- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Brotherly love
[Author] Stevie D.
[Type] Brother/sister

It was less than a week after my younger brother moved in with me that I
realized my panties were missing. I didn't make the connection at first
because, for one thing, I didn't know my brother very well. I was 16 years
older than he was and had been living away from home for most of his life,
first with my husband, and for the past 10 years alone in the small house
I'd gotten in the divorce settlement.
He was now 23 and a real hunk. He was staying with me in Hartford, CT, the
insurance capital of the world, while he took a course for new insurance
men. I worked at a rival insurance company taking insurance claims over the
phone and getting crash victims started through the long maze to payment.
I was pushing 40 and not exactly a fox -- my blonde hair came from a bottle
and I was starting to sag a little, especially my 38D's. It didn't occur to
me that a younger man might desire me enough to collect my panties --
especially my own kid brother!
I didn't mention the missing underwear to my brother. I still wasn't sure my
washer or dryer wasn't eating them and I didn't want him to think I was
nuts. Still, it was bugging me, so I sat down and analyzed what I knew.
First of all, I knew that my panties were disappearing after I'd worn them
and put them in the hamper. And only my sexiest panties were involved. After
careful consideration, I decided to set a trap.
I placed a pair of my naughtiest bikini panties on top of the dirty clothes
and waited. I checked hourly to make sure that they were there. I felt silly
doing it, but I had to know.
That evening about nine, my brother entered the bathroom to take a shower.
Less than 10 minutes before, I'd verified that the panties were still there.
After his shower I checked again and they were gone.
It hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn't believe that my brother was
stealing my panties. I also wasn't sure I had the guts to face him with my
knowledge. As a matter of fact, it took me almost a week to work up the
I put another pair of used panties in the hamper and waited until he'd
showered. As soon as he left the bathroom, I made sure the panties were
missing and tapped on his bedroom door. He told me to come in, and when I
did I found him already in bed.
"My panties are missing," I blurted before I could chicken out.
Larry blushed and licked his lips nervously. "I'm sorry. I can't help
myself," he said, his voice barely above a whisper.
"What do you do with them," I asked as I walked towards the bed.
He squirmed nervously and pulled the sheet off his body. He was naked except
for my panties. I couldn't believe my eyes! The sheer crotch of my panties
hugged the shape of his huge erection.
It was my turn to blush. "Why," I choked, my legs so weak that I had to sit
on the edge of his bed to keep from falling on my face.
"I don't know," he groaned. "Panties turn me on. They always have."
"Why steal them? They're not expensive," I spurted.
"It only works after a woman has worn them," he told me. "It's the smell
that gets me excited."
While we talked, the head of his cock crept above the waistband of the
panties and a small drop of precum leaked from the tip. "I see what you
mean," I whispered, as the crotch of the panties I was wearing began to
"Do you shoot off in them," I asked, unable to control my curiosity. Larry
smiled and let his hand caress his long, stiff shaft.
"Sometimes," he beamed. "But usually I'm careful so I can use them again. If
I cum in them, they don't smell the same."
My heart fluttered with excitement. The idea of my brother sniffing my
pussy-scented panties sent a chill up my spine. My pussy was on fire. I was
ready to cum in my panties. "Would you like to try these," I asked as I
stood and lifted my skirt over my waist.
Larry groaned and licked his lips as his eyes devoured my exposed cunt. The
panty crotch was hot and sticky. The moist silk clung to the excited lips of
my pussy like a second skin.
Larry propped his head on his hand and when his face was within inches of my
pussy, he inhaled deeply. His cock twitched as he savored my female aroma. I
caressed his cheeks with my hands and moved my hips forward until his lips
touched my crotch. His tongue shot out automatically and traveled slowly
upward, separating the inflated lips of my pussy.
When his tongue hit my clit, I melted. I had an orgasm so delicious that it
rocked me to my toes. I shivered and moaned and stroked the back of my
brother's head for at least 10 minutes before I left him come up for air.
