- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Brothers and Sisters, Parts 1-12
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Brother/sister

Adam wasn't sure if he wanted to return to his family this time
around. He wasn't sure if he wanted to be around his family anymore.
It wasn't that he didn't love them or even that he didn't miss them it
was just that there was something there that he felt for his sister
something that maybe he had always felt. He was 21 years old his
sister was only 13 a surprise late in his parents life. They had named
her Renee after her great great grandmother. Ever since she had been
old enough to talk and run she had been hanging around her older
brother. Adam had taken her swimming plenty of times. He had always
been protective of his little sister and many times his friends had
asked him why he watched over the little "runt" as they called her.
And his only answer had always been that he was her brother and that
he loved her.
While most pretended not to understand what he was talking about Adam
could see it in there faces that they understood about protecting a
younger sister or brother. And Adam loved spending time with his
sister. Even at a young age she was beautiful. She had long flowing
brown hair that though the years had gotten darker and darker. Her
eyes had always been a dark green and her nose was turned up and very
small. Adam did not think anything wrong with him admitting that his
little sister was a very beautiful girl and that she would make some
man a very lucky person.
It was during her ninth year that something happened to him. He had
been watching her swimming and every know and then she would get out
of the pool and walk over to the diving board. His eyes would follow
her body watching the curve of her small round ass, the shape of her
back. When she was turned towards him he could sometimes see the crack
of her pussy. He could feel his cock hardening in his pants. He looked
down at it and thought to himself. Holy shit he was looking at his
little sister imagining what it would feel like to get inside of her
to rub her pussy to hold her ass. He must be crazy. She was so small
and delicate. Just like her mother.
He had tried to take his thoughts away from his sisters body and her
beautiful eyes. But when she later that night jumped on his lap and
rapped her arms around, it was so hard. He could smell the faint smell
of her hair which was still wet from her bath. She was hugging close
to him and he tried to ignore her small body pressed to his much
larger one. Adam was not a body builder. He was thin but he did have
strength about him and he was tall and much larger than his little
sister who was a lot thinner and smaller than he was. He could feel
his cock starting to harden at the touch of his little sisters body.
He tried to ignore it and tried to forget that he was starting to be
attracted to his little sister.
She went to bed a few minutes later. He sat up thinking that maybe it
was because he hadn't been laid in so long. That he was so horny he
got hard at anything. The next day he went out with a girl from school
that he had been seeing for the last few months and they were making
out in the car when he got a picture in his head that he was sinking
his tongue into his sisters small mouth that he was feeling her round
curved ass. He could not get it out of his head. He broke the kiss
with his date and walked her to the door of her house. Telling her
that he was sorry but he had to get home.
It was at a time like this that Adam became unsure of himself again.
Was he turning into a Pedophile. Was he becoming a sicko. There must
be something wrong with his body. He burned and desired his sister
Renee more than he desired anything else in the world. He went to
sleep at night imagining her small body pressed to his. And then came
the times when he saw her naked. The first time was the day that she
turned ten. She had been upstairs changing in her room into a new
bathing suit. Adam had not known that she was changing and her door
was part way open. He pushed it open and had yelled out, "HAPPY
BIRTHDAY" and there she was standing with her panties in her hand
about to pick up her bathing suit. She had been so beautiful. Her
small pussy lips her white skin, she burned so easily always had
always would. He stood in shock for a second before closing the door
and saying that he was sorry.
A few minutes later he heard crying from her room. He had gone in and
sat down next to her on the bed and held her in his arms, "what's
wrong Renee?"
His little sister rolled over and smiled softly, "I was just shocked."
Since that day she had not spoken of that incident or any others. Like
the only other time he ever saw her naked was when she was 12. It was
right before he had gone off to college for the second year. He had
arrived home and he had gone up to her room to surprise her. He did
not see her pussy this time though it was certain to have been bare of
hair still. He pushed open the door to her room and ran over to her.
She was wearing only a pair of lace white panties. Her hair was pulled
back in a ponytail. She had a flat chest still with two hard nipples
from the air. He didn't notice at first she was naked but when he did
his cock started to respond. He ignored it and ran up to her and
picked her up and started tickling her. Renee shouted and jumped out
of his arms smiling and running into her closet. When she came out she
was wearing a shirt and shorts. Adam picked her up again and started
to tickle her again and they fell to her bed. He loved the feel of her
small bony body in his arms. And that had been when he realized that
he had fallen in love with his sister.
And now here he was about to go home for the summer again. To see how
much his young sister had changed. How much she had grown in the last
year. He pulled into the driveway and got out of the car. He carried
his suitcase of summer clothing up to the door with him and knocked on
it once before ringing the doorbell. His parents cars were not at the
house so he figured that both of them were still at work. He hoped
that Renee was home because his key was buried in his suitcase. She
was. She pulled the door open and looked up at him. He looked down at
his sister and she smiled back up at him. He sat down his suitcase and
let his sister jump into his arms. Adam was 6'3" his little sister was
5'7" and she would never get much taller.
Adam picked her up into his arms and held her close. He could feel two
small lemon sized breasts pushing against his chest. Her small legs
were rapped around his body and he loved the feel of it. He walked
them into the house and sat down with her on his lap. She hugged
closer to him again and he smiled smelling her clean hair. "Adam your
home." She said softly. He loved the sound of her voice it was sort of
husky when she spoke softly and musical when she spoke regularly. He
hugged her closer and laughed.
"Yeah Runt I'm home."
She got off of him and sat down next to him. "I'm not a little kid
anymore Adam. Look!" With that she pulled her shirt up and revealed a
training bra full of two little just developing breasts. He could feel
his cock give a jerk and he smiled at her.
"Nope I guess your not a little girl anymore." She only nodded and
giggled getting back into his arms again. He kissed her head and said,
"and what are you so excited about?"
"My big brother is home." With that she kissed him on the lips shortly
and jumped up and left the room. He loved the feel of her lips on his
and he could not understand why she did something that she had not
done since she had been like six. His cock gave another jerk and Adam
could not help himself. He wanted so badly to see his little sister
and have her small body in his arms. She had grown in the last year.
