Sleeping Little Sister

Sleeping Little Sister

You wouldn't believe how tight my little sister is.

What's that you say? "You wouldn't believe someone would be so perverted as to fuck his own little sister?"

Well, what would YOU do, if your sexy little sister came into your room one night, and climbed into bed with you, stark naked?

Sure you would. SUUURE you would. And you would send back the winning million-dollar lottery-ticket too, saying you didn't deserve it.

Actually, the first time it happened, it was completely innocent. Honest. Well, for Chrissie it was anyway. My little sister had just gotten cold, as the temperature outside dipped down to almost 30 below.

We live in this old farmhouse about ten miles outside of Embarrass Minnesota, where the usual joke is, "I'd call it Embarrass too. I'd be embarrassed to live in a place that got that cold!" Actually, around here, people are more likely to BOAST about how cold it gets, than complain. Comments like, "Gee, did you know that it got down to 47 below at our house last night?" would be followed by a, "So what? WE got down to 52 below." My father used to say that, "The first liar never had a chance."

Still, WE never lied about OUR cold records, and as far as I know, our neighbors were as scrupulously honest as we were. It's just COLD in this part of Minnesota. Those people who don't get macho enough to brag about the cold, usually wimp-out, and leave in a few years.

Anyway, Chrissie has the room next to mine, and about 15 feet further from the thermostat, and further from the center of the house. Also, the duct-work into her room doesn't get as much warm air from the furnace.

Usually, Chrissie doesn't mind; she just has one more blanket than I do. However, this night was not only cold, but the wind was coming from the east for a change, and my father had just installed the new thermostat to save energy, by automatically turning the heat down at night. It must have been freezing in my little sister's bedroom.

So, the little girl got up, came down the hall, and slipped into bed with me. All very innocent.

"Huh?" you say. "Innocent?" "Climbing into bed naked, with your own big brother?" I see I'll have to explain a little more.

Up to about a year ago, when Chrissie got cold, she used to climb into bed with Mom and Dad. She started doing this when she was about three years old. However last year, Mom had put a stop to it. I think it was because at 10 years old, Chrissie's body was starting to have an effect on Dad, and Mom didn't want there to be any "accidents" in the middle of the night. Besides, Mom liked her privacy, and Chrissie was getting old enough that she might notice certain "things".

Well, Dad's loss, was my gain. Not being allowed to sleep with Mom and Dad any more, Chrissie figured that her big brother wouldn't mind if she slipped into bed with him.

She didn't ask me, she just did it. Well, she never asked Mom or Dad either, so that's really no surprise.

What WAS a surprise, was waking up at about 2 AM, as my little sister's body snuggled up to me for warmth. She had just walked down the hall, and slipped into bed with me, stark naked. And I was just as naked.

Huh? Oh. I never wear anything to bed at night. Never did. I don't think my parents do either, as Chrissie never seemed surprised to find me not wearing any clothes, when she got into bed with me. Come to think of it, I don't remember even seeing a pair of "pajamas" until I was almost 12, and George and I went on that camping-trip with his dad, where he snickered at me for going naked in the sleeping bag.

I was just as amused at him actually wearing special "clothes" to bed. Heck, you might as well wear clothes to go swimming!

Even around the house, it's not all that unusual for one of us to not bother getting dressed on a weekend morning, unless we had someplace to go. Mom usually dressed, because she didn't want to get burned, when she made breakfast.

Still, I can remember more than one morning eating cold cereal, when all four of us sat around the table, with not more than two pairs of socks, and a pair of slippers between us. (The tile floor is COLD.)

So it wasn't the fact that Chrissie was naked, when she climbed into bed with me, that was such a shock. It was the fact that she was there at all, AND the fact that her body was cold!

When my little sister snuggled her cute little 10-year-old butt up against me, far from being aroused, I almost let out a yell of surprise and shock! Thank goodness I didn't.

"What are you DOING here?" I asked my little sister.

"I was cold," she complained; snuggling her almost-freezing butt back against me for emphasis. "You don't mind, do you?"

I thought about it, and decided I didn't. What the heck, I felt sorry for my little sister, and besides: I was cold too. Chrissie would make a nice little bed-warmer, once her ass warmed up.

