Yakki's Motherly Secrets by Erika S alias Yakki

Yakki's Motherly Secrets

***Chapter 1

I will try to tell you how my love for young boys turned into something much more than just a daydream.

But before I start I will let you know a little more about me. My name is Erika & I am 38-year-old mother of two handsome sons and I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden.

When I was a kid I only did two things, (sex did not exist at the time). I was a very good gymnast and I danced ballet. I was very late beginner in anything sexual. I don't even remember masturbating or thinking about sex at all when I was young.

My first sexual encounter with a boy was when I was 19 and he was only 13. The relation was kept a secret. I was ashamed of my feelings for young men at the time so I went the "opposite" and married a man almost 10 years older than me.

I met my husband when I was 19 and I got pregnant at 21 - at that time I thought I had lost all contact with my depraved fantasies. A few years later I took up school & and got gym teacher education. I was now 29 and moving into my thirties. Very soon after my husband got a job abroad. And it was therefore decided we should move closer to an international airport. We moved the same year, and I got a job at a new job as a gym teacher that fall at a new school.

I had already turned 30 and I was starved for sex. My big turn on was all the sexy young boys at school. After a few erotic incidents I got my fling back to younger men again.

I was now ready to take a bigger response for my two sons, (since I knew my husband would rarely be home, except for family vacations, Christmas etc).

At that time my sons was 8 and 9 and they were very different. My youngest was shy and timid. But my older son Lasse was growing up w charm and wit, (I must admit Lasse was my favourite although I loved them both).

During the years to come my husband only came home for vacations and holidays. But I never moaned when he left after a week. (We had no sex at all during his stays).

I had now started to fantasize vividly about them: boys in tight shorts, naked boys in the shower, boys everywhere. I dreamed of how I was going to seduce and fuck them. I also started to dress more and more daring. My students looked so hot with their eyes on my perfect slim body. I started to trim and shave my pussy because I wanted to look perfect. My body was already perfect from my gymnastics and ballet classes as a youth. I can basically bend down and put my hands in the floor with absolutely straight legs -my ass is just as firm as when I was 16.

But even if I am well trained I have remained very feminine (maybe because of the ballet classes). My breast are very big, I always take good care of my size D tits. But my real pride now is my face. My lips are full and my eyes are a mix of green and brown.

At home I try to wear as little as possible both at work and at home. It makes me more horny and wet. I especially like to go around at work in my "hotpants", ( a type of shorts which are very tight). It shows my asscheeks in perfect view. I always try to buy 1 or 2 sizes too small of my hotpants -then boys can see my horny sexy cuntlips almost by imagination. I also like to wear a skirt. Then I can go without any panties at all.... It is a very erotic.

I soon found a way to spy on the boys from class. I found a hole in the wall, connected to my office. I could see them come into the shower completely nude. It made me crazy with lust, at times had to change panties 2-3 times a day from fingering my clit and asshole. After a while I saw no reason to wear them anymore....

It was turning me on to see them touch my D size tits with their eyes. I masturbated like crazy during nights dreaming how they licked my well trimmed pussy and fingered my asshole. But no seduction really happened, I was just to scared to be caught.

After my 2-3 years at the school I knew how much I was turning boys on. I could see some of them getting hard-ons as I walked the school yard, my ass pouting out in high heels and tight shorts and my big breasts standing out with hard nipples. I even started to use a small dildo in class and I had some very strong orgasms using it.

My masturbating got more and more daring for every day. At times when I came home from school I had to run to my bedroom to use my hands on my cunt and ass. I came multiple times fingering my asshole. My first time entering my tight ass with the dildo made me come so strong I screamed. Even my oldest son who was home started knocking on my door, asking if I was OK.

The first sexual incident with Lasse (my oldest son) happened when I was when I was going for dinner. He was 13 at the time. I had for the occasion bought a very special black silk dress. Which was very short and almost as thin so you could see true it. I was taking a shower when I heard a knock on the door.

Lasse said he had to use the bathroom. "I will soon be out," I shouted in response.

Wrapping up myself with a towel I stepped out to give room for my son. His eyes stared at me when I came out. When I came to the bedroom I remembered I forgot my hairbrush. I quickly got back to sneak in and get it. Inside my son was standing with his dick in his hand and pulled it to get last drips of piss off. I excused myself and tried to look away. But when I sneaked out I saw he started to get a hard-on.

I tried to let go of my thoughts and moved back to dressing up for the dinner.

During the years I had to buy lots of sexy lingerie and panties because of my constant wet pussy. I never really bought cheap stuff -always beautiful lace and silk. My black lace one, which was my favourite, was gone. Nowhere to be found. Well maybe I should skip panties today I said to myself.

I decided to just wear black stay-ups and black high heel shoes instead. I put on my black almost see-true dress. I went out in the living room to show my son how great his mother could look.

Outside in the living room I saw him sitting on the couch. His eyes were almost popping put.

Do you like what you see son?

