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[Story Name] Fucking in the Family - The Tradition Continues
[Author] Lund Pasand
[Type] Brother/sister

This is a story when I was 15 and my dad sent me stay with his oldest brother's family in Mumbai (formerly Bombay). My name is Lund Pasand and I just finished high school and had a break of 3 months before I enrolled into college.

My uncle lived with my aunt and seven daughters in a one-room apartment in Bhendi Bazar in Mumbai. Anyone familiar with the city knows the living conditions that prevail in the city even till this day. An average family in a city like Mumbai with a moderate income lived in a single room shacks.

Anyway, I was accorded a warm welcome and had to adjust to the living conditions there. I guess I did not have difficulty adjusting because I loved living freely without any reservations. The unique part was getting used to the nudity and bathing with two or sometimes three people at a time in a tiny bathroom.

In Calcutta, where I lived with my parents and two sisters, both younger to me, we resided in a two-room apartment. So, even back home, there was very little privacy and we were all accustomed to walking around nude at home.

Both my sisters were fond of me and were always fascinated seeing my big fat fully circumcised cock especially when I had a full erection. They were young and played with my cock like it was some kind of a toy and I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of their soft hand on my cock. My dad too sported a huge cock and I guess it ran in the family.

Coming back to Mumbai, I was always fascinated at both my uncle and aunt. I guess they loved fucking since they produced seven lovely daughters in a span of 25 years. My uncle had the biggest cock I had ever seen and my aunt proudly admired him and was definitely addicted to that huge cock.

The daughters were 16, 14, 12, 9, 7, 5 and 2. The oldest was a year older to me and the second was the most stunning looker of them all.

I was very close and friendly with all of them and they in turn liked me a lot. In fact, like their dad, they admired my big cock. During our conversation, the 14 year old told me how she enjoyed watching her dad fuck her mom while producing all her younger sisters and she too one day wanted to get fucked with a cock as big as her dad's. I guessed being just a single room, one had no choice but to get used to all sorts of activities in the open, especially sex.

My favorite hobby was masturbating and I loved the soft hand of my sisters jacking me off every day in Calcutta. My cousins were excited when I asked them if they would like to jack me off too. My aunt was very understanding and realized that three of her daughters were fully-grown and the fourth was close to puberty. My aunt herself was tall and lanky and had a lovely shaved cunt herself. Her cunt lips when apart exposed her pink pussy hole. Her tits were size 34B with lovely big dark brown nipples.

She was still milking her two year old. And for the first time I got to taste the milk from a milking mom. She treated me like her own son, but deep down inside I knew she was craving for my big cock. She would watch me stroke my cock as I masturbated waiting for my turn to use the bathroom and was envious watching her two oldest daughters holding my cock in their hand as they eagerly awaited to see my cock shoot cum all over them.

I always bathed with the 14 year old. And I knew it was a matter of time before I fucked her. I wanted to fuck all of them and in fact I did fuck all of them including my aunt in course of time.

Every morning, my uncle was the first to emerge from the shower since he had to rush to work. I just stared at his near 10-inch fat and thick cock and had this desire to hold it in my hands and feel the flesh. He too was aware of my stare and my aunt told me it was all right. I felt so good as I held his cock and watched it go hard and erect. The daughters too simple stared in admiration and somehow got the courage to feel their dad's cock too. My aunt glowed in pride from the fact that she was the only recipient of the cock inside her juicy cunt. I wondered how much cum could a cock of such magnitude eject at one time. I imagined his cum dripping out of her cunt hole as he unloaded his creamy cum inside her.

One day unable to resist, I swallowed his cock in my mouth and began sucking on it. He was enjoying the feeling since nobody had ever performed on him orally. They family looked at it as extremely dirty and they curiously watched as I continued take his cock in and out of my mouth as licked on his cock head full of his pre-cum. The next thing I knew, my aunt grabbed his cock in her hand and began sucking it too. She laughed saying it tasted good. My cock was all hard and erect and I desperately need someone to work on my cock too. I turned towards the 12 year old cousin this time who without hesitation, thrust my cock in her mouth and she started to suck. I was delirious, so was my uncle. He turned away from his wife and looked towards his oldest daughter who was sitting on top of the bed and watching the drama with her legs spread out exposing her wet and dripping hairy cunt. My uncle pulled her towards him and she let out laughter. My aunt in total disbelief, looked towards her oldest daughter, as my uncle guided his throbbing huge cock inside her virgin cunt and began to fuck her. This was my moment, and I lifted my favorite cousin, the 14 year old next to her sister on the bed, spread her legs apart, applied some spit from my finger inside her cunt and put my cock in. She let out a faint cry as my cock slowly glided fully inside her virgin cunt. Both my uncle and I started fuck these two lovely girls as my aunt and the other sisters watched enjoying every moment. The little one had no clue what was going on. We started to fuck harder as these cousins cried and screamed in both pain and pleasure.

