Rape Betrayal #6 - It's a Wonderful Life by Jaz1701

Rape Betrayal #6 - It's a Wonderful Life


John's life had been a shitstorm for the past year. He had found out that his loving wife of 16 years was an adulterous slut. Susan had been fucking his next door neighbor for almost 3 months. John had come home early on their anniversary to share a romantic dinner. He was surprised to find his wife naked and on her knees in their bedroom begging that little dicked, prick Ron to cum in her mouth. As it turned out Ron would not be fucking anyone for a very long time. John beat the living shit out of that traitor. He broke his right arm, fractured his leg and snapped Ron's collarbone when he threw him down the stairs. As angry as he was he could not bring himself to hit Susan. He watched her expressions proceed from surprise, to shock, on to fear, over to relief and settle on a cool, smug superiority. "John I am sorry you had to find out this way, but maybe it is for the best. Our marriage does not excite me anymore, I think it is time we both moved on while we can still be friends". John wanted to beat that tone out of her voice, to teach her just what kind of friend he could be, but he was too hurt emotionally, too weak from his wife's unexpected betrayal to give her the beating they both knew she deserved. So he just stood there like an impotent, spineless, de-dicked, pussy whipped fool and cried for the woman that he loved, and the marriage that was lost.

Tears don't last forever, and when they were spent John was able to concentrate on revenge. Susan's lawyer wasted no time contacting him to begin divorce proceedings. John made good money as a senior computer technician in a large pharmaceutical company. He had been with them since he was 19 and participated in their aggressive 401 k plan. John was now 36 and had over $350,000 in assets. Susan and her lawyer wanted half. No way he was going to let her fuck him again. So the war began. Susan demanded $2,000 a month in alimony and child support. John's lawyer countered with $0 in alimony and a petition for sole custody of their 15 year old daughter Jennifer. The look of terror on Susan's face at the thought of losing her only child almost made John giddy with anticipation and revenge. Taking Jennifer away would break Susan, it was the cruelest blow he could strike. It was the most evil thing John had ever conceived. It was an evenly matched custody fight to start; but once the Judge ruled that John would only pay Alimony for 6 months, that Susan would receive 1/3 of his 401 plan when he RETIRED, Susan's position began to weaken. She had not finished college, and had not held a full time job in her life. John's job allowed him to do much of his work from home. He only had to go in to the office two days a week, and for meetings or emergencies. The judge asked Jennifer who she would prefer to live with. While she clearly loved both of her parents very much, it was also clear that she was hurt, betrayed and very angry at her mother's slutty behavior. After reviewing the case for several days the Judge decided that "awarding sole custody of the minor Jennifer Pressman to her father John Pressman was in the best interests of the child."

The scream that Susan let out was one of complete despair, and absolute denial. "Noooo! Please don't take my daughter from me, anything but that. John I'll come back to you we can go in to counseling, I am sorry, my God don't take my baby from me", she babbled. No one could blame John if he felt sorry for her now that it was over. Despite what had happened this battered, sobbing creature had been his lover, partner and best friend for 16 years. To feel some remorse would be natural, to have some lingering goodwill despite all of the vicious and hurtful attacks of the past several months of hell would be a sign that one day John could forgive her and maybe even salvage a measure of friendship. He crossed the courtroom and held Susan in his arms. She fit snugly against his body and leaned into him as they had done a thousand times in the past. He gently stroked her hair and smiled down at his wife. He kissed her softly on the cheek and tasted her salty, heartfelt tears. He gazed deeply into her beautiful face and for a moment they were both oblivious to their surroundings, to the lawyers, and bailiffs, to the Judge and Court Reporter, and even to the smiling tearstained face of their daughter.

John leaned even closer to her and said, "I am going to fuck our daughter Susan, I will make her my sex slut. I am going to bury my face in her cunt and nibble on her clit. I will train her to suck my dick and like it, no, to NEED it. If she is a slut like you she will love living with her daddy. If she is not then I am going to rape our little girl, I am going to break her, to hurt her the way I want to hurt you. Every time I fuck her ass I will tell her that it is your fault. Every time I beat her juicy little butt I will tell her that it is because of you. Your precious daughter is going to hate you Susan. There is nothing that you can do about it. Fuck you and die." John said all of this in a quiet tone that only Susan could hear, he said it while he continued to pat her lovingly, consolingly. Susan listened in stunned horror, she did not move or even breathe while he spoke. When he finished John put his arms around Jennifer and smiled a vicious little grin at Susan as they left the courtroom. Susan took a deep breath and collapsed.