I was in the middle of my second orgasm when I glanced downward and watched
my brother's cock throb. "No Larry! DON'T," I shouted as he looked up
"I did something for you. Now I want you to do something for me," I said, my
heart pounding as I pulled my soaked panties off and laid back across the
bed with my knees bent and wide apart.
We were already both so aroused we knew it wouldn't take much to put us over
the edge again. Slipping between my thighs, my brother put the tip of his
long, thick cock at my opening and with one marvelous thrust he was inside
"That's it Larry.....OH GOD...HARDER...OH YES...OHH, OHHH...DEEPER...OH I'M
CUMING...I'M...I'M CUUUMMMMMIINGGG," I screamed as I orgasmed again and
again as my brother shot his hot white cream into me.
The next morning I was in my nightie frying bacon when Larry entered the
kitchen wearing only his shorts. I smiled and admired the bulge in the front
of them. My brother winked and gave his cock a squeeze. "It swells up like
this every time I think about last night." He laughed as he walked up behind
me and rubbed his cock against my almost bare ass.
"If you keep that up, I'm going to mess up another pair of panties," I
giggled, knowing exactly what my words would do to him. His cock grew until
I felt a raging hard-on pressed against my ass.
I pushed the frying pan off the burner and turned into my brother's arms.
Our lips met as his hand cupped my crotch. He fumbled around with the
elastic until a finger found my clit. He rolled it gently from side to side
while he explored my mouth with his tongue. I came again, soaking the
panties that I had on, which was exactly what he had in mind.
My body was still shaking as he knelt and pulled them carefully down my
legs. I stepped out of the skimpy sheath and picked them up, handing them to
my brother. He dropped them onto a dinette set chair, took ahold of my
shoulders and guided me onto the kitchen floor where we made wonderful love.
My brother's insurance course lasted three weeks and while Larry was with
me, we had sex in every imaginable place and time throughout the house. But
I knew it couldn't last forever. He went back to Maryland at the beginning
of July and my life drifted back to its normal boring routine of going to
work and spending lonely nights at the house.
At the beginning of August when the New England countryside was full of
tourists, my monthly visitor didn't come and my heart pounded with the
possibility that I might be going to have a baby -- my BROTHER'S baby.
Two weeks later my period still hadn't arrived and I found myself sitting in
a waiting room surrounded by younger women with pregnant bellies of various
shapes and sizes.
"So you think you're pregnant. That should be easy to check out," the tall,
young handsome doctor said, handing me a small bottle to pee in. When I
returned to the examining room, he gave me a complete physical while we
waited for the results.
"Mrs. Wilson -- Nancy -- you are two months pregnant, but there are some
factors that you should consider," Dr. Weaver started. Oh Lord, I thought to
myself, he knows I screwed my brother. Instead he told me that I was rather
old to become a first-time mother and I would have to take some tests later
in the pregnancy to make sure the baby was healthy.
One sunny September morning I felt sick as soon as I lifted my head from the
pillow. Cupping my hand over my mouth, I hurried to the bathroom where I
knelt over the toilet throwing up again and again.
Every day for abouty two weeks my routine began about two hours early so I
could get the morning sickness out of my system before going to work. I
still looked pale and drained as I hurried to my little cubicle and got
ready before the usual barrage of insurance claims.
I was three and a half months pregnant when the first substantial changes
happened to my 39-year-old body. Overnight my normally large breasts were
swollen even more and would hardly squeeze into my bra cups and they were
very tender. Although my stomach was still flat, it seemed much firmer than
One night when I got home from work there was a letter waiting from Larry.
Sitting down in my easy chair, I opened the envelope and started reading:
"Dear sis, I really miss the wonderful sex we had together. I think about it
all the time as I run my hand over my stiff, thick shaft. I still use your
panties but they're beginning to loose your delicious aroma. I was wondering
if you'd be a naughty girl and send me another pair..."
I didn't think I was going to have a problem complying with that. Slipping
off my shoes, I stood up to unsnap and unzip my skirt and left it fall to
the livingroom floor. My heart was already pounding as I unbuttoned my
blouse then sat back down in my chair to remove my stockings.
