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[Story Name] Allie Sue
[Author] Ho-boy
[Type] Brother/sister

Allie Sue had begun really developing about eight and a half. She really began acquiring her feminine curves and breasts. At twelve, which she was now, she had the body size of a twelve-year-old with the curves of a sixteen-year-old. She had grown more than her curves though, she had begun developing her maturity too.

She had a brother, Timmie, who caused her to cream in her panties when she saw him in his underwear. And she saw him in such all the time. They only had their mother who was always absent in their lives; downright neglectful.

Timmie was slightly older than she was and following his example she had, for years, also been going about in her panties. It was Timmie who took her downtown to buy her first bra. He allowed someone who knew what she was doing help her choose one.

From that time onwards, Allie Sue had worn a bra as well as panties about the house.

For some time Allie had noticed something different about Timmie though, he had a constant erection. She giggled in private and called it a cock. The word 'cock' sounded so... dirty! She couldn't help giggling when she said it, from nervousness. It was really wicked!

Now, Timmie had been seeing someone he termed his 'girlfriend'. He emphasized that word because she wasn't really a friend at all, she was someone he used to drain off sexual tension. She had taught him a lot, being older and all, but now he wanted someone else, he wanted Allie Sue, his sister! And he didn't quite know how to go about getting her.

Allie also wanted him in the worst way. But, again she didn't know how to go about getting him. Neither wanted to hurt the other and yet the thing they wanted would be so dirty. When he thought about it, in his fantasy Timmie called her things like Bitch, Whore, Slut but in real life he couldn't see himself calling her any of those things. She was and would always be his sweet, innocent little sister. No matter what went on between them, or didn't!

Allie Sue decided to take matters into her own hands one Summer morning just after breakfast. She had been working on something special to perform for Timmie. If this didn't effect him then he was made of stone and didn't only have a cock of stone. She approached him and asked if he would watch something she had developed on her own. He agreed.

In her room, Timmie sat down as and Allie Sue, dressed in tiny shorts and top turned on her CD player and as soon as the music began, danced. Timmie was also wearing shorts but that was all. She swayed this way and that in imitation of an exotic dancer... Mata Hari. She had swayed around so her back was to Timmie, and as she began her second sway to face him she began loosing her top. She smiled in what she hoped was a sexy way at Timmie as she began her third swaying motion and by the time she faced away from him, she had the top ready to come off.

Timmie sat there, mouth open in a pant, playing with his cock through his shorts. The cock was tenting the leg opening of his shorts by now.

Allie slowly removed her top as she came to face him again. A friend of Allie's had given her some very naughty things once that she had hidden away in her room. Mommy hadn't found them, of course Mommy hadn't really taken much care of how she kept her room either. Both children were expected to do that on their own. She had two little stars that fit just right over her nipples and this is what Timmie saw when she dropped her brief top to the floor.

By now Timmie had struggled out of his shorts, the only garment he had bothered with. He was playing with his ere... no, cock running his hands wildly up and down the stalk.

As she went into another sway, loosening her shorts, Allie took great pleasure seeing the frenzied activitie over on her bed. When she came back around again, Allie began shoving her shorts down to the floor. What was left was a small thing called a pastie. She continued to dance around for a full minute as the song ended and another, equally slow, began.

"C'mon, Allie... Take it off!"

"Take what off Tim?" She just kept the same slow dance going. Not taking anything else off.

"AAAHHH, C'mon, Allie, ya know what...!"

Allie grinned and reached up for one of the stars and, popping it off her nipple, threw it to Timmie. Timmie grinned as he caught it in his left hand. The right one was still jacking on his meat. By the time Allie had finished dancing, she had removed everything. She stood there grinning.

Timmie ran over to her and taking her into his arms, kissed her passionately.

"God, Timmie, I never realized you had such a big, beautiful cock, before!" she gasped.

Timmie was way out of breath with excitement as he said, "Except in my underwear, Allie, my cunt, you haven't really seen it, have you!?" He couldn't believe he had the nerve to say the 'my cunt'. Allie encircled his neck with her arms and kissed him full on the lips. It really thrilled him and her too. She felt his cock tremble between their bellies.

Allie took his cock in her hand as she knelt before Timmie, pulled it down level so she could see it. She sniffed the head, saw some pre-cum glistening in the pee slit and licked it off.

