- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Jen's story
[Author] Phlydude
[Type] Brother/sister

It started for me three summers ago, on a beautiful June afternoon and my
"little" sister and I were in our backyard. Jennifer had just turned fifteen
a week earlier while I was almost 18. We have always gotten along for the
most part I guess, certainly no better or worse than other siblings I know.

There is the remains of an old greenhouse behind our garage and Jen was
sitting atop a 1" horizontal pipe that served as a support for the original
roof. There was little else left besides the steel pipe skeleton of the
structure. She was determined to try a gymnastic move her friend Heather
taught her the past school year. I was her spotter and was a little nervous
with how high off the ground she was. Her plan was to launch her weight
backwards from the pipe, catching hold by her knees and swinging down
backwards a three quarter rotation until her head reached the 3 o'clock
position, then releasing her hold of the pipe and dropping smoothly to a
standing position.

As she prepared herself mentally for the dismount, I found myself looking at
her in a different way. Maybe it was the angle, after all I was staring up at
her curvy rear clad only in orange short shorts. Above those smooth half
tanned half burned thighs hung a beautiful set of breasts jiggling with every
small motion she made to maintain her balance. I had been aware that Jen was
developing, yet underneath sports bras and other garments these now
strikingly obvious tits had not been nearly this noticeable. Simultaneously
I found myself feeling a little guilty thinking of my sister's "tits", and
finding it odd that she clearly was wearing no bra under her baggy white
Abercrombie and Fitch T-shirt today. It had never been her habit, being
raised in a family that practiced modesty I suppose.

"Are you ready Pete?", Jen asked, breaking this line of thought.

"Go for it Jen, just be careful O.K?" I responded, my mind now completely
focused on spotting.

As she thrust her center of gravity back her body straightened out and began
to pivot around the pipe which was now under each knee. As I moved to stay
under her, she suddenly screamed in pain and bending at the waist, reached up
frantically for the pipe. She continued to swing down, though not nearly far
enough. Had she released her knee hold as planned she would have landed on
her face, or worse, her neck.

I shouted "what's wrong?" as she continued to furiously grab for the pipe
with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"It's tearing my skin off" she cried.

Apparently the pipe's surface had corroded to the point where skin would not
slip on it but grab. I winced at the thought, knowing immediately the damage
that was being done to the back of Jen's knees and knowing that if her own
weight wasn't removed from the pipe, things could only get worse.

"Hang down and I'll lower you to the ground" I said.

Jen fought for only a second then surrendered and hung from her injured
knees, reaching for my shoulders. I realized later that getting her to the
ground from there took only seconds but I have replayed those seconds many
times in my mind.

As I reached up for her I noticed several things. First, between struggling
and gravity her T-shirt was now bunched up at her armpits and two perfectly
formed, cantaloupe sized, pale jiggling breasts were staring at me at eye
level. I remember thinking how succulent her nipples looked, thick as the tip
of my little finger and surrounded by half dollar sized, slightly coned,
light pink/brown areolae. Reverse gravity altered the overall shape of her
breasts somewhat but they were still magnificent jiggling gently with her
exertions. The temptation to cup one quickly came and passed. Secondly, I
noticed her face was bright red from blood rushing to her head. It was the
first time I could remember not easily seeing the freckles that are normally
so prominent on her cute face, neck and shoulders. Her wavy red hair hung
down to my thighs. Most importantly, I realized that she was still too high
to release her hold without knocking us both down.

With those gorgeous orbs in my face and my hands at the swell of her hips I
said "it's O.K. Jen, let go".

My plan was to let her slip down to a level that I could catch her and still
maintain my balance. In the fraction of a second it took to do this I was
keenly aware of the proximity of Jennifer's breasts, the slight sheen of
perspiration on and between them and the subtle but intoxicating scent of
her. It was a mix of her perfume, and her natural body scent. Jesus, how
could I be thinking these things at a time like this? As Jen straightened
her legs, I switched my hands on her hips to a bearhug around her waist.
Mission accomplished, until I realized Jen and I were now in a classic
(albeit vertical) 69 position, and even more impure thoughts rushed to mind.

Afraid I would drop her on her head, Jen instinctively grabbed my waist in a
bearhug and locked her thighs on either side of my head. In the moment it
took to lower us both to the ground, I glanced at her crotch directly under
my chin and observed a spray of red, curly hairs sneaking out one side of her
pink panties. The orange shorts material was wadded and off to the other
side, rendering this breathtaking sight inescapable. In that instant, I
became aware of a new fragrance, and it produced in me a powerful,
involuntary rush of animal attraction. I realized later that I had smelled
her vagina.

As we slowly untangled, I again put these thoughts aside while we inspected
her wounds and dusted ourselves off. Just before she ran to the house, Jen
reached over and kissed my cheek and briefly hugged me. I was surprised but
flattered. As I picked myself up I realized that I was exhilarated and
sporting quite an erection!

Two days later as I passed Jen's closed door just down the hallway from mine,
I thought I heard her exercising behind the door and thought I would knock
and see how she was healing.

"Just a minute" she said, apparently out of breath, and I waited a few
moments before she appeared.

"Oh, hi Pete...c-cmon ..in".

"Sorry to interrupt Jen," I said walking in.

I moved over to the bed to sit and talk like so many times in the past. "Were
you doing your aerobics"? I asked noticing that she seemed distracted and out
of breath. "Uh....yeah...I was...uh just..going to".

"I promise I won't take long" I said as I sat on the edge of the bed.

I immediately felt something hard and uncomfortable under my left thigh and
raising slightly reached under the turned down comforter to pull it away.

"Peter don't...." Jen sputtered, but it was too late.