Reaching behind my back, I unhooked my bra and dropped it to the carpeting
before I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes. Moving my hands to my
plump swollen breasts, it was easy to imagine that my brother was fondling
them. Soon my breasts were firm, my nipples pouting as I was breathing
Moving my knees wider apart, I slipped my right hand under the waistband of
my panties to my already moist pussy. I moaned with pleasure as I moved my
fingers over my pussy lips until they were wet. Putting three fingers
together I jammed them into my overheated cunt, moving them in and out,
faster and faster. When I was on the verge of my orgasm I removed my
fingers, pulled the silk of my panties tight against my crotch and screamed
with pleasure as I totally drenched them.
Slipping out of my panties, I walked naked to the kitchen where I put them
in a ziplock bag, wrote my brother's address on a mailing envelope and
sealed it. This was the least I can do for giving me you, I thought as I
rubbed my firm stomach.
In October the New England countryside was changing to fall colors and I was
doing some changing too. My normally slender stomach was definately pouching
outward as my unborn baby began to grow. I loved to stand naked in front of
a mirror and rub my hands over the firm bump in my lower belly.
My OB/GYN said it was time to take tests to see if the baby was okay. I had
to drink so much water that I thought I would burst and the only thing I
could fit around my waist was an old pair of gray sweatpants with a draw
While I lay on the examining table, a nurse smeared blue gel over my
slightly bulging belly that was so cold I thought I was going to piss
myself. Then Dr. Weaver moved a wand-like instrument over me and I could see
images of my baby on a small screen. I closed my eyes when he stuck a big
needle into my belly to get a sample of the fluid surrounding the baby. By
the time I was dressed again the results were back and I knew my baby was
perfectly healthy.
I had to go to the bathroom so bad I could hardly keep still. But the light
was on at the restroom. Somebody else was in there. Placing a hand to my
crotch I gently squeezed as I walked down the hallway to the elevator. Only
two more floors to go when the elevator suddenly jerked and uncontrolably I
began pissing myself. At least there was nobody in the elevator as the
crotch and then the inner legs of my gray cotton sweatpants got darker and
darker with my escaping piss.
When my prenatal vitamins kicked when I was four and a half months pregnant
my 39-year-old body really started to change. My appetite was enormous and I
was eating much larger portions than normal. Before long I had a hard time
fitting into my clothes. My blouses were too tight, I had to pin my shirts
and slacks, and wear sweaters to hide the bulge in my lower belly.
I really loved my job even though we were all like little islands divided by
the walls of our cubicles. I was in the middle of straightening out a dented
fender and dinged door when suddenly I felt a flutter from deep inside me.
Working my hand under my sweater to my bare rounded tummy I marveled I felt
my baby move for the first time.
Winter arrived with full force in November as I started my fifth month and I
couldn't put off the inevidable any longer. I could barely squeeze into my
loosest clothes. On Saturday I braved the snow and drove to a shopping mall
on the edge of town.
It didn't take a genius to know where to start shopping for maternity
clothes. My normally large breasts were now filling with milk and would
barely fit in my bra cups and the waistband of my panties was making tracks
around my expanding middle.
With the baby due in the middle of March, I concentrated on winter clothes
-- slacks and skirts with wide elastic bands for my growing tummy, dresses
and smocks with belts that tied back, a few turtlenecks, support stockings,
maternity slips and a warm flannel nightgown. When the clerk rang up the
bill, I nearly fainted. This baby was going to make me dig into my nest egg,
but then I was beginning to look like an egg myself.
As I sat in Dr. Weaver's waiting room, the baby tossed and turned inside me.
I couldn't resist moving my hands to my growing five and a half months
pregnant belly. It was so wonderful to feel life growing inside me when I
thought it would never happen.
Laying on the examining table, I couldn't see my pointed toes because of my
rounded belly. I was absolutely quiet as Dr. Weaver moved the cold
stethoscope piece over the baby. "Sounds very good, Nancy. Want to listen,"
he offered and I jumped at the chance.
My baby's heartbeat sounded so strong and healthy that I gave Dr. Weaver a
big hug. When I released him I couldn't help noticing the giant bulge in his
By the time I got to my car I had a burning in my cunt that needed immediate
attention. Turning the heater up as high as it would go, I started driving.
