My Sleepy Mom by Jon Robert

My Sleepy Mom

This is my real story with my mom...

My name is Jon Robert. I'm 18 year old now and my mom Suzy is 38. My mom is so pretty and sexy many a woman aged 25 years old would love to have her body.

She keeps her body pretty. She has light skin , big breasts and brown hard nipples, also long sexy legs.

I don't know why I have been thinking of her this way but I'm sure any man who saw her body would like to have her.

My dad has his own business, so he has to travel around the world to follow his business. He has given us all that we need and want, like a big house with garden and swimming pool and sports yard around the house.

Now everybody can imagine how the only child of his mom and dad lives.

My story with my mom starts, when I was a 15 year old and she was 35 year old. In one day I wake to find my dad preparing himself for a 2 week business trip. When he was ready to leave, he tells me to take care of my mom and don't get into any trouble in that time.

That day passed as a normal day in our life with nothing happened.

The next morning it was hotter and drier than usual. It was in the summer holidays and my mom didn't work, she was a house wife. When I got out of my bed I went to see where mom was, I found her in the swimming pool she was wearing a bikini that I hadn't seen before. When I saw her breasts floating on the water I could feel my dick growing, she told me to get my breakfast from the kitchen.

When I was in the kitchen she came over and went to take a shower.

I tried to take a look at her when she was in the shower but the door was looked.

I down the hall and still thinking how her breasts moved with the water and of her long sexy legs.

After she finished her shower and changed her clothes, she came to the hall but I was still hard I kept thinking of her lovely body.

At about 11.00 pm while watching TV she said she was going to bed.

I hoped she would invite me to sleep beside her to feel her warm body but I'm only 15.

As she walked up the stairs I could see her ass wriggling which made my cock hard again.

At 12.00 pm I decided to go to my bedroom room to sleep. I thought then I lost all my chances to do my hot mom.

I got into my bed but I couldn't sleep because of the weather, and I can't stop myself thinking of her body.

I got my hard dick in my hand to jerk off when I imagined the motion in her breasts with the water.

When I finished, I covered myself to sleep but I feel my dick still hard I don't know what I can do now. I want my mom so bad.

I got out of my bedroom just wearing my shorts and went into my mom's bedroom.

The door was open. She was asleep on her stomach with her legs spread a bit. She was wearing a short nighty but still covered her ass. My mom was a heavy sleeper, but I was so scared.

I started to rub my dick under my shorts with a feeling I've never known before when I felt like cumming. I couldn't stop myself.

I stood beside her bed and shot all of my cum over her long sexy legs, I was moaning in a low voice, but I was so scared if she would wake with my warm cum on her legs. I went back to my bedroom and couldn't believe that I shot my cum on my mom's body.

I felt I had a made a big mistake, but I fell asleep quickly.

In the morning I waited for my mom to abuse me after what I did, but she didn't say anything, like she didn't noticed my cum when she awoke.

I told myself I will not do that again with her because she is my mom. All the day she was talking to me like nothing happened. I thought she knew, but she liked it, I'm not sure. My cum may have dried before she woke.

Two nights later I felt my dick turned on again. It was one of the hottest nights that summer.

I couldn't sleep again, I found my mom's bedroom was closed. I thought she knew what I did and she wanted me to do that again.

I opened it without any sound and went into the room. When I was in the middle of the room I saw my mom asleep wearing just a panty and bra. I couldn't believe my eyes seeing my mom's nude body.

I got my dick and rubbed it so hard and when I felt my cum I shot it between my mom's closed legs under her panties and went back to my room again.

Then I had a lot of time to think what was going on and I felt sleep again.

In the morning my mom didn't say anything. I want to be sure if she knows. How do I find out if she does?

The next night I went into my mom's bedroom and she was asleep again with the closed door. She was wearing panties and bra, but she was asleep on her side.

How can I shoot my load now that I can't see one of her breasts? I would like to suck it in my mouth but she would kill me if she woke. Then I decided to touch her, but how? I found a jar of Vaseline on my mom's dressing table. I got it and took my shorts off. I started to massage my hard dick covered in Vaseline. I decide to rub my hard cock on my mom.

I got on the bed behind her and started to touch her ass with my dick. She was still asleep, not moving. I got it down between her legs and started to push it in. I was scared that she would wake if I moved but I was so horny.

I start to move it in and out between her legs. It didn't take long to shot my cum between her legs so close to her pussy.