Her chest was no longer flat but it was still not the same as most of
her friends. Then again while most of her friends had larger breasts
she was taller than all of them. But that was because she was like her
brother getting growing spurts at a young age. He could already tell
that she was going to have her mothers body. Breasts the size of small
apples, a round ass on a tiny body. He wanted to be the only guy to
ever touch that body. But he knew he would never even get the chance
The last year proved to him that he was not a pedophile, that in fact
he yearned for his little sister to grow up and become a women. But he
didn't want her to be like the other girls. He wanted her to have
small breasts and a small body. And he wanted her to dress like a
schoolgirl. Which did make him a pedophile. He just didn't want to
admit it to himself. Adam went up to his room with his suitcase and
started to unpack. He was here for the whole summer now the question
remained what was he going to do about his attraction towards his
little sister.
Adam didn't know what to do or how to feel anymore around his sister.
He tried to act normal as if nothing had changed. As if it was all
still normal. But he knew that he couldn't last forever. She would
somehow find out about his attraction towards her. Maybe one day she
would walk in on him jacking off calling her name. Or maybe she would
sit on his hard cock one day or see him when he jumped in and out of
the water. But she was even more beautiful now than she had been two
years ago. Her flesh had some muscle to it she was more than just skin
and bones now. But she was still so thin and frail looking. So
delicate that sometimes when Adam would hold her he got scared of
breaking her. And she was so beautiful. He saw boys her own age and
some a few years older looking at her and he was so jealous that these
boys not him would be the ones to touch her body sexually and feel her
small mounds in their hands or in their mouths. Some other guy would
get to take her "cherry" and feel her small pussy and run their hands
up and down her legs.
He envied them all but none of them got past holding her hand. She
would not let them. Adam watched his sister void off all boy contact.
He didn't understand it. Maybe she wasn't ready for boys. But then
again it might be true what they say about the most beautiful girls
that they end up being lesbians. Adam watched as his sister entered
the summer months going swimming in their private pool and having
girl-friends over all the time. It was weird but he didn't see
anything that was not normal. So he went on dreaming of touching his
sister and having her wanting his touch. He knew he as bordering on
insanity watching her little body move and move. When she wore a
bathing suit he had the perfect view of her round ass and her
beautiful little titties that were so round and perfect. Her white
skin needed a lot of protection for her to be able to stay out in the
sun with out burning.
By the end of the first month her skin was still pale white. She did
not ever tan and when she got burned it disappeared in weeks and her
skin would still be as white as ever. Adam loved it though and he
learned that Renee loved her skin pale also. He tried to ignore what
he was feeling for his sister but by this time Adam knew it was
useless. He could not ignore his feelings for his sisters young body
and he knew. He would never be able to touch what he desired the most.
His sisters body and more than that he wanted her mind. He had grown
to love her mind and the way that it worked over the last month it was
beautiful. Just like her body.
It happened that Adam got to touch his sisters body with her willing.
She got sunburned one day when she was out in the sun for more than
six hours. Her body was so red in the areas that the bathing suit had
not covered. He had her lay out on her bed so that he could get her
whole back and she pulled her bathing suit off of her shoulders and
just left the straps hanging downwards. He put some lotion on his
hands and slowly started to stroke Renee's slender shoulders and her
soft white back. He reached down to where the curve of her ass was and
passed it and went up and down her legs. He accidentally went into the
middle of her legs and for the briefest of seconds his finger rested
against her pussy. He thought that he could feel wetness there but he
wasn't sure.
Adam finished with her back. He left the room so that she could put it
on her front in private. He sat down in his bed just thinking. Had his
sisters pussy really been wet? Did she really want her big brother to
touch her soft young body. The body that he had been lusting after for
so long now? Did his sister really want her brothers hands exploring
that young flesh? It had to be a dream of his. But he slowly stroked
his hard cock off to the thought of this dream coming true.
Two nights later Adam's parents left their two children alone for the
whole weekend. His mother explained that they had to go take care of a
family emergency. That her father was having heart problems. They
didn't' want to bore Adam and Renee by taking them out to a place
where they would have no fun. So they left 21 year old Adam in charge
and took off. That first night Renee asked if she could stay up till 2
in the morning and Adam smiled and said that yes she could but only if
she was ready for bed before 1. He had grabbed her and raised her
shirt up a little bit and started to tickle her on the belly. She
laughed so hard that she had to go pee when she was done.
Adam had caught during the tickling a brief glimpse of her small
mounds of flesh on her chest cupped in a training bra. He rearranged
his hardon before Renee came back in the room. She sat down on the
couch next to him and flipped though the television stations. Adam
looked over at her. By the expressions on his beautiful sisters face
he could tell that something was wrong. She just wasn't the happy
joyful person that had left the room. "What's wrong runt?" He asked
Renee just sat there for a second putting the remote down. She crossed
her legs in Indian style on the couch. Adam thought it was cute with
her long thin legs rapped around each other. "Well. . .I. ..uh. . .
don't know if I should. . .uh . . .ask you these kind of. . .uh. . .
"Renee you can ask me anything, you can ask me things that you
wouldn't ask mom and dad."
She nods and looks at him with wide eyes, "well. . .uh sometimes I get
these feelings down in my cunny and I like to play down there and well
isn't that wrong or something?"
Adam sat back and said, "no Renee its not wrong to touch yourself down
there. Your cunny is your property. You can play with it all you want.
And if you ever want a boy to play with it then it is with your
consent if it is not with your consent then don't let him touch it."
She nodded and rested her head on Adam's shoulder, "and if I wanted
that boy to touch me what. . .what would I do to let him know?"
"Oh Re. . .all you got to do is show him that you want him to
continue." She nodded and that ended the conversation. By this time
Adam had a huge hard on growing in his pants and he knew that he would
have to take care of it. He got up and said to his sister, "I am going
to get off to bed. You don't stay up to late you hear?" Renee nodded
and he left the room. Up in his bed room Adam pulled his jeans off and
then his boxers and his shirt also. He slowly started to jerk his hard
cock imagining that it was him who was fucking his sister.
He was close to cumming when a small female voice spoke up from his
doorway. "Adam do you still do that often? Did those girls at college
not take care of any of my big brothers lusts?" His sister Thirteen
year old Renee stepped into the room. Her bright green eyes were
shining and she walked up to the bed. She had changed and was wearing
now only a short shirt that only covered her panties and a pair of
black lace panties. She pulled the covers back and looked at his hard
throbbing member in his hand. She quietly sat down next to his member
in the bed and took his hand off it. At first for a few minutes she
watched the hard member throb of its own accord from having her in the
room. Then Renee placed her small hand around his hard cock. It was
cool and warm to his cock at the same time. She smiled and slowly
stroked the organ, "oh Adam how many times I have dreamed of doing
this to my big brother."