Yeah, I can see your smirks right now. Thinking about how "hot" that bed would get. Well, I wasn't thinking about sex right then. That didn't come until later.

As I said, at FIRST, it was all very innocent. Even on my part. As for later. . . Well, that's what this story is about.

NO, I did NOT climb on top of my innocent little sister, and fuck the hell out of her, just because she climbed in bed with me naked. Chrissie just wanted to get warm, and at first, that's all I wanted too.

In fact, it wasn't until about two hours later, that I had any sexual thoughts at all, about my little sister. It must have been about 4 in the morning, and we had both been sleeping comfortably for quite a while, when I woke up with a piss-hard- on, and needed to hit the bathroom.

Only Chrissie wouldn't let me. I was lying with one arm wrapped around my little sister's body; instinctively cupping her little nubbin of a breast, and she had wrapped HER arm over mine, and wouldn't let go. I suppose I SHOULD have pulled away, but I was still too sleepy to make a struggle. I decided to wait to pee. Possibly even go back to sleep.

Only it was about then, I became aware of my sexy little sister's cute little butt rubbing against my piss-hard prick. It wasn't intentional, but it sure was sexy! Suddenly pissing was impossible anyway, as my piss-hard-on became the real thing.

I tried pulling away, but Chrissie just hung on tighter to my arm, pressing it against her little chest, as she snuggled back against me. Once she gets to sleeping soundly, Chrissie is almost impossible to wake up. I know, I tried.

I tried pulling away from my little sister, but since she had a death-grip on my arm, that just forced my groin even harder into her sexy little butt. After a couple of pulls, I stopped trying anyway. I had other things on my mind. I COULD have pulled away, if I wanted to, but it would surely have woken Chrissie up, and shortly that was the last thing I wanted.

"Chrissie?" I said, to be sure she was really sleeping.

Chrissie didn't respond, even when I repeated it louder.

By now, my mind had become filled with the sexy possibilities of sleeping with my little sister, when she was unable to wake up. Uhuh. I'm sure you have had such ideas yourself, about taking liberties with an unconscious girl, even if you DON'T have a cute little sister sneaking into bed with you. Well, so had I, even before Chrissie did.

Only I never expected to realize those fantasies with my own sister. Once it became obvious that I wasn't going to wake Chrissie up, without raising a real ruckus anyway, the possibilities were staggering. Well, hard-on raising, anyway.

Only I already HAD a hard-on, and Chrissie didn't even seem to be aware that her cute little rear was rubbing against a throbbing erection, that was simply ACHING to slip up inside her tight little cunny, and squirt her full of her big brother's cum.

I didn't do it, of course. I was too scared of what would happen, if she woke up, while I was halfway inside her. Could you imagine the yelling, screaming and accusations? Well, I did. So I didn't try to fuck Chrissie... At least, not then.

I DID start sliding my prick back and forth, up against my little sister's cute little butt; between her legs, and even up against her pubic-mound. Back and forth, until my prick was drooling pre-cum; lubricating the sensuous slide between the little girl's legs even more. When the head of my cock got real slippery, the top even spread my little sister's cunny-lips, until I could feel her pubes wrapped halfway around it, and knew the sweetest little hole in the world was sliding along the top of my aching penis.

That was it. Before I was even aware that I was about to cum, I was doing it; squirting great sticky gobs all over my little sister's ass, between her slim little legs, and even all over her pubes, and in between them. It was like some silly comedy, where I couldn't get the damned thing to stop squirting.

By the time I stopped squirting, my little sister was a mess. So was I, with white greasy cum all over my hand, where I had been desperately trying to keep from getting any on the bed. Mostly I had succeeded, but at the expense of squirting more of it all over Chrissie. I knew I had to clean up the mess, before Chrissie woke up, and wondered what was happening. I knew I could NEVER satisfactorily explain THIS.

Chrissie STILL didn't want to let me go, but I finally managed to work my hand out from under hers, and make a bolt for the bathroom. I didn't DARE stop to pee, even though my prick was now threatening to make an even BIGGER mess, if I ignored it much more. I grit my teeth, and dashed back into the bedroom, with a whole roll of toilet-paper.

First, I grabbed a wad, and stopped the more obvious drips from reaching the bed. Then I wiped my hand, and tried to clean Chrissie up, without waking her. Chrissie slept like a log.

