- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Animal Farm
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Brother/sister

Chapter 1 - Peeking

      "Look at the cock on Mister Anderson!" Betty whispered
excitedly. "It must be all of ten inches!"
      "I'm looking," Rod said, remembering to keep his voice low.
His own cock had started stiffening as soon as he and his sister
had started peeking. Now it was hard and throbbing, it's almost
eight inch length straining against his shorts and pants. "Mom
won't have any problem taking his big dick though. Hell, Dad has
at least eight inches."
      "We'll go see if we can spot Dad and his partner later,"
Betty said softly. "God, I'm steaming already!"
      "Just don't get excited enough to make a lot of noise," Rod
said, his eyes fixed upon the nude bodies in the bedroom.
      The bed was on the other side of the room, away from the
window they were peeking through, but they had  a perfect view.
Earlier they'd made sure that the shade was raised a couple of
inches and fortunately their mother hadn't noticed. Rod hoped that
their luck held out.
      Cliff anderson was a teacher at the high school Rod and Betty
attended and had been to the swapping parties with his pretty wife
before, but they hadn't seen him in action. And they still hadn't,
Rod thought, since the very muscular young man had only just
finished undressing and was sitting on the side of the bed
watching Rod's mother stripping.
      Rod and Betty had seen their mother naked and in action many
times. She was something of a sex-nut once she got her clothes off
and was within sucking distance of a hard cock. Or a soft cock,
for that matter. They'd seen her use her mouth, tongue, fingers,
and various other parts of her shapely body to arouse men for the
erotic activities she seemed to crave so much.
      The teacher, who was about thirty, was already aroused
enough. Maybe too much, Rod thought, seeing the big, stiff cock
give a couple of little jerks. It'd be a joke on Mr. Anderson if
he got his gun off even before he got his hands on the lovely
female flesh being revealed to his eyes.
      Rod and Betty were both proud of the way their mother looked
- in or out of clothes. She was a tall blonde with rather dark
skin. She moved gracefully and had a very pretty face and a
beautiful body. She was nicely rounded even though quite slender,
and her breasts were big, perfectly round mounds, with quite large
nipples. Her legs were long and shapely and her firm buttocks
jiggled delightfully when she walked. Her pubic hairs were short
and curly and were just as blonde as the hair on her head. She was
thirty-six and looked ten years younger.
      Rod, watching as his naked mother swayed over and dropped to
her knees before the big man and his big cock, remembered the
first time he'd seen her going down on a man. He'd been shocked
and just a little disgusted because his mother had done such a
thing. He'd soon adjusted to the fact that his mother was a
cocksucker, though, and had accepted that along with everything
he'd observed at the swap club parties.
      Now, as his lovely mother grasped the base of the poking
prick with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, and cupped the
heavy balls with her other hand, Rod was ashamed of the crazy
thoughts that had popped into his feverish mind. He shouldn't be
thinking about how wonderful it'd be to feel his own mother's
mouth on his cock!
      Her tongue flicked out against the big knob and Mr. Anderson
put his hands on her shoulders. She snuggled in a little closer
between his legs and licked around and around the swollen glans.
She opened her mouth wide and engulfed the crown. Her cheeks
bulged with the hard male meat and Rod felt his own hard cock jerk
against his clothes.
      Mr. Anderson entangled his fingers in the blonde hair and
scooted his naked ass out closer to the edge of the bed. That
movement shoved almost half his rigid shaft into her sucking
mouth. She took even more down her throat for a second and then
began moving her greedy mouth forward and backward on the stiff
      "That's our hypocritical Mom," Betty whispered, letting out a
soft low laugh. "She'd shit if she knew that we know the truth
about her and Dad!"
      Rod agreed with his lovely young sister, but he didn't say
anything. His mother had pulled her mouth from the glistening cock
and was getting to her feet. He figured that Mr. Anderson would
taste the blonde pussy before fucking it - he knew that he would -
and he himself was fighting the urge to tell Betty to get down and
blow him right then and there.
      "He's going to eat her," Betty said softly. "He isn't even
going to take the time to suck on her titties first."