She only smiled and continued to jerk him for a few minutes. Then she
stopped and removed her hand. He thought that she was done and wanted
to watch but she surprised him. She laid down on top of him at first.
He could feel her small body pressed to his. Her small breasts covered
by her shirt were smashed against his chest. Her legs were spread and
her panties were pressing against his hard cock. She rubbed her pussy
against his cock once before she brought her mouth up to his.
They just stared at each other for a second looking from green eyes to
blue eyes at each other, "I love you Renee always." Adam whispered as
he cupped his sisters small face delicately in his hands. She smiled
back and said softly so softly he had to strain to hear, "I love you
Adam always." They slowly bring lips together both surprised at the
shock the kiss sent though their systems. The way that their bodies
reacted to one another. Then as her tongue dips into his mouth he
slowly slides his hand down his sisters smooth small back and over the
rise of her small round ass. He gently cups the cheeks in his hands as
the continue to kiss. She breaks the kiss and smiles at him. She
gently goes down over his chest and kisses and sucks on his nipples.
Then she goes over his belly and down to his hard throbbing member
that is leaking loads of pre-cum.
She gently brought it into her mouth. Her small mouth was warm and wet
on his hard cock. Adam had never had a mouth like hers on his hard
cock. It was overwhelming. He could feel his cum about to let loose
from his balls, "oh god Renee I am going to cum please take your mouth
off." She did not listen. Never before did he imagine that what
happened next could happen. He started to cum in his little sisters
mouth. He cock just let go of all of its restraints and started to
cum. Shot after shot of sticky cum going into his little sisters
mouth. His hands were buried in her hair holding her head. She was
swallowing as much of his seed as she could but some of it would
escape though her lips. When he was finished cumming his sister
slipped her mouth off of his now almost limp cock.
She looked up and she looked so cute at that moment. Her dark brown
hair was in a mess tangled here and there, her bright green eyes large
and full of lust for him. Her mouth had a dribble of cum coming out of
it and going down on the side almost like a vampire with blood leaking
from her lips like he had seen in a picture once. Her shirt was all
the way down and her legs were spread showing off black panty. She
wiped the cum from her lips and laid down on top of Adam again his
cock was already hard again from looking at her face. She gently
kissed him on the lips giving him a taste of his own seed. It was
sweet but bitter. Their tongues intertwined as he gently ran his hands
up and down her small back.
Adam gently laid his sister down on her back on the bed and continued
to kiss her deeply on the lips. He slowly slides his hand under her
shirt feeling the silk feel of her white flesh. He gently cups one of
her small round perfect breasts in his hand. The small hard nipple
being crushed under his palm. Their kisses became harder and their
tongues began to thrust back and forth harder and harder. He broke the
kiss and had his sister sit up. He pulled her shirt over her head and
marveled at the beauty of his sisters body. The small pointy breasts
were no bigger than small lemons. Her skin was smooth as silk and pale
so very pale. He gently laid her down on her back again and they
kissed on the lips again. He gently ran his tongue over her lips and
down her neck and to her left breast. He gently brought the whole
breast into his mouth and started to suckle. The feel of having her
whole breast in his mouth was driving Renee mad and she hopped that he
would always be able to do this. Then he moved on to the other one and
did the same. She cried out his name softly. Her hands gripping the
sheets to her sides. She had never known that such pleasure could
exist as what her brother was showing her.
He continued downwards. He pulled her panties down revealing her sex.
It was wonderful. Her pussy was flawless. There was only a small
amount of hair covering the mound. It was almost not there. He gently
spread his sisters legs and went down in-between them. He used his
tongue to go up and down her pussy lips and then he spread them to dip
his tongue into her hole and circle around her erect clit. She called
out his name and gripped the sheets more as she neared her own orgasm.
He continued to dip his tongue into her pussy. Loving the taste of his
younger sisters pussy. He continued to feed on it as if it was pure
pleasure for him. She bucked her small body against his mouth. And
then she released letting her juices flow over his mouth. He tried to
swallow and taste as much as he could be could not get it all. When
she was done cumming her hardest cum ever she laid there limp and
falling into bliss.
Adam gently laid down next to his sister and brings her into his arms
holding her protectively. He covers both of them with a blanket and
feels his own sleep coming. He kisses her temple and Renee gently
whispers, "Promise me Adam, that we will always be together?"
"I promise" Adam whispers back. Nothing he vowed to himself would keep
them apart nothing. And with those last words Adam slipped off into
deep sleep with his sister in his arms.
Adam woke up to the sun light hitting his side of the bed. His little
sister was on the other side laying on her stomach. Adam opened his
eyes and looked over at her long black hair and her small face which
was turned toward him. He gently ran his hand down over her back,
feeling the touch of her soft silk skin. He reached her smooth round
ass and gently cupped it in his hand before he looked back up at his
sisters face. Her eyes were open and she was smiling. She rolled over
and sat up. Adam saw the two small breasts on her chest. Renee briefly
cupped them in her own hands and then laid back down beside her
brother closer to him. He brings her into his arms and holds her small
body close to his. "Like what you see brother?" she giggles softly.
"Oh Renee, you are so beautiful." He gently kisses her on the lips
promising more. He sighs and holds her closer. "Where did you learn to
suck cock like that?"Renee rolled away and laid on her side of the bed
looking away from him. He hears her softly sniffle and realizes that
she is crying. He gently puts his hand on her shoulder and says,
"Renee what's wrong. Look at me please." She rolls over. Adam sees the
tears rolling down her cheeks and he gently wipes them away. "Renee
you can tell me anything, I won't get mad at you."
Renee quietly comes back into his arms and says, "well I never really
had sucked cock before hand just seen it done. You know my friend
Erin?" Adam nodded and his sister continued, "well her big brother is
the one that I saw it being done to. I went over to Erin's house to
see if she wanted to do anything and her mother told me that she was
up in her room. So I went up the stairs and started towards her room
when I heard this noise coming from her brothers room. I walked over
to it and quietly opened the door. You know I was curious. And there
was her brother totally naked in the room with a girl on top of him.
At first I thought that it was Erin but the hair was the wrong color.