I went back to my room with nothing but her sweet pussy on my mind.

In the morning my mom still didn't say anything, but I wanted to be sure that she knew about my cum and the Vaseline on her legs.

I decide to test her. I waited in my bed till 6.00 am. I knew my mom woke at 7.00 am every day, so I got into her bed and slid my dick between her legs and started to rub it. I almost took 30 minutes to cum between her legs then left her room and lay in bed waiting to see what she would do.

At 7.00am my mom woke and went to her bathroom and took a shower.

I got out of my bed and went to the kitchen. She came to have breakfast. She talked normally with me while she was washing the dishes. I went into her bathroom to find her panties wet with my cum.

Now I'm sure my mom noticed my cum between her legs.

But now I don't know what I can do because she talking normal with me. She left to go to the store and was back after 3 hours. Now I'm still thinking what I will do in the night with her.

We were watching TV and my mom said she will go to bed.

I waited almost 2 hours to let her sleep deeply and went to her room and opened the door to find my mom had a cover sheet on. Damn she didn't like my cum, I thought.

I was so horny I got the Vaseline and massaged my hard dick with it then jumped beside her on the bed. She was sleeping on her stomach with her legs spread wide. I tried to remove the cover to cum between her legs.

When I removed the cover I was shocked because I found my mom naked. I could see her pussy so clearly and her red pussy lips so hot. I touched her pussy lips with my hand so slowly and moved her cunt up and down.

When it got very wet I started to part her legs wider.

Then my mom moved and rolled onto her side, her back to me, but still her legs spread wide. I laid behind her and started to slide my dick between her legs to reach her pussy lips. She didn't move as I entered her placing all my cock in her. Then I start to move it in and out slowly. I heard my mom moaning like she was dreaming.

I couldn't stop myself pumping her harder and faster, then I felt my mom cum. Then I felt my cum so near to exploding, she released my cock from her pussy then I lost all control of myself and shot my cum all over her pussy lips. Then my mom turned to sleep on her back but she closed her legs on my cum.

Then I saw all of her breasts, I started to feel her nipples with my tongue and started to suck them. My mom moaned when I sucked her nipples. I started to rub my dick again and then I shot my cum between her breasts.

I got back to my bedroom and couldn't believe what happened! I fucked my mom in her pussy.

I fell asleep so hard.

In the morning my mom came to the hall just wearing a robe. I could see her nipples through the slit in the robe. She didn't talk about the night before. I was wondering why she got her pussy away from me before I came.

But I was still scared to talk with her.After that my mom went out with her friend to a party, she was back home at 11.00 pm. She told me she was so tired and needed to sleep deeply. When she said that, she was smiling to me and she kissed me and said goodnight. I waited 1 hour and took all of my clothes off and went to her room. The door was open.


My mom slept naked without a cover. She was asleep on her back with her legs wide open. I sat between her legs and started to finger her pussy, and with my other hand, her nipples Her pussy got so wet and my cock so hard.

I started to push my dick in her pussy and she started to moan.

Then I felt her pussy responding to my dick so I fucked her pussy so hard and fast. Faster than before.

I sucked her nipples too. My mom woke and said to me in low voice, "Oh Jon what you are doing? I'm your mom."

"I love you so much, mom, and I will fuck your pussy so hard if that is what you want me to do."

Then she said with moan, "Okay, but don't shot your cum inside my pussy. Please Jon, I don't want a baby from my son."

When I heard her say that I started to fuck her harder and harder.

She said, "Oh son, fuck me so hard. I like your big dick. Oooooooooooooooooooooooh... I'm coming, Jon, I'm cccccccccccccccaaaaaaaming."

Then I fucked her hard. I felt my cum so near

"I want to cum so deep in your pussy mom. I will shoot all of my cum inside you."

"No no please Jon I don't have any pills to stop getting pregnant from you."

"I can't mom. I want that so much. Now I feel it. Mom I'm coming now."

"Jon your cum is so warm I like it so much baby."

She liked it so much we fucked every day till dad came home.

After that we slept in the same bed when my dad travelled, and now I'm 18. My mom's 38 and we still fuck. My mom got pregnant, but she decided to get rid of it.

Because she didn't want to have a baby from me.

But she said she will let me fuck her every time my dad travels.

The is my real story with my hot mom. I like to fuck her more than any girl or woman.

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