It took a nanosecond to realize I was holding a sizable dildo, and even more
incredible, a warm, wet and excitingly pungent dildo! It was a natural flesh
colored latex penis perhaps eight inches in length and fully two inches in
diameter. From the realistic crown to past it's middle it was covered with a
slippery, clear, oily liquid. At the transition point from wet to dry were
several bright red hairs stuck to the shaft. Instinctively, I brought the
phallus to my nose and sucked in air deeply. The scent was intoxicating and
again I felt an incredible, primal rush of animal, sexual attraction for my
little sister.

"Pete I ....God I'm so embarrassed....SHIT!..........please don't tell anyone
about this. ..........Why are you doing that?......Jesus just put it down,
you'll be grossed out for life"!

Returning to earth I realized my reaction to this "find" was inappropriate
and probably disconcerting to Jen.

"Jen, I'm really sorry you saw me do that, but this is....... definitely not
gross. I........I just think that it's ......I couldn't help it". Then,
rather than try to explain my feeling in words I raised the dildo again and
carefully, deliberately licked the shaft clean.

"OH MY GOD YOU.....JESUS........YOU LIKE THAT"? she asked incredulously.

"Jennifer, I'm so turned on right now, I'm......... trying very hard to
control my words and thoughts.... and actions because I'm not sure I should
be thinking these things and I know I've never acted this way in front of you
and I wouldn't dream of saying or doing anything to hurt you or make you hate

"Peter, you're my big brother and I will always love you, no matter what, I
just... I can't believe this is happening...I never would have guessed you
would feel....attracted......this way towards me. I have a little confession
to make, remember my accident? I was scared to death until you caught me,
and then I realized I was safe and I also realized I had...turned you on a

"How did you know that"? I asked with amazement.

Growing more comfortable with the situation, Jen said smiling, "I should say
it was my woman's intuition but actually it was that big boner in my face
that tipped me off".

After a good laugh, we both felt less nervous with each other and Jen walked
back over to the bedside. I still felt self conscious looking at her body as
she did, but it didn't keep me from doing it, and Jennifer watched me do it.
Her hair was down and just tousled enough to look really sexy. Her green, one
piece, spandex workout suit was two thin straps from the shoulders down far
enough to see the tops of her jiggling breasts (again no bra), form fitted to
her 22" waist and out over her womanly hips and ass. It left the better part
of each ass cheek and both long shapely legs bare. My God, this was one
incredibly sexy woman! I never would have believed freckles could be so
sexy. It might have been my imagination but I'm also certain that her
nipples had grown more prominent since I entered the room.

Jen continued, "My confession is........God I don't know if I can say
this....... when that thing you're holding was.....aaaahhhhhhh....getting...
wet, the fantasy I had was...... your big boner". There was a moment of
stunned and heated silence on my part until I realized Jen was blushing
furiously and needed reassurance that she hadn't confided too much.

"Jen I.... ahhh...whew! I..I'm flattered and I....umm...I am so unbelievably
aroused right this minute I can't.....ah",

"Gosh, I'm relieved Pete," she said, "I...... that could have been awkward if
you had felt differently". After sharing a nervous moment of eye contact Jen
added "Well we've each spilled our guts, now what?"

"Mom and Dad shouldn't be home for another two and a half hours", I said
glancing at my watch.
"Close the door and come over here, I have a confession of my own."

Jennifer did as I asked and faced me on the bed with a serious but
conspiratorial sparkle in her eyes.

"I'm going to ask you something that may shock you but the way I'm feeling
right this minute I have to. I know I have no right to ask this Jen but what
I'd like to do right now is watch you..... use this thing". She continued to
stare at me for a moment, panting softly, her pupils very dilated.

"I don't know if I can do that Peter, I don't know if I... we...... should".

Sensing resistance, that I may have stepped over the line, and shocked at my
own boldness, I stood and said "I'm sorry Jennifer, what was I thinking?"
Moving for the door I added apologetically "Jeez I need a date! I've been
really.........horny lately I guess.... just forget I said anything, o.k.?"

"Peter.........would it .....really excite you if I did that?

Stopping dead in my tracks I answered "yes it would Jen. More than you could
imagine. Whew, I can't believe I just admitted that!"

"But wouldn't you think I'm a.... pervert afterwards?"

"I could never think about you that way Jen no way." I sensed in her a
willingness to grant me my wish if only I could reassure her that everything
would be O.K. "Jen I'm not going to even touch you, I promise. I just want
to watch. C'mon, just pretend I'm not here." God did that sound lame!

"Oh yeah", she giggled, "that'll work, like that bulge in your shorts isn't
right here next to me".

I knew I was hard but didn't realize 'til glancing down, that I was poking up
through the elastic band of my old gym shorts. God the tip was already
leaking pre-cum!

"I've got it", I said slowly drawing down the waistband, "I'll take off
everything too, and while you play with your toy, I'll play
with......myself." I was betting that my nakedness might push her over the
edge. Jen's eyes widened as more of my engorged member was exposed to her.

"And we can both pretend my dildo is your big, beautiful......thing", Jen
added in a mesmerized monotone, then quickly looking up to my eyes added
sheepishly "if.....if we...wanted to....".

I had her! It was going to happen and I knew from that moment on that
Jennifer wanted me as much as I did her. Dropping the fake penis, I jumped
up and shed my shorts and T in an instant. Expectantly I watched Jen drop
one strap then the other off her beautifully freckled shoulders. looking
into her eyes I could sense a lingering hesitancy and an eagerness battling
each other and through messages unspoken, let her know which side I was on.

Her decision made, Jen crossed her arms and pulled the suit to her waist
while allowing her eyes to drop from mine to my erection facing her at eye
level two feet away.

"OH MY GOD......Peter it's.......beautiful. It's so ....big"!

