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[Story Name] Untitled
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Brother/sister

This is a true story of my youth. 

      My brother and I were very close growing up.  We were only eleven months apart in age, so we tended
to mature at the same rate.
       When I was only 15 years old, I had already learned how to masturbate.  I loved feeling my own body.  I
played with myself several times a day.  I had not experienced actual sex, but was very content on pleasing
myself at this point.
        I was fairly certain that my sixteen year old brother was at about the same stage.  I did not beleive he
had scored with anyone yet.  We usually talked about such stuff together and I am sure he would have told
me if he had been deflowered.  But I knew he also had discovered masturbation.  More then once I had
found some of his socks in the dirty clothes containing a rather sticky substance. 
        One night, our parents had left to go to a movie.  This was a common occurance and they would
probably not be home until very late, leaving myself and brother in the house alone.
         I took a nice long, hot bath in which I entertained myself for sometime.  Afterwards I threw on my robe
intending to get a small snack and head for my bedroom where I would probably induldge in my favorite
pastime before going to bed.
         As I passed the den, I noticed a light on and sounds coming from the t.v. inside.  Not stopping to think
why my brother was watching t.v. in Dad's den rather then the living room, I opened the door to see what he
was watching.
         My brother was sitting in front of the lazyboy on the floor.  When I opened the door, it startled him. 
He moved around quickly doing something.  I could not see exactly what, my view being blocked by the
          There on the t.v. screen, was a beautiful naked blond devouring a large cock.  My brother had
obviously found my fathers hidden stash of porno movies.
           I walked around the chair and asked what he was doing.  He said just watching t.v. blushing a bright
shade of red as he quickly turned the channel.
           I looked down and suddenly realized what he had been doing when I came into the room.  Very
noticable in the front of his sweatpants was a very large buldge.  My big brother had been watching the
porno and jacking off !!!!
           He asked what I was doing and I told him I was just heading for bed.  I could tell that he was very
embarassed and uncomfortable.  So I pretened I did not see anything and told him goodnight.
            I ran to my room.  I threw off my robe and layed across my bed.  My fingers found my already wet
pussy.  I could not believe the image of my brother stroking his wonderful cock as he watched that beautiful
woman giving a great blowjob on the screen.  It only took a quick moment for me to reach orgasm.
            I was just beginning to start again when I heard my brother go into his room.  Our rooms are right
next to each other and we can hear each other faily well through the thin walls.
            It had only been a couple of minutes since I caught him.  He must have been to ashamed to finish.  It
was not fair that I had cum and he had not. 
            Feeling very horny and wild at this point, I threw on my robe and went quickly into the bathroom.  I
collected several itmes and headed for my brothers room.  I had wanted to do something like this for
sometime.  With my parents out of the house, it seemed like a great time.
            I could see my brothers light was off.  I quickly opened the door and went inside the dark room.  I
quickly shut the door behind me.  There was some moonlight coming in through the window, and I could
see fairly well after a few seconds.  My brother was laying in bed. 
            He started to say something, but I made a quick shuch noise as I moved closer to his bed.  I knealt
down beside the bed.
             I told him I knew what he had been doing in the den, and I was sorry I interupted him before he was
done.  He started to deny what was going on, but I put a finger across his lips.  I told him he was my brother
and I loved him.  I said it was very unfair that he had to go to bed without any relief.
             I said I would help him if he would promise NEVER to tell anyone and follow directions.  He
obviously was having a hard time realizing what I was talking about, but slowly nodded his head.
             I told him rule number one was he had to be very quiet and not make a sound.  Rule two was he had
to reach above his head and grab hold of the headboard.  And no matter hwat happened, he could not let
go.  I was very stern about this point.  I told him if he let go, I would stop what I was doing and leave.
Not real sure what he was in for, he agreed to all terms.
             He reached up and placed both hands on the headboard.  I reached out and took the top of his sheet
and started to slowly move downward.  He started to reach for me and I quickly reminded him I would stop if
he did not keep his hands on the headboard.  He again grabbed the rails.
              I again started to pull down the covers.  I was breathing hard as I uncovered his bare chest.  As I
went lower, I was hoping he was not wearing anything, as he said he rarely does when he sleeps.  As the
sheets went lower, I was rewarded as I pulled them all the way down past his knees. 
              There in the moonlight was my brothers lovely cock.  Even though it was only semi erect, it still
looked huge.  I was to later learn that he was just over 8".  But that is another story.
               I found myself getting very wet as I stared at my first real naked cock.  My brother closed his eyes
as he realized his baby sister was looking at his naked manhood.
               I slowly reached out and placed a hand against it.  It was so hot to the touch.  I ran my hand along
it, marveling at the smoothness of it.
               I lifted it off his stomach and felt the weight of it in my small hand.  I slowly started to stroke it.  I
was amazed at the feel of it.  It looked so big in my hand.  It almost instantly started to harden and grow.  As
I continued to run my hand up and down its lenght, my brother started to moan softly.
               My other hand reached down and started to rub his balls.  They also felt hot and heavy.  I was
really getting into playing with this beautiful cock.  I started to pump up and down more rapidly.  My brother
also started to moan more loudly.
                I stopped for a moment, letting him fall back against his stomack with a thud.  He was now fully
erect and looked so huge.
                I took some of the baby oil I brought with me and poured some into my hand.  I rubbed the oil in
my hands and then again picked up that great piece of meat.
                I used both hands to massage the oil onto his cock.  It started to shine in the moonlight.  It made
his skin even smoother. 
                My brother was moaning very loud as I picked up the tempo, running my hands the entire lenght of
his cock.  I was amazed at how hard it was.  I started to pump up and down as fast as I could. 
                My brother raised his ass off the bed and I knew he was close.  I pumped for all I was worth.  He
started to growl and I felt his cok jerk.  I could clearly see the first stream of white cum shoot out of the head
of his cock.  It landed square on his chest.  Load after load of beautiful cum shot into the air, soaking his
stomach and my hands.  I loved the feel of the hot cum on my skin.
                 Even after he stopped squirting, I still played with that great cock.  I just could not get enough of
it.  I took the wet wash cloth I had also brought and cleaned his chest and stomach.  I took extra time to
clean his now limp cock.  I could tell this was something I would not be able to get enough of.
                  I pulled the sheet back up and turned to leave the room.  As I was leaving, I turned and told him
he could let go now.
                  I raced back to my room and masterbated through four seperate orgasms that night.

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