Yes Mom, yes you are the sexiest mother in the whole world. I bent down to kiss him but the high heels were not good for my balance. I fell in his lap. Our lips almost by accident touched. I was as bewildered by the situation as my son.

But he took the first bold move, suddenly I felt his hand on my thigh. I felt it moving closer to the place where my stay-ups stopped and my naked skin and pussy was. I soon could feel his hand touching very gently my pussylips.

I moved my lips to his and started to kiss him eagerly. His tongue was touching mine just as his hand opened my wet cunt. He was trembling with lust for me -his mother. I felt we had to stop, although it was too good to stop.

I stood up. He looked me in the eyes and licked his fingers right in front of me. I almost came right there.

I could see how aroused my son was, but I was ashamed about me feelings. That night I fucked my dildo so hard that it hurt the day after, all the time thinking of my sons horny eyes. Was incest possibly a way to fulfil my dreams of sex with young boys?

We never mentioned it, but he just looked at me differently, I thought.

***Chapter 2

A few months passed and the summer came. It was decided that my youngest son should visit my husband abroad. And that Lasse and I should spend the summer together alone. I decided to rent a beach house with a pool for us so we could do get lots of sun and swimming together.

The first 3 days was great. Lasse was as charming as any boy of his age. It never even felt like we had had the incident a couple of months earlier. Although we had separate bedrooms it did not feel OK to masturbate in my bed, knowing my son was so close.

So on fourth day I was starting to get the "itch" again. Of course I could not stop myself - I fingered myself and drove the dildo hard into my tight holes- I even moaned heavily as I came thinking of my sons hands on my body.

The next morning I was feeling much better. It was already 9.30 am, and my son, Lasse had still not got out of bed. I finally knocked on Lasse's bedroom door, when I got no response from knocking I entered his room, I turned towards my son's bed to wake him and stopped - he was totally naked!

I couldn't help myself to not look down upon my son's tight white buttocks, my heart started to race, I felt so excited, suddenly Lasse started to turn. I panicked and left the room quickly. I came back after a few minutes. Feeling lust inside.

I let out an audible moan, my 12-year-old son had shifted onto his back and I instantly saw he had a full morning erection! His foreskin was pulled right back to reveal a red cockhead.

I swallowed hard, my imagination started to go into overdrive with incestuous thoughts; my son's cock was very big for a 12-year-old. I felt like taking my son's big cock and suck him hard to get every drop of cum out of that erotic tower between his legs.

Then I felt the wave of guilt sweep over my again, this was my son, my inner voice said, I felt a slight sickness at having such thoughts about my own son. I decided to leave, pausing at the door for a moment for one last look at my son's hard cock one last time.

I had to run to the bathroom to finger my wet pussy to a blinding orgasm. I cursed myself for suddenly wanting to fuck my own flesh and blood.

One hour later Lasse stepped into the kitchen, I was bending over the sink washing some dishes, I wore my hotpants and a blouse. I saw Lasse eye my ass cheeks as he sat at the kitchen table.

"What do you want to do today handsome?" I asked. I still had the image of my son's huge cock in my mind.

Lasse said he take e dip in the pool before we go to the beach. I felt like going upstairs and giving myself a good finger-fucking, imagining what my young son could do to me, but I told myself that would be wrong, I 'd never resort to fucking my own son....or would I ?

I needed some air to clear my head of these dirty thoughts. I opened the back door to tell Lasse I was ready to go to the beach -He was in his trunks. I admired his body again, it glistened in the sunlight, I felt my pussy get even hotter and without thinking I started to rub my hand across my pussy through tight shorts as I watched him dive into the pool.

Soon Lasse stepped from the pool, his swimming trunks were soaking wet and clung to his body, I could clearly see my son's cock through the thin wet material, I stood silently in the darkened doorway and watched has Lasse picked up his towel and started to towel himself dry. He dropped the towel and pulled off his wet trunks, his sexy cock hung between his legs.

I started to rub my pussy again, pressing against my pussy lips with my fingers through my hotpants. Lasse walked over to the washing line and hung his trunks on it.

"Mom, I am ready to go" Lasse shouted as he wrapped the towel around his waist. I could still see the obscene bulge of his penis even through the towel, I felt my face burn bright red now, my heart was beating hard.

"Ok Lasse let me quickly change" trying to sound calm and casual, and trying to avoid staring at my son's crotch. "You go ahead and pack up lotion, towels and the blanket, son."

I quickly disappeared inside. I got into my room and thought of fucking him non-stop. Erika, stop this now, I said to myself. You are crazy....

Lasse watched me emerge ten minutes later, I wore a thin white two piece bikini, I saw Lasse immediately started to get an erection as he looked at me. My tits looked bigger than ever, the tight white D size bikini top was cut low and my breasts were swelling out the top, my large brown nipples could clearly be seen through the thin material. Oh god I thought he wants to fuck me!!

He soon lowered his gaze to my pussy and legs, my cuntlips was pushing out the thin lycra material of the bikini, my long legs were well toned through my years of gymnastics.