It was dark blonde not light blonde. It turned out to be her fourteen
year old sister. The girl had her brothers cock in her mouth and she
was sucking on it. And well I thought that boys liked that and I sure
liked it so I thought I would try it on you."
Adam smiled. He brought her closer to him in his arms. She rapped her
legs around him and he could feel her small pussy pressing against his
stomach. He ignored it for now. "Renee how far have you gone with a
She blushes and says, "well you are the furthest."
Adam laughs softly and runs a hand though her beautiful hair, "no
sweetie I mean before me."
She giggles and says, "well I let Tommy see my panties. He showed me
his hard cock up in his tree house. I was going to show him my pussy
but when I got undressed down to just my training bra and panties he
groaned and some white stuff the same that came out of your cock and
into my mouth. Just started to come out of his cock." She softly
giggles and then tried to roll Adam until he was on his back. They
look at each other for a second and she whispers, "but I like my big
brothers hard cock more. Its so big and so cute." She giggles and
sticks her tongue out at him. Adam smiles and grabs her tongue with
his hand.
"I got your tongue." He says and she tries to pull it away. He doesn't
let her. He rolls her until she is on her back and he smiles up at his
little sister. He can feel her small body pressed under his. After a
few minutes he rolls of and lets go of her tongue and brings her back
into her arms, "you okay?"
Renee giggles and says, "yeah I am okay. But you are a little heavy
Adam." He smiles and she raps her arms around him tightly and looks up
into his eyes. "I love you."
Adam brings her face up to his and looks into her beautiful eyes, "I
love you." He brings his lips to hers and they kiss at first lightly.
Lips touching lips. Breathing getting harder. He thrusts his tongue
into his sisters mouth and they intertwined. He feels his sisters
pussy thrust against his stomach hard and then she breaks the kiss.
Adam lays with her head on his chest for awhile stroking her long
black hair before he said anything. "When did you first realize you
loved me as a lover not a brother?"
Renee didn't say anything at first she just laid with her head on his
chest as if thinking. Then she put her elbows on his chest and
supported her head with her hands. She smiled at him and said, "It was
about a year ago. When I let Billy kiss me behind his house. See he
really liked me and well I thought that liked him. But well when he
kissed me on the lips he was so clumsy and well he didn't know what he
was doing and his hand went down to my ass but not the right way. And
well I remembered one time when a guy kissed me on the cheek and
hugged me goodbye when he went away for college. This one man slipped
his hand down to my ass just the way that a hand should be done and
well I realized then that I wanted you touching my whole body brining
it to life. And I realized I liked having you to talk to. To explain
feelings to. I loved the way that you played around with me and it
didn't seem to bother you that I was so much younger than you and that
you spent more time with me than with anyone else." She giggled softly
then and laid back down on his chest. Adam loved the feel of her small
breasts pressed against his chest. Her pussy was resting right above
his hard cock and he knew she could feel it throbbing against her leg.
"What about you huh big brother?"
Adam was quiet for a long time stroking her hair and thinking if he
should tell her how deeply he had wanted this and for how long. "You
will probably think me a sicko and stuff like that after I tell you."
Renee sat up and looked at him.
She brought a finger to his lips and softly said, "you are not a
sicko. And no matter when you started to love me at age 6, 9, or 13 it
doesn't matter just tell me. When, why and how come." She softly
giggles and lays back down on his chest.
"It started when you were nine years old. I had taken you swimming and
every time you got out of the pool I watched the way that your small
body moved and well I just started to get hard. And over the next few
months I was getting hard all the time and I realized that I was
falling for my little sisters body. And at first I thought it was your
body. But when you turned 11 I realized that it was more than just
your body. It was your mind. Your ability. You gave me so much joy in
my life, more joy than any other girl that I had ever met. You talked
and listened to anything I told you and well I just realized that you
were the one. But I also came to realize that I did like little girl
flesh and well. . .I knew I would always love you no matter what your
body looked like but I would always love you as a young girl and as
the girl you are now."
Renee giggled again and slides her face up to his. "Oh Adam only if
you had told me sooner. Then I would have let you touch me at eleven
maybe even nine. Now I am reaching that stage where I am growing into
a women and I am going to get big breasts and you won't like me
Adam laughs and says, "Renee I will always love you."
"But you won't want my body."
"Oh yes I will. How big do you think you are going to get?"
"About as big as mom."
"Then don't worry. Mom is so tiny compared to dad and you will always
be so tiny compared to me."
Renee laughs and says, "you know there is this girl next door. Her
name is Anna and she is only nine years old. She is really cute. I
sometime get wet when I go play with her."
Adam stops and looks at his sister. "You are attracted to a girl?"
Renee giggles and says, "quite a few actually. I hope you don't mind?
I might want to do something with a girl sometime."
Adam hugs her closer and says, "Depends will you let me do anything
with her also."
"Of course." She giggles and says, "just because your mind and soul
belong to me doesn't mean that I think I should be the only girl to
get fucked by you. All I want is for you to fuck me and always fuck me
and of course our daughters also." She giggles and lays closer to him.
"Of course you have to fuck me first before you can anyone else. I
want to be the first to loose her virginity to the man that she is
going to marry." Adam smiles and Renee giggles.
"Marry? And when did that come into discussion?" Adam says as he roams
his hand down over his sisters young body. He gently cups her ass
cheeks and stares into her eyes.
"Well it just makes sense."
"We are brother and sister. We have the same last name and even the
same blood type. If anyone ever checked out our genes they would find
that we are. . ."
Renee giggles and pushes her head up to his. "Is this my big brothers
way of telling me that he doesn't want to marry me?"
Adam kisses her on the lips gently and says, "There is nothing in the
world that I want more than to marry you."
"Then don't worry about it until it happens." With that she gently
moves her pussy down until it rested on her brothers hard cock. He
could feel the small lips pressing against the shaft and he loved the
feel. "Make love to me Adam please."
Adam smiles at her lust filled face and gently cups it in his hands.
"Oh Renee I would love nothing more than to make love to you. But you
are so small and so delicate. I don't want to hurt you. I never want
to hurt you."
