- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Bitchy sister
[Author] James Nolnet
[Type] Brother/sister

My name's James. I'm 15 and I have a 17-year-old sister named Kelly. We live out on a Ranch in an unpopulated area. It's pretty boring, and the only way I keep entertained is by our 5 golden retrievers, for shows, and my computer. Anyway, my sister's a real bitch to me because I'm her little brother, she does really annoying things like makes me clean her room all the time and goes through my computer a deletes things when ever she wants. The thing that really put me over the top was when she came in my room when I was at school and deleted my paper I was writing for history. She always gets away with these things because our mom died and she uses her looks to get out of trouble with my dad. He wants to get into her pants. With her great looks, at 5'8, blonde, 34c cups and just a total body to die for, she can. She keeps fit by being on the cheerleading team.

Well anyway she hit my last straw and I was determined to get her back for this one. Our parents went away on their annual weekend outing, so I was going to make my move. We were sitting in the family room, watching a movie, when she told me to go make a milkshake for her. I went to the kitchen and made two milkshakes, one for her and one for me, but I added an extra ingredient in hers. I put two knock out pills of my mom's in hers and served the drinks. About 15 minuets after she drank the drink she was out cold. I shook her pretending to wake her up, just in case, but she didn't even flinch. I went to my room and got out my old rock climbing gear and a Polaroid camera. I went back down stairs and attached my gear at four ends of the room and attached each one to each one of her limbs. I made sure it was secure and pulled the wire, until her body was in the air about 3 feet, legs and arms spread. I got two stools about the same height and put them under her, for support. I found a pair of scissors and slowly cut of her blouse, it fell to the ground and I saw her breast, held thigh in her bra. I cut of her shorts and saw just how perfect her ass really was. I did a quick snip at her bra strap and it fell to the floor exposing those perfect breasts. Then I cut her panties loose and saw her tight virgin pussy. I knew she was a virgin because I overheard her talking to my father about it.

I examined her body, being the first naked girl's body I've seen. And slowly stuck my finger into her cunt. WOW, it was so hot and tight, and WET. It was wet enough for me to go to the next part of my plan. I went out to the kennel and brought back Rover and Max, our two largest Golden Retrievers. I brought them both into the house and into the living room. They immediately saw and smelled Kelly and went over to investigate. They both stuck their noses in her cunt and started to lick. The tips of their red cocks came out and got bigger and bigger, soon both of their full 9 inch cocks where out in the open along with their baseball sized knots at the end. I pulled them away and got Rover to lay on his back, under Kelly. I got some K-Y jelly and started to lube up her ass, her body squirmed a little as I put my finger in her ass and lubed her up, but I thought nothing of it. By now I had a raging hard-on and decided to let it out, I took off my pants and let my cock hang down. I finished lubing her and got ready for stage 3.

She was in the air on her back so her ass was about two feet above the dog's 9 inches. I lowered the wire and she went down until she was at a level where the dog could get his whole cock in her ass, even his knot. He kept humping the air around her but never hitting the mark. I took his cock and slowly guided it into her ass hole. Just then I heard a mumble, "What the fuck!!!" said Kelly. I knew the effects were wearing off and I stood up, and walked over to Kelly's face, my cock hanging over her face. Tears were forming in her eyes from the pain of being ass fucked by 9 inches of cock.

"How do you like getting fucked by Rover, in your ass?"

"Get him off me and untie me, you asshole."

"That's not a very nice thing to say to me, now is it you bitch? You probably like this anyway huh, bitch!!" I could see her hips starting to move to meet Rover's cock. He was only about half way in her ass, but going deeper. "Let's take some pictures shall we?" I went over and got my camera and started taking pictures, of her being ass fucked by a dog. This was really turning me on, and apparently, Max too, all 9 inches was sticking up straight and dripping cum. "So, I think it's about time for you to lose your virginity, don't you Kelly."

"No, please I'll do anything, don't take my virginity."

"Too bad, wish I could help you but Max is to excited." I brought Max over, in between her legs and patted her stomach. He leaped up with his front paws and started jabbing his dick, trying to get at her virgin hole. I grabbed his cock and slid it into her pussy, he started thrusting away and then he stopped and then jabbed really hard and popped her cherry.


Through out all this Kelly was screaming "No, Stop, Please, No Max," with an occasional "mmmmm".

Instantly, both dogs jammed in their knots at the same time. There I was standing there, watching my, virgin older sister, get what looked like two baseballs shoved in her virgin holes. All I did is, stroke my cock and snap away pictures of her getting fucked in her ass and pussy at once. As the dogs came at the same time, I heard her "mmmmm" again as she had orgasm after orgasm. Both dogs finally un-tied. Cum spilled in what looked like gallons out of her pussy and ass. The dogs walked off to clean themselves. I noticed as I looked down at her that I had cum all over her face and she was licking around to get more.

After that day, I only had a couple of problems with her, and when I did I just pulled out the picture I keep in my wallet of her and she turned back into a little angle. She did whatever I wanted, now that I had the pictures, and I spent many-a-load on her face as I watched her get fucked by our dogs. I later fucked her a couple of times in both holes, and decided to cum in them.

Our father died of a heart attack and Kelly and I live on the ranch with the dogs by ourselves. She is now 23 and I am 21. We fuck all the time; in fact, Kelly is 5 months pregnant with my child. I love this woman.