Slut Mother Gets Married (Part II) by Whore's Son

Slut Mother Gets Married (Part II)

After the wedding the bride and groom left in the traditional way. Mom came over to where I was sitting and kissed me lightly, leaving a red lipstick mark. "Don't forget Dave," she whispered, "tonight!"

"Tonight," I repeated.

She left and I couldn't help but stare at my mother's big swinging ass. I knew what she had in mind. She'd fuck her husband so hard and so many times that he'll be dead tired by night and then she'll come to me to get fucked like a whore.

I never really cared about fucking my mom. She always moved around the house wearing nothing. Naked she looked more ugly than with her clothes on. My friends always said that she was a hot bitch & they wanted to see her naked but I just hated her huge tits hanging down to her belly and her hips thrust out, as if begging to be fucked.

Every now and then she requested me to fuck her but I never would. She tried everything, pushing her tits on my face, rubbing her ass on my crotch and even sucking me while I was sleeping but nothing worked.

Then one day she was getting ready for a party. She called me in. "Dave. Could you help me with this?" I entered her room and found her bent over. She was wearing red stockings and pumps and nothing else.

Her legs were spread wide apart and her anus was opened as if waiting for man meat. In the mirror I could see my mother's tits hanging loosely. I knew where she was going. "She looks like a whore!" I thought and felt my cock harden. I opened my pants and let it fall down around my knees. I puled my cock out and pointed it to my mother's asshole. "Dave. Please hold this.." she was saying.

I grabbed my mother's big, creamy hips and pulled them apart. She gasped as my cock violated her rectum. As I watched in amazement my full 8 inches sank into my mother's anus easily.

"You look like a whore, mom!" I said, pumping my huge member in and out of my mother's ass.

"I'm a whore, son," my mother replied.

This turned me on like nothing ever had. "You dirty cunt, you cock hungry slut...getting ass fucked by your son.... you whore!" I went wild. She started thrusting her hips out to meet my rhythm. "Yes Dave!" fuck your slut mother! Mommy is a whore. Fuck me! Ooooh.. fuck mommy with that fat cock!"

I pulled her heavy hips "You dirty whore. Take it..." and I pushed my hand up my mother's wet cunt. After a few strokes I felt her cumming. Her thick cunt juice ran down my wrist and I heard her groaning "I'm cumming! Oh fuck...I'm cumming!"

A few minutes later I came too, filling my mother's anus with my white sperms. I stayed inside for a few seconds and then pulled my cock out. The cum ran out of her ass but she immediately flexed her ass muscles to hold it in.

I left my mother like that, ass fucked and satisfied she now lay on floor. I walked out and washed myself.

After about half an hour she came out. She was still in her red stockings and pumps. she had bright red lipstick and heavy mascara on. She still looked liked a whore. She went to the kitchen and I saw her ass was still leaking. "What do you have in your ass slut?" I asked. "Its your cum lover boy!" She replied. "Think you can give mommy another dosage?"

"I don't fuck whores," I said.

"Oh no? Look here!" she said turning around. She pushed her hips out and shot out a load of my cum. It flew across the room and fell on the floor near my legs. She shot another one and then I saw huge globs of my sperms bubbling out of my mother's anus and flowing down on her thighs.

"So you don't fuck whores.. huh? But you know what... this whore is different," she said, walking over to me. She turned around again and bent down, spreading her ass..."See this ass sonny boy? It is still creamed with your sperm." Then she faced me and opened her cunt. "This is your mother's cunt," she said, frigging it with her fingers. "Always wet...always hungry. These are mommy's tits," she said, smothering me with her huge hanging boobs. "You know what mommy can do sonny boy? Look closely." She turned around and bent down, her ass lifted high up in the air and my cum soaking her red stockings. She was licking my cum from the floor. "Uggghh..." I heard her and saw her rubbing her face in my cum. Her asshole was opened and right in front of me. I could see deep inside it. "Please fuck me son! Please fuck your whore mother!" She was now crying. "Make me your fuck slut" Please fuck mommy" I couldn't take it anymore and pulled my underwear down. My cock was hard and I was angry looking at my mother rubbing her face in my cum and begging to be fucked. I hated it so much that I raped my mother's asshole twice. I came inside her once and then slapped her face "This is what you want cunt?"

"Yes Dave! Mommy is a whore! Slap slut mommy's face. Mommy's a cheap cock licking whore" she encouraged me. I continued slapping my whore mother's face till I came. "From now on you are my whore." I said "Oh yes Dave!" she said excitedly. "I'll hold your cum in my ass for the whole night."

"That's it cunt," I said, "if one drop leaks out, I'll make you eat my shit, whore."

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