"Then don't worry about it. Make love to me Adam." She giggles again
her cute giggle which sent a shiver though Adam's body and he knew
that he could not resist his sisters pleas and her body. "If it hurts
to much I will tell you to stop and I know that you will." Adam
stroked his hands down her back and then gently he brought his sister
into position on top of him. He could feel her small breast pressed
against the bottom of his chest and her head did not even reach up to
his. He took hold of his hard cock and gently guided it with his hand
until it reached his sisters young pussy. He could feel the open hole
her legs were spread wide on the sides of both of his. He gently
pushes against the hole and his sister grunts. But she does not stop
Adam gently runs his cock up and down the slit of his sisters pussy.
She was really wet. She was like a well she never dried up. He gently
pushed against the hole again. His sister grunted Her small body
moving upwards a little ways. He felt the small hole of her pussy give
and he felt the very tip of his cock slide into his sisters little
pussy. It was tight and so small. Smaller than any other girl that he
had ever been in. She smiled at him and he pushed again. His cock
would not go in any further. He tried two times and she grunted to
times. "Renee I don't think it is going to go in with out hurting
She smiled and said, "I want it in so bad Adam. It will only hurt for
a few seconds if you do it really fast and I help you. Trust me." Adam
smiled and she giggled. He got ready. She was ready also. He pulled
back and got ready to thrust hard. Renee got ready and when he pushed
against her small hole hard she pushed against his hard cock. At first
nothing happened. But then her pussy gave way and his cock started to
slide into her body. He thrust again and she pushed again and she
grunted. Adam could tell she was in pain but Renee was so determined
to get her brothers huge cock into her small body that she didn't say
anything. Her eyes were closed in concentration. He pushed in again.
Her pussy was so tight. The small lips were wrapped against his hard
cock. Adam could feel her small pussy hole wrapped around his hard
cock. He filled her pussy from side to side. The whole hole. There
would be no cum leaking when he came. Adam pushed again and came to
her hymn. He knew that that was what it was because when he lightly
touched it his sister cried out.
Adam stopped and looked at her little face. It was in so much pain,
"do you want me to stop Renee?"
She grunted again and pushed hard. His cock burst though the barrier
and he knew that she was bleeding. But she continued to push against
his cock. He tried to stop her but Renee knew she wanted the whole
thing or as much of it that would fit into her body. He thrust again
and that was when he realized that his sister had swallowed almost all
of his hard cock. He thrust again. Her hot wet pussy was pushing
against his hard cock. And he could feel her pussy contracting. He
knew she was getting close to cumming and he didn't know if he was
going to be able to hold off when she did. He slowly thrust again and
let her get the feel of his hard cock buried in her mound. And then he
reached her cervix. He pushed against it not realizing and she cried
out. He pushed back and looked at her. She smiled and they both knew
that all of his cock that could get in was in. He thrust again and she
moaned against his chest. He pushed again and she started to respond.
thrusting her little body against his hard cock. She sat up on his
cock and he was now looking at his little sister ridding his hard
cock. He gently placed his hands on her legs and let her fuck him
until she let out a loud moan.
She laid down on top of him and what happened next Adam had never
experienced anything like it. Her small pussy walls started to
convulse around his hard cock and the pushed it and he continued to
thrust. He could feel his sperm building up in his balls and he knew
it was time. He thrust once more and let his load go. His sister
collapsed on top of him and she fell asleep. As his sperm continued to
shoot into her small body. Her pussy continued to push on his cock. As
load after load shot into her small body. Adam could feel himself
becoming oblivious to the world around him. And then he too fell
It was two hours later when Adam woke up to a giggling sound. Renee
was laying on top of him still and she was giggling. He looked down at
her face and she was looking straight up at him. He smiled and said as
she continued to giggle. "So what's so funny Re?"
She stopped giggling and said, "nothing just the way that you sleep.
Its so cute." And she smiled showing her white teeth.
"How are you feeling?"
"It is a little sore, but it will be okay." She pushes up and brings
her mouth to his. They gently kiss and let one another's tongues
explore each others mouths. Adam can feel his sisters small pussy
pushing against his stomach. He gently breaks the kiss and she looks
down at him. "I am hungry." Adam smiles and she sits up. she rolls off
of him and stands up. There is a small patch of blood on her pussy she
wipes it off on a towel that she finds on the floor. She walks over to
her brothers semi hard cock and gently wipes the dried cum and blood
off it. Then she giggles and runs out his door naked. Adam rolls off
of the bed and follows her. He sees her small ass walking down the
hall way he followed it as the reached the kitchen. He stood next to
her and looked down at her. She was much smaller than him and so
delicate. He felt that if he was not careful he could brake her body.
But he knew he would never not be careful with his sister. She pulls
out a box of cereal and pours both of them a bowl of it. Then he adds
the milk. Nothing needs to be said at this point.
"Adam what would you say if I told you that you are going to be a
brother again?"
Adam looks over at her and said, "What are you talking about Mom is 52
years old."
Renee smiles and says, "Why do you think that mom and dad went away?
It wasn't really for grandpa. Nope I listened into one of there
conversations a few nights ago. You know 14 year old Martha down the
street? Well Daddy has been fooling around with her. And guess what
she got pregnant!!! So she went away for the last six months wasn't in
school or anything 'family emergency' they called it. And now the baby
has been born and mom and dad are going to raise it. And guess what
they planed it this way. They had paid her parents for her to father a
child for them."
Adam sat in shock for awhile before he said, "Why would they do this?"
"Because they know that I will be leaving soon. Mommy had a big huge
talk with me one night after she heard me masturbating. See I was
calling out your name. She asked me about my feelings for you and all
of that. When she learned of them she knew that you felt the same way.
So she told a remarkable story. Mom and dad are cousins Adam. She
understands they both understand what it is like to fall in love with
someone in the family." She giggles softly. "And well it turns out
that dad has been fucking young girls for years now. Ones all over the
neighborhood. And they were all willing also. And mom and daddy still
fuck almost ever night too."
Adam smiles and brings his sister onto his lap. "You know what I love
most about you Renee?"
"No, but you can tell me."
"That damn giggle of yours." Renee giggles again and jumps down from
his lap. "Bet you can't catch me." Then she runs off out of the room.
