Swimming Lessons by My Aunt by bad nephew

Swimming Lessons by My Aunt

Hello everyone, as you can tell this is an incest story about a nephew and his aunt. If you like stories like this then you should also check my other one, titled: My Teacher, Aunt Jenny

I had just finished 3 laps of the pool and was relaxing in a chaise lounge when I heard my aunt's voice, coming from her balcony. "How's the water, baby?" I told her it was fine and to take a dip. I don't think she realized I could see into her room on the second floor, because she turned from the window and began to remove her clothes. I watched from behind my sunglasses as aunt Karen pulled her tank top up over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra and her breasts were fully exposed to me. For a woman 15 years my senior they looked fantastic! Each one was full and high, not sagging, her nipples were surrounded by dark pink circles. Aunt Karen let her hands slide down each breast as her hands went to her waist to undo the button on her jeans. Behind my sunglasses my eyes were wide with delight, I was seeing quite a show! My cock was responding also, getting hard at the sight of the beautiful woman in front of me. Aunt Karen undid the button and pushed the jeans down her hips, doing a little ass wiggle as she went. She wore no panties, and I almost came just seeing her ass. She stood in front of her mirror for a few moments and let her hands run up and down the length of her body, squeezing her tits and rubbing her pussy before she went to the dresser for her swimsuit. Another surprise! Aunt Karen's swimsuit was a bright yellow thong, the top just two small pieces of material, just barely enough to cover her tits. I watched as she put it on, and reached down to adjust my very uncomfortable erection.

Moments later Aunt Karen stepped out the door and moved to the diving board.

My eyes followed her as she tested the board by bouncing up and down, her tits moving sexily. Closer now I could see that the patch of material that made up the bottom of the suit was just a tiny triangle that covered her cunt lips.

Aunt Karen dove into the water and swam towards the end I was sitting at.

When she stepped from the pool her suit bottom clung to her cunt lips and the small patch of hair covering it, I could clearly make out the folds of her pussy.

Her swimsuit top meanwhile had fallen below her tits, the force of the water must have done that. She didn't seem to notice, and headed my way. I tried to pretend that my eyes were closed behind my glasses but I think my stiff cock gave me away.

Aunt Karen sat on the edge of the chaise lounge with her back to me and asked "would you put some oil on my back baby?, I don't want to burn" I sat up rather uncomfortably and reached to pick up the suntan lotion. While I did that Aunt Karen reached behind her back, undid the bra straps of her suit and removed the top "you don't mind do you, Chris?" I stammered an answer and put some lotion in my hand, and began to rub it on her shoulders. Her skin was soft and warm to my touch. I let my hands move from her shoulders to her back and then started downward. I could see the sides of her tits and wanted to reach around and grab each one. Aunt Karen must have read my mind, she took hold of my wrists and pulled my hands around her body, putting one on each hot breast. I felt the nipples growing in my palms and began to rub lotion on them, they felt heavy to me and I gently squeezed each one, letting the nipples slip through my fingers. Aunt Karen moaned quietly but didn't try to stop me. She took one of my hands and moved it to her abdomen. My fingers now were close enough to reach beneath her suit bottom and touch her private parts. I didn't wait for an invitation. I let my left hand slide beneath the silky fabric and felt the tiny curly pubic hairs that covered her pussy. Aunt Karen leaned back against me and opened her legs slightly. My fingers found the already full lips of her cunt, she was moist and I let one finger slip easily into her twat. Her thighs clamped closed on my hand and she began to move her hips slowly in time with my hand movements. My finger was buried deep in her and I could feel her hard button of a clitoris rubbing against the heel of my hand. My other hand continued to massage her tits while her breaths came in short little bursts.

My cock was as hard as a rock and was pressed into the small of her back, still covered by my swim trunks. Aunt Karen began to buck against my hand harder now and as I pinched her nipples she thrashed against my fingers and came with a long shudder, she fell back against me on the lounge and lay there for a few moments while I felt her cunt throb. My fingers were wet and sticky from her cunt juices, but she wasn't finished with me yet.

After a few moments Aunt Karen stood up, she wiggled out of her suit bottom and stood in front of me naked. She was stunning! Her pussy was wet and glistened with her cum, except for the little bit of hair above her cunt lips she was shaved bare. She looked down at me laying on the lounge and smiled "that felt very good, hon. I guess I owe you one" She reached down and took the waist band of my swimsuit in her hand, with sure, quick movements she pulled them off me and my cock sprung up at her. Aunt Karen picked up the lotion and put some in her hands then reached down for my dick. One hand circled my cock and began a slow up and down movement, her other hand began to massage my swollen balls.

I looked up at Aunt Karen as she smiled down at me and began to jack me off.

She took her time, moving so slowly I felt each finger as it moved against the vein throbbing in my cock, she lifted my balls and squeezed them as thought they were breakable. Aunt Karen moved to her knees at the foot of the chaise and brought my cock to her lips. With a wide smile she rubbed my cock along her wet lips and teeth. A shiver ran the length of my body. Her lips opened slightly and she let the head of my dick pass them into her open mouth. Her tongue licked at the length of my cock and she forced her head up and down the shaft while her hand stroked my balls and cock. It didn't take long, I could feel my cum building for an explosion as I watched Aunt Karen suck my cock deep into her mouth, her tits swaying back and forth with every move. I felt myself tense up, and let out a moan of pleasure as my cock exploded in her mouth with shot after shot of hot cum. Aunt Karen never took her mouth off my dick, she sucked down all the cum I had and squeezed at my shaft to get even more, she seemed to really enjoy it. When I had stopped cumming Aunt Karen licked my cock and balls clean and sucked the last little drop of cum from my peehole.

"Did you enjoy that Chris, darling?" I could only moan my answer. "A young man like you should be ready again for your auntie in a few minutes, how about a quick swim, and then a quick lap?"