I wanted to taste my uncle's cum and so when he yelled "I'm cumin'" I took his cock towards my mouth as he shot his load all over my face and down my throat. Both the daughters got to taste him too as I continued to fuck still not ready to cum. Seeing my cousin exhausted I pulled my cock out and turned towards my aunt and began fucking her in the mouth. She started to suck hard and I began to get the feel that I would explode any time. My cock was covered with a thick sticky film from my cousin's juicy cunt and my aunt said her juices tasted so good. She was grinding my cock between her teeth and I could not take it any more as I sent my hot white cum down her throat. I kept on cumming and she kept on swallowing my cum. I was all wet with perspiration and I directed my cock towards my favorite cousin and shot some load in her mouth. Like a hungry bird, she sucked every drop from my cock, and licked it totally clean.

We sat for breakfast, and my aunt, the two older girls, and myself abstained from any food because we were full taking in so much cum. That evening I yanked my uncle after he returned from work because I wanted to fill a cup to see how much cum his cock spilled. Unbelievable! 3/4 cup full. Instead of milk, I drank his cum before going to bed.

At night, my uncle was telling my aunt how tight his oldest daughter's cunt was and that he was fortunate to get the opportunity to fuck her. My aunt, understanding as she always was, kissed him as he fell asleep tired. I was wide-awake with energy from all the cum that I drank from my uncle's cock. I turned towards my aunt beside whom I slept and we softly chatted. I told her how beautiful my two sisters were growing up and that I could not wait to get my cock inside their virgin tight cunts. I also told her how I admired her lovely shaved cunt. She took my cock in her hands and began to stroke. After a while, I went between her legs and started to arouse her clit with my tongue. Her tits were still full dripping wet with milk as I sucked on her hard nipples. I loved the taste of her milk. I went back to her cunt which was now totally wet as I licked her juices. She had the best smelling cunt as I remember; not all cunts give out a nice odor. She washed and cleaned her cunt each time she peed or showered.

I sat on top on her chest as I laid my cock between her tits, held her tits together to put a firm grip on my cock and began fucking her tits, sliding my cock in her mouth. My cock was now wet with pre-cum, so I directed my cock towards her cunt. She parted her cunt wall, took my cock in her hand and slowly pushed my cock head inside her cunt and with a thrust, I went in all the way. She moaned and wailed as I furiously began fucking her. Her wailing got louder, and I was now pumping harder. The sound woke everybody up and they turned on the lights and sat up to watch the nephew fuck his aunt with full vigor.

My uncle unable to resist thrust his cock in her mouth and down her throat as he too started to fuck her in the mouth. All seven daughters watched as I saw the older three fingers their cunts while we fucked their mom, who now was screaming with pleasure.

Now both my uncle and I were about to explode. My aunt and I had agreed that I would nor cum inside her because she did not want to get pregnant. So, my uncle and I directed our cocks towards the two older girls and smeared their cunts with cum as they continued to finger their cunts and were now coating their cunts inside with our hot cum and were enjoying the feel of their sticky cunts. Both uncle and I stood on our knees with our cocks now hanging flabby still dripping as the 12 year old has the taste of cum for the first time licking our cocks clean. We then turned to the older ones and began to lick their sticky wet cunts full with our cum as we licked them both dry and they too came again and again with orgasms.

This was the best three months vacation I've ever had as I started my return journey to Calcutta. I was received at the railway station by both my parents and little sisters. I realized for the first time that the oldest was 13 and I could see her big round tits bulging form the dress she wore. My cock was hard and erect and I could not wait to get home have my pretty little sisters yank me off.

My parents and us were very frank and open and on the way home in the taxi he mentioned that mom and he were working towards another brother or sister for the three of us. We were excited at the thought. That evening after dinner, us family sat to chat about my trip and how uncle and family were doing. Told them about my sexual experiences and how I fucked my two cousins and my aunt and how uncle fucked both the older daughters. They were simply smiling and my sisters were curious to know what fucking is all about. So, my dad pitched in saying we could watch while he fucked mom. They were after all working towards another baby, and what better opportunity than for my sisters to learn about sex.

My dad and mom emerged from the bedroom fully naked and we admired the beautiful big cock of our dad, now confirmed it was a family tradition. My mom with tits 34DD still firm and round with big black nipples also had a lovely shaved cunt.

Both dad and mom asked us to feel comfortable and we could remove our clothes and relax too. So, we too stripped and sat on the couch as my dad started by kissing my mom and slowly my mom got down on her knees and began to arouse his cock with her tongue. Slowly, she started suck on his cock by sliding it in and out of her mouth. We could see dad enjoying the pleasure, and mom enjoying the taste of his cock in her mouth.