John began seducing his daughter that very night. As soon as they got home he went to his room and asked to be left alone. He knew Jennifer would be worried by this, and sure enough it was not 10 minutes before she knocked on his door to check on him. Jennifer had never seen her strong, proud father cry before. When she entered his room he was curled up in the fetal position, and sobbing. "Oh daddy" she cried as she ran to comfot him. John sat up on the edge of the bed dressed only in his underwear. Susan wrapped her arms around him and stood between his legs. Her father clutched her to him and cried into her soft, round breasts. John appeared to be innocently accepting his daughter's caress but in reality he was rubbing his face into Jennifer's nipples. Occasionally he licked her through her shirt. His hands were lightly cupping his daughter's hard, round ass. "I loved her so much and now she is gone, I have lost everything. Your mother is the only woman I have ever loved, I have been so lonley without her. I am sorry baby but I don't think I can bear to sleep in this bed without her for another night. " John sobbed. Jennifer was crying too now. She began to worry her father might do something to hurt himself. " Don't worry daddy you will always have me, I am your girl. I will sleep here with you tonight daddy so you won't be alone. I still love you, even if mom doesn't." John laid back as his daughter quickly removed her clothes and crawled into bed wearing only a bra and lace panties. She snuggled close to him, and soon they drifted off to sleep.

John woke up first. For a moment he was disoriented and thought it was Susan laying beside him, that it was Susan's ass that his morning hard on was pressing against. For a moment he thought the past year had been a bad dream, and that he had his life back. But reality slowly settled over him, accompanied by the familiar feelings of rage at his wife's betrayal and the compelling, consuming need to hurt her and keep hurting her; until she felt the kind of soul wrenching, gut crushing pain that he lived with every day since he discovered her and Ron in this very room. A part of the kind, decent man he used to be was ashamed of what he planned to do to his only child. She deserved far better than this, she should have been allowed to keep her innocence, her naivete, her trust in the purity of her father's love. Sadly that kind, decent man was almost completely gone now and what remained was not strong enough to control his anger, slake his thirst for revenge, or defeat his lust for his sweet young daughter's Susanlike body. John reached over and put Jennifer's small, soft hand in his briefs. His cock quickly grew to its full 8.5 inches. Then he gently nudged his 15 year old daughter awake. "Good morning da... Oh what have I done, Daddy I am sorry I didn't mean to touch you there!" she exclaimed as she tried to remove her hand from her father's penis.

John did not let her. "Honey it's ok I do not mind you holding my penis. Jen it is only natural that you would be curious about sex. I know we have talked about the basics but have you actually felt or seen a man's penis before?" John asked her. "No dad of course not!". John smiled as he held Jennifer's hand tight against his cock. He wanted to shoot a load on her tiny, warm fingers, and watch her play with his spunk, but he managed to control himself. "I think it is important that you are comfortable with your body, and understand how adult sex really should be. Most father's teach their daughters how to have sex AFTER they teach them how to drive; but you have been forced to grow up very quickly in the last year, and are no longer a little girl, so I am going to let you start having sex a little earlier than your friends. After all you are the woman of the house now. I will be expecting a lot out of you, it is only fair that you get to enjoy the good stuff too. You will no longer have a curfew, you may drink and use drugs in moderation if you decide to, and I will be giving you your own cedit cards to spend as you see fit. Mom cannot afford to make the payments on the Miata so when you turn sixteen next month it is all yours. How does that sound?"

Susan could not believe her ears, she really was a woman now. Her friends were going to be so jealous. "It sounds great Dad...but I am just not sure about the sex part. You mean you will be having real sex with me-... all the way?" she stumbled.

John tousled her hair and said, "Of course I will be fucking you kiddo. I am looking forward to it. Tell you what I'll make you a promise we will try it 3 times. If you decide that you do not like sex, and want to go back to being a child with no credit cards, no car, and a 9 pm curfew you can. Is it a deal?"

Jennifer thought for a moment and said, "Ok daddy".

John smiled and said, "Lets get started. For this first time I am going to do most of the work. It is important that the man prepare the woman for sex. I am going to teach you how to kiss, then I'll suck on your tits and taste your girl juices before I fuck you. Just relax and enjoy it. If you have any questions just let me know. " John pulled his daughter close to him and began to softly kiss her neck and lips. He waited until she was comfortable and started kissing him back before he began sucking on her pouty lips and licking her teeth and tounge. As the young girl's kisses became more passionate, more demanding John deep frenched her. This went on for some time.