Only when I had finished up with the more obvious mess, did I worry about what my little sister had between her legs. What a sticky gooey mess! Ready to bolt and play "sleep" at an instant, I carefully lifted my little sister's leg, and wiped up the streaks of cum between them until I came to the most delicate job of all. Chrissie's crotch was slippery, where I must have squirted three or four healthy gobs of cum all over her pubic- mound. Carefully I wiped up there too. Chrissie didn't wake up, or even move much; except when I wiped right between her little mounds that made up the outer lips of her bare little cunny.

Chrissie moaned, and I thought she might wake up, but she only pressed her little pubic mound more firmly against my probing hand, while I froze in fright.

When I realized she wasn't going to wake up after all, and even seemed to like the feel of my hand between her legs, I couldn't resist letting my big finger slip between the lips of her crack. It was warm and incredibly slippery in there, as some of my cum must have accidentally gotten inside. I didn't dare wipe her there with the rough tissue, so I tried to kind of "sweep" the extra goo out with my finger.

I didn't really succeed, but something else happened instead. Chrissie seemed to like the feel, and she pushed back at my probing finger; until it slipped halfway up inside her hot little hole. Oh shit!

As I said before, you wouldn't believe how tight my little sister is. Or how hot and wet she is inside. I almost fainted from the feeling of my little sister's vagina sucking on my finger like a calf sucking on it's mother. The though of how it would feel sucking on my prick, was almost enough to make me repeat my earlier embarrassing episode. I couldn't resist sliding my sperm-slippery finger even further up inside my little sister to see what would happen.

"Mmmm," moaned Chrissie, making my hair stand on end. Surprisingly, having her big brother feeling her up, didn't wake her. In fact, she seemed to slip into an even deeper sleep, hugging the pillow, instead of my arm this time.

I don't know how long I might have remained there sliding my finger in and out of my little sister's hot wet hole, but I was forced to quit fairly rapidly. The pressure in my bladder told me I had two choices: Either make a mad dash for the bathroom, or make a hell of a mess on the bed. I pulled my finger out of Chrissie, (THIS almost DID wake her up!) and just made it to the toilet, before losing control. I actually made a slight mess on the seat, but that was easily cleaned up.

After I had finished, I returned to bed, and went back to sleep. Yes, sleep. With the pressure off both my balls and bladder, the very thought of the risks I had been taking was enough to give me the shivers. If I had been caught. . . *shudder* I moved as far away from Chrissie as I could, and went back to sleep.

The sensual feel of my little sister's skin rubbing against my leg was a wonderful way to wake up in the morning. Her lithe young body next to me made me want to hold and cuddle her all day long. It was only when I remembered the narrow chance I had taken the previous night, that my hair stood on end, and I hurriedly moved away from my sister.

Chrissie didn't even notice. Cheerfully she got up, and walked back to her bedroom to get dressed, now that the temperature was back up. She didn't even seem to notice or care that I was staring at her naked body with interest, until she left the room.

Well, that should have been that. Only what had happened that night haunted me for the next three days. Visions of my little sister's naked body lying next to me covered with my sperm filled my thoughts; while I imagined her sexy little butt against my stomach again, and dreamed of my prick sliding up inside her tight little hole, just like my finger had.

I don't know WHY Chrissie slipped into my bed that night, three days after the first episode. It wasn't nearly as cold as before, and the wind was from the west, like it usually is. Still, I didn't object.

This time, Chrissie just slipped into my room right at bedtime, instead of the middle of the night. "You don't mind if I sleep with you tonight, do you?" she asked; but didn't wait for an answer before slipping under the covers with me. For the second time in a week, I found myself in bed with a cute, squirming, sexy, and VERY naked little girl.

Only THIS time, I was fully aware of the possibilities. My prick exploded into an erection, like a poker sticking out in front of me. I KNEW Chrissie could feel it, as it was poking her in her soft little tummy. Surprisingly, she didn't seem to mind. She just moved over, turned her back to me, and snuggled back to me again; ignoring the fact that my prick was sliding halfway between her legs. I ran my hand over her flat little tummy, and up over her budding young breasts, and Chrissie just giggled. Only when I started rubbing her pubic mound, did my sister reach down, grab my hand, and firmly place it back on her sweet little tit where it belonged. Two minutes later, Chrissie was asleep.