I in the mean time was mesmerized by the sight before me. There they were in
all their glory. Those glorious tits that had dominated my thoughts the past
48 hours. The freckles thinned to pure white supple skin halfway down the
tops of her breasts. Her nipples appeared as I remembered though longer and
stiffer. I was giddy with excitement and slightly dizzy from pure sexual

I held out my hands to Jen to help her up so she could finish disrobing, but
she scooted back on the bed and turned her body to align herself with the
bed, still staring at my straining, drippy, seven inch erection. Looking
back at my eyes while reclining on her elbows, she said "help me off with
this Pete"

As I eagerly hopped on the foot of the bed and moved up between her legs to
help, I saw Jen's eyes move from my penis to the bedspread twice and
realized I was dripping on the bed. Jennifer lifted her lovely hips, as I
slid my hands, palm up, under her butt. I grabbed the top of the suit and
began peeling it towards me. I did this slowly, almost reverently, as if
given a priceless gift and not wanting to rush the unwrapping (as I think
about it now, that's exactly what happened). The tops of my fingers dragged
slowly across her cheeks and we were both breathlessly aware of the threshold
being crossed. I noticed a wet spot directly over her crotch and I resisted
the urge to smell it before I removed the suit from her body. Her butt felt
warm to the touch, but the heat I felt at that moment was stifling. I held
my breath as the green material cleared her genitals, and Jennifer moaned
very softly. I felt like I would ejaculate as her beautiful abdomen was
revealed to me and I paused for a moment to collect my self.

"Pete, what is it. What's the matter"? She asked worriedly.

"Nothing sweetie, absolutely nothing".

"I thought you were repulsed for a second there".

"Jen, honestly I had to stop or I would have...........cum".

She thought about that for a second then said "well...worse things could
happen. Pete, I'm so glad I have this...... effect on you". I glanced up to
see an aroused sparkle in her eyes and realized she was probably enjoying
this every bit as much as I was.

"Hurry up!" She whispered.

Jen lowered her butt to the sheets and raised her legs while I whisked the
suit up and over her tiny sexy feet. I sneaked a quick whiff before dropping
the suit to the floor.

"If you like the smell of me so much why don't you go right to the source"?
she asked playfully.

"Don't tempt me Jennifer, we're not supposed to be touching remember"?

Jen giggled and said "I'm not the one who came up with these rules".

Grabbing the now dry dildo I studied the scene before me. Jen had slowly
spread her legs and opened her knees to almost touching the sheets. She had
put several of her pillows under her head and was studying me intently with
those beautiful deep green eyes. Her hair was laying loosely around her
face, her breasts had flattened somewhat and slid slightly down each side of
her ribcage and her breathing was still rapid and shallow. Directly below me
was a gorgeous, surprisingly thick mat of brilliant red/orange pubic hair
pointing down to her fully blossomed, soaking wet vaginal opening.
Surrounding the pink lips were more very fine red love hairs. These were
plastered flat to the surrounding flesh due to the copious discharge of
lubrication, and the aroma emanating from her crotch was driving me crazy
with lust. I again felt the need to ejaculate, and the desire to plunge my
face into her and drink her wasn't making it easy to hold out.

"I better wet that before I start" she said quietly, reaching for her toy.

Pulling it back I said "I can handle this Jen" and again placed the cylinder
in my mouth. I was glad for the distraction.

We made eye contact as I rolled the dildo around my mouth. Finally we were

Sitting on my knees I bent forward and placed the phallus in her outstretched
hand. Jen lowered it to her vulva and slowly slid it up and down between her
pussy lips. I glanced up to gage Jen's reaction and saw hesitation in her
flushed face.

"Peter........I can't do this".

I was crestfallen and the look on my face must have communicated that to Jen.

"No...Pete......I mean I can't do this part..........myself." Seeing a
puzzled look on my face she explained "If I'm using this in front of you I
feel that I'm just.....performing... and you are..my audience, which makes me
nervous and makes this seem....unnatural. Do you understand that"?

"I'm trying to Jen....what can I do to make things better....are you thinking
this is a bad idea"?

"God no Pete, I......I am a little nervous, but I love the way you're looking
at my body like this. What I want, what I.....need, is for you to do
this..... for me...... so I feel we're sharing this".

A tidal wave of relief and rekindled excitement washed over me as my sister
slowly handed the dildo back to me and I answered "I can do that Jen, no
problem at all". I thought to myself THAT was an understatement!

I couldn't believe my good fortune in this latest turn of events. Life was
indeed good! I very gently and very slowly eased the latex crown an inch
into her vagina, twisting the fake dong ever so slightly. Glancing up to
gage Jen's reaction, her look of aroused anticipation assured me that all
systems were go. She was very tight and yet slick and yielding. I proceeded
slowly with another inch (wishing I were pushing in my own equipment).

"Pete you won't hurt me. You can ahhh...speed up if ..you
want.....ahhhhhhhhh GOD this feels so much better when you're doing it!
Jesus..... oooooohhh.. that's it...faster ...deeper......deeper."

I had established a rhythm now and my excitement grew with Jen's. Her hole
was accustomed to the girth of the dildo and it slid in and out
effortlessly. I tried to introduce variety in my plunges by twisting and
torqueing my hand slightly and gradually introducing more plastic. The
lubrication she produced was incredible and her upper thighs and the sheets
below her were soaking in less than a minute. I've had sex with two other
women and neither could juice like Jen. I longed to lick it and play in it
but remembered my pledge to keep this as platonic as possible. My God, what
was I saying, can I call what I'm doing at this moment platonic? I'm pushing
a penis (o.k. a fake penis) in and out of my naked sister's body. In her bed
in our home! I refused to analyze this any further, I was enjoying this way
too much to screw it up with this line of self doubt, and it was obvious by
Jen's increased moans and low screams that she wasn't wasting time
questioning her actions.

Like a service station attendant checking an oil level, I observed the wet
line on the dildo occasionally. I had at least six and a half to seven
inches pistoning in and out of Jennifer's body at a rate of about once a
second. Her face was contorted in a pre-orgasmic grimace, eyes closed tight,
hands gripping the sheets at her sides. Her vocalizations were involuntary
moans and shrieks along a gradual crescendo, and her pelvis undulated in
perfect time with my thrusts. I could now just feel Jen's cervix at the end
of each penetration and wondered briefly if this might be painful. I
dismissed that possibility quickly due to the fact that she continued to slam
her genitals forward to meet every thrust.