Next John unhooked Jennifer's bra and peeled it off. "Oh Jen look at how beautiful your tits are!" John said, as he reached out and began gently massaging his little girl's soft, barbell shaped breasts. Jennifer's breathing became ragged as he teased her long pink nipples errect. Her moans grew louder as he licked, nipped and sucked her breasts for the next 10 minutes. John slowly licked and kissed his way down Jennifer's flat stomach, stopping briefly to suck her outie belly button stub.

"Daddy what are you going to do to me down there?" she asked as John slowly peeled her pink panties off her ass. "I am going to taste your pussy juice and then make you cum Jen. I want you to be extra juicy when I fuck you for the first time. Jennifer did not like the idea of spreading her legs apart for her daddy. The look on his face as he sniffed her pussy was strange almost, dangerous. "Daddy I think maybe we should stop, I don't want to do this," she said as she clamped her legs together. "Nonsense we had a deal honey, we can't stop now," John replied as he forced his daughter's legs apart, buried his face in her cunt, and began to eat. At first Jennifer tried to stop him, but she quickly realized that it was hopeless. She was no where near strong enough to stop her muscular father.

As he continued sucking her pussy lips, and rubbing her clit the young girl felt an odd tightness deep in her belly. "You are so wet honey, god you are just like your mom. She always had a sloppy cunt. You taste much sweeter than she did. Here have a taste," John said as he dipped two fingers into Jennifer's pussy and scooped some of her cum cream out. He then rubbed it on her lips. As John continued plunging his tongue in, out, and around his daughter's virgin cunt; she began to hump his face, to grind her pussy in to her daddy.

Finally her hands came down and locked around his head to make sure he did not stop. "Daddy what is happening, something is wrong, my pussy is on fire, it feels so good don't stop daddy, don't stop!" she screamed.

So of course he did. "Now you are ready to be fucked like a good little cumslut. I am going to take your virginity and rip this tight, wet snatch wide open. It is going to hurt, Jen but if you are half the slut your mom is you'll like this fat cock, stuffed way up your cunt." John pressed his thick cockhead against his young daughter's slippery pussy entrance. Her soft whimpers, and moans were music to his ears. He could not believe how small, tender, and tight she felt as her pussy squeezed around his dick. He almost laughed from the sheer joy he felt as he ripped through her hymen, and heard her scream.

"Daddy please stop it hurts so much, I can't take it you are too big for my little pussy. I don't want you inside of me, please daddy get off me!" she wailed.

John pushed her arms over her head and began slurping her tits as he pounded harder, and faster into her. "Get used to it honey, you are my woman now, and I will fuck you as hard, and as long, and as often as I damn well feel like it. Now shut the fuck up and enjoy it bitch!" Jennifer could not believe her father was talking to her like this, she began to cry from pain and humiliation. John continued fucking her like an animal for another 5 minutes and then pulled out. "You have a choice to make, so stop crying and listen. I don't want to cum in your cunt and run the risk of getting you pregnant. Can't give your mom proof that I raped you. So do you want me to cum in your mouth or in your ass?" John asked his daughter.

"Oh god no daddy can we please stop, I'll do anything I don't want that big thing in my ass, and I sure as hell don't want to taste your nasty, slimy cum. Daddy I am your DAUGHTER, I am not a bitch, a slut, or a whore. Please daddy don't you love me anymore? I know you hate mommy, but do you hate me too?"

John looked into his daughter's tear streaked face and felt a twinge of remorse. She did not deserve this, he did love her. "Oh honey, Daddy is so sorry that he hurt you, I did not mean to. Daddy will not come in your ass or in your mouth. I am going to stop raping, and fucking you and start making love to you the way a daddy should. If you decide later that you do not want to, I will never have sex with you again. I promise." With that John gently began stroking his daughter's clit again. He softly kissed her and whispered loving, caring sounds in her ear. He reassured her of his love, and told her how good she made him feel, how much he needed her, and how proud he was to have such a beautiful daughter. Slowly he coaxed his daughter back to a state of arousal. When he put his penis back in this time John was patient and loving and after some time it paid off. "I am cumming daddy, oh god I am cumming, your little girl is cumming!"

That was enough to push John over the edge too and he began spurting warm, loving cum deep inside his daughter. He rested for a moment and then pulled out and began licking her sopping cunt and gently playing with Jennifer's clit stub. He was able to trigger two more orgasms in his daughter before she drifted off to sleep.

John was too pumped up to sleep. So he called Susan. "Hi honey I just called to tell you that I have been offered a transfer to my company's New York Division. So Jennifer and I may be moving soon. If you are free tonight why don't you come over and we can all talk it over" John lied.