I started for the beach to get my mind away from this ASAP. The beach was huge, and we found a perfect private spot. A slight breeze took the heat from my wet pussy. My son lied down on a big blanket. I lied down next to my son turning over onto my chest, Lasse looked at my ass, the bikini barely covered my firm ass cheeks.

"God I am hot today, Lasse please help me put on some sun cream," I said.

Sitting by my side, my young son Lasse was pouring tanning oil onto my back, rubbing it into my hot skin. His hands felt good on my skin, the slow way they moved up and down from her shoulders to my skimpy bikini bottom

I murmured softly as Lasse hands kept up their movements, massaging my flesh gently, almost too lightly. I shifted my shoulders, finding a more comfortable pressure on my big tits.

"I like the feel of your skin," he said as he worked his hands up and down my back. My son kept rubbing oil into my flesh, I started to vividly fantasise about his red cockhead again. And watching him jack off, I saw, in my mind, the hot spurts fly...right into my mouth. I felt my son's hands pause on my back as I almost came.

He kept looking at my ass, the backs of my thighs, and realising his breathing was getting louder. I listened to my son's breathing, and knew the sounds very well. When I understood my young son had probably seen my ass cheeks bunch and squeeze, I felt very embarrassed.

After a few minutes of his hands on my body I pretended to fall a sleep. I even sighed a little as he rubbed the lotion on my shoulders.

I peeked a little at my son, seeing that he AGAIN had a hard-on. His cock pressed at the front of his trunks, and I could see a small movement as it throbbed. Lasse was now sliding his hand up and down my thighs, almost panting with excitement. He started to rub his cockhead with one hand as his other hand was moving daringly towards the inside of my open thighs. I sighed again as I felt my son's finger press at the tight crotch of my bikini, his fingers was at the crack of my wet pussy.

Oh god he was fingering me!! He made me so hot I almost came a second time. Suddenly there was some noise on the beach and his hand moved away quickly. He was breathing heavy as I pretended to wake up. I let my hand gently move it along my his thigh. I held my breath as I slowly stroked his flesh. Lasse was staring at my hand, his eyes looked wild and horny.

He suddenly stood up.

"Mom I need to go back to the house, want me to fetch a coke," he asked.

"Yes please, anything to cool me down," I said.

He walked across the hot sand toward our house. I lay there a few minutes thinking of what I was getting myself into. He was my son for good sake. After about 10 minute I started to suspect that maybe my son was going back to the beach house to do more than get us a coke. My mind was set on finding out my suspicions. I sat up and started walking towards the house.

I sneaked up to one of the windows and saw Lasse sitting in the living room. He was leaning back on the couch, with his eyes closed. I slipped quickly to the side of the house and looked into the other open window. Cool breeze swept in from the sea.

Oh my god what did I see! Lasse had his cock pulled up from the waistband of his trunks, his fist was sliding up and down quickly. And in his other hand he had my missing black lace panties. He suddenly took it up to his nose and smelled it deeply. I saw his cock twist upwards as he did this. I swallowed as I gazed at my horny son, watching his fist pumping hard, seeing that hard swollen red cockhead for the second time today.

I could see my son's cock and balls. I pressed my hand hard at my cunt, licking my lips hungrily as I watched him.

Lasse was gasping heavily, his hips jerking, lifting and falling with his hand. It seemed my son was very close to it. My urge to go inside and grasp his cock was so now strong I almost came right there. I fingered my wet lubricated cunt as I watched him jacking off. My other hand started to finger my ass through the thin lycra material of my bikinibottom. I reached for my second hole, and entered it with ease.

"Oh mummy....you smell so good." The panties was up to his face again and he moaned heavily as he jacked off.

I swallowed hard, my legs trembling as I watched. I was pressing hard at my cunt, my fingers moving back and forth slightly across my erect clit.

Then before I expected it, my son came. His thick cock cream squirted rapidly from his hole, on to his hand. "Oooohhhhh!" Lasse moaned, and his masturbating stopped.

Then his eyes opened he saw me in the beach house window!

***Chapter 3

My hands came of my hot cunt and ass with the speed of light. Did he see me touch myself?

"Mom!" he gasped. "Mom, what are you doing?" He was so ashamed that he almost started to cry! It felt wrong to stand there like a peeping tom. I went inside to excuse myself.

"I am sorry son, please forgive me for spying on you," I was blushing. How could I spy on my son.....

"No mum! I AM sorry. Please Mum I was so hot, forgive me," he was in shock and was trembling......

I stood still for a minute taking in the scene. His chest covered with white spurts of come. My guilt now mixed with a strong need for sex. Sex with my son!

"I am so sorry Lasse...please forgive your mum.....You made me just so hot," I whispered. I felt this was entirely my fault.

I sat down next to Lasse and hugged him hard. I never wanted him hurt, never. Oh good my need was too strong, I could not help myself........I started to kiss him.......his lips was so warm...we kissed deep...and when his hands started to touch my ass......I stood up ......to look at his bewildered eyes.