My God how I loved this girl/woman. It was such a turn on to see her in this
very new way. She was a sexual being and a damn good one at that. I also
felt gratified that I could give her this pleasure. I knew that Jen was very
close to orgasm and I truly believe I was as excited about it as she was! I
suddenly realized I could taste her without "breaking the rules" so I quickly
pulled the dildo from her leaking vagina and as fast as I could lick off some
pussy juice. Bending over so I could get my face closer, I quickly
re-inserted the phallus and increased the speed to perhaps twice a second.


At that instant with her ass raised up off the bed, she reached down and
pulled out the dildo with her left hand, while furiously rubbing her clitoris
with her right fore finger. I didn't have time to wonder what was happening.
Looking directly into her vagina from about twelve inches away, a burst of
hot fluid shot from her genitals and splattered across my hair, face, arms
and the sheets. I was dumbstruck when a second spurt shot out with somewhat
less force. I was drenched! I couldn't have been any wetter if Jen had shot
me at point blank range with those super-soakers we used to play with.

I thought for a moment that at the very zenith of her orgasm, Jen might have
lost control of her bladder. Yet the liquid dripping off my face and hair
was not urine.

I licked at what I could reach on my face and on my arms and hands and it was
definitely not urine. My little sister was a squirter! It was a phenomenon
I had only vaguely heard of and thought was a fantasy. Between the two
squirts, I had to have witnessed the expulsion of a cup of hot, delicious
pussy fluid. Jesus I was aroused!

Jen had lowered herself down and was mewling contentedly in the afterglow of
her orgasm. Her precious juices continued to ooze gently from her still
partially open orifice. Her mattress must be saturated to the boxspring I

As she came back down to earth and was again aware of my presence, she smiled
from ear to ear with a dazed look in her eyes. As she focused on my drenched
countenance, her expression turned to embarrassed incredulity.

"Pete, what...what happened to you?" she asked .

"You should know honey, I didn't do this to myself."

"I DID THAT..........I.. OHMIGOD".

Grinning and licking my lips, I told her truthfully, "that is the sexiest,
most incredible thing that I've ever experienced Jen! I want to do it
again....if.... you want to".

"Peter ..that was the most intense, most incredible, awesomely fantastic
orgasm I've ever had!! I can't believe how good that felt, how good it still
feels! Are you sure you're not grossed out with my...squirting"?

"Jen I'd give anything to have those showers on a regular basis. How did
you...did you learn that somewhere?

Jennifer giggled, "no silly it just happened. I kinda thought it might,
because it happened once before and I remember the feeling I had in
my...um.....pussy.... just before it happened the first time. I felt the
same thing just before I took my toy away from you, and whoosh it happened

"Can you control it, can you make it happen when you want"?

"No.... I think it can only happen when I'm really really turned on......like
I am with you...like this"

"Can we try it again Jen, would it be too soon"? I asked hopefully.

"Yes Pete yes we can do it....til Mom and Dad come home, but
first.....wellll....there is something else we need to take care of first".

"Fine Jen, anything you need. What can I do to help?

Eager to be as accommodating as possible, I was still in a state of heavenly
disbelief, that we could share something this special, this exhilarating. I
didn't want it to end.

"Stand on the floor in front of me Pete. This is what needs taking care of",
she said pointing to my erection.

Hardly believing my ears I stood and faced her two feet in front of where she
sat at the edge of the bed. I reached down with my right fist and curled it
around the circumference of my now slightly purple penis. It stood at
absolute attention as it had for the past half hour. I was still so hard
that to bend it away from my body was painful. In the time honored movements
that every teenage boy knows well, I started to slowly masturbate in front of
Jen. I gathered pre-cum from the crown with my palm and together with Jen's
juices from my face, lubed up the shaft. Jesus I thought, this won't take

"Peter, your .....cock.... is awesome! I can't believe how sexy you look or
how big your erection is. This is soooo hot" She murmured excitedly.

It thrilled me to here my sister talk this way. I hoped to hear a lot more
of that talk in the future. Generally when I'm enjoying masturbation, I'm
alone and I keep my eyes closed. But now I had an audience so I kept them
open. Jennifer sat transfixed, unconsciously kneading her left breast with
one hand and the other buried in her crotch. Her eyes were glued to my penis
and hand. I felt wonderfully aroused but also more than a little self

"Jen I see what you mean about ....performing.. it...."

"It's hard isn't it...no pun intended" she said softly. "Come closer".

I did as I was told. I think I was holding my breath at this point. I
wasn't exactly sure what was going to happen, but I had an idea....a
wonderful idea.

Jennifer moved her right hand from her beautiful breast and gently grasped my
penis. Her left hand came up from her genitals and softly cupped my engorged
testicles. I gasped at her first touch then groaned appreciatively. This
wasn't precisely what we had agreed to but I wasn't about to object! As she
began her gentle up and down stroking I marveled at how different (and
better) her touch was than mine. So warm and lovingly caressing. I was in

The pre-cum drips turned into a steady flow. I loved seeing Jen watch the
clear stream flow out and down and over her fingers. Christ, now she's using
her left hand to scoop some up and transport it to her mouth. She closed her
eyes momentarily as she savored the taste. When she opened them again she
looked me in the eye for a moment and I saw lust and longing but mostly I saw
love. Yes, life is good and....and....OOOHHH ...

"I love you sooo much Jen, you're so good and....I'm about to explode".

In the space of a second, Jen released my bulging cock and my drawn up nuts,
grabbed my shoulders and pulled me forward. She landed on her back with me
supporting myself with my arms on either side of her head in the "push up"
position. My knees were just on the edge of the bed between her splayed
thighs with my penis mere inches above her mons and aimed at her torso.
Quickly re-grasping my needy cock, she began again to pump me and said,
"spray me Peter please spray me".

