Yakki's Thirst 4 More by Erika S alias Yakki

Yakki's Thirst 4 More

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Since this is a sequel I suggest You read Yakki's Motherly Secrets first if you have not already read it, then you will know a lot more about my adventure.

Yakki's Thirst 4 More ***

Why? Since so many of you have asked, I will let you know a little more about myself. My real name is Erika and I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden. I was born in USA 1960 but left USA when I was 8 years old. And today I am 38 years old.

Five years ago I decided to divorce my husband. I married him when I was 19 and he got me pregnant at 21. Since the spark had never really existed between us, we quickly drifted apart. I currently work as a Gym teacher (that is how my fling for young men got me into this wonderful mess). My son Lasse was the one who let me be the one I am today a mother and a lover...

I also have another son, one-year younger (15), who caught me once masturbating. Unfortunately he has never talked or mentioned the incident and I do not think he knows about his older brother and me. He now lives with his father abroad.

My secret relation with my older son started five years ago when he was 12, he is now 17. If you want to, I suggest you read Yakki's Motherly Secrets first then you know much more about my son and me.


***Chapter 1

It all started seven years ago when I began to teach as a gym teacher. My lust for young men came back. In my mind I imagined seducing one of my students. My masturbating fantasy was always about seducing and fucking a young boy in tight shorts, or to secretly spy on them taking showers. My students always looked so hot with their eyes on my perfect slim body. And it always made me masturbate like crazy during my nights alone in bed (my husband was abroad most of the time). But unfortunately nothing really happened, I was just too afraid to get caught.

I knew my students must have drooled over my slim body and sexy ass pouting, as I walked by them in my spiky high heels & tight shorts. I guess they also dreamed of being seduced by me. I could see them suck my rigid nipples on my D size tits, while I was sucking their boy cocks. At times I was so hot, I had to run to my bedroom when I came home from school. On one of these occasions I was fucking my asshole with my dildo when I came so hard - I had to scream. My older son was knocking on my door to check if I was OK. He was afraid I was feeling ill...

But my strongest and most arousing memory is how Lasse (my son) & me spent two weeks alone to explore to one of Sweden's most beautiful islands. The incident still makes me shake with lust: in my memory I can still in my mind see his body and how those few intense days passed much to fast.

And on the fourth day on our vacation, my handsome twelve-year old son made me feel like no man had ever done before. But on the fifth day on the island we had were suddenly interrupted! My older sister and her family came on a surprise visit. The next five days was hell for me, both Lasse and me had to put our lust and sinful passion on hold, maybe it was all for the best, I remember thinking. With my sister in the house, I was suddenly aware of how wrong we must have been. I decided to let my son know my regretful feelings, and that we should stop and definitely try to forget about it as soon as possible.

After five days with my sister's family, I finally stood alone in the kitchen looking at my son at the pool. My sister and her family had stayed much to long. But now they had finally left for the ferry to the mainland.

My feelings for sex had, like a spell, been gone in the presence of my sister; she was very strict like all of my family. And all the days of sun and swimming almost made me forget what had happened. I was thinking of my sisters words just before they had left. How well had she not put it, but still how little she knew? My sister and I had talked about my upcoming divorce when she mentioned how Lasse looked so mature and grown up for being just twelve. What could I say, she did just not know how right she was of course.

Now I saw he was sunbathing alone at the pool, his body was getting a beautiful tan from almost eleven days in the sun. I had tried to talk to him four days ago when we had a few moments to ourselves. I said we did something wrong and I told him we must never tell anyone about it. He had nodded silently and I thought he had understood. But did I understand? Why had it all happened & why was I getting the itch back when I was looking at his body again? From the window inside I saw how he flexed biceps by poolside. How much more could I take? Could I possibly resist him? Suddenly he turned towards me. His eyes was staring at me, and his eyes was different, almost like they were filled with lust!!! Oh, no Erika stop, stop it now. I saw my son's body disappear in the water as he dived into the pool. I thought I felt relief, but when I touched my nipples they were harder then ever before and my pussy felt very swollen. With fear and lust I let my hands trace the outline of my bikini bottom. My finger made a slippery noise as I let a finger slip inside my bikini.