He looked at me with hunger and lust. He was aroused again. His hands kept touching his hard cock. Yes he was already hard.....oh no I thought....stop it Erika ....stop it!

"Mom help me..." his chest was red of sun and excitement. His cock was twitching like a snake.... "Please Mom I wanted you for so long"...his eyes begged for relief.

My legs felt weak. I sat down next to him. I kissed him again, this time I kissed him with lust. I took his hand in mine, knowing me and my son was about to become involved in ways neither me or him could ever dream of....

"Lasse...." I whispered softly. "Please try to understand what I've got to say." What you did here on the couch...what I saw you doing," I said in a throaty voice. "I know why you had to. You got excited touching me, rubbing oil on my body. So...I understand why you had to jack off."

Lasse trembled when I said that.

"I want you to know something," I said. "I got very excited seeing you doing that. I love to see a boy jack off. It excites me like nothing else. I don't know why it did, but it's been so long since I've been with a man." His father and I had not had sex for almost six years.

Lasse remained silent, feeling my nipple pushing at his chest through the thin white lycra. I couldn't stop from touching his cock as I talked.

"Please don't be embarrassed," I soothed, running my fingers along the shaft of his swelling cock..

"Maybe we could help each other? You could jack off, and I could watch you, and maybe..... I would let you . . watch me."

His cock was now very hard. I was stroking my finger up and down it, over the cockhead and back again. Like you stroke a little puppy......

"If you enjoy it, you can watch me do it, too," I went on. "We can do it together, watch each other. It would be okay, honey. We could just watch each other....you jacking off and me putting my fingers inside my...down there."

"Do you want to do it with me Lasse?" I closed my fingers around my son's cock, squeezing it with an excited gulp of pleasure.

"Yes please let me?" he asked, his voice thick and shaky. "I want that, Mom?"

"Let's do it right now, baby!" I said...now there was no turning back.....

I stood up and sat down on the other couch, facing my son, spreading my legs wide, all for my son to see, showing him my white bikini stretching over my cuntlips, my big tits lifting sharply.

I shoved my fingertip into the bra, and slowly pulled it downward. He saw my hard brown nipples come into view, and Lasse groaned as he looked at them.

I started sliding my hand down my stomach to the edge of the bikini bottoms. I pulled at the fabric and exposed a soft line of well trimmed pussyhair to my son's lustful horny eyes.

I started sliding my finger down the front of my bikini, I traced the slit of my cunt, then very slowly pulled the crotch to one side, giving my son a glimpse of my cunt.

"Now...." I purred. "You know I mean it, Lasse. Please stand up and grab Your cock and jack off for mummy!"

Lasse stood up His cock jerked upright, making a slapping sound against his stomach. I gazed at him, my eyes hot on his young balls and very stiff cock.

"Ohhhh, God baby!" I moaned. "Jack it off for mummy! Grab it and pump it, Lasse! Ohhh, baby, jack that beautiful thing off and squirt it for me....show me how hard you can come, darling!"

I leaned back on the couch, legs spread wide, gazing at him as he closed his fist about his cock and began stroking up and down, his hips thrust forward, trunks caught at his knees. His gasps and panting breath excited me , my cunt bubbled, throbbing inside my bikini.

I stared with fierce hunger at my son's cock. The juices seeping out of his hole made my mouth water, and I swallowed noisily, writhing my ass on the edge of the cushions, opening and closing my long, shapely thighs.

Lasse stared at my bikini-clad body, ramming his fist up and down on his cock frantically.

"Beautiful!" I hissed. "So beautiful, Lasse! You have such a nice cock...long swollen and hard!

Please come for me baby! Squirt it way out for mother! I love to see a boy come...can you come again for mummy!"

The soft hair of my pussy showed from the edges of my bikini, exciting him further.

"You're making me so wet" I gasped.

Lasse licked his lips as his fist pounded up and down, his hips jerking in a matching rhythm.

"Mom"..... I think....I'm about to do it!" his voice was trembling.

"Yes, my baby!" I squealed. "Come! Squirt it out! Splash that hot cum for me!"

"Auuugh.....ooohhhh!" Lasse groaned, then his cock started to spurt....... "Oooooooh!" I breathed as I saw my son's thick sperm spurt high into the air. It arched and landed on my face, making me squeal with pleasure. I licked my lips to feel the salty taste of boycum.

He sat down, shaking on the sofa......he was in ecstasy.....his eyes was fixed on my body.....

"Do you still want to watch me do it, too?" I asked in a low, husky voice.

"Yeas!" Lasse gasped, his eyes glazed.

I slipped my fingers into the elastic ribbons of my bikini, and pulled downward. I raised my ass, easing the bikini bottoms past it, and to my knees.

Lasse was hardly breathing as he was looking at me, his eyes fixed upon the well- trimmed triangle of my cunt hair. I lifted my feet to let my bikini bottoms fall away, then slowly spread my long sexy legs.