With several more erotic pumps and those erotic words, that's just what I
did. I had never and will never ejaculate like I did then. I can't remember
anything feeling that good. With a scream I loosed the first salvo. A foot
long rope of hot white semen shot from my pulsing boner and splattered from
the chin to the hairline of Jennifer's upturned face. Jen actually moaned
when it struck her. She managed to claim the lion's share of the second blast
with her mouth while the third skimmed her forehead and puddled at her hair
line. The forth and fifth decorated her throat and breasts while subsequent
spurts pooled in and around her recessed belly button.

Jen continued to slowly pump my cock as she moaned and panted in an
unbelievably sexy way. She began to bend my still stiff penis down towards
the hot puddles of sperm surrounding her belly and rubbed the sensitive
underside in the mess of jism. This must have excited her because her
moaning increased and her tongue worked out the corners of her mouth as
though it sought additional sperm to taste. By the way she was lifting my
boner on the upstroke, I was receiving the unmistakable message to move up
her body. I did. I slowly lifted one knee then the other over her satiny
outstretched thighs and scooted up. I remained up off her with my arms,
allowing her room to pump and for me to view the action. I thought to
myself, I just blew the load of my life and I'm still hard and still ready
for more!

Jen was now laving the slimy sides of her breasts and her erect nipples with
the entire underside of my penis. I luxuriated in the incredible sensations,
and was so thankful to have just ejaculated or I wouldn't have been able to
enjoy this treatment for long. Just as my sperm soaked stiffy nestled in the
valley between her breasts, Jen released her hold and used both her hands to
prop up her generous tits. I now instinctively began humping the fleshy,
lubricated enclosure
formed by her manipulations. MY GOD I thought, it just keeps getting better!

After several minutes, that inevitable feeling of release began to again come
over me. I would have gladly surrendered to those feelings, but Jen had
other plans.

Releasing her hold on her breasts, she grabbed my buttocks and pulled me
further north. I obediently dragged myself slowly and delectably through the
"pearl necklace" she wore. I paused when Jen dipped my corona into the
sizable pool of semen that had collected in the hollow immediately below her
adam's apple. I had long since dropped my pelvis slightly so that my
testicles were also bathing in their own sauces.

Reaching her chin, Jen whispered "raise up" as she lifted my hips gently.
Lifting my buttocks slightly and drawing my knees up to support myself, I
felt my sister scoot down a couple inches. Looking down and back between my
outstretched arms, I watched a truly awesome sight. Jennifer was greedily
licking the slimy bone broth off my hard cock and balls! Just when I thought
this day could get no better....!

She moaned rhythmically during her patient and methodical cleansing of every
trace of sperm from my entire abdomen. My penis was at diamond cutting
rigidity and my arms were beginning to quiver with exertion and excitement.
Thoroughly polishing my scrotum, she returned to the corona and slipped it
into her mouth. The sensation of my little sister nursing my dick caused me
to lurch.

"Jennifer" I said quietly.

Startled, Jen quickly pulled my penis from her lips and asked "what"?

"I thought we weren't going to touch.....I'll give you sixty minutes to cut
this out"

Jennifer burst out laughing and so did I. The joke had eliminated any
tension we had left and none of the desire. I had let myself down alongside
my sister to rest my arms and enjoy the laugh. Looking directly into her
eyes I said "this is no fair, I want to do some touching of my own before you
drain me dry".

Well what did you have in mind sailor?"

"This," I said leaning towards her glistening face.

Laying side by side, and pressed together tightly I kissed Jen tenderly then
deeply. As our tongues got acquainted, I marveled at how sweet Jen tasted.
Having just gargled a mouthful of my hot jism, her kiss was still more
delectable than any I'd experienced.

My right hand came up and explored it's slippery contours. Jen moaned into
my mouth as I flicked at the nipple. Her boob was heavy yet firm to the
touch. Any hint of sag was ten to fifteen years away. I wanted to explore
everywhere at once and had to force myself to pull my lips from hers. We
made eye contact before my head moved down her body, and the look was
incredible. Jennifer wanted me. Wanted me bad. The lady was in heat.

I dragged my tongue along her neck and through several sizable sperm puddles
on my way to those incredible tits! The taste of my own roe wasn't as
revolting as I would have guessed, in fact the thought of it just then added
to my arousal. Sensing my destination, Jen rolled flat onto her back and
encouraged me to nurse for a solid ten minutes before I asked her to try
something for me. I had her get up on her hands and knees with her feet at
the headboard. As she complied, I slipped under her on my back with my feet
hanging off the bed. We shared an upside down kiss, then at my request, Jen
moved towards my feet enough to allow her breasts to hang directly over my
face. Jesus what a set of tits the girl has. Any breasts look twice as big
in this position, but when you start with a large set, then add the
enhancing effects of gravity, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I
kneaded and swung them together and apart. I pinched both nipples separately
and in unison. I held them both up and imagined having to carry this
incredible weight for a lifetime. Jen patiently smiled and let me have my
way with her. Any attention to her nipples in particular was rewarded with a
slight wince and a quick exhale. Jen lowered her torso and let me again
nurse on one lovely breast then the other. Several times I pushed her tits
together and licked both nipples simultaneously. Jen really liked that.

Reaching back with both hands I grasped the backs of both thighs and urged
her forward. As Jen crawled ahead, I slipped both arms through her legs and
out behind them. I urged her a little farther forward by gently pushing the
backs of her smooth thighs, and gazed dumbstruck at her beautiful bottom.
Jean's pale white ass was as tight and curvaceous as any I've seen in any
magazine. Nestled in the cleft of her upper thighs was that fragrant, red
bush I was becoming so fond of. I ran my hands up each respective thigh and
caressed her bottom with love and lust. Jennifer encouraged my explorations
by spreading her knees, lowering herself towards my curious hands. Her
spreading motion also had the effect of opening up her entire bottom for easy
access, and I watched Jen's pussy lips part in full blossom. For five full
minutes I stroked, caressed, kissed, licked and worshiped her upper thighs
and snow white cheeks.