Adam stands up and starts to chase after her naked body. She runs into
the living room and he gets on the other side blocking her from
leaving the room. He runs towards her and she cries out. Adam brings
her into his arms and starts to tickle his little sisters tummy until
she cries uncle. Adam can smell her skin. He gently licks her arm and
tastes the sweet taste of oblivion. He kisses her deeply on the lips
and Renee responds. Both now realize that the game has changed. That
some thing else is going on now. Adam gently lays down on the couch
with her on top. He positions them both until they are comfortable. He
pushes his hard cock into her small pussy. Again he can feel the
tightness of the small hole. He pushes again and Renee smiles as his
hard cock slides into her small tight pussy with ease. Adam just rests
it there getting the feel of her small body. He wraps his arms around
her and gently strokes her back. Renee rests her head on his chest.
"Adam what would you do if you became a father?"
Adam felt a flutter in his heart. Renee was thinking the same thing at
this moment as h was, "I would be very happy. But it doesn't matter if
I don't become a father right now."
"I think I am pregnant."
"Have you ever had a period." Adam feels a small panic rising in his
chest. He loved his sister and he wanted a child from her. But her
body was just so small and he didn't think it was ready."
"Yeah I started early like mom did. I started having periods before I
even had breasts. Been having them since I was eleven." Adam groans
and gently pulls his cock out. "What's wrong Adam?"
"Oh Renee. It's nothing against you. I want you so badly. But we can't
have children yet. Neither one of us is ready."
"Mom and dad will support us until we can afford to be on our own."
Adam smiles and runs his hand down her back. "Make love to me Adam."
Adam pushes his cock back into his sisters tight hole and she smiles.
Slowly the move thrusting and pushing. There bodies entwined together.
Adam loves the feel of his small sisters body pressed to his. Her
small breasts pushing against his chest. Her small bony hips pressing
against his. He thrust once more before both of them went over the
edge. They lay there holding each other. He kisses her on the hair and
whispers, "if you are pregnant it will be the greatest gift you could
ever give me." Renee smiles and giggles before they both fall asleep
That night Renee made a phone call to the neighbors next door. She was
friends with their nine year old daughter and she asked if the girl
wanted to stay over that night. The girl agreed and arrived over at
the house around 8. Renee let her in. She was about the size of Renee
if not a little shorter. The girl looked to be around 10 years of age.
Adam found out later that she was nine. She was wearing tight shorts
that showed off her round little ass and a tight shirt that showed off
her flat little girl chest. Adam smiled at her and she sat down on his
lap. Where his already hard cock was growing even harder. She had long
light blond hair that was long and combed down to the top of her
little butt. Her eyes were a dark blue. He loved the smell of her
body. "Hi I'm Christi," she said looking at him from where she was on
his lap.
"Hi Christi. I am Adam."
She giggled and Adam's cock gave a jerk in his pants. She looks down
at it and said, "my daddy lets me see his all the time. But he never
does anything to me with it. All he does is let me see it or touch it
sometimes. Renee says that you will do everything to me with it." Adam
smiles and she giggles. Another jerk in his pants.
"Of course Christi I will teach you anything you want to know."
"I want to do everything. And I mean everything. I want you to fuck
into my pussy and have your cock leak its bad old cum in me." Adam
groaned and looked over at Renee she was smiling as if to say 'see I
told you she wanted it.'
Adam pulled Renee over to him and said, "are you sure you want me to
do this?"
She nods and says, "yes Adam I am sure. No matter how many girls you
have sex with you will always be mine." With that she smiles and
leaves the room.
Christi sat there on his hard cock looking up at him. Adam picked her
up and moved her over to the side. He said, "Okay now Christi I am
going to show you my hard cock now. Are you ready?" The girl nodded
and smiled. Adam stood up and pulled his boxers down. His cock was
hard and sticking straight up in the air. Christi stared at it for a
few minutes and then she smiled. Adam sat down beside her and said,
"do you know how to stroke a man's cock?"
The girl giggled and gently placed her small nine year old hand around
the cock. It only went around about half of the organ but that was
enough. Adam's cock gave a jerk and a small amount of pre-cum appeared
at the tip of his hard cock. The girl smiled and she started to stroke
the hard organ. Adam let out a loud moan as she moved her hand up and
down the cock. He knew that if she kept this up he would be going over
the edge. He gently pulled her hand away from his cock and said, "okay
now its time that I taught you about your body and how to pleasure
your body."
The girl giggled and said, "How do we do that?"
"I will undress you." Adam had dreamed of undressing a little girl for
so long and now here was his chance to undress one. He gripped the
bottom of her shirt in his hands and pulled it upwards off of her
young body. He stomach was flat and had an outie belly button. One of
the cutest a girl could have in Adam's opinion. He gently rubbed her
nipples with the tips of his fingers until they were soft and pointy.
Then he unlaced her shoes and took each one of placing them off on the
side of the couch. He then told her to stand up and he looked at her
almost naked body. She was wearing socks that went up to the middle of
her shin, tight shorts and panties. He unbuttoned the pants and then
unzipped them. He pulled her shorts down until they were resting
around her thin ankles. He had her step out of them. All that remained
on her little girl body was a pair of little girl panties. He gently
pulled these down and revealed her little girl sex. It was perfect
with small lips and no hair. He smiled at it and his cock gave a
involuntary jerk.
He laid her down on the couch and spread her legs gently. He looked at
her revealed sex it was beautiful. Her clit was slightly erect which
meant that he was starting to turn her on. "Has anyone ever touched
you down on your cunny?" The girl shook her head no and Adam smiled,
"okay. I am going to make you feel good down there." He gently brought
his hand down and started to stroke her slit with his finger. The girl
closed her eyes and grunted. He slowly slide a finger around her clit
and the girl let out a large cry. Her pussy was on fire more fire than
when her daddy let her touch his hard cock. She was enjoying this and
she never wanted it to end.
Adam slowly stopped stroking her with his finger. He had to taste that
pussy. He spread her legs wider and went down between them with his
head. He slowly brought his tongue out and dipped it into the small
pussy hole. Christi had never felt anything like it. His tongue struck
her pussy and the girl let out a cry thrusting her hips into his face.
The girls juices were flowing now from her pussy into his mouth. Adam
slowly used his tongue now to circle around her small erect clit. The
girl gives out a large cry and grips on to her legs. Adam takes her
over the edge. She thrusts her hips twice and moans out. Adam gives
into his own pleasure feeling this small girl cumming under him. He
strokes his cock twice and his cum starts to flow all out onto the
couch. The girls body stops moving as her first orgasm leaves her
behind. Adam sits up and starts to clean his cum from the couch. The
girl is sound asleep by now.