"Oooh mum!" Lasse moaned as he saw the pink slit of my wet cunt, framed by the soft hair. He saw my wet clit push up from the slit. Showing my cunt to my son sent wild, shivery excitement through me.

I held my legs wide open, caressing my thighs with my hands as I saw his cock starting to become even harder. I opened my pussy with my fingertips, lifting my ass, grinding slowly. Lasse stared at me as I began to slowly stroke my swollen clit.

Oh god he was getting hard again. I could see his pain from wanting to spurt a third time on my pussylips this time.

"Oooooh, this feels so good!" I purred, twisting my clit between a finger and thumb. " This is how I make myself come, baby."

I spread my ass cheeks for him to see. Then I slowly eased a middle finger into my tight asshole. Lasses eyes widened as he my watched my finger disappear, then pull outward coated with my hot, slippery anal juices.

He was gripping his cock again, and began stroking hard.

Fucking my middle finger in and out of my slippery ass made squishy wet sounds. The index finger and thumb of my other hand was stroking my inflamed clit up and down, squeezing it, pulling and twisting it. As I kept up the jack off motions.

"Jack it off ...jack off for me! Watch mother and jack it off, darling!"

"Ohhhh, Mom!" Lasse groaned, pounding on his cock and making slapping sounds, his balls swaying.

"Watch me come...look between my legs...my fingers....watch me fuck myself!"

Lasse gasped, squeezing his throbbing cock very hard.

"I'm coming! Lasse"...moaning......"your Mother's is coming, son!"

Lasse couldn't contain himself any longer.

"Mom!" he gasped, wanting to squirt what spurt he had left out of in his cock..

"Come!" I screamed jerking my fingers out of my cunt and lifting my upper body forward, my eyes glazed as I saw my boy spurt a few spasms of cum. I opened my mouth wide, holding my face an inch above the cum coated head of my son's cock.

The splash of his delicious cock cream over my tongue sent my cunt into wild, ecstatic orgasms again, over and over. I held my mouth open, my tongue came out, tasting his salty cum..... my son was coming into my mouth....

"Mom!" Lasse gasped. "Ahhh, Mom!" falling onto my body. He collapsed. Then both of us knew we had broken the barrier of incest love. Here I was masturbating together with my 12-year-old son, and I no longer felt any guilt.

His closed his eyes and was soon sleeping. I slid out of his arms and started to head for the shower. I was feeling so good. I am not sure if my skin was red from excitement or from the sun. As I showered I fingered my ass and pussy and came again with a shudder. I had lost count how many times I had orgasmed this day.

***Chapter 4

In the evening Lasse woke up. He saw me sitting next to him in just a short skirt and white blouse (no panties). I asked him if he also wanted to clean up before we started to eat.

"If you help me mum I will."

I blushed with a smile on my face

"OK son!" I said.

We walked towards the shower room together. I helped him to clean up his body. When I washed my son's cock and balls, he started getting aroused again!

"Sorry, Mom!", he said with an embarrassed little grin.

"Don't worry, darling" I said, continuing to wash between his long legs. "It's only natural. Besides I've already seen your hard cock remember."

I couldn't help myself, I dropped the soap and wrapped my fingers around Lasse's stiff cock. It was incredibly hard, and my pussy began to dribble again as I looked up into my son's wide eyes.

"Lasse you must answer this," my tone had changed.

"Yes mum."

"Do you always smell my panties when you play with yourself, Lasse?", I asked, almost harsh, but the heat between my legs betrayed my own rising excitement.

"Yes....always....I am sorry but love to smell them, please do not be angry," he answered.

"How long have you been doing it, baby?" I breathed, running my other hand up and down his lean young thighs.

"Since third grade," Lasse moaned. He could only have been 9 at the time. Gosh my son had sexual feeling at such a young age.

"How did it start," I asked. I saw Lasse blush. But his cock grew harder as he started to speak.

"I was feeling really horny one day, so I went to the bathroom to jack off."

I knew how horny young boys could get, but I had trouble, imagining Lasse jerking himself off as a 9 year old, especially with my dirty lingerie on his face.

"What did you think of when you're doing it, honey?" I asked, wanting him to excite me with his fantasies.

"I think of... women ... older women... with no clothes on and with big tits..." he replied trembling, "and....."

"And what, baby?"

"... and... you, Mom!" he gasped, staring directly between my D size tits.

"Ohhh, Lasse!" I gasped.

Leaning down, I kissed him on his wet lips, not like a mother kissing her son, but like a woman kissing her lover. I moaned with pleasure as Lasse reached up and began to fondle my tits through my blouse.

"Take it off, Mom", he panted, pulling his mouth off mine. "Take off your blouse, I wanna see your tits!"

"Uhhhh, yes!" I muttered. "I want you to see my tits, baby!"

I took off my blouse letting my breasts spring free. Lasse moaned softly as I reached up with my free hand and began to squeeze them one at a time. I'm very proud of my tits. They're very big and still almost as firm as a they were when I was a sixteen.