Oh God -like a spell I felt horny again. How much more could I take? It was six more days before we were going back to the mainland. Would I be able to control myself? I desperately needed to touch myself, and then I remembered my dildo. I slowly went inside my bedroom and let the blinds down. I removed my bikini top before I opened my drawer and let my plastic friend out. I sat down on the bed with the dildo in my hand, the dark and the cold in the room made me tremble. With lust I opened my legs to watch my self in the mirror. Nothing used to make me more turned on than seeing myself aroused in the mirror. But that was before my incident with Lasse.

I looked at my body; my tan was making me look very sexy, my hair was getting more blonde than brown, my tits were still white. My tits had always been tight, and full. My waist was quite small and my stomach was flat. I was still slender after giving birth to two boys more than ten years ago. My hips were round, flowing into long muscular thighs and legs. I gently removed my bikini bottom. I turned around; my ass was white, but tight and well shaped, the cheeks firm, the ass crack deep and erotic to anybody watching. In the mirror I could see my sexy ass framed by a beautiful tan.

I turned and sat down again. I spread my legs to see my pussy better. Below my belly was a well-trimmed line of soft brown curls. The lips of my cunt, wet and swollen, were clean from hair. Especially with my legs spread, anyone could see I was horny, my clit was very swollen. I felt good to touch & stroke it. Since the day I started to teach, I had been stroking my pussy and clit an infinite number of times. Only dreaming of boys, never daring the real thing. But it had all changed a few days ago. How could I have avoided it? My feelings had came back to haunt me again.

I knew I had been teasing my son, making him hard, by doing things to draw his attention. I considered my behaviour, and realised I should have been ashamed of myself. But when I closed my eyes I only felt lust. I began to see Lasse in my mind, without his trunks on, his cock and balls exposed to me. I started stroke my swollen clit with my fingers; my cunt was bubbling with juice.

I reached out for my dildo and started to penetrate my pussy. Slowly, very slowly I let the tip get soaked up inside my cunt. It entered with ease. I started to slowly fuck my pussy, but soon I was pounding the plastic cock faster and faster in & out. I laid back on the bad and let a finger touch my anal entrance. I was opening my thighs wider so I could see the dildo fuck my cunt in the mirror. At the same, looking at the mirror, I saw my finger enter my asshole. My tits stood right out with erect nipples; I was breathing faster with excitement.

Inside my head I saw the forbidden picture of my son shoving his twelve-year-old cock inside me. The erotic picture of incest with my son, soon made me start to shiver. It felt like every nerve in my body was connected to my cunt and asshole and with relief I felt the thundering of an orgasm burst inside me. It felt like part of my body was exploding with sex. I exhausted writhed on the bed, sobbing as I regret that my shameful thoughts had overwhelmed me again. I felt tired so I quickly fell asleep, sleeping without any dreams at all.

***Chapter 2

When I woke up after one hour I was feeling thirsty. I dressed up in a pair of black lace panties, no bra just a revealing black silk dress. I looked very sexy in the mirror even being barefoot. Silently I went out into the kitchen. I saw Lasse standing their almost naked, except for his swimming trunks. He was red with sun & he was sweating. His eyes were fixed on my body.

"You're hot," I said. He nodded licking drops of sweat from his lips.

"Why don't you go take a shower? Ill bring us something nice and cold to drink," I said. s "OK, Mom," he said.

I watched my twelve-year-old son go down the hall, my eyes were fixed on his ass. Lasse's swimming trunks clung to his body like a second skin. I again felt the warmth between my thighs that I had felt before. Suddenly Lasse's head turned around, looking at me again with his aroused eyes. This time he let a hand stroke his ass, like he knew what I had been watching him.

I knew I had to stop, so I decided to get the drinks from the fridge. The cold air made me feel a little better. I poured the drinks up and decided to carry Lasse's drink to the bathroom. Inside I could see his body outline behind the shower doors. I trembled as I placed the glass on the sink.

"Here is your drink, Lasse," I said.

"Thanks, Mom." I stood fixed and looked through the glass doors, my eyes glued to the outline of his hard cock, I felt my breath caught in my throat. I saw Lasse placed his hand on his cock and it sure looked to me as if he were jacking off. I stood very still, very quietly. For a moment I thought maybe he was only washing his cock, but then his hand started moving much too fast for that. Oh Jesus, he was actually jacking off, and then I realised, my mind again was burning with incest thoughts. Daring erotic, sinful fantasies was flying in my head.