There's no way that I could get to sleep. The sensual feel of my little sister's skin against mine, the smell of her sexy long hair in my nose, the feel of my prick rubbing against her slim little leg the. . . well you get the idea. I'll be able to ignore my little sister when I'm dead.

Part of me was FAR from dead at that moment; and it took over most of my thinking. Yeah, my prick was as hard as a rock, and the sexy dreams I had been having all week about my little sister didn't help matters either. I waited, almost holding my breath, until I was sure Chrissie was asleep. Then I waited some more; listening to her quiet breathing for over half an hour, to be sure she wasn't faking.

"Chrissie," I said, then louder, "Chrissie?"

There was no response, except the quiet breathing of my little sister, and the slow rise and fall of her chest against my hand. This time, when I ran my hand down her tummy, and then on until it rubbed her pubis, she didn't object. Chrissie was really asleep.

By now, my prick had been leaking slippery pre-cum for almost a half-an-hour. So, it was with no difficulty at all, that I slipped the head of it between my sister's legs. I wanted to repeat the thing I had done the previous night. Only THIS time I had a roll of tissue-paper by the bed, and a towel handy too. I wasn't going to be caught unprepared this time.

So, I started doing it again; sliding my prick up against my little sister's butt; between her legs, and even up against her tight little hole. Two or three times, I felt the tiny little hole against the top of my prick, until I couldn't resist and slid down in bed, until I could angle my prick up so the tip poked into the furrow that guarded my little sister's vagina.

I could actually feel my sister's tiny little vagina in a circle around the head of my prick. There was no way that I figured I could actually get my penis inside her, but just the thought was enough. I came again.

Only THIS time, I didn't get it all over the bed. I got it all over the inside of my little sister's vagina, instead. Uhuh. I had the tip of my prick poking into Chrissie's tight little hole, when it exploded; and I let every drop squirt right up inside her. I hadn't really PLANNED on doing this, but I did it anyway. (Actually, I had planned to use the towel, but once I started squirting in Chrissie it was too late.)

Knowing my sperm was going into my own sister's body, was incredibly sexy. It was also a relief, to know I wasn't getting it all over her body and the sheets, like last time. I didn't dare pull away, until I had spasmed the little girl full of every drop of incestuous sperm I had in me, and my prick was finally wilting like six-week-old celery.

Since I had squirted it inside her, I couldn't wipe my cum out like I wiped it up last time; so I stuck a wad of tissue into my little sister's crack, and drifted off to sleep.

About an hour later, I woke up sweating. What if Chrissie woke up, and found a wad of tissue holding my sperm from leaking out of her hole? There's no way she wouldn't be able to figure out what had happened. I hurriedly reached down and managed to work the wad of tissue out, without waking my little sister.

Only now I couldn't get back to sleep. My little sister's sexy little body next to mine, and the knowledge of how close her tight little slit was to the head of my prick wouldn't let me. Finally, I knew I had to try again to blow another load of cum into my little sister, or I wouldn't get ANY sleep at all.

That's all I intended to do. . . Slide my prick in and out, just like before, and jack off into my little sister. I didn't really plan on fucking her. . . Honest.

Only when I was rubbing up against Chrissie's vagina this time, her hole was so slippery with my sperm inside her, and the head of my prick was so slippery with pre-cum that when I tried to seal the head of my prick against her vagina, so I didn't get any cum on the bed, it just slipped inside. The head of my prick, that is.

The feel of my little sister's cunny-lips snapping over the head of my penis was too much. I had planned on a nice long session of bringing myself to the brink several times, before I squirted my seed inside Chrissie; but feeling her incredibly tight little hole squeezing and milking on the head of my prick caused me to cum almost instantaneously.

Just like the previous night, this time it seemed to go on and on. Squirt after squirt of thick sticky cum spat into my little sister's belly. Gob after gob. Jet after jet. I must have ejaculated almost a pint of warm greasy cum into my little sister, and it's a wonder her flat little tummy didn't bulge from the internal pressure. I fell asleep that way, with my prick holding my sperm bottled up in my little sister's womb.

Two hours later, I repeated the job. I woke up; found my prick leaking cum in my little sister's belly, and slid the head in and out until I came again. This time, I made SURE I had the head of my prick inside her, while I spasmed her tight little tunnel full of warm greasy cum.