Eager to explore inside as well as out, I slipped my right hand in the crack
of her ass, lightly tracing a line from as high as I could reach, down across
her anus and through her wet, open lips to the top of her luxuriant pubic
patch. I intentionally skipped over her clitoris for the moment, knowing it
would be in for some special treatment later. Jen groaned and I felt her
lower her torso down to kiss and caress my belly and tickle my engorged penis
with her red flowing hair. Bringing my two hands together at her flooded
opening, I used my left hand to spread her lips and my right fore and middle
finger to slowly enter that delicious vagina. It was as slick and glorious
as I had imagined while using the dildo. Jen was on the road to another
orgasm and I could only hope it would be as wet a road as the first one.
Transfixed, I watched for four or five minutes my own fingers sawing smoothly
in and out of my sister's body. Varying my thrusts, I occasionally twisted
and torqued my right hand or switched hands to rest my fingers. I added a
third finger and Jen suppressed a scream. She was moaning continuously and
the decibel level was in crescendo mode.

"Christ Peter that feels so unbelievably good. Please don't ever stop...I
love your hands in my vagina so much.........AAAAHHHHH my pussy is.......
yours.........oooohhhhhh.......please put m-more of your hand in

I slowly added a fourth finger. Jen sucked air in sharply at the tight fit
but after several moments her hips were again swaying back to meet my gentle
thrusts. Several very pleasurable minutes later, I was pushing my right hand
to the base of my extended thumb (more than half my hand) into my sister's
hot, gushing vagina.

I couldn't believe any of this, but it clearly was no dream. I was aware of
the small fleshy washboards lining the inside of her love chute, and the lump
on her belly side vaginal wall that I assumed was the infamous "G" spot. I
was keenly aware of her copious lubrication and intoxicating scent, as well
as her incredibly sexy vocalizations and body undulations. Also impossible
to ignore were the licks and sucks being applied to my rigid member. I had
to tell her how sexy these things all were to me and I did in a sort of
running, dirty talk commentary. Mostly I repeated my love and lust for her,
and that there had never been anyone in my past that could excite me like she
was. Jennifer answered my comments in the way sensuous women have
communicated for centuries. Her movements and loving mummers told me not
only that I was heard but appreciated.

"Jen I can't believe how sexy your pussy is.......and your ass is gorgeous!!
You're gushing wet and smooth as velvet inside. I want to pull myself inside
you. Your cum smells so good I could shoot right this minute.....God I've got
to taste your pussy or I'm going to explode!"

I surprised both of us when I suddenly pulled my right hand from inside her
vagina and grasped the front of both of her thighs, pulling her genitals
quickly to my face. I buried my nose in her crack and feasted on the tastes
and smells of Jennifer's bottom.

"JESUS PETE!", she gasped as her torso snapped up and off my stomach. She
straightened her arms, threw her head back and screamed some more.

Again it was my sister's turn to talk. And in a gasping breathless sexy
voice she too told me what and how she was feeling.

"Your mouth feels so unbelievably good on me. God Pete I never dreamed we
could talk to one another like this.......aaahhhhhhh...And I'm so glad that
we are because when I'm this hot I can't help but say these naughty words, it
..it just feels so right sooooo exciting...... Your tongue Peter.....
CHRIST!!!.....you eat me soooo good!!!!.....I love that I....God.... lick up
and around my butt crack again......YES OH YES!!!!!!!!.....once more
please!!! Now back to my pussy.... as deep as you can reach! THERE RIGHT
THERE!!!!......OMIGOD...AH..AHHH....STAY ON MY CLIT!!!!!!...... I'm....I'm
going to cummmmmmm...I...I'm gonna .......SWEET JESUS!......I'm.....going
to....I can feel it again...I'm going to drench you...ah AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Quickly pushing up on the cheeks of her ass I said "Stand up on your knees
Jen and spray me, give me a shower!"

She did as she was told, and throwing her head back, every muscle tense, her
left hand grasped mine on her butt cheek, while her right teased her clit and
sent her into orbit.

"JESUS PETE......JESUS CHRIST..........I...AAAHHHHHHHH" Jen wailed. I
remember thinking that it was a good thing that Mom and Dad weren't home!
Jennifer turned on could wake the dead!

From my vantage point, the light on the desk across the room backlit the
first hot, high pressure emission from between her gaping pussy lips. It did
drench me and I loved it. I had the presence of mind to jam my cupped hands
under her crotch before the next ejaculation and was rewarded with at least a
half cup of hot slippery love lube which I quickly brought to my mouth. I
drank greedily and washed my face with the remainder. The third and fourth
spurts splashed noisily in about the same spot as the first had, just below
where my collarbones meet, but with diminishing flow.

Jennifer collapsed to my stomach in exhaustion as her pussy continued to
dribble in tribute to her monster orgasm. Lifting my head a little farther I
surveyed the scene before me. Pussy potion was everywhere. It looked as if
someone had dumped a bucket of fluid on my chest. What hadn't run off to
soak the bedding was still pooled in every cavity along my upper body.

I let Jen rest a moment or two then said "Jen, honey, that was incredible!
Turn around slowly and look at this."

She responded to my request and straightening up, climbed off and
re-straddled my thighs facing me. Looking down she stared wide eyed at my
flooded body and snapped her hands up to cover her mouth and nose.

"OH MY GOD....I.......I DID IT AGAIN.....DIDN'T I?"

"Yes you did Jen and I love you for it. I'm so....flattered that I could
excite you this much. I.....I've just never seen anything
this...beautiful.....this sexy. Now lay down on top of me and join in the

"On top of you, in ....all of that?" she asked with her nose wrinkled up.