I started to feel the throbbing feeling between my thighs again, I was sure I would come instantly, watching my son through those translucent doors. I tried to see his cock better, the peeping experience made my nipple suddenly too sensitive even for the silk of my black dress. I was trying hard not to gasp, but one or two moans escaped from my lips. I saw my son's hand hesitate on his cock then he began beating faster than before, obviously jacking off with a great deal of pleasure. I could no longer stand there and watch him. I just had to go back to the cold bedroom.

Sitting on the bed leaning against the wall, my legs were shaking and I felt very weak. I sat there with my eyes closed, feeling the heat and the excitement in my pussy. My eyes were closed, my nostrils flaring with lust. I do not know how long I had been sitting there. I was trying to understand my feelings, why could I not resist him? No matter how hard I tried, I could not understand why.

Suddenly I heard movement and looked up to see my son in the doorway. He was almost naked, being caught, I blushed and gave him a smile, a somewhat nervous smile, not knowing what his reaction would be to being alone with me again. Lasse looked at me for a moment, a long, almost breathless moment, and then he returned the smile.

"The shower was nice, Mum," he said.

"Lasse," I whispered, lifting my hand to him. "Please, come here and sit beside me." Lasse sat next to me. He had the towel loosely wrapped around his hips. I tried to friendly put a hand on his wet thigh, but it did not work. He looked at me with lust again, just like he did before. I decided I must try to confront him with his feelings. But instead I started to breathe faster again.

"I saw what you were doing ... in the shower."

"Sorry mum, ... but I knew you saw that," Lasse said. "I knew you were standing there ... when I did it." I blushed and felt like I was going to faint.

"If you knew I was looking, Lasse, then ... then, why did you do that?"

"I don't know, it turned me on, I just wanted ... you!" he looked totally honest.

"Lasse, do you know what incest is?" I whispered.

"Yes, that is when to people like you and me lust to have sex with each other. Mom, I know you want to have sex with me, your own son. I know you want me to fuck you, Mum. I can feel it inside of me" His words hit me like a fire.

I stood up, trembling, by the bed, inflamed with his lust and desire to fuck me -his own mother. I must punish him for turning me on like this. I now stood up in front of him. If he thought he could seduce his own mother to sex, I was going to show him how hot his mother could make him.

"Lasse, now its your turn to feel what I felt," I said with a harsh voice.

I had never seen a real stripper, but I knew how to do more than dance classical ballet. As I swayed my hips, I watched my son. His eyes were glittering with excitement. My erect tits looked ready to pop from my dress. When I twirled my ass in his direction, Lasse watched licking his lips and I saw his cock become hard again inside the wet towel, knowing he wanted me.

I always loved to turn people on with my body, just like I did in school, but arousing my young son like this, excited me even more. I seductively licked my lips, gently running my hands up and down my hips. My nipples stood out with a rubbery hardness, pointing against the silk dress. I curled my fingers around my tits for a moment. Slight squeezes of my fingers made my nipples become even more pronounced. Lasse gasped for air as he stared at me. He sat on the bed making no effort to conceal his raging hard-on. Then my son took the lead again.

Suddenly he stood up and removed his towel. Making me gasp with lust, I saw his erection again. Then he slowly sat down on the bed, but this time with his cock standing up like a pole, pointing obscenely towards me.

"You really love to watch me, don't you, son?" I asked in a whispery, breathless voice.

"Yes I do," he said silently.

I started to unbutton the silk dress completely in the front. Almost naked I let one hand slip between my naked thighs, then I let it rub along my panties. Tracing a fingertip along the slit of my pussy, I saw how Lasse stared hungrily at my lace panties. The wet heat of my cunt increased, and, when I moved a fingertip along the edge of the black panties, I could feel wetness on the fabric.

"Oh, God!" I purred, widening my legs and thrusting my hips forward. "Oh, my God!" Lasse's eyes watched my finger move along the edge of my crotch. I was sure I would come if I placed just a bit of pressure upon my clitoris. I watched my son's hand come close to his bulging cock, then stop. I knew what he felt. I knew because I felt the same thing desire to commit incest again.

"Yes Lasse!" I hissed, the words coming out before I could choke them back. "Stroke it for mummy!" My eyes were burning on the bulge of his cock. He licked his lips hungrily, his hand shaking on his lap, the tips of his fingers touching the shaft of his prick. Lasse suddenly squeezed his cock hard.

