- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Brother sister rape
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Brother/sister


He sat outside the bathtub as his little sister played in the water.  He
couldn't undestand why his nine-year-old sister wanted him to be with her
when she bathed, but day after day, she would look at his with those Bambi
eyes, asking him to be with her, and he couldn't refuse.  He had to study
the SAT's, but that could wait.  She was so cute, it was impossible to say
to her.  So day after day, they would go into the bathroom together, she
would get undressed and step in the bathtub, and he would stay outside and

watch her.  At least that's what would always happen, until tonight.
She stood up, water and soap dripping from her thin, preteen body, and she
asked him, "Joe, do you wanna come in with me?"  Joe looked at his sister,
who was very sexy, even though she hadn't started developing yet.  She
massaged herself with the soap, and he felt a movement in his shorts.  "Do
you?" She asked again, rubbing the soap on her crotch.
What the hell, he thought, I see her naked all the time, she sees me
why shouldn't we see each other naked?  "Sure."  He got undressed and
into the bath with his young sister, a naked nie year old girl with her
naked seventeen year old brother.
Being in such an erotic location made him very excited, his penis
from beneath the bath water.  She sat down on his lap, unaware of what
was doing to his libido.  He wanted that girl, her flat chest, her
pussy, he didn't care if she was his sister or not.  He didn't care if she
wanted it or not.  He took his hands and carressed her body, feeling her
undeveloped chest, her slim, sexy midsection.  He picked her up off his
and manuvered her so that her cunt would fall onto his hard cock.
"What are you doing?" She asked.
He brought her down onto his penis, pushing his member all the way in.  He

slowly rotated his hips.
"Joe, that hurts."
"It's okay, sis, it's okay," he said as he went faster, pumping in and out
his preteen sister's cunt.
"Joe, you're hurting me!  Stop!"
He didn't stop.  In fact, he went faster, harder, fucking the nine
with as much passion as he would a girlfriend.  She started screaming, but

that only made it better for him.  He liked forcing this little girl.
he ejaculated into his sister's cunt, and he held her against his body for
long while, fondling her, realizing how many new doors this opened for