Adam looks down at nine year old Christi. She had been asleep now in
the cradle of her first orgasm for an hour. He gently sits down next
to her and shakes her once. The girl rolls over and opens her dark
brown eyes. She blinks once and then says, "god that felt so good.
When can we do it again?"
Adam laughs and says, "well Christi how would you like to learn about
making love, or as adults call it making babies?"
Christi smiles and says, "you mean I could have a baby?"
"No Sweetheart you are still too young to have a baby. But don't worry
one day you can have a baby." Christi smiles and starts to stand up,
"when can you teach me how to make babies?"
"Right now, come with me up to my bedroom." The girl nods and follows
Adam and his growing hard cock up into his bedroom. Once in the room
Adam closes the door and has Christi sit on the bed. "Now Christi the
first time that you make love you have a thing called a hymn. This
thing hurts when it is broken though, but it has to be broken though
in order for us to make love and learn about making babies okay?"
The girl smiles and thinks about it for a little while before she
says, "Then go ahead and break my hyman thing." She giggles and lays
down on the bed with her legs spread. Adam smiles and gets on the bed
next to her. He slides his hand down her chest and over her belly. He
slides a finger over her pussy and dips it into the small hole. She
was smaller than Renee was but he didn't think that it would be a
problem to get his cock into it. She was already wet wetter than she
had been down stairs.
He pulls the small girl on top of him and they are now laying stomach
to stomach. She doesn't complain just spreads her legs and Adam can
feel her small pussy pressing against his hard cock. He gently takes
his cock into his hand and guides it until it reaches her pussy hole.
He pushes the tip in. Her hole spread easily enough though the girl
did grunt from the huge organ going into her small body. Adam slowly
stokes her back and then goes down to her small round ass and strokes
it. Then he thrusts his hard cock deeper into her body. The girl
grunts and Adam touches her hymn. "Ouch! What was that?"
"That was your hymn. I have to break it now." The girl nods and grits
her teeth. She was a strong girl Adam had to give her that one. He
pushed his cock into her again and he burst though the small hymn. The
girl gave out a moan of pain but then she gives out a moan of
satisfaction. Adam pushed his cock into her again and the girl grunted
with both pain and pleasure. When he thrust again all that was left
was the drowning sea of pleasure. Adam gently kisses her head and says
to her, "you are so brave little Christi." The girl giggles as he
continues to thrust into her small pussy. Adam can feel himself
approaching the edge of his own orgasm.
The little girl above of him grinds down hard on his cock and she
moans out his name as her small body starts to spasm with orgasm. He
can feel the small pussy pushing against his hard cock. Adam lets out
a cry and his sperm starts to shoot into her small body. He feels his
sperm shooting into the small body and for a few minutes he wonders if
maybe just maybe he had gotten this little preteen girl with child. He
could imagine her small belly swelling with a child. She would be so
beautiful both her and Renee would both be so beautiful with a swollen
baby belly. That was his last thought as he lost consciousness.
A giggle wakes Adam up from the sleep that he had settled in a hour
ago. He opens his eyes and sees Renee standing at his head on the bed.
She is wearing nothing but a pair of dark black panties and a huge
smile on her face. Adam smiles as his sister slowly places her hands
in her panties on the edges and starts to pull them down. She pulls
the panties down past her legs and then slips out of them. She stands
back up and looks straight at Adam. He looks down at her small pussy
with its beautiful lips and it's beautiful small tuft of hair. Adam's
cock slowly starts to harden inside of Christi. The girl is still
sound asleep. He groans and reaches a hand out to Renee who smiles and
shakes her head no.
Christi sits up and smiles down at Adam. Then she slides off of him
and looks down at his hard cock. "Thank you for that Adam." then she
lays down on the other side of the bed and Renee climbs in over Adam
and lays down beside him. Her hand slowly runs down Christi's chest
over her flat stomach and down between the girls willingly spread
legs. Adam watches as Renee's hand explores around the small pussy and
the girl that her hand is exploring lets out a large cry of passion.
Renee slowly brings her mouth down on to Christi and both girls are
frenching in no time. Tongues going from one to the other mouth.
Christi's small hand goes down over the two small bumps on Renee's
chest over her flat stomach and down in-between the girls spread legs.
She gently explores around the pussy and pushes a finger into Renee's
pussy hole. Both girls slowly start to fuck on each others provided
Adam watches as Renee climbs on top of Christi and both girls continue
to slowly fuck on each others fingers. Renee lets out a cry of
pleasure as does Christi and Renee collapses on top of Christi.
Christi raps her arms around the other girl and they both just hold
each other as they finish their orgasms. Renee rolls off of Christi
and Adam just stares at both of them in utter amazement. "I feel as if
I have been used."
Christi smiles and Renee says, "ahhh big brother you wanted the thrill
of teaching a girl how to have sex and you got that thrill that was
what we were trying to get for you. Plus Christi here really enjoyed
it and we both want you to do it to us again and again and again
forever." Then Renee laughs and runs a hand down to her brothers hard
cock. "After all what good is this hard organ if we don't put it to
good use?" Then she lightly strokes it. Christi sits up and rolls over
Renee. She spreads Adam's legs and brings her mouth down on his hard
cock. He feels the small nine year old lips slide over the tip of his
hard organ and Adam lets out a cry of pleasure at the feel of that
small mouth clasping around his cock.
Adam can feel his hard cock about to give from the sucking of the
little nine year old. He cries out her name as he runs his hands
through her hair and holds her down on his cock. He starts to shoot
his cum into her small mouth. Load after load shoot into the small
mouth. Adam can see her throat muscles working and swallowing the cum
from his hard cock. Then he explodes again as he thinks of her small
body taking in his huge cock earlier. When he finishes cumming and his
cock starts to get soft both girls start to giggle and giggle. "What's
so funny huh?" He asked pushing them both.
"Just the look on your face when you start to orgasm." Renee said,
"god it was so funny!!" She started to giggle again. Both girls fell
over giggling.
"You should see your self when you cum." Adam said as he started to
tickle both girls. "Now you got a reason to laugh." He continues to
tickle both of them as they try to get away. Christi gets away from
his hand and runs out of the room and down the stairs. Adam continues
to tickle Renee but not until she too gets out of his hands.