I was sitting with my cock now hard and erect pointing upwards. I put my cock in my 13 year old sister's hand and she dutifully started stroking my cock while the 11 year old was watching both my mom sucking my dad's cock and her sister stroking my cock. Mom was all smiles and so was dad as they looked through the corner of their eyes at my sister holding my huge cock in her hand and now stroking at a faster pace.

Next thing I knew, both dad and mom walked towards us. Dad sat on the couch and had my sister kneel along with my mom in front of us. Mom in front of me and my sister in front of dad. Mom grabbed my cock in her soft hands and slowly directed it in her mouth. The thought of my cock in my mom's mouth sends me reeling. My sister could hardly swallow dad's cock being so thick and fat and a good 9 inches long. The both began sucking and dad and I looked at each other and smiled, not believing what was happening. Meanwhile, the little sister, though 11, was already developing nice round tits herself as dad and I each started to rub on her nipples. The nipples turned hard and we both knew she was aroused too. So, I started rub her cunt with my finger as dad was still playing with her tiny nipples. Meanwhile, both mom and sister were sucking our cocks furiously with fast motion.

I felt liked exploding in my mom's mouth but was controlling my orgasm. Dad too was controlling with the tight grip in my sister's mouth. I felt my fingers all wet as was rubbing my little sister's cunt and I licked her sweet juices in my mouth. I told dad I wanted eat pussy, so we switched positions. I started working on mom's dripping wet cunt and for the first time I saw her swollen clit. It was so big, it looked like a little penis. I started to suck on it and my mom went wild. Dad pointed towards my sister's cunt as I saw her swollen clit too. Hers too was big and like mom dad too started to suck it, sending little sister crazy too. We continued to lick the juicy cunts and switched as I got to taste my sister too.

My cock throbbing, it was unbearable now. Dad thrust his cock inside mom's cunt and started to fuck her real hard. My 11 year old sister was sitting in the middle of both mom and her other sister. I started to lick my dad's cock as he pumped in and out of mom's cunt. I loved the taste mixed with both his cock and mom's juices. I stood up, held my 13 year old sister's face in my hand and started to fuck her in the mouth. She worked on my cock so well, that I understood how dad must have enjoyed having his cock in her mouth. But, my final climax was to cum in my mom's mouth while my dad flooded her cunt with loads of his thick white creamy cum.

I was smiling at my mom and she smiled back as dad was now about to explode inside her. She got the signal as I switched my cock in my mom's mouth and began fucking her mouth for the final showdown. My cock exploded inside my mom's mouth down her throat as my dad was filling her cunt with his load. She sucked and sucked as my dad kept cumming inside her. I was drenched in perspiration and my dad pulled his cock out from mom's cunt and thrust it towards my sister who gleefully started licking it clean. I went between my mom's legs and pushed my tongue inside her cunt licking Dad's tasty cum. The couch was covered with dad's cum spilling out of mom's cunt as I licked every drop of it.

Both dad and mom were exhausted and were about to retire with the little 11 year old who was fast asleep by now. My cute little 13 year old was not done yet. She seemed quite unhappy. So, I kissed her on the lips and put my tongue in her mouth as she put hers too in my mouth as we passionately held each other in our arms and continued to kiss. I had never felt like this before and for the first time I felt that my destiny was made and that I passionately in love with my little sister. Both dad and mom watched for a while and left us to ourselves in the living room as they retired in the bedroom.

Both my sister and I went wild, as we made love on the carpeted floor. Fifteen minutes later, both dad and mom peeked in to check us out only to see the brother fucking his little sister like a wild animal. We rolled all over the room as I pumped my cock in and out of her tight cunt. She started to have her periods and the rug was getting smeared with bloodstains. I continued to fuck her as both dad and mom laid out sheets on the rug to avoid stains. She was on top of me as she went up and down on my throbbing cock. I turned her on her back and started to fuck her doggy style. Fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder she screamed as I was now banging my cock in her bleeding cunt as both dad and mom stared in admiration. I yelled I was cumming, and seconds later, I filled up her burning hot cunt with my hot creamy cum. Yes, yes, she wailed as I continued to shoot my load inside her. After a while, I just lay limp with my cock still inside her as she kissed me again and again.

Mom took her in the washroom to clean her messy bleeding cunt and protected it with a sanitary pad. I too, washed my cock with water and soap as the smell was pretty pungent.

Both sisters and I never married till this date and we live together in the same house. Till this day, I continue to fuck both my sisters on a regular basis. None of us have any boyfriends or girlfriends; the need does not arise. I have two daughters with my older of the two sisters and a son with the younger one. My oldest daughter is 28 and the younger 22. My son is 18. My sister got pregnant after that wild fuck and delivered the beautiful girl at just 14. The new generation continues the family tradition. Both dad and mom are dead and so are my uncle and aunt. All seven sisters are unmarried and I look forward to fucking them all when I visit Mumbai. It's time I got them all pregnant so that their family heritage continues to live on. My son lends a helping hand too. Family fucking is not bad after all.