"Oh, Lasse, Lasse!" I whimpered. I swayed close to him, my knees touching his. I stared down at his hand holding his cock. "Squeeze it, honey! Squeeze it for mummy!" Lasse laid down on the bed letting his legs up wide apart. He was stroking his erection with one hand. I saw how his other hand started to finger his asshole. I was amazed to see how this was turning him on, just like it turned me on, a few hours earlier.

"Can I do that mother?" he asked. I nodded a yes. And then with a slight hesitation, Lasse turned around on the bed, he was on all four, with his ass pouting at me.

"Mom, ... will you touch my ... my... ass... hole, please" he stuttered.

At first he looked scared but when I nodded yes again he closed his eyes. I gently let my fist close around my son's cock, testing the hardness by squeezing it. With my fist tight around his cock, I pressed my lips at his testicles.

"My God, you smell so sexy" I gasped.

Lasse shoved his ass toward my mouth, spreading his knees wide. I could not resist it. I had to let my tongue taste his ass, never had anything more erotic happened to me. I pulled on my son's cock, watching him twitch. His cockhead was huge and almost purple. My eyes were glazed, staring at his anus, perhaps only a few inches from my face.

"Oh, Lasse, I love to taste you!" I whimpered. "I want to lick your ass." My fist started to slowly pump up and down on his dick. When I started tongue his anal entrance, Lasse started to moan loud with pleasure. I was licking my son's asshole with my tongue. The taste was so forbidden, so erotic.

I decided this my son was ready for more than his mother's tongue or just a small finger, so I stopped. His head looked at me from behind, he was moaning. I told him to stay still. I opened my drawer to get my black dildo out. I quickly put some suntan lotion on my hand and on the dildo. Then I saw the chock on my son's face.

"Mum, I don't think ... please... Mum... be careful!" Lasse gasped.

"Why?" I asked, with a mother's voice.

"I don't want please, Mom, it is... too big!" he said with fear.

Without hesitation I sat down behind him on the bed. His head was buried in the pillow. I gently let the dildo grease up his ass as I let my finger ease inside his asshole. Soon I had two fingers inside and I felt he started to relax. I could feel his cock, twitching as my two fingers plopped out of his very tight asshole. But before he could stop me I let the greasy dildo enter him almost by an inch.

"Ughhhhh... Mother!" Lasse grunted with pain and pleasure.

The dildo was almost half inside when I slowly started to fuck my son's ass in and out. I was almost coming myself as I fingered my pussy. The suntan oil mixed with his sweat & odour was the most exciting thing I had ever smelled. Soon I was fucking him faster, I had one hand on my pussy and the other manoeuvring the dildo faster and faster out of his ass. He started to moan silently and then stronger.

And suddenly with a loud scream, hot, thick come juice spewed from his cock. I gasped, as the first spurts kept splashing on my bed. The when I removed the dildo from his ass -he came once more, this time shooting even stronger onto his face, his lips and chin. Watching the white creamy juice gush from his dick dripping on my bed, and then drenching his face with spunk, made my cunt swelling as if trying to burst from the tight confines of my lace pants.

"Oh, my God! Lasse" I screamed.

My cunt contracted with tight heat, the pussy lips sucking and squeezing as an orgasm rumbled through my crotch like liquid fire. I was still coming when Lasse fell to the bed exhausted. This time it was his turn to quickly drift of to sleep. I decided to take a soothing shower and to clean up.

***Chapter 3

After an hour I decided to wake my son and lover for a small lunch picnic at the beach. Lasse was lying on his back when I came in, I saw he was embarrassed because he had come in his own face. But I also saw his hungry eyes on me. I sat down beside him and asked if he had a good hour of sleep. He nodded a yes.

"Are you hungry, baby" I asked and to my surprise I saw my son was hard again.

"How can you still be hard, Lasse," I asked him. My son looked at me as he touched my erect nipples.

"Mum, its you who makes me hungry," he said. Then I kissed him on his lips and told him to take a quick shower and get dressed. While waiting for him by the pool I felt an urge to know more of his secrets. So when he came out and when we walked to the beach I got an idea.

"Would you tell me what turns you on?" I whispered, looking up at him. "You can tell me anything, son."

"Like what?" Lasse asked, as we silently walked for a few minutes down to the beach. But soon he was ready; I could see it in his eyes.

"Mum, did you like to suck my asshole?" he asked blushing.

I blushed in response and nodded my head. Lasse was encouraged now, and his voice became stronger.

"Do you want me to say dirty, filthy things to you, Mom?"

"Yes, yes! Please, tell me more!"