      Their mother had gotten on the bed, on her back, her knees
raised and widely parted, and the teacher had started right out
kissing her inner thighs. His big hands were gripping her rounded
hips and his ass was lifted high in the air. Rod had thought they
might go into the sixty-nine position - he felt that he might do
so under the same circumstances. Yes, damnit, he would have sex
with his lovely mother if he had the chance! And he'd bet Betty
would gladly make it with their handsome horny father if she had
the chance.
      "Look at that teacher eat that pussy, Rod! We should be able
to figure out some way to profit by what we're seeing now. I'm not
going to fail history, that's for sure!"
      "Not so loud," Rod cautioned. "Blackmail's out because he
wouldn't hesitate about telling Mom and Dad. Besides, you get good
marks, anyhow."
      "I wasn't really thinking about blackmail," Betty whispered.
"I hear he's going to be in charge of that new Four-H program
they're starting at school and we could join the class and maybe
find out more about him and his wife that way."
      "We aren't farmers!"
      "Now you're getting a little loud," Betty cautioned. "We
don't have to be farmers to get into the Four-H program. It might
be interesting. One of my girl friends lives on a farm and she
told me that I'd get a bang out of watching the animals fuck."
      "You'd get a bang out of anything having to do with sex," Rod
said, patting his sister's firm ass. "I don't know if I can wait
until we get back to Grandma's house or not."
      Betty put her hand on his stiff cock and squeezed it through
his clothes. "Don't waste your jism, Man! I'll take a chance on
being seen and blow you right here if you don't think you can
      Rod saw that his mother was about to climax. She'd been
fondling and squeezing her own breasts and she'd now out her hands
on Mr. Anderson's bobbing head. Her fingers were digging into his
scalp and her ass was wriggling against the mattress. Her pretty
features were contorted with passion, her eyes were tightly
closed, and her lips were parted.
      He knew that his sister wanted to see their mother getting
fucked, so he pushed her fingers from his throbbing cock and told
her that he could wait. The house was well back from the street,
and the neighboring houses weren't very close, but there was
always the chance that they'd be seen. He also preferred to save
himself for later when they could take the opportunity to have
their sexual fun and pleasure on a bed.
      Lifting his face, licking his wet lips and grinning, Mr.
Anderson walked on his knees until his thrusting prick was aimed
at the blonde crotch. He waited for her long finger to do the
guiding and then slowly lowered himself until his big cock was
buried balls-deep.
      He lowered his broad chest down against her poking breasts
and slipped his hands down and under and grabbed her writhing
buttocks. Seeing his mother pull Mr. Anderson's wet lips to her
open mouth, Rod wondered if her cunt juices would taste anything
like Betty's tangy sweet secretions.
      Betty had grabbed his cock again and he didn't try to push
her squeezing and stroking fingers away. He thought about tugging
the throbbing flesh and muscle out into the open for her and as he
made up his mind to do just that Betty dropped down and moved her
hand to the top of his pants zipper.
      They'd been stooping, holding onto the window sill as they
peeked, and Rod moved his feet back on the grass so as to make his
pulsing prick more accessible. He knew that his lovely sister was
really steaming, as she enjoyed watching their beautiful mother
being fucked, but he didn't do anything to help her out. He wanted
to keep on watching the exciting erotic scene, and he knew,
anyway, that Betty wouldn't hesitate about telling him if she
wanted to be fucked, sucked, or fingered right then and there.
      Betty quickly got his stiff cock out into the open. She
wrapped her fingers around the hot shaft and stroked her hand up
and down a couple of times, sliding the loose sheath of skin over
the core of hard meat. Then she pushed her hand down to the base
of  his ccok, pulling the skin back and causing his purple cock
knob to pop out. She licked the swollen glans a few times and then
engulfed the big knob with her mouth.
      Rod gritted his teeth and tightened his grip on the window
sill as the wonderful sensations of his sister's hot mouth
encompassing his throbbing cockhead sent his passion soaring even
      Watching his mother being fucked by the handsome Mr. Anderson
while his sister sucked his own cock really turned Rod on. He
began making little hunching movements, pushing his prick a little
deeper into Betty's greedily sucking mouth each time, and she
willingly accepted more and more of the stiff shaft.