I continued to rub his slippery wet cock as he stared at my naked tits. I didn't care anymore that I was engaged sexually with my twelve-year- old son... I just wanted it to continue, and damn the consequences!

Up and down, up and down, I moved my fist over Lasse's throbbing prick, each stroke bringing him closer to release. I loved the look on his face and the occasional groans of pleasure as my hand gave him his first jack of by a woman. I had the sudden depraved impulse to let my son watch me rub my naked cunt again.

Letting go of his cock for a second, I quickly undid my skirt. Lasse's eyes were flashing from my tits to my cunt and back again as I finally stood before him completely naked. "God, Mom, I wish I could touch you." I smiled, reaching for his stiffly twitching young cock.

"Do you want more than touch, son?"

His breathing became heavy and laboured as he nodded a yes.

I grabbed his erection and inserted it between my thighs. I felt the head nudge my mound and slide deliciously up along my incredibly wet cunt-slit before popping neatly into my neglected fuckhole.

Lasse's mouth opened wide and he let out a low, throaty moan as I hunched forward, burying his man-sized prick deep into my aching cunt.

"Unnnnghhhh! Mom!.. Fuck! Ohhhhh, Jesus!" panting for breath. "You're so hot and wet and... and tight!"

With a whimper of pleasure, I began moving my hips back and forth, pinning my son's ass against the tiled wall as his wonderfully hard prick slid in and out of my highly aroused cunt. I was beside myself with lust! Lasse's cock felt sooo good inside me, even better than I remembered any man had felt during the years... my own handsome horny son!

Lasse was thrusting his young hips back at me as we fucked, the suddenly cool water from the shower spraying over our heated bodies. I wished his hands could grab my ass and spread my cheeks to finger my horny ass hole.

We kissed passionately, our tongues twisting and plunging with the same frantic tempo as our hips. Within a minute or two, Lasse began to moan and heave his hips against me violently, and I knew he about to come for the fourth time today. All I wanted was to feel my son's hot, creamy cum shoot up into my cunt. It would be his first time cumming in his mother.

I was in seventh heaven! How many mothers are lucky enough to take their son's virginity?

I grabbed his tight, clenched little asscheeks and started to finger his anal entrance... he started grinding as my hands and fingers was bringing him to a shuddering orgasm.

"UUUUNNNNNNGHHHHHH! FUUUUUUCKING SHHHHIT!" he yelled, opening his eyes wide as the intense pleasure crashed through his young loins. "GODDDD! I'MMMM DOING IT! I'M CUMMING IN YOUR CUNT, MOM! AHHHHHHHHHHGGHHHH!"

I hissed as I felt the his squirts of incestuous semen enter my flooded pussy.

"Fuck me, baby! Cum in Mommy's cunt! Cum! Cum! CUM!"

Lasse slumped against me, his legs shaking with post-climactic bliss. His cock was still inside me, but had lost most of its former hardness. I squeezed my cunt-muscles around him and hugged him close as he came down from what must have been his most intense orgasm ever.

"Ohhhh, Mom!" he gasped, when he finally caught his breath. "That was fantastic! I never knew it could be so good to be finger in the ass as I was coming. Did you... um.. did you come too?"

"No, baby," I admitted, "But you will have our whole vacation to remedy that situation."

"You mean you want us to fuck again?", Lasse was already trembling with excitement.

***Chapter 6

The next day we both fell totally lusting for each other. My feelings of shame were gone. We started to talk after a delicious breakfast in bed. Lasse had told me more about how he had been lusting for me. How many times he stole my dirty panties and lingerie to enhance his feeling of being with me, his own mother. Why had I never suspected this before. I told him about my fantasies for boys in school. We shared our most intimate details from our sexual highs.

Lasse told me how he used to spy on me getting naked. And how he had spied on me dressing up that evening a few months ago. He had seen me not wearing any panties and it made him lust to touch me, he said.

He had been bold and horny that day when we had the falling/licking accident. He had jacked of 3 times that evening smelling and tasting his hand with my pussy smell on it.

After spending another day on the beach, now with more sexy suntan oil, erotic touching and rubbing. We both felt so hot and hungry that we felt it was time to return to the beach house. I could hardly believe we had been at it so long, this was the most erotic foreplay ever. We showered to get the sand and the see of our hot bodies.

I decided to only wear a white shirt, which failed to hide the firm cheeks of my ass nor the trimmed curls of my cunt. The three top buttons were left open, and my tits peeked provocatively at my son every time I leaned over.

Wearing something that revealed while it teased had value, I knew that from my gym classes. Lasse was in his shorts, a white pair of shorts that cupped his cock and balls sweetly. I loved to see the bulge, the way his ass was framed in them. I could see he was more than ready to continue our incestuous love life. His cock was straining at the tight shorts.

After I had cleaned and straightened the kitchen, we went to the bedroom. Then, with my back to him, I bent far over to give him a glimpse. Lasse, sitting on the bed, watched my ass become exposed as the white shirt lifted.