"I sure like to stick my hard prick up your pussy and fuck it, just like you fucked my asshole, also I love to suck on your cunt and feel a finger in your ass."

"Ohhhh, Lasse!" I mewed, trailing my fingers up and down my crotch.

Lasse was warmed up, and the words tumbled from his mouth.

"I would love to feel your tits and play with your wet cunt and touch your asshole, Mother. And then stick my fingers in your cunt and up your ass! While I fuck your ass and then watch you lick my spurting cock!" I looked upward with glassy eyes. "You want to watch?" I asked in a small voice. Lasse nodded.

"Oh, Lasse, baby!" I murmured. "That's wonderful! The next time we do it you can look in the mirror. I want you to watch me suck your cock and lick your balls and kiss your ass! Did you like it when I fucked your asshole?" I whispered, rubbing at my pussy.

"Yes, Mother, ohh God ... yes, I loved it, I almost felt like a woman!" I saw his cock was growing in his shorts, as he said it. Lasse stared down at me, his eyes glazed. We had arrived at the beach and were both really hungry -and horny.

Lasse gulped down the food and I decided to open some wine for both of us to share. The wine was perfect. I had never felt better in my life. I knew Lasse was getting slightly drunk from the wine. He started to tell me how he always wanted to fuck me, since he was eight or nine. He suddenly could not stop feeding me with his obscene incest fantasies. He told me he sometimes used to dress up in my underwear. That made me so hot, I almost came right there.

So I had to keep feeding him with mine. We talked like we never done before. The wine made me relax, but my mind was set on more sex. After half an hour I saw that the beach was completely empty. Nobody seemed to have heard any of the things we talked about. And now my lust for sex was burning inside me. I saw Lasse was straining in his short. I asked him how he could be hard for so long. Instead of answering he just blushed and proudly opened the fly of his cut off shorts. His cockhead was sticking out like a purple snake... Here I was on a public beach, with my son showing of his full erection to his own mother. I was almost coming right there, so I decided to play this secret erotic game of ours.

"Lasse, what shall we do with that thing," I purred softly.

"Suck me!" he slurred "Suck me, Mother!"

"Mmmmm, I am not sure you are ready for that" I wanted to tease him a little.

Slipping to my knees, I knelt before him, sliding my hands up his legs to his crotch. I tickled his balls tenderly, closing my fingers around his cock with my other hand. I squeezed hard, making the smooth head bulge and twist. I gazed at my son's hard cock with hungry eyes, stroking it slowly, twisting my fist about it, cupping his balls and feeling the hot fullness of them. I lowered my face close to the head of my son's cock.

"Please put it in your mouth, Mom?" Lasse asked in a shaky voice.

"You'd love it, wouldn't you, honey?" I purred, placing my lips to the wet pee hole and brushing them from side to side. "You'd love to have me take your cock in my mouth, wouldn't you?" Lasse nodded eagerly. Lasse was very excited, and he squirmed his ass against the blanket. I looked around to see nobody was watching, and then helped him to take it off. As Lasse crawled out of his shorts, I knelt before him, holding his hips and staring at his throbbing cock.

"God, Lasse! You have such a beautiful cock!" I opened my mouth and pulled half my son's cock into my mouth. I closed my eyes as I felt the burning throb of it between my lips. I pressed it with my tongue, then licked it, purring with delight.

"Ohhhh, Mom!" Lasse gasped, feeling the wet heat of my mouth on his cock. "Oooooh, this feels so good!" I gurgled, sliding my lips down onto his prick, my eyes gleaming up at him. Lasse's cock was perfect inside my mouth. It didn't choke me by going too deep, and with my mouth I could hold it tightly and still use my tongue. My clit was hard, throbbing ever so sweetly, the cheeks of my naked ass clenching. Lasse's legs were shaking, he was looking down at me, ignoring all reasons for not having sex with his mother on a public beach, not caring if anyone could see them or not. Here I was sucking on his cock and it felt so good, he didn't want me to stop, ever.

With my eyes fixed upon my son's cock, I twisted around, facing his feet. Bracing my self with my hands on each side of his hips, I gave a soft cry and swallowed my son's cock quickly. Lasse gasped as he watched my lips stretch around his cock, bobbing up and down, sliding and sucking with swift thrusts.

"Ohhhhh, Mom, Mom!" he yelped, arching his hips up, trying to shove his prick into my throat in ecstasy.