"New York that's 3,000 miles away you asshole, you're damn right I want to talk it the fuck over. I would never get to see Jenny. I am coming over right now," she bellowed, and hung up the phone.

John got Jennifer up, they enjoyed a shower together, dressed and had a light brunch. The doorbell rang. John took his daughter by the hand and they answered the door together. "Hi Susan come on in." John closed the door, turned and picked Jennifer up and began passionately kissing her. His daughter was surprised at first but then she got into it, wrapped her legs around her father's waist and began sucking his tongue. John supported her with both hands under her ass, and he firmly pulled her cheeks apart and kneaded, and squeezed them.

Susan looked at them in horror. "You Son of a Bitch it has only been one day, you are fucking her after one day! John she is only a little girl, she is our daughter, how can you do this. I'll kill you, you bastard! Jennifer get away from him right now!" she shrieked.

"Mom he needs somebody to love him. Since you left, I guess it is up to me," Jennifer explained.

John looked at his ex-wife and said, "Jennifer is not a little girl anymore, she is beautiful, sexy and an incredible lover. I will never give her up," John said as he hugged his daughter close to him.

Susan began to cry as she realized the position she had put her daughter in. Jennifer was completely fooled, and obviously enjoyed the attention her father was lavishing on her. Susan knew what a skilled lover her husband was. When they first got married she had almost lost herself in him, she had to fight hard to maintain a sense of self. She had come very close to worshipping his thick, beefy cock. There was no way a 15 year old would be able to resist him alone. Her affair with Ron had been a mistake and her baby daughter was having to pay the price. Susan did not know what had made her piss her marriage away but she had done it and there was no going back. Her life had been a miserable failure since that monumental fuck up. First there was the several months, of messy expensive legal battles. She was now working two minimum wage jobs to pay for her crappy apartment, and pay off her lawyer. She had dated several times but found nothing special. Frankly the thin dicked, speed demon lovers she had found paled in comparison with the standard John had set. John hated her now; hated her bad enough that he would hurt their daughter to cause Susan pain. If John took her away under his sole influence, and control, eventually Jennifer's life would be ruined. "John please do not do this to me. I'll do anything, but do not move to New York. I want to be involved in Jenny's life. I am begging you," Susan pleaded in a hoarse cracking voice as she dropped to her knees in front of him.

John's eyes had an evil glint to them as he stared down at his once proud wife. They had come full circle. This was the position that he had found her with Ron in, when his life stopped making sense. He had done it, he had broken her. "Let's make a deal Susan. You can come back home, quit your pathetic little jobs and be a part of Jen's life. Everyone will think that we have our perfect little family back. Everyone will be wrong. As far as I am concerned Jen is my wife now. You will be our servant, and cumslut. You see I made Jen a promise that I would not fuck her tight little ass, or make her swallow my cock, or my cum. That will be your job. I will suck her tits, lick her pussy, and fuck her cunt over and over and over again, and will enjoy every minute of it. But you know how much I like to ram a tight ass, and cum down the back of your throat. Let's face it you may have been a piss poor wife but you are a superior cocksucker and cum depository. Well what do you say?" John demanded.

Susan looked up at John and said in a humble quiet tone "I will do whatever you say my Master".

John looked at his family and a feeling of peace and contentment settled over him. It had been a very long time since he had felt this good. As he pulled his daughter's shorts and panties down he smiled at her in a loving, fatherly way and chuckled to himself. "It's a wonderful life that I have and I am king of the world!". He was still laughing as he forced his wife to suck their daughter's hot, dripping pussy while he stood behind Susan and fucked the living shit out of her ass. For him it was a wonderful life indeed. For Susan and Jennifer... well only time would tell.


What kind of person writes sick, fucking stories like this one? I am a little cynical by nature but I do believe in a few things. I believe that Fathers should love their Daughter's, and that Sons should love their Mother's. I believe that Bill fucked Jennifer, Monica, and probably Chelsea while smoking an extra large Jamaican doobie. In fact the only person he did not fuck was Hillary, who I believe is probably in a 3 way with Al and Tipper. I believe in Fairies, especially ones that look like Julia Roberts and I believe Peter Pan would have shoved a big nevernever-land dick up her little winged butt. I believe that the Flinstones were really a counter culture conspiracy to subvert our Children (Let's have a gay old time! What the fuck is that shit). Oh wait a minute I don't believe in any of that. What I believe is that there is a difference between fantasy and reality. If you can't tell the difference I strongly believe you should not read anything that I write. There now I can rest easy. Drop me a line at Jaz1701@hotmail.com