When it started getting warm, I unbuttoned my maternity coat, reached under
my smock, and worked my fingers under the elastic band of my slacks to the
crotch of my panties. That was all the further I could go and keep the car
on the road.
Oh God, it felt so good as I cupped my smoldering pussy with my whole hand,
squeezing it, rubbing my fingers over the silk that covered my opening.
There was a light ahead turning yellow. I stopped the car and kept
masturbating. Oh Lord, it was happening! I could feel my orgasm building. I
rubbed faster....harder until it happened. I creamed my panties as the
driver behind me honked his horn. The light was green. Well baby, we have
another pair of panties for your father -- my brother, I thought as the baby
At work I'd managed to keep my pregnancy a secret, but as I started my sixth
month in December, it was impossible. Even under my winter coat my rounded
belly was quite apparent. One morning I took off my coat, straighted my
back, which pushed out my pregnant belly even more and paraded through the
office. I was really surprised when everybody stopped by my cubicle to
congratulate me.
By the time I got home from work my curved back was aching, I had to piss
really bad, and God I was hungry! After going to the bathroom, I made myself
a giant omelet and sat down to eat and read my mail as the baby did forward
rolls inside my well-rounded tummy.
I stopped when I came to a letter from my brother. Dropping my fork, I
opened it and started reading: Dear sis, Thanks for the panties. They're
really come in handy, if you get my drift. I couldn't stand the thought of
both of us spending the holidays alone so I've arranged a vacation so we can
spend them together...."
That night before bed I took a wonderful bubble bath as my unborn baby
tossed and kicked inside me. The baby really loved it when I was in the
water, maybe it was because it made my body warmer. Carefully getting out of
the tub, it took me two towels to dry myself off. When I was finished I
could resist examining my naked six and a half months pregnant body in the
full-length bathroom mirror.
God my body looked so different! My once large sagging breasts were now even
plumper as they filled with milk and the circles around my nipples had
changed color to a rich chocolate. They were so sensitive it was easy to
make my nipples get hard. My pregnant belly was firm and well-rounded, I was
about 19 pounds heavier than normal. There was a faint dark line running
down the middle of my belly. Even my hips seemed wider and flatter to
support the added weight of the baby.
"Boy is Larry going to be surprised when he sees my Christmas present," I
said rubbing my big pregnant belly.
My brother called to tell he was coming two days before Christmas. I took
the day off, telling my supervisor I had a doctor's appointment. I wanted to
look my best for Larry. I put on my best maternity dress, combed my long
blonde hair, and put on makeup for the first time in ages. Even the baby
could sense my nervousness. It was especially active with strong kicks and
My heart was pounding almost as loud as my brother knocking on the door.
"Nancy, how are..." Larry stopped in mid sentence when he saw my nearly
seven months pregnant stomach. "Is...is the baby mine," he asked shakily.
"Yes. I haven't been with anybody else in ages," I answered. "I've wanted to
have my own baby for so long."
"But won't it be born with two heads or something...because we're brother
and sister," he asked.
"No silly. They had to run tests because I'm supposed to be too old to have
a baby. They said the baby is perfectly normal," I smiled.
By the time my brother got settled in we were both pretty tired. The next
morning he was still sleeping when I left for work. My curved back was
aching and I really had to piss when I finally beat the traffic to get home.
Larry had a pot of beef stew simmering on the stove. After relieving myself,
I dug into the delicious meal as my brother watched me.
"What are you looking at," I asked, taking a bite.
"You....you're glowing," he told me.
With my well-rounded belly it was safer for Larry to wash while I dried. My
brother's bulging hard-on was difficult to ignore. God I wanted to fuck with
him! Timidly I reached out and touched it.
"Can we do it without hurting the baby," he asked.
"Well, the whips and chains are definately out," I laughed as I took his
hand and led him to my bedroom. "The baby won't even know what we are
My brother stripped down to his shorts quickly, then laid across my bed. He
watched intently as I unbuttoned my maternity dress and left it fall to the
floor, followed by my bra. Bending over, my heavy milk-filled breasts hung
as I rolled down my stockings.