"Yeah.... c'mon. It'll be fun and we don't have to clean up for another

"O,K.", and with traces of lingering hesitation giggled "here goes..."

From her straddle position she lowered herself to my body and flattened out
along my length. Her tits felt heavenly on my chest. I could feel the swell
of her mons on my lower belly and my erection throbbed a reminder that it was
still there and needed attending to. I heard a quiet gurgle as Jen's weight
displaced the puddles around my upper body.

"My God Pete you feel like someone sprayed you with Pam you're so slick."

"Actually I was sprayed with Jen if you must know" I mused and we shared a

Jennifer was now happily experimenting with her reduced friction state, and
slid her body side to side and end to end. It was an adult version of
slip-n-slide I thought. Laying back, I wrapped my arms loosely across her
body and reveled in the sensations her nubile body produced slipping and
sliding about my torso. After a minute or so, one of her downward slips
resulted in the head of my penis butting up into the lips of her pussy. We
both snapped our heads up and made serious eye contact. Before I could
speak, Jen pressed down slightly and forced my steel hard member just into
her vaginal tract. This new sensation absolutely took my breath away. I just
had the better part of my fist inside that orifice and now it felt tight as a

"Jen....Are you.....sure..."

But before I could finish she had impaled herself a couple of inches and was
bringing her knees up under her. I groaned in sexual ecstasy. Straightened
up now, Jen swept the hair back from her face and looked me in the eye.

"Peter, I love you so much and have dreamed about this for so long....here's
my answer."

Relaxing her legs, Jen let gravity suddenly close the remaining five inch gap
between our pelvic bones. My penis was instantly buried to the root inside
her body. It felt tight and smooth and very hot! I never realized how
transcendent sex could be...I was at once super aroused and at peace with the
universe. Jennifer was smiling at me and crying at the same time. The look
on her face told me the tears were nothing for me to worry about. It seemed
that we stayed that way for a long long time. I believe we both knew there
would never again be a "first time" for us and we wanted to savor the
experience, to make it last.

And so we marinated my cock for an indeterminate length of time. Time we
spent speaking softly of our feeling for each other, our sensations and our
new relationship. Jen leaned forward several times and we kissed
passionately. I lightly teased her breasts as we did, enjoying her pencil
stiff nipples.

Jen then straightened up and leaned back with her hands behind her on my
thighs. The angle hurt my erection a little but in a delicious way. I
marveled at the swelling of her perfect tits and their seemingly independent
wiggling with even the slightest motion. Glancing down her body, I saw an
impossibly small waistline, only to swell to very womanly hips. The junction
of our genitals was hidden in a forest of wet red and black hairs intertwined.

I was startled to say the least when Jen jumped off me and raced to her
bureau across the room. Our suddenly parting bodies created an odd popping
sound and a long string of clear juice kept us connected for a fraction of a

"SHIT!!!" was her only utterance.

"Jen.....what the........."

"It's O.K. Pete, I just remembered something important, I'll be right back."

As she rummaged through her clothes I was still unsure of what happened. Was
I doing something wrong? Had Jen had a change of mind?

Jennifer quickly put my mind at ease as she turned, ripping open a foil
condom pack.

"I just finished my period four days ago so we shouldn't have to worry, but
I'd rather be safe than have to explain to Mom and Dad."

"Good idea Jen, God I've been so out of it here, I didn't even think of it."

Climbing up over me, Jen placed the rubber on the tip of my penis and began
to roll it down when she stopped and removed it. "Before I cover up this
beautiful thing, I seem to remember some unfinished business."

With that, she bent her head and engulfed me with her mouth.

"OOOOOOOHHHHH........GODDDDD........," I moaned.

Jen sensed how close I was and nursed at my root for only a minute or two,
and sweet Jesus what talent my little sis has! Up and down the shaft, tongue
swirling constantly, paying special attention to that ultra sensitive spot
underneath the head, deep throating at least four inches and a gentle tongue
bath for each of my testicles.

Reluctantly, she let me slip from her lips and resumed rolling down the
condom. "When this is on I can't taste ...us...... on your beautiful penis",
she explained, "And I really LOVE the combined taste of us."

In a semi-dream state I answered "Jen, you can do anything you want anytime
you want with my penis."

Jennifer again aligned her genitals over mine and holding my latex clad hard
on dropped to the base of it with one heavenly motion. It felt great! Only
slightly less sensitive than bareback but the peace of mind was worth it.

Beginning slowly, Jen rose and fell sensuously on my stalk. Our sensations
were enhanced by her hip and butt grinding during this up and down movement.
She divided her time gazing down at me with a soft sex-glazed expression, and
throwing her head back and rubbing her nipples sensuously. At all times she
was moaning and groaning and telling me how much she was enjoying this in
very graphic terms!

Moving my hands from her pistoning hips up to her gorgeous swinging tits, Jen
leaned forward with her hands on either side of my shoulders to allow me
easier access. I knew I was less than a minute from another mega-ejaculation
and I was enjoying this to the hilt. My engorged pecker was bottomed out in
my little sister's beautiful body, my hands were holding and fondling the
best pair of tits I'd ever seen, and I was about to blow! It just doesn't
get much better than that.

Rolling her over without withdrawing, I slipped Jen's legs up over my
shoulders and started pouring the coals to her. Holding her ass cheeks in
each hand and licking her calves at either side of my face I told Jen,
"Honey, you're the tightest hottest piece I've ever had. Your pussy feels so
perfect around my cock I'm gonna blow soon.

"Me too pete, God I can't believe this......... your big penis feels sooooo
good in my little pussy. Ream me good and hard. I can feel your balls
tightening up against my ass. Fill that rubber with your sweet cream while I
drown your big beautiful prick in pussy cum, GOD You reach so deep in me!