Suddenly Lasse stared up at my hot lubricated cunt, seeing the wet spot on my white bikini bottom. My cunt must have been the most exciting thing in the world to him. He moved his hands up my thighs, and over my ass. I moaned with delight as my son began to pull of my bikini bottom. Instinctively, he thrust his tongue into my pussy and began licking, his hands cupping my beautiful naked ass, pulling me down tight into his face.

I raced my mouth up and down his cock, shoving my hands underneath his writhing ass. Lasse groaned with ecstasy as he dipped his tongue in and out of my hot cunt, tasting my sugary juices, finding them sweet and exciting.

Lasse slurped at the lips of my cunt, and I wiggled and squirmed, sliding my cunt on my son's mouth. Lasse felt my clit slip into his mouth, and he began to suck on it hungrily. The heat in my cunt was overwhelming.

"Ooooooh, darling!" I cried out, pulling my mouth off his cock.

Lasse sucked on my boiling cunt, juices coating his tongue. He sucked hard on my inflamed clit, his tongue flicking at it. His face was smeared with the slippery juices, and he clung to my thrashing ass tightly.

Ooooh, Mom, suck me! he groaned. Suck my cock, Mom! Lasse, tremendously excited, shoved his tongue in my ass, licking the pucker. I gave a cry of ecstasy. Lasse sucked on my asshole, his tongue flicking against the ring.

"Suck it, suck it!" I sobbed. "Ohhhh, Lasse, suck my cunt! Ooooh, fuck it with your tongue, baby! Eat me ... eat my hot pussy!" I pressed my cunt into my son's mouth as hard as I could, shaking my naked ass. I clutched his cock with a tight fist, jacking on it in frenzy. Lasse cling to my grinding ass, his lips sucking hard at my swollen clit. His nose was pressing at my tightly clenched asshole, and he arched his hips up when me came down onto his cock.

My hands clutched his tightening ass, his balls brushing my nose. I slammed my cunt up and down into my son's face, feeling the hair-rimmed lips swelling, my clit burning. Slamming my cunt into my son's face, I became desperate to have my son come into my mouth. I wanted his cum juice, wanted to taste the squirts over my tongue. I sucked in frenzy, twisting my lips, my tongue licking the throbbing shaft.

Lasse sucked on my cunt with a lust that belied his age. His tongue slipped in and out of the juicy lips, swirled about my clit, pulling it into his mouth. His fingers dug into the cheeks of my ass, spreading them wide in his eagerness to suck and lick my cunt. I knew my son was about to come, and I smashed my cunt hard against his mouth.

With a squeal, I came. My cunt contracted against my son's lips, and I pressed hard into his face, straining as the convulsions rippled through my cunt. I sucked wildly at his throbbing cock, my face dancing up and down, my lips tight. I squeezed the cheeks of his ass tightly, my fingers digging into the crack. I felt his cock swell a little more, and I sucked swiftly, racing my lips from the head to the base, my tongue pushing his cock to the roof of my mouth, making it tight for him.

With a grunt, muffled because he shoved his mouth tighter yet into my cunt, Lasse's cock started squirt. I felt the hot cum juice splash at the back of my throat. With a cry of delight, I sucked his cock as hard as I could, drinking down the boiling cream juice of his balls.

My mouth filled and the taste of his cum juice created a series of orgasms inside my cunt that was driving my out of my mind. Clinging to his cock, I swallowed the thick cum juice, and my cunt slowly calmed down. I ran my hands along his thighs, stroking him as I gently let go of his softening cock. I kissed his balls softly, and moved the flat surface of my tongue around them.

Lasse kissed his my inner thighs and over the curve of my spreading ass. He fondled my ass and thighs as they rested. Seeing my asshole a few inches above his face, he gave into the impulse and kissed it, placing his lips directly upon my asshole.

"Oooooh, baby!" I mewed, "Ahhh, you're so sweet to me, Lasse. I love being tongued on my asshole."

"So do I, Mom," he moaned. I drew my crotch out of his face, sitting on the blanket and pulling my knees up, resting my chin on them, looking at my son and lover.

"Your face is all wet," I whispered.

"I know," Lasse answered, licking his lips.

"I hope dearly no one saw us," I giggled. "You didn't hear anybody did you?"

"I don't think so," he said with a bit of fear in his voice.

"Well ... I am sorry if I got you excited, son," I said, teasingly.