"Well, what do you think," I asked, turning sideways so he could see my big
bulging belly.
"I...I've never seen a pregnant woman before," he told me.
"Do you like what you see," I asked, crawling onto the bed beside him to
touch his giant erection.
Magically we were in each other's arms, kissing longingly as our bodies
pressed together when the baby gave me a strong kick. "What was that," my
brother exclaimed. "The baby, silly. It moves all the time and it's getting
stronger," I answered as my brother's hands found my plump breasts.
OH GOD....OHHH GOD YES," I moaned with pleasure. Soon my heavy breasts were
firm with bullet hard nipples standing tall. I groaned each time Larry's
tongue touched them. When my brother started sucking on them, I nearly went
I screamed as my milk shot into my brother's mouth and I drenched my
maternity panties at the same time.
"I want you to fuck me! FUCK ME NOW," I moaned but we soon discovered that
was easier said than done. My tremendous tummy was definately an obstacle.
Awkwardly getting to my hands and knees, my brother moved his stiff cock to
my dripping pussy from behind and with a wonderful thrust he pushed it into
Soon my bed was creaking as we rocked back and forth while Larry reached
forward to fondle my breasts. OHH, OH MY....OH YES. FUCK ME HARDER," I
groaned as my giant pregnant belly rocked with each massive thrust from my
brother. "OOHHH GOD! I...I'M CUM....CUMMMMIIINNNGGG," I screamed as I had a
toe curling orgasm.
Larry and I had a wonderful Christmas, having terrific hot sex every time
his cock got hard. I'm sure I was in better shape from all the exercise.
"You will let me know how everything comes out," my brother said patting my
big rounded belly before he left for home. "You'll be the second to know," I
told him.
During my seventh month in January, the baby continued to grow inside me. By
the middle I'd gained 23 pounds and my pregnant belly was getting quite
large. I loved rubbing my hands over my smooth, stretched skin and feeling
the baby moved. I was amazed how men looked at me....like they really wanted
to fuck me.
When I started my eighth month in February, I knew it was time to trade my
computer for diapers and baby clothes. I had grand plans of catching up on
my sleep but my unborn baby had other ideas.
"Oh baby, it's only nine o'clock! You kept me up all night with your knees
and elbows, now you want to get me up at this ungodly hour," I moaned
rubbing my giant well-rounded belly through my nightgown. "Having you in
there is making your mommy SOOOOO horny."
Under the warm blankets, I unbuttoned my nightgown and moved my hands to my
plump, milk-filled breasts. Soon I was moaning with pleasure as my nipples
were so very hard. Taking my nipples between my fingers and thumbs I began
squeezing them until my milk was flowing out and dripping on my mammoth
eight months pregnant mound.
Reaching lower I began rubbing my overheated pregnant pussy as the baby gave
me some powerful kicks. Plunging two fingers into my pussy I moved them
faster and faster, then I found my swollen clit. "Oh baby.....your mommy is
cummming," I moaned as an orgasm overpowered me.
A week later I had my checkup with Dr. Weaver. "The baby sounds strong and
is in a perfect position to be born," he told me. "I want you to put your
feet up and take it easy for a while. At your age you're more likely to go
into premature labor."
My next stop was the baby shop where I bought a crib and changing table and
lots of clothes that seemed incredibly tiny compared to my tremendous tummy.
Over the next few weeks I worked on the nursery and rested and my nearly
nine months pregnant belly became gigantic.
As I moved into my ninth month I had to admit that I was really nervous.
Every time the baby moved funny inside me, I feared I was going into labor
but I just kept getting bigger until I'd gained 35 pounds and my belly
looked like a beach ball.
One morning I knew something was different as soon as I woke up. But it
wasn't until I struggled out of bed that I realized I had dropped. REALLY
DROPPED! My nine and a half months pregnant belly had shifted because the
baby had moved deeper into my pelvis. My tremendous belly just jutted
outward and my belly button has popped out.