He could see the well-trimmed lips of my cunt as I leaned over. He could see the dark backdoor entrance of my ass as I leaned over. I peeked at him over my shoulder.

"Do you like my ass, baby?"

"It's beautiful, Mother," he replied.

I lifted the shirt, flashing my cunt at him, twirled about and raised the shirt in back, showing my beautiful ass. Then I leaned over, my hands on the floor. The cheeks of my ass parted. Lasse was staring at my wet cunt, watching the lips of my cunt , the ring of my tan asshole puckering. I peered with hot, excited eyes between my legs at my son. He started moaning.

I got Lasse to lie down on his back while moved on top of him. I straddled him in 69. With my cunt and asshole right in front of his nose and mouth he started to get rigid again.

"Can I lick it, Mom?" he murmured, glancing hungrily down at my cuntslit.

"Mmmmmm! sure do, darling , but first smell me, like you do with my dirty panties," I replied.

"Mum, move up a bit so I can reach up and sniff your sexy asshole with my nose,"

With a low moan of lust, I shuffled backwards and pressed my crotch against my son's face. I shuddered and arched my back, grinding my pussy onto his gorgeous face.

"Unnnnhhhh, yeahhh! Suck and taste mommy's smelly cunt, baby! Lick me and fuck my cunt and ass with your hot little tongue." I moaned.

Lasse did as he was instructed, slurping and sucking like crazy as I hunched my drooling twat against his open mouth. He had me cumming in no time. All it took was for him to latch his lips around my clit and start sucking hard. His fingers was entering my ass hole just like I had done when he came. I came like a rocket, grinding my pussy over my son's mouth and lips in a frenzy of hot, incestuous lust.

As my orgasm faded, I quickly turned until I felt his cock-shaft press into the crease of my ass.

"Oh, my goodness, Lasse..." I grinned, reaching round to grab his erection. "You're as hard as a rock again!"

"Sucking you got me hotter than a fire!" he said.

"I can see that, baby!" I said. "Would you like to fuck mother in the ass this time?"

Lasse shivered as the words hit him with its meaning.

Lasse sat up, his cock pointing at me like a rigid pole. I quickly changed my position. His balls were full and swollen. I was standing like a bitch in heat on all my fours. My ass pointing towards his swollen cock.

Lasse watched me rub my cunt, then his eyes started to burn as I fingered my own asshole. Very slowly, I pressed my middle finger into my ass. Lasse's cock jerked upward, a glistening drop of liquid forming on his piss hole.

I shoved my finger completely into my asshole until my knuckles were against my ass ring. Then I pulled the finger in and out, finger- fucking myself in the ass.

"Your cock would feel so much better," I said. "Your cock would make mother's asshole feel so good! Want to fuck mother up this tight asshole, baby?"

Lasse moved forward to my ass, his cock leading the way, his eyes gazing at my finger which was fucking in and out of my ass. When he was close to me, he rubbed the dripping head of his cock along the back of one thigh, then up and down my juicy cunt. I squealed softly as I pulled my finger out of my asshole. I gripped his balls tightly.

"Ram it in my ass, Lasse!" I cried. "Ram your hard cock up mother's ass! Please, fuck my ass!"

Lasse angled his cock to my asshole. He held my hips with strong fingers, watching the head of his prick pressing upon the tight heat of that ring. I clung to his balls, holding he breath, almost standing on my head for him. I shoved my head down farther until I could watch his balls and see my own cunt.

"Push!" I hissed.

But it was I who pulled. I pressed my uplifted ass back, feeling the pressure of his cock poking at the ring of my asshole. I sobbed softly as I felt his swollen prick-head starting to penetrate. I felt my asshole stretching, felt a slight burning sensation. Lasse, staring at the way my asshole sank inward, gripped my hips tightly and fucked forward.

"Ohhhh, yes!" I cried as my son's cock fucked into my asshole. "Oh, yes, yes, yes!" The tightness gripped Lasse's cock. He couldn't believe how tight my ass was. He fucked forward, watching my asshole stretching and taking his cock. With my hand gripping his balls, his cock going into the boiling depths of my asshole.

I gasped, feeling my son's cock sliding into my asshole. My finger had never filled my ass this way, and I moaned with the stretching, stuffing feeling. It was great, fantastic, and I hissed softly as my son's cock fucked deeper and deeper. When his pack was deep as it could go, I pressed his balls upon my throbbing cunt.

"Fuck me, Lasse!" I wailed. "Fuck my ass! Ooooh, baby, ram your hard cock in and out of mother's asshole! Ream my ass...fuck my ass... I want to feel your cock fucking my hot asshole hard and fast and deep!"

I waggled my ass, and Lasse began fucking, watching his cock fuck in and out of my asshole. The stretching brown ass-ring clung to his cock tightly, sucking and gripping. I squealed, feeling a cock in my body so deep, it was hard to believe. The burning way my asshole stretched about his cock sent wild, fiery hunger through me.