Lasse's eyes opened. "You sure did, Mom!" We decided to go back to the beach house. This time Lasse was holding my hand like a lover, not like a son anymore.

"I love being on this island, don't you, darling?" I said softly, walking next to Lasse, my hand in his. "Its so beautiful and quiet, especially at night."

"I wish we could stay here forever," he said "Mom, I wish I could stay in this house with you forever." I turned and kissed his chin and ear. "That's because you're getting fucked all the time," I whispered. "You can be fucked anyplace, you know." Lasse smiled and blushed at the same time.

"Oh, don't look at me that way," I laughed softly. "I have decided to feel ashamed anymore."

"Neither will I, Mom," he said happily.

"Maybe you never where," I replied thoughtfully.

***Chapter 4

The next day I woke feeling almost like a new person. I heard Lasse in the shower. When I opened my eyes he was in my bedroom, with a smile on his face I saw Lasse dropped the towel. His body was still damp from the shower and his eyes were sparkling.

"Good morning," he said. "Are you ready for a surprise, mum?" He started to look trough my drawers, and suddenly he selected a pair of my white hotpants. He then put them on and started to pose for me.

"Do you like seeing me in these?" he asked. I looked at his swelling, shapely ass. The shorts were cut high on his thighs, with the cheeks of his ass exposed. The crotch was tight, the bulge of dick and balls slightly outlined. He grinned and then pulled on a thin black lace blouse, I could easily see his twelve-year-old body was the same size as mine.

"Mom, you know it turns me on so much wearing your clothes," Lasse said.

"Oh God, it turns me on too," I replied breathing heavily. I stood up and kissed him, gently like women kiss. I was getting wet again. I stared at my son, my eyes fiery.

I decided to let him try on my high heels. They fit perfect!! I watched my son in my high heel shoes, my eyes gazing over his youth, staring with delight at his slim, almost feminine body, and his tight ass standing out like a sexy slut. He turned his back at me letting me touch his framed ass. But I wanted to feel more. I gently removed his shorts and sat down on the bed. He shivered as I stroked his ass with my hands.

"Oh yes, that feels good, mum you make me feel good" he said.

"I bet I can make you feel a lot better," I blurted out, imagined my son to be fucked, like a woman. I felt as if I was going to be fucked for the first time. Lasse exposed what looked like perfect boys butt, firm, round and incredibly smooth. Standing out like a woman's ass in the high heel shoes.

"Do you like what you see?" he said in a strange voice. I was too stunned to say anything. He backed up toward me and placed his ass in my face. I flicked my tongue over his asshole "Ooohh mummy" he said, "suck on my ass." He reached down and began rubbing my crotch as I continued to nibble on his ass. "Ummmm, you're making me so hot" he cooed as he stroked his purple head with his hand. Suddenly he turned to my drawer again.

"Mom, please, please let me try your black skirt," he asked with passion in his voice. I took out the skirt out and unzipped it. I let it drop to his high heel shoes. He wiggled his feet inside and with my hands I helped him on with the skirt.

Ooooh my god, he looked stunning! His body was suddenly growing into an unbelievable erotic statue of lust, half boy half woman. Lasse was trembling with lust and his cock pointed out like a tent pole underneath the skirt. He turned his back towards me, he pulled his skirt up over his ass, and he was looking at the mirror up into the crack of his ass. He bent over offering me the chance to kiss and caress his asshole again.

I licked and gently bit his ass, savouring the taste of his sweet skin and the smell of his newly showered ass. Bending over further, he exposed his hairless pink asshole. I slowly circled his hole with my tongue. He spread his cheeks like a woman inviting me to probe further. I pushed my tongue up into his asshole, as if I was the eating my most erotic breakfast ever.

The further I put in my tongue, the looser his asshole became and the more he moaned. By now his cock was about ready to spurt his come again. He turned and faced me with his hands underneath the skirt, moving slowly. His pole was pointing at me obscenely underneath the skirt, just in reach of my tongue.

"Do you think I am a freak, Mom?" he asked.

"No, Lasse, no," I said without thinking. "I have never been more turned on in my life" I said breathing heavy with lust. As he lifted the skirt he trembled & sighed with lust "I want you, mummy."

He stood there jacking his cock, in my skirt, lace blouse and black high heels. I saw the hardest cock I have ever seen. I was drunk with lust at this point. It didn't make any sense, I thought. He licked his lips like a woman and in a demanding voice said, "Suck me."