A week later I was still very pregnant and the weather outside was
definately frightful. Sitting on a couch with my feet up and a pillow under
my curved back, I munched on a box of chocolate cupcakes and watched
television. I was going to miss not being able to eat everything in sight.
When I woke up in the middle of the night, I thought it was just my instinct
telling me it was time to go to the bathroom. But as I became more awake I
realized my nightgown, blankets and sheet under me were soaking wet. I
started to sit up whenb out of the blue a sharp pain cut down the middle of
my back and around my sides; making me double over my giant oblong belly,
moaning in pain.
Come on, Nancy, keep calm, I told myself as my heart pounded. The first
thing I had to do was call Dr. Weaver to tell him I was leaving for the
hospital. Pressure was building again as I reached to my nightstand and
pulled the telephone onto the bed. Finding the receiver, I put it to my ear
but I didn't hear anything.I clicked the button and still nothing. IT WAS
Before I could think what to do, the next contraction hit and I doubled
over. According to the clock, they were only five minutes apart. I had to
get dressed and to the hospital! Surely there would be someone there who
could help me deliver my baby. Pressure was building deep in my lower back
as I tried to struggle to my feet. I was standing when the contraction hit.
It was so strong I couldn't help droping to a crouch and pushing.
I had to get to the hospital, and in a hurry. Getting my breath back, I got
clean underwear from my dresser before a contraction made me brace my hands
against it to keep standing. My back was aching as I sat down on the edge of
my bed to fish my feet through the leg holes of my panties and maternity
slacks. After slipping on a smock and my shoes I got my coat and overnight
bag. Pressure was back again as I opened the front door.
Oh God, I couldn't believe it! There was at least two feet of snow on the
ground and it was blowing all over the place. That's why the phone wasn't
working. At that moment the contraction slammed though me -- so much
pressure low in my belly and deep ibn my hips. I couldn't keep from pushing.
There was a sudden releasing of pressure and the crotch of my slacks was
soaked as my water ran down my legs.
My heart pounded as I realized I wasn't going to make it to the hospital. I
would have to deliver my baby alone. Contractions came with increasing
strength and frequency as I tried to gather everything I needed to give
birth. When they hit I had to lean against something as I clutched my
panting giant oblong belly. I tried not to push, but sometimes I couldn't
help it.
When I had everything, I waddled slowly up the steps to my bedroom. Please
God, let my baby be born all right, I prayed as I lowered my heavy pregnant
body to my mattress. I tried to remember everything I had read about giving
birth. As impossible as it seemed, I had to keep calm, to let my body relax
so the baby could move more easily inside me.
The contractions were coming almost constantly when it started to get light
outside. Even though I was naked and covered only by a thin sheet, I was
covered with sweat. Then suddenly it was happening. Amid my frantic panting
and forceful short pushes, I felt my unborn baby moving down my birth canal.
Reaching over my seemingly swollen belly, I felt my fully dilated opening
and knew it was time to deliver my baby. Pressure was building again low in
my pelvis and deep in my hips. When it hit, I gripped the wet sheet under me
until my knuckles turned white as I groaned and beared down.
Oh God, it was such a strange feeling! Moving my hand to my crotch I felt my
baby's hairy head crowning my opening.
Placing my bent knees wide apart with my bare feet flat on the mattress, I
gathered my strength as the pressure built inside me again. When the
contraction gripped me, I put the heels of my hands under my breasts where
my oblong belly began and sat up as I grunted and pushed, screaming with a
mixture of pain and pleasure as my baby's head pushed out of me in a gush.
My hands were shaking as I supported the baby's head. On the next
contraction I carefully turned the shoulders and delivered my baby. Even
before I could wipe her off and clean her nose and mouth, my newborn
daughter was pink and crying lustfully as her tiny body squirmed on my
"I know...I know...getting up at this hour of the morning is a real bitch.
But I've waited so long to see you and hold you in my arms, my precious
daughter," I told her as she calmed down. Holding her to my heavy,
milk-filled breast she began to timidly suck then with more force when she
tasted the sweet milk.
"You know, sweetheart," I said doing my best Bogart as I looked as my
daughter's angel face, "this could be the start of a beautiful friendship."