      Rod hadn't been cheated in the pecker department. He was only
sixteen and he already had over seven inches. And right then his
fifteen-year-old sister was taking just about all of the throbbing
length of cock into her mouth and down her throat. He could feel
her throat muscles working around the glans each time she pushed
her face forward and buried her nose in his pubic hairs.
      Betty didn't know it, of course, but she was moving her
sucking mouth forward and backward on his cock in practically the
same rhythm as Mr. Anderson was pronging their sexy mother, Norma.
He'd often thought of his sexy mother by her first name since he'd
first seen her sexing it up at one of the swapping parties. He'd
caught himself just in time on many occasions to keep from calling
her Norma to her face during the past year or so. And Betty had
mentioned that she'd had the same problem when around their
father, Bill.
      He guessed he'd seen his mother doing just about everything
there was to do of a sexual nature with a partner or partners,
female as well as male. He'd even seen her finger-fucking herself
while temporarily without as partner.
      Ar first, he'd beat his meat while peeking during the many
sex parties his parents had tossed at their home. Then, after
several weeks, unable to keep the secret any longer, he'd told
Betty about sneaking back to the house and observing the erotic
activities and acrobatics.
      His sister hadn't believed him at first. And he didn't blame
her. Around them their parents were straight-laced and puritanical
where anything having to do with sex was concerned it wa still
sometimes difficult for him to believe that they were actually
such sexnuts.

      Rod had to believe his eyes, though, and Betty did, too. She
had been the first to suggest that they should also start enjoying
themselves in a sexual way. Together. She'd admitted to
masturbating - and had told him that she knew damned well that he
was jacking himself off after he admitted that he'd never fucked a
      Betty had never had sex with anybody, either, and after
they'd peeked at the fucking and sucking at the sex party together
she'd sucked Rod's cock. That'd really felt great, and she claimed
that she'd enjoyed the experience, even if she had choked and
gagged on his spurting jism.
      Pulling away from his gushing cock, she'd dashed to the
bathroom to wash her mouth out, and he'd had to finish himself off
with his hand. Later that same night, though, she'd sucked him off
again and swallowed every last drop of his semen. He'd been
finger-fucking her hot pussy at the time, another exciting first
for him, and he'd questioned her about her lack of a cherry. She'd
laughed and said that she'd punctured that useless piece of skin
with her fingers long before.
      They'd tried everything during the following few days and
nights, whenever they'd gotten a chance, eagerly imitating the
various sexual acts they'd seen performed at the swapping parties.
      The first time Rod had fucked her they'd both gone almost out
of their minds, the pleasure being so sensationally thrilling.
They'd both enjoyed it immensely the first time he went down on
her, too. He'd discovered her clitoris while finger-fucking her
and when he'd lapped and sucked that stiff and slippery passion-
button she'd climaxed like crazy. She'd even learned to enjoy
being corn-holed. He liked that form of fucking, but the terrific
heat and tightness usually caused him to shoot off faster than he
wanted to. He liked the blissful minutes leading up to the few
moments of ecstatic spurting just about as much as he did the
actual ejaculation.
      Rod felt the tingling in his balls that meant that the jism
would soon be racing through his throbbing cock and flooding
Betty's mouth and throat. He glanced down and saw that she'd
slipped one hand up under her dress and was frigging herself. He
would've gladly performed that pleasant task - or fucked her or
sucked her for that matter - but he knew that she would've told
him if she'd wanted help.
      He could see that Mr. Anderson was pounding faster, obviously
caught up in his drive toward a spurting finish. It seemed to Rod
that his wildly wriggling mother had already climaxed at least
twice, but he knew that she was going for another orgasm. She had
her legs wrapped around Mr. Anderson's waist and as she hunched
along with each powerful thrust she clawed his back and shoulders
with her hands. His finger were gripping her racing hips and their
mouths were glued together in what had to be a torrid French kiss.
      Rod saw Mr. Anderson tense, then shudder violently, and at
the same time his own cock jerked spasmodically and sprayed
Betty's tonsils with hot jism. He made little hunching movements
as his sister continued to suck greedily while swallowing the
thick and sticky cream she liked so very much.