Shaking with lust, I reached over and gently taking his cock in my hands, I started massaging his cock and balls. I teasingly kissed the crown of his cock, then again. Lasse moaned. I kissed again, this time sucking the head into my mouth. Lasse moaned again. Kissing, sucking, kissing, sucking, and finally I felt his cock in my throat. I was sliding my mouth down to his tool, swallowing his prick, I decided to stop it, before Lasse started coming in my mouth.

"Lasse, this is amazing" I moaned. "Please, look at me now," I said. I crawled up on the bed and I arched my ass into the air, shoved my hand between my thighs and rubbed at my cunt, imagined Lasse wanting to fuck me in my asshole.

I let a finger slip in and out of my cunt, then slid up to rub lightly about my asshole, only to return to my pussy, fingering my clit. I arched my creamy, naked ass into the air, my cheek against the bed. My naked ass twisted lewdly. Lasse got behind me and began licking my ass like he was thirsty dog, I pulled my knees up more.

"Mom, can I fuck it?" he asked referring to my anal entrance.

"Yes," I replied "Yes, yes, please do," I stammered hoping that this situation would never end. His cock was shaking and flapping against the thin skirt. He could not resist rubbing it with his hand. He began kissing my asshole while his tongue probed inside, as he sucked faster. Then he started fingering my asshole instead. He was really going for it, as I felt my clit was ready to explode. Suddenly the action stopped, and Lasse immediately pulled his finger out of my ass. And he replaced the finger with the purple head of his dick. It felt like fire.

"Ooooh yes, fuck me with that gorgeous prick" I cried as Lasse pushed his prick into my asshole. My son's whole is prick was buried deep in my ass.

I felt a warmth spread over me as if my entire body was going to cum. My breathing quickened as Lasse began to pull in and out, as if we were a well oiled machine.

On his knees behind me, dressed up in a skirt, silk blouse and still in my high heels, Lasse could see himself in the mirror. He could see how his cock slid into me -his own mother, looking at him self dressed up in my clothes. He caressed my cheeks, thrilled to see in the mirror what my ass was doing to his cock.

"Uh ... uh ... ohhh! Uh, uh!" I grunted and sobbed as I fucked my son. I plunged my upturned ass back and forth, my eyes closed and my face glowing with the ecstasy I felt. I reached between my parted knees and grabbed his swinging balls, holding them tightly, desperately, as if afraid he would jerk his cock from my asshole. I twisted my upturned naked ass in violent motions, gurgling as the ecstasy swelled inside my overheated body. Lasse was fucking my ass faster now, unable to slow his movements.

"Harder, harder!" I yelped, my ass cheeks slapping against his lower stomach. "Fuck me harder, Lasse! Ohhh, fuck my ass hard! Bang the shit out of my hot ass! Go deep ... deep! Ahhh, baby, baby! Your cock fills mother's ass so good ... it burns in my asshole like fire! Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!"

"I'm gonna fuck it, Mom!" he growled. "I'm gonna fuck your hot ass! I'm gonna fuck you and your asshole and come in it and fuck and- -fuck, fuck, fuck!" Lasse suddenly withdraw!! My ass was still in the air, moving slowly as the glow of my pleasure lingered.

"Mom, oh Mom!" I heard my son sob. "you're so fucking beautiful! Your asshole is so tight, I do not think I can not hold back anymore!"

"Yes, Lasse! Yes! -Me neither!" I groaned. "Ohhh, it feels so good ... My ass love to fuck your cock! Pleeeeeeese put it inside of me now!" I squealed and gurgled as he entered. The spasms rippling through my cunt created a tightness of my asshole that drew and sucked on my son's cock.

"Come, damn it!" I screamed. "Come in my fucking hot asshole!" I felt Lasse's cock throbbing and it suddenly felt as if it became larger. I was gasping with my efforts to make my son come off into my asshole.

I tightened the ring of my asshole even tighter, bouncing up and down in a furious way. Lasse dug his hands into my hips and shoved up hard, fucking his cock deep into my asshole.

I screamed as the flood of come juice seemed to gush from his cock. The powerful throbbing of his prick burned intensely in my wide stretched asshole. He came so strong it felt as if Lasse was going to squirt come juice up through my body and out my mouth.

At this moment I decided nobody would take this secret love away from us.

And with relief, I suddenly remembered we still had four more days alone to explore our sexual desires and so we did...

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