"MMMMMMMMM, now I'm mad! All this good... what ever it is, in front of me all these years and I didn't even know about it!?" She licked her lips and took the head of the cock into her mouth. She began licking and sucking...

"OOOOHHHH, Allie, suck it, suck it!"

Allie had been sucking around the head only but now allowed the shaft to slide into her mouth. She sucked hard on the in stroke and lightly on the out.

Timmie grabbed her head, entangling his hands in her hair, and almost immediately began groaning as the head began growing and the shaft getting harder, and suddenly he was... "Come... CCCOMMMIIINNNGGG! Keep sucking Allie! Don't Stop... EEEVVVEEERRR! "

Chapter Two


The next morning Allie Sue got up and dressed as usual for her Summer day. She loved wearing as little as possible and still be decent.

Now, Allie did plan on spending time with her friends, but she also planned on fucking Timmie.

She and Tim had discussed the new situation. And both were eager for a sexual relationship, but they were also aware of how society frowned on incest. They had decided that they had to allow time for friends, and later on, dates. Or else someone might tumble onto what they were doing and cause trouble for them.

That afternoon, both went home for lunch, which they had to prepare themselves, and began their fun, which lasted two hours. Then they cleaned the house up. Both children were good about keeping the house clean so this wasn't unusual at all.

The house had a very powerful air exchanger that they ran after the cleanup was done. So, there wasn't any problem with tell-tale smell afterward.

The first time for Allie to be penetrated came a week after they started their sexual playtime. They had begun researching everything they could find on the subject of sex. This so they could protect themselves from things like pregnancy. Unless, of course, they decided to go unprotected. And this continued all Summer long, soon between the two was more knowledge of the facts of sex and sexuality than some professionals had.

Among these studies was the psychology of the situation. But at first they studied mostly the mechanics of the deed.

"Yaaa wanna... do it, Lover Brother!?"

"Whuuut, right now?"

"Well, Shuuurrree! Unless ya don't wan' me!?"

With that Timmie couldn't hold himself back. He took Allie in his arms and began kissing her, driving his tongue into her mouth.

They were standing next to the bed in her room and so, quite naturally fell together to the matteress. They rolled back and forth across the bed kissing and touching each other's body.

Timmie reached down through the back of her crotch to cup her pussy mound through her thin shorts and began rubbing it.

Allie began unbuttoning his shirt, got it open to his belly and began kissing his nipples. As she finished removing his shirt, she rubbed her crotch against his, making him hard as stone.

She began kissing, licking and sucking down to his belly button which she stabbed he tongue into. And she began working on his old jeans shorts to get them off too.

"OOOOO, someone likes me, I think!?" Allie singsonged with a grin at Timmie's face.

Allie pulled his shorts down and took him into her mouth. She had learned early on that she loved having him inside her mouth and drinking his semen. But, she didn't intend on drinking him just now; as she sucked him, she shucked her own shorts and panties. Then she climbed to sit straddle legged on his crotch.

Allie Sue had been very athletic all her life and had pretty much shredded her hymen so the only pain on first entering was her own lack of sticking anything up her belly. Both children knew about hymen through their studies, not through anything Mommy had taught them. They'd had to learn it on their own.

"You sure you never done th...!?" Timmie croaked once all the way inside her belly.

"Yeeaaaa, Nev... Never, OH TIMMIE, this is so much better than what we done!" And she began climaxing, causing Timmie to shoot off inside her belly. Even though Timmie had tried his best to control his body. It just wasn't Possible!

Timmie and Allie had decided it would be best if he pulled out and shot off against her belly and pussy until they could get some rubbers, but, once again it just wasn't Possible!

"God, Allie, I'm sorry! I couldn't warn ya... I'm soooo, Sorry!"

"No, No Lover Brother! I wanted it as much as you did and will take the brunt of the punishment if it comes!"

"No ya won't, Sis! If we have to, we'll go off and live as man and wife! Ya wanna do that... if it has to be??"

"Nah, I'll just tell everyone it was a very good looking boy from another neighborhood." And she feigned swooning, "He was just too much for my little palpitating heart!"

Both kids laughed even as Timmie started hardening again inside her belly.

At the end of the two hours, both went off to the showers to clean up, and just finished cleaning the house when their Mother arrived home.


Missed Period...

Allie Sue had been having regular periods for the whole previous two years and suddenly she missed one. Now, she didn't worry over much about it having learned as much as she could about sex and sexuality. One missed period might or might not be a good sign of pregnancy.