"Ha find us if you can." Then she runs out of the room. Adam stands up
and looks around his room and then follows them out the door. He goes
down stairs first and checks the kitchen and living room. Finding no
one he goes into the master bedroom and there laying on the bed on her
side in a sex pose is Christi.
"Hey lover boy, fuck me now." She lays on her back on the bed and
spreads her girl legs. Adam's cock shots straight into the air and he
walks over to where the girl is laying. Adam climbs on top of her and
gently guides his hard cock into her pussy. What proceeded was one of
the hardest fucks that Adam had ever gotten in his life. He pushed it
in and Christi just took charge. She started thrusting and making him
thrust harder and harder. After just four thrusts Adam's cock burst
into his lovers womb. The sperm just went gushing out into her body.
He tried to control it but he had no control over it. No control at
all. And when it was over she laid there smiling at him. "Now you got
to find Renee and fuck her brains out also." Adam only nods and climbs
up and runs out of the room in search of Renee.
Adam runs around the rest of the downstairs not finding his sister. He
walks back up the stairs and first enters the bathroom. Not finding
her in there he walks into his bedroom thinking that maybe she ended
up going back in there to hid. Not finding her in there Adam ran off
towards the guest room. She wasn't in there either so he moved on to
the last room in the house his sisters room. He walked down and opened
the door and there she was standing in the middle of the room. She
smiled and said, "gee took you long enough to find me." Adam smiled
and his sister climbed up on the bed and got on her hands and knees,
"now fuck me hard and don't hold back."
Adam smiles and climbs up on the bed behind her. He brings his hard
cock in-between her spread legs towards his sisters revealed sex. Adam
had always wanted to do it with a girl doggie style but no girl that
he knew wanted to do it with him. Until now that was. Adam thrust his
hard cock into his sisters small pussy and remembered now the feel of
that small pussy wrapped around his hard cock. She let out a moan as
he continued to fuck into her harder and harder not relenting. He
pushed his cock deeper into her and she moaned out his name. Adam knew
that he wouldn't' be able to hold on much longer and he knew that he
wanted this more than anything else that he had ever experienced
before. He thrust a few more times into his sisters small body before
his hard cock exploded into her pussy. The cum just started to explode
into her young body. Burst after burst of semen seeped into his
sisters small body. And when it was over she collapsed on the bed
along with him. They were both totally drained.
Adam groggily sat up from the bed that he was laying in. At first the
bed was not familiar. He was confused. Then he remembered that he had
ended up in his sisters bed with her. God what a last two days these
days had been. He had never thought that he could ever feel anything
that he felt for his sister. Oh and that little Christi god could she
make him hard and horny and wanting inside a preteen body. And hell
before this summer he had never thought of doing another preteen
besides his sister. And now here he was fucking little Christi. And
what would his sister offer him next? Maybe another treasure from
around here. Adam climbed out of the bed noticing that Renee was no
longer laying in it. He walked to his room and slipped on a pair of
boxer shorts and a shirt. He walked down the stairs and sitting there
in the living room on the couch were his parents. Adam had forgotten
that they were coming home today.
He expected the worse when he got down the stairs and both Renee and
Christi were sitting in chairs. He walked down and his father turned
and looked at him saying, "Adam please come sit down, we need to have
a few words about what has been going on in this house the last few
days." Adam feared the worst. Sure his parents were cousins but that
didn't matter. They might not like the fact that he had been touching
there daughter. He sat down and looked at his father. "Adam changes
are occurring in this house towards the way that your mother and I had
noticed quite a while ago. We have just brought home a new child a
daughter, and well we are going to raise her. But there is something
else also. We want you to get an apartment here close to home. Finish
your last year at college here at home. The reason why is that we want
Renee to move in with you. The reason for that is because we don't
want little Rachel growing up with the both of you and your sexual
explorations. We want to teach her ourselves and our own ways."
Adam was in shock at what his father had just told him. Basically he
was saying for Adam and his sister to live together to sleep in bed
together and to not be living under their parents roof. "What is the
catch dad?"
"Well Adam its just that you try to make sure that our little girl has
everything she needs and that you try not to get her pregnant at least
until she turns sixteen please." Adam nodded and his father continued,
"and please any of her friends that want you to teach them about sex
you teach them. It is the greatest gift that you can give a young girl
trust me I know." He stands up and Adam's mother follows he says one
last thing before leaving the room, "oh and if Renee is already
pregnant then please for god sakes pull her out of school on a family
emergency when she turns four months so that she doesn't have to go
though what her mother did." With that he left the room. Something
told Adam that his mother was younger than she appeared to be.
"What is he talking about?"
Renee giggles and says, "mom and dad both lied about their ages they
are only in their thirties. Oh and get this mom wants us to go visit
the farm. You know the one that daddy owns out there far away. Uncle
Adam's place. You know the guy you were named after. And mom had you
when she was only 12!" Renee jumps up and runs into Adam's arms. He
gently wraps her in them and hugs her small body close to his. She was
wearing a small shirt that only came to the middle of her body and a
pair of tight pants. "When can we leave?"
"How about tomorrow." Adam says. He was going to go to the farm that
his parents had moved him off of at the age of five because they
wanted him and his sister to be brought up in the normal fashion to
see if they would not get the same curse that the rest of the family
seemed to have. It did not work obviously. But it didn't really
matter, not to Adam and Renee anyway. They loved each other deeply.
Christi stood up and said, "I have to get home but I thank you both
for the chance to learn from you about sex and stuff like that." Then
she walks out of the room. They hear the door close and Adam carries
his sister up stairs to his bedroom. He gently unbuttons her shorts
and pulls them down over her round little ass and down off of her.
They continue to kiss deeply on the lips letting tongues flare in and
out of each others mouths. Adam can feel his sister hand sliding into
his boxers and gripping his hard cock. Hen then slides a hand under
her panties and starts to feel her small pussy lips. He slides a
finger into her hole and she lets out a cry of pleasure.
Adam slides his sisters panties off of her body as she slides his
boxers off of his. He lays her down on the bed and she spreads her
legs. Adam thrusts his hard cock into her small body feeling the lips
of her small pussy surround his hard cock. He was use to it but the
tightness was still almost too much. He thrust for awhile getting the
feel of her small body under him. He thrust harder and she complied to
do the same. And then they both let out a huge moan and Adam shot his
seed into his sisters small body again. . . .and again. . . and again.
End of part 12 and the story