      His mother and the history teacher collapsed just as Betty
was draining the last drop of sperm from his rapidly softening
cock. She let Rod's limber dick slip from her mouth at the same
time as Mr. Anderson flopped over on his back, his big cock limp
and glistening under the overhead light.
      Betty had pulled her finger from her cunt. Rod knew that
she'd climaxed. There was enough light for him to tell that by the
satisfied look on her pretty face. He helped her to her feet and
accepted her passionate kiss. He'd tasted his sperm on her lips
before. She pulled her mouth and tongue from his and looked in the
window. He saw that their mother was swinging from the bed, a
towel clutched between her legs.
      "I guess Mr. Anderson really gave Mom a good fuck," Betty
      "He did that," Rod said, lifting his sister's wet finger to
his lips. He took the digit into his mouth and sucked, enjoying
the taste of her cuntal juices. "Are you ready to go to Grandma's
      Before Betty could answer another couple entered the bedroom.
They'd seen the man and woman before, but they didn't know their
names. The woman was short and had red hair. She had big titties
and look to be about twenty-five. The man was also short and
looked as if he might be pushing forty. He had dark hair and his
cock didn't look to be over five inches long when thrusting
stiffly - as it was doing by the time they were both naked.
      They didn't kiss or embrace and the woman got down on her
hands and knees on the thick carpet on the floor. As the window
was down, Rod and Betty couldn't hear any sounds, but that didn't
detract all that much from their enjoyment. They'd both become
devotees of voyeurism and they had a good idea as to what was
being said - and they'd made similar sounds themselves.
      The man got down behind the woman and began kissing and
licking her full buttocks. She leaned over and rested the side of
her face on her forearms. That tilted her ass at a better angle
for his lavish oral attentions and it was easy to see that he was
licking her puckered asshole as well as her gaping cunt.
      The woman thrust her ass backward and swayed it around in
quick little movements. The man jabbed his tongue against her anus
and then seemingly got an inch or so of his oral instrument into
her asshole. The woman's pleasure registered on her attractive
features as the man tongued her bunghole. Rod had done that to
Betty, mostly to give her pleasure, as he didn't get such a big
bang out of the intimate act. Betty also performed anilingus on
him. He really liked the sensation and she seemed to really enjoy
doing it.
      After tonguing the woman's anus for a couple of minutes, the
man went lower and tongued her glistening cunt for a minute or
two. She squirmed heatedly and Rod and Betty both got sexy-hot
again from watching. But they didn't touch each other, as they
wanted to wait until they could be naked before indulging in any
more sexual activities.
      The man finally stopped lapping and sucking and got into
position to make the penetration with his poking prick. They could
tel that he'd shoved his cock into her pussy when the stiff shaft
went in and disappeared so quickly and easily.
      His upper body remained upright. With his hands on her
rounded hips, he began making deep thrusts, pulling back until
only the swollen cockhead remained embedded. The woman moved along
with his powerful strokes and again Rod and Betty could see her
features contorted with the pleasure she was experiencing. There
was also a blissful expression on the man's face.
      He fucked her for two or three minutes, sending her soaring
through at least two climaxes, and he didn't seem anywhere near
his own spurting finish. Rod and Betty weren't surprised when the
man finally pulled his hard cock out and jammed the blunt end
against the anal opening. The swollen glans and the shaft
glistened because of the liberal amount of cunt juices.
      Rod had already decided that the man was a long-lasting stud;
now he decided that the end would come soon after the cornholing
started. Unless the man had already had a great deal of sex, of
course. Sometimes Rod had been able to last a long time while
fucking Betty in her hot and tight rectum when he'd shot off two
or three times just previous to plugging her bunghole.
      At first Rod had used a lubricant when fucking Betty in the
ass, but later he'd started going about the act much the same way
as the man was doing. The man pulled back on the woman's hips as
he applied pressure against her asshole. The woman had her eyes
tightly closed and was gritting her teeth. Rod had often wondered
why a female would be willing to suffer such pain, but Betty had
assured him that the eventual pleasure was well worth the initial
pain involved.
      The knob slipped in and the man stopped pushing. Then, after
the woman had apparently relaxed enough, he slowly shoved his cock
on in until it was buried to the hilt. He lowered his upper body,
curving himself around the woman's buttocks and back and grabbed a
hanging breast with each hand.