The children still had sex. But only fucked four or five times a week now.

The time for her period was due again, the day came and nothing happened!

Fearfully Allie Sue bought a home pregnancy test at the local druggist. She carefully read the instructions, followed them and saw a glaring green cross. Positive!

Timmie and Allie discussed it and decided they had to tell Mommy there was something wrong with her. But, not what they hoped it wasn't. They did have the story Allie would give when it turned out to be, the big 'P'.

The family doctor informed Allie and Mommy they needed to find a good gynecologist. Yeah, the Bunny died.

"Allie Sue, what happened!?"

"Obviously I had the wrong type of sex, Mommy."

"I know you had sex, damn it, whose the father!?" Mommy snapped out of frustration.

"I... Don't know, Mommy, it might be Tom, Jack or Michael...!?" Much better to give Mommy to think she had been sexually active with many boys.

"Who are these boys and where are they... it's important, Allie!" Mommy probed.

Eventually, not out of weakness, but because she was tired of being ridden by anyone other than Timmie, the truth came out. Mommy called Timmie into the conversation.

"Mom, it's my..."

"No it isn't, Mommy, he fought it every inch of the way!"

Both of the guilty tried to take the blame on themselves.

"We only Fu... had sex once. That's all he would go. I wanted it badly... he didn't." Allie said so quietly she almost had to repeat it.

"Mommy!? It takes two, don't it?" Timmie argued back.

"You mean you wanted it too, then, Timmie!?"

"No Mom, he fought it, like I said!" And she looked imploringly at Timmie.

"Which is it, Kids?"

"Mommy, who got caught!? Timmie or me?" She looked defiantly at Mommy and frowned at Timmie as she saw his mouth open. He immediately shut it.

"How could you have... *sob* have sex with your own brother, anyhow!?"

"Well, how could you say you loved us, really loved us, Mommy, when we had to learn about sex our own way, anyhow!?" Allie cried sarcastically.

"But... But, I do love you! You two are more to me... *sob*!" And she couldn't finish the sentence for outright crying.

"OH, Mommy, stop it! This, This... pregnancy, well, It's your own stupid fault for not being a mother to us!"

Mommy looked at Allie Sue like she had grown a completely separate head in addition to her own. "Is that... what you... think, Allie!? But, I gave you everything you needed... didn't I!?"

"Yeah, materially... we haven't needed, but there is such a thing as mentally... too, Mommy!? Point out how you provided for that one too, huh!?" And she took Timmie's hand in hers and led him out of the room. They went to his room where they lay in each others arms and went to sleep.

At breakfast the next morning, Mommy had a meal ready for once. And she sat waiting for her offspring. "I'm sorry, children. Thought about it all last night, an... and Allie is right. Quite a bitter pill to swallow, huh!?"

"I'm not having any abortion, Mommy. Get that one out of your head right now. An... And maybe we can pick up the shambles of our lives. Timmie and I are going to fuck right on except the last portion of my pregnancy. Then after the baby is born, I want you to get me the pill. And I want us to be a family, all of us!"

"I... I... Pill or no, I don't want you fucking, Copulating any more."

"You don't have much to say about it, Mommy! We've started it and pill or no, we're going to continue. You can look forward to a whole new family if you don't provide the pill!"

"Alright, then, Allie. I... I'll get you the pill. Under the... uh, circumstances, if Timmie would like to, he could fuck me too. If it would be alright with you two?"

Timmie looked at Allie who looked at Mommy calculatingly, then looked at her sibling nodding with a small grin. They ate the breakfast Mommy had prepared. Took her hands, a hand to each and led Mommy to the master bedroom.

Together, both children stripped Mommy of her clothing, finding a very desirable body underneath. As they all lay on the bed, the children began sucking a nipple into their mouths and began undressing themselves. After a couple minutes Mommy had the first actual climax just from having her tits sucked. By this time everyone was naked.

"Timmie, Please put your tool into my belly just like you've been doing your sister!"

By the time it was ten o'clock, everyone was very tired and fell off to sleep, Mommy between the children...

Everything changed after that and the children, or Allie Sue, allowed Mommy to be a Mommy to them. They had arguments, to be sure, but joy of Joys! Timmie and Allie had a Mommy! She saw them off to school and everything. Allie got sick for a while when she started showing and went to live with her uncle who owned a farm and was home schooled until the baby came. And Mommy adopted it, a beautiful little girl.

That's this one, what ya think!?

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