"Ohhh, fuck it, Lasse!" I sobbed. " Fuck that ass, baby! Oooh, God, fuck mother's ass! Ram my hot asshole with your hard cock! Oh, this is so fucking good, Lasse! Fuck the shit out of me! Fuck the shit out of mother's hot asshole! "

Lasse fucked his cock back and forth, faster and faster. The friction of my squeezing asshole made his young body shake with passion. I clawed at his hairless balls as he fucked his prick back and forth, smashing them against my cunt.

The wetness of my pussy on his balls felt fantastic, as if my pussy juices were scalding them. He dug his hands into my wiggling hips, jerking my ass back as he plunged forward, driving his cock into the steaming depths of my eager asshole, slapping against the asscheeks loudly. If my son had not been holding my hips so tightly, I would have been tossed to the floor. I looked up with glazed eyes at his crotch, clutching his balls in my hand.

I wanted him to fuck my asshole raw, to squirt his young come juice into it, drown my with his thick, sweet come juice. I gasped with the force of his driving cock, felt the pounding of him against my naked ass. My tits jerked and jiggled from the force.

"Talk to me!" I sobbed. "Say dirty things to me! Ohhh, baby, please, talk dirty to me!"

"Fucking ass!" Lasse groaned. "Hot, tight, fucking asshole! Mother, I'm gonna fuck your hot ass... I'm gonna fuck you so fucking hard in your fucking hot ass, you'll shit! I'm gonna make you shit, Mother! I'm gonna fuck my hard cock up your hot ass and make you shit all over your fucking self!"

"Yes!" I squealed. "Make me shit! Fuck my ass and make me shit!"

"Hot cunt!" Lasse shouted. "Hot, wet, hairy cunt! Cocksucker... hot ass... wet cunt! I'm gonna come up your fucking ass, Mother! I'm gonna fuck your tight asshole sore!"

"Do it! Do it, you mother-fucker!" I yelled at him. "Fuck mother's asshole sore! Give it to me, you little cunt-licking prick! Give it to me hard!"

Lasse panted as he fucked furiously into my asshole. The friction was driving him wild. My asshole seemed to close about his cock so tight, sucking at his prick. His balls smacked my in the cunt, and I squealed with rapture.

"Ram it deep and hold it there!" I shouted.

"Yeah!" Lasse moaned.

He felt my asshole flexing on his cock, I shoved my finger into the crack of my son's ass. I rubbed at his asshole.

"Don't move, Lasse! Just hold your cock deep up my asshole!"

Lasse didn't move. He stood with his cock inside my ass, his legs shaking. He felt my finger rubbing at his asshole, and he gritted his teeth as I began to press. He groaned as my finger slipped into his anal canal.

"Now, I've really got you, darling!" I sobbed. "I've got your hard cock up my asshole and your sweet balls in my cunt. Now I've got my finger up your asshole! Don't move, and I bet I can make you come!"

Lasse didn't move. Almost standing on my head, I began to push and pull my finger, fucking my son up his ass. Lasse groaned with the strange feelings that enveloped his whole crotch. My finger seemed to go very deep into his ass, and, when he tried to relax, he found he couldn't.

"Let me!" I cried out in a hoarse voice. "Don't even try to relax your asshole! Mother will make you come this way!"

I pumped my finger in and out of his asshole, and Lasse was awed with the manner in which my asshole gapped at his cock.

"You'll sure enough make me come, Mother!" he cried in a thick voice. "You'll make me shoot it so hard up your ass! You want me to come off in your asshole, Mother?"

"Yes!" I sobbed. "I want to feel you squirt it into my asshole!"

"I'm about to come!" he groaned. I finger-fucked my son faster and faster, penetrating his tight asshole.

"Come!" I urged. "Shoot it on me! Fill my fucking asshole with your sweet come juice, baby! Come in mother's ass!"

Lasse groaned, feeling cock throbbed, and then he gave a wail of intense ecstasy.

"Ohhhh, squirt it, baby!" I screamed when I felt the rapid spurts of my son's come juice splashing into my asshole, searing the walls.

"Come in my ass! Fill my hot asshole!" The spewing of his cock sent a wild, rippling spasm through my pussy, the contractions tugging at his buried balls. I rammed my finger deeply into my son's asshole, feeling his ass ring clench as he came. I was coming so hard, I would have fallen on my face if Lasse had not been holding my hips, pulling my ass tightly against his gushing cock.

My legs shook as my cunt exploded with a series of orgasms, the likes of which I had only dreamed of having.

The final spurt flew from Lasse's cock, and he gasped, his own legs shaking from the ecstasy. Still, he managed to remain on his feet, his cock relaxing inside my asshole. Then my finger pulled out of his asshole.

Somehow, I managed to let myself down to the floor without falling. I curled up, knees drawn to my tits, my face aglow with satisfaction. Lasse slumped to the floor, breathing heavily, his shoulders drooping.

"You're wonderful, darling," I whispered.

"You're the best fuck I've ever had."


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