was.  Seven months later, my sister gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

    My sister, Kathy, and I are now thirty-five and twenty-eight, respectively, and we feel we are lucky.  We still fuck.  We both got married, but things didn't work out, so now my sister and I live as man and wife.

                                                        Fullerton, CA