Her sexy, naughty words put me over the top. Just as Jennifer began
screaming out and flushing my crotch with hot pussy sauce, I blew my wad.
Seven or eight good hard squirts into the tip of the rubber. I've never felt
so alive or aroused or more like a man than at that minute. Jen's orgasm
felt like a water balloon very full of hot water had burst around my spewing
penis. I felt lightheaded when it was over and collapsed on Jen and hugged
her hard.

Neither of us spoke for a long time, and had it not been time to clean up
ourselves and the bed we probably would have enjoyed each others embrace
longer. Pulling myself up and carefully extracting my shriveled penis from
Jen's swollen pussy lips, she glanced at the half full rubber and grabbed it
off my pecker.

"Pete come back here before you drip all over the carpet."

Moving back in front of Jen she again licked my genitals clean. She really
seemed to relish my flavor as much as I did hers. Bringing the condom to her
lips she tipped it upside down and drank greedily. Creamy jism gushed out of
the rubber so quickly that a good portion escaped her hungry lips and tongue
and cascaded down her face. The remaining semen she squeezed out on her
breasts paying special attention to her nipples, and lovingly rubbed it in to
that silky tissue until it disappeared.

"No sense in wasting this, I REALLY love your cum Pete, you shocked?" she
asked looking up into my astonished eyes.

"No Jen I'm just.....very pleasantly surprised."

I bent down and kissed my sister again tenderly, then said "we'd better get
moving, this room reeks of sex and Mom and Dad will be home in forty-five

We aired out the room, laundered the bedding and hit the shower together. It
turned out to be a very sensual bath time. We took turns soaping each other
up and shampooing each other's hair. We also shared frequent interludes of
passionate kissing as the warm water cascaded down around our slippery
bodies. Jen's tits felt so arousing all lathered up that I spent a good deal
of time standing behind her making absolutely sure each breast and it's
nipple was squeaky clean. As I busied myself with that delightful chore, Jen
worked my boner up and down the crack of her perfect ass and between her legs
teasing her sensitive vaginal lips. Bending forward at the waist, She aimed
my corona at her upturned bottom and into her slippery orifice. We both
exhaled sharply at the sensation. Plunging fully to my balls, I reached
around Jen to again play with those fantastic tits.

"Jesus Jen, you make me so hard.... I love pushing my long hard cock up your
slippery pussy, and these incredible tits, I can,t get enough of them!"

"Are you sure my talking this way doesn't upset you?"

"Pete, I feel the exact same way. I admit I was never comfortable with that
type of language before today, and God knows we weren't raised that way, but
right now with you it feels so right and so exciting." Jen spoke in halting
phrases because of the way I was thrusting into her, "God Peter, I could do
this all afternoon and evening if we were going to be alone. I adore the way
you fill my pussy up with that huge, yummy cock of yours. And I can't wait
till I feel you cum again, I love your cum, I could make a feast of it."

Back and forth we traded sexy banter as we fucked, each trying to outdo the
other. The net effect was a heightening of our excitement and a quickening
of our orgasms. We both knew without saying that we had to be quicker about
this coupling, and yet the sensations we were enjoying made it very difficult
to rush. After five or six minutes of incredible intercourse I warned Jen
that I was close and we were again not employing protection.

Quickly slipping to the floor of the shower and turning around on her knees,
Jen looked up at me and said with a sexy gleam in her eyes, "I finally get to
drink directly from the well! Jesus I love licking and sucking and caressing
and fucking this gorgeous cock of yours. And I love the taste of your semen,
your jism, your cock cream...mmmmmm"

She began by grasping my throbbing penis at it's base with her right hand,
while licking all around the shaft with her tongue and delicately caressing
my tightening balls with her left. Once assured that she had eaten all the
external fluids left on my member by each of us, she began an oral assault
that started with quick lunges forward and back with her mouth, and
progressed to her asking me sexily to "fuck her face". She said it with such
pleading that it made it seem that I was doing her a great favor. I granted
the favor needless to say! I grasped the back of her head with both hands
and pounded my hips forward and back, sawing my steel hard rod in and out of
her mouth. Jen was moaning in a very sexual way and to better hear her I
reached back and shut off the water.

"Christ Jen you suck me so incredibly well it's all I can do to make it last
a little longer. Your fingers on my balls and your tongue on the underside
of my cock swirling and teasing, and I love listening to the sounds you make
when we're fucking............. JESUS!!!"

In less than a minute, I tensed and released a stinging blast to the back of
her throat. Two more followed and Jen gagged a little while allowing only a
small amount of sperm to escape. Swallowing as quickly as she could, she
released my cock from her lips and used it to paint her face with my fourth
fifth and six ejaculations. Just oozing now, my overworked penis was still
moving about Jen's face ploughing through hot semen. In and out of her
closed eye sockets, across her forehead, down each cheek and around her chin
it traveled, lovingly guided by my sister's fingers. It's final destination
was a last suckle from Jen's mouth to catch any lingering jism. I realized
after squirting that Jen was fingering her own clit, and was about to cum her
self. Sure enough, within moments while still nursing on my cock, I heard
several high pressure sprays of slit sauce hit the acrylic floor of the
shower/tub enclosure between satisfied moans and groans from Jen.

We quickly finished washing up and picked up any evidence of our carnal
activities. At supper that evening we tried our best to act the part of our
former brother sister relationship, and Mom and Dad didn't seem any the
wiser. The following two weeks I felt guilty about what had transpired and I
think Jen did as well, though nothing was said. The first night that Mom and
Dad went out leaving us alone however, we were kissing and petting in no time
and our mutual horniness led to a passionate lovemaking session. Jen had
started on the pill following our first time and this time I got to feel the
bliss of spraying the end of Jen's love tunnel with my hot jism.

We have since reconciled our love for each other and no longer feel guilty.
We have shared our bodies many times since and it only gets better. We did
have a real scare about eight months after our first lovemaking, but it
worked out for the best as so many things in life do. It involved Jen and I
getting caught by our Mom and we were scared to death but I'll save that
story for another time.



 Thanks for reading our story.