      He started slow in-and-almost-out strokes while squeezing the
big titties and she moved along with him. Soon he began humping
faster, really pouring the meat to her, and she wriggled her ass
and hunched along with the faster pace.
      He slipped one hand back to her crotch, her cunt, and Rod
knew that he was stimulating her clit. That was what he would've
done, at least.
      "I think I want to be reamed like that tonight," Betty
whispered. "After you give my pussy a good pronging, of course!"
      "Of course," Rod said just as softly. "But before I do either
one I'm going to fuck you with my tongue! I'm going to lap and
suck your clit until you cream like crazy and then I'm going to
fuck you in both holes until you can't walk!"
      "Keep on talking like that and I'll insist that you do all
those wonderful things right here and now!"
      Rod put his arm around Betty's narrow waist and pulled her
close. All he had to do at any time to turn his sister on was just
talk about sex. He often talked to her in such a manner when there
wasn't a chance for them to fuck or suck just to see her rush to
the bathroom or some other private place to masturbate. He'd read
that most females didn't reach their full potential as far as sex
was concerned until they were around thirty and he figured that
his hot-ass young sister had to be the exception to the rule.
      They watched the man sag weakly over the woman's back after
he'd dumped his load in her dark and tight tunnel, then they moved
away from the window. They circled the house, but could find no
other places to peek. The heavy drapes were drawn over the living-
room windows and all the other windows in the large ranch-style
house, including those in their own bedrooms.
      It was in the middle of the week so there weren't all that
many swappers at the sex party. They only saw four cars, besides
the two belonging to their parents, and on some Friday and
Saturday nights they'd counted as many as ten cars parked on the
street and in the double driveway.
      A few times the drapes had been parted just enough for them
to see into the large living room. They'd thrilled to the sight of
naked couples and even groups sexing it up together - and they'd
observed regular orgies in one or more of the bedrooms from time
to time.
      It was shortly after eleven and there was school the next day
so they hurried to their grandma's house - where their father had
taken them earlier that evening. Their grandma had given birth to
their father quite late in life, he was thirty-seven and she was
in her seventies.
      She was active enough to live alone, and had been doing so
since becoming a widow about ten years before. She stayed home
most of the time, watching television from early morning until
late at night, and Rod and Betty had no trouble slipping in and
out of the big two-story house after telling her good night and
going upstairs to the rooms assigned to them.
      They'd managed to get a key nobody knew they had and they
thought it a great joke on their hypocritical parents that the two
bedrooms had an adjoining bath. They never actually slept
together, as there was always the chance that their kindly
grandmother would come upstairs to check on them, but they were
always glad when their mother and father had a swapping party.
That meant they'd have a good chance to see some erotic sights -
they had failed to find a spot from which to peek a few times -
and they could also have the sex they enjoyed so much without
?1;2cworrying all that much about being caught.
      They only had to walk about a mile, and there was only one
thing that caused then to have to exercise a certain amount of
caution on the way. They weren't afraid of prowlers, but they were
afraid of being mistaken for prowlers by the residents and by the
      It was an upper middle-class residential neighborhood and
police patrol cars patrolled the area regularly. There were plenty
of trees to duck behind, however, and they'd never been spotted by
the police or questioned, and as far as they knew had never been
reported by nervous homeowners.
      They made it to their grandma's without mishap, and then into
the house and up the stairs. The nice old lady was still watching
television. Rod wondered, as he often  had, what she'd say if she
knew what kind of a family her son had. But then he thought she
might've been a swinger or a swapper in her day, too. She was
still a nice-looking woman and he'd seen pictures that proved
she'd been a well-stacked beauty in her younger days.
      Betty had the figure of a grown woman - as so many young
girls did. She had brown hair and eyes, as he and their father
had, and her breasts were already bigger than her mother's twin
beauties. She had a beautiful body, really , and even though she
wasn't very tall her legs were long and lovely.
      Just thinking about the fun and pleasure he'd soon be sharing
with his lovely sister forced Rod's cock into an intense erection
well before they were safely upstairs and out of their clothes.