In the morning, I did it again. In fact, Chrissie was just starting to wake up, as I left the last sticky drop of incestuous seed squirting in my little sister's hole.

I don't know what Chrissie thought about being so wet between the legs, but she seemed to be embarrassed. Perhaps she thought she had been having a wet-dream. For sure she didn't seem to feel my prick pull out of her vagina, as she got up, and then dashed for the bathroom to pee.

Well, as you can imagine, I did it again. And again, and again. For almost a month, Chrissie stopped by every two or three nights, and once she was asleep, I would fuck her. By the third time, I started trying to push more than just the head of my prick inside her, and by the fifth, I was sliding my prick up in my little sister's belly, until my balls were rubbing against her bare little cunny lips.

After that first disaster, I never wasted a drop outside of Chrissie's tight little hole. And God was she tight! But that made it feel all the better to my horny prick, and safer too; as she was less likely to leak, once I had squirted inside her. Usually, I would spend the whole night with my prick buried in my little sister's body; only pulling out, when I woke up the next morning.

It's funny, but sliding my prick up inside her tight little hole never seemed to disturb Chrissie's sleep at all. Not even when it first went in, and it was all I could do to make it fit. (God, she's tight!) However, pulling it out, almost always did. Quite a few times, I lay there and sweated, while Chrissie's breath grew ragged in the middle of the night, after I had came inside her; waiting for her to go back to sleep, so I could clean her up, while worrying about what she'd say if she figured out why her crotch was such a mess.

After a while though, I solved this problem by just leaving it in my sister; bottling up my sperm inside her, until we got up in the morning. Since I usually woke up first, this worked out pretty good. As I said, usually I woke up first; pulling out, and shaking Chrissie at the same time, so she wouldn't associate being woke up with the fact that my prick was no longer filling her snug little hole, or the snapping sensation of her cunny-lips popping off the head of her brother's prick.

Twice though, Chrissie woke up first. Luckily, when she woke up, she turned over; pulling my prick out of her before she was fully awake to what was happening. I shudder to think what might have happened, if she had come fully awake, with my fat prick still up inside her. Oh well, it didn't, so why worry now?

Chrissie never seemed to notice until AFTER I had pulled out that she was full of cum, and then she always seemed embarrassed that I might find out that she had another "wet-dream"

Ha! Well, you know it didn't last forever like that.

In fact, it's amazing that it lasted for the week-and-a-half that it did. The end, was precipitated, when my parents got up one night, and didn't find Chrissie in her bedroom. So they went looking for her.

"Oh. There she is. Look, Marsha, she's in here with Billy."

My father's words woke me from my half-doze, where I lay with my half-hard prick still leaking cum in my little sister's tight little hole.

Oh shit! I was dead! When my parents saw me sleeping with Chrissie, they would just HAVE to know I was fucking her. I didn't even dare pull out, as the movement would have made our sexual-joining that much more obvious.

I lay there sweating, as I tried to pretend that Chrissie and I were just lying there, innocently sleeping together like two kids who didn't even know there WAS such a thing as sex.

Chrissie just slept; making HER job easy. I lay snuggled up to her as close as I could, so our parents wouldn't be able to see that my prick was inside my little sister, unless they already knew it.

This forced the last two inches of my prick into my little sister's tight little snatch; bringing a murmur of satisfaction from her, as she snuggled back in her sleep. Once again, my prick was buried to the balls in my little sister's vagina. Oooh, did that feel good. A squirt of pre-cum leaked out, as I tried to remain still.

It was incredibly hard not to thrust in and out, as Chrissie's vagina rippled and milked on my invading prick. I guess she was having sexy dreams, just like I had been.

Well, I'm not completely sure how well it worked, but Mom didn't come into the room screaming, when she saw my little sister sleeping peacefully next to me. In fact, she seemed to be amused.

"Oh, isn't that cute," she said. "Chrissie's getting to be quite a sexy young girl."

Oh shit! Suddenly, I was sweating like heck, all over again.

"Uhuh," said Dad. "If it wasn't her big brother she was sleeping with, we might have to take precautions."

"I suppose," said Mom. "One of these days, When Chrissie starts having boyfriends, we're going to have to get her started on some kind of birth-control."

My hair stood on end. Upt to then, I hadn't even THOUGHT about the possibility of getting my little sister pregnant. And the little girl was sleeping at that moment, with a big helping of my sperm soaking into her vagina, right up next to her (possibly) fertile young womb. I wondered if Chrissie had started menstruating yet.

I was so scared at the prospect, that I almost missed my father's answer.

Chrissie's tight little tube squeezing on my prick, did little for my composure either. If I wasn't careful, I was going to ejaculate yet another helping of my seed in the child's womb, and THIS time I wouldn't have ignorance of the fact that she might get pregnant, as an excuse.

"Well," Said Dad, "there's ONE way we might rig it, so we don't have to worry about one of her boyfriends knocking Chrissie up, without putting her on the pill."

I listened with all my might. If there was a way out of this mess, then I wanted to hear it. How could Chrissie be safe, if she was fucking someone, and not using birth-control? Right then, I had a VERY personal interest!

Even straining to hear, I missed it. Dad must have whispered in Mom's ear.

"You're kidding!" she said. I could hear the amusement in her voice, so it must have been pretty funny.

"Well," said my father, in a more normal tone, "Chrissie can't very well GET pregnant, if she's ALREADY pregnant by her own big brother, now can she?"

"You're incorrigible!" said Mom, but I could hear the laughter in her voice.

"No, just horny from seeing my little girl sleeping in the same bed with her big brother. Who knows, maybe Chrissie is ALREADY carrying Billy's baby in her sexy little tummy. Wouldn't that be a kick?"

"You don't really MEAN that, do you?"

"Well, I know if I was Billy in that bed with a sexy little sister like Chrissie there, I wouldn't be wasting my time sleeping! I'd be filling the little girl's cute little tummy so full of baby-juice, she'd be having triplets before she gets out of the fifth grade. Besides, wouldn't that solve the problem of us having to worry about Chrissie getting knocked-up by some kid she hardly knows?"

The light dimmed, as the door closed, and my parents backed down the hall.

"I guess it would, but WHAT a solution!" Mom's voice was fainter now.

I could barely make out dad's, "Maybe. But I can tell you like the idea. See? You'd like to see Chrissie's cute little belly swelling, just as much as I would."

There was a squeal from my mother, and then their door closed with a and I couldn't hear any more. I wasn't listening anyway. I knew enough.

Just knowing that my parents WANTED me to get my little sister pregnant, was too much for my overstimulated prick. My cock swelled up like a balloon, until it felt two-inches in diameter, and sent another surge of life-giving sperm squirting into my little sister's womb.

This time, I didn't try to hold back. Pushing in as hard as I could, I sent bolt after thick creamy bolt of baby-making cum as far up inside my little sister's belly as I could.

It was only when I was slowing down, and the last little trickle of cum was dribbling out of my half-hard prick, that I realized my frantic thrusting had finally woke my little sister up.

Oh shit! Maybe Mom and Dad wouldn't be mad if I got Chrissie pregnant, but then THEY were assuming that the little girl would know what was happening when I did. If my parents found out that I had effectively raped their little girl, by fucking her while she was asleep, and couldn't even object. . . I was dead.

Our parents love both of us, but Dad especially loves his little girl. When he found out I had raped her. . . I couldn't bear to think of what might happen.

Whatever punishment I thought up, Dad's would be worse. Of course, worse than that, would be the shame I would have to carry the rest of my life. I would never live it down. I waited, miserably, for Chrissie to start yelling and screaming.

"Mmm," said Chrissie, sleepily. "Billy?"

"Uhuh?" I didn't DARE say more, or even move. My prick was still half-in, and half-out of Chrissie's sucking little vagina, though by now it was limp as a noodle.

If I pulled out though, there would probably be a flood of cum all over the bed; not only making a mess, but drawing attention to the very fact that I had not only fucked my little sister, but I had ejaculated my incestuous sperm inside her as well; possibly even getting her pregnant. I was caught, either way.

"Billy," repeated Chrissie, "are you fucking me?"

"Uhuh," I replied again; waiting for the screams and accusations to start.

"Oh," murmured Chrissie sleepily, "that's what I thought." Then my sexy little sister snuggled her cute little butt back into my stomach, and went back to sleep.