My Baby Sister by Dare

My Baby Sister

Dearest Baby Sister, I tell you, I did not mean for it to happen but it did. I started getting sexually aroused by my baby sister, Jennifer, when she was merely twelve years old. Even though our mother repeatedly told us that it was wrong to have sexual feelings for each other, I could not help myself. You see, my baby sister was turning into the sexiest girl I have ever seen. Neither any of her friends nor even mine for that matter, had a body or beauty that compared to hers. At first I didn't really pay any attention, but as her body matured, I couldn't help but take notice. My hormones were rushing through my veins and my cock was getting longer and stiffer than ever before. I had already figured out the extreme pleasures of masturbation and did so frequently. I figured masturbation was Gods' personal gift to cure boredom or something like that? But, back to my story, my baby sister started maturing around ten or eleven years old, and as she developed, her hips spread into a lustful curve and her breasts swelled into a pair of perfect, milky mounds. She had to be aware of the extraordinary, luscious body that she was growing into, God knows I certainly was. I did not want to have sexual feelings about my baby sister, but the forbidden pleasures she had to offer were more than my will could stand. I knew it was wrong or at least that was what I was told, but my baby sister's body was bulging in all the right places, and now so was mine.

In the hot summer evenings, Jeni and I would lounge around our apartment with very little clothing on, so I got the auspicious pleasure to view her in nighties, tee-shirts and tank-tops frequently. Likewise, she got to view my newly formed erection through only a pair of skimpy underwear on those late nights watching television with me. When Jeni wore my tank-tops, you could see her bare, swollen breast swaying from side to side, occasionally catching a glimpse of her pink, stiff nipples-if she only knew how much that turned me on? What was even more arousing was when my baby sister would wear her nightgown with no bra or panties on underneath. This allowed me to see her with only a thin layer of very sheer fabric concealing her goddess like figure. I could clearly define her puffy areolas, centered on her large, grapefruit sized breasts, and when my baby sister forgot to wear her panties, you could see her bulging pubic mound and delicate pink folds, pressing against the flimsy fabric of her nightgown. Not long after that, my fully erect cock throbbed against my Fruit-of-the-Looms, begging for some attention. She never really seemed to take notice of my bulge, even when I stood in front of her small talking, just to sneak a frontal view of her luscious body. She would just sit on the sofa and watch the television, occasionally glancing over at me and nodding or saying something back. I was watching a different show though, it was her swollen nipples rising and falling with each breath she took. I knew it was dangerous but it was so erotic, having my baby sister next to me with both of us mostly undressed. I would sit back down next to her, and knowing that she was not paying too much attention to me, I'd gently caress the shaft through my underwear. Being the exhibitionist I was, I would occasionally let my penis slip out the sides of my underwear, hoping Jeni would catch a glance. Not too much later, the powers of ecstasy built in my groin as I felt the burning, tingling sensation of the inevitable orgasm rise. Begrudgingly, I would get up, with my cock strained against my underwear and jog down the hall, into the bathroom. With the door open, the lights on and a few more decisive strokes, I writhed in ecstasy as I climaxed. I pumped my little stiff rod as the Earth crashed in around me, all the while fantasizing about Jeni's sensuous, forbidden body sitting right down the hall from me.

A few weeks later, something even more devious happened. While playing with myself in the upstairs bathroom, as I fantasized about Jeni stretched out naked in the tub, running her soapy hands up and down her innocent, delicate body. I reached my first juicy orgasm. I started shooting some long, thin streams of cloudless, immature fluid from the swollen head of my penis. I cupped my free hand at the end of my shaft as more semen shot into my quivering palm. Load after load of this newly discovered juice filled my hand as I grinned from ear to ear. I thought that I couldn't wait to show Jeni this-for had it not been for her, I wouldn't have been in the bathroom at that particular moment, jacking off! I had my first real orgasm while fantasizing about my baby sister's sweet, delicate body. Shortly thereafter, I rinsed my palm off in the tub but then I got the idea. If I made a small opening under the faucet in the tub, I could watch my baby sister bathe from the comforts of my bedroom, and she would be clueless to my most carnal scheme-so I did just that. Jeni bathed at least twice a day so I knew I would not have to wait very long. Later that afternoon, my baby sister went upstairs. Mother was downstairs in the kitchen, washing some dishes so I rushed upstairs as quietly as I could. Jeni had already prepared the bath as I heard the water rushing in. I also heard the faint sound of water splashing around as she got situated in the tub, my cock pressed even harder against blue-jeans. I pulled the wooden hatch as covertly as I could from the wall that concealed the shut-off valves for the shower. My baby sister shut off the faucets, and a small ray of light glistened through the hole from the bathroom. Here was my first exposure to this most taboo passion. The hole was pretty small but still large enough to suit my crafty purposes. Nervously, I glanced in to find my baby sister soaping up her newly formed breasts. My cock twitched as I stripped off my jeans and got myself into a more comfortable position. Even more nervously, I wrapped my hand around my cock and started to thrust on it deeply. I think I was more scared about our mother coming in and seeing me jack off while watching my baby sister bathe, then I was about Jeni finding out. It was very erotic and frightening at the same time? Everything was very quiet though, only the occasional swish of water splashing around and the even fainter sound of my hand stroking up and down my pulsating penis. Jeni was sitting in the back of he tub, which gave me the perfect view of her beautiful, unveiled body. She had the body of an angel and with her knees slightly raised, I had an exquisite view of her hairless, pink vulva. This was so erotic and frightening at the same time, I cannot believe what I was doing? I was staring the most beautifully shaped vagina and firmest breasts that I have ever seen. My baby sister was sexier than any of the girls I ever masturbated to in any magazine, and as I stroked my swollen shaft, I felt my throbbing member grow longer and thicker then it was before. But, after only a few minutes of watching Jeni splash soapy water on her smooth breasts and flat stomach, she caught a glimpse of the newly formed hole under the faucet. Precariously, she reached forward and pressed against the hole in the wall, it gave a little. I pressed back so a larger hole would not be made. Jeni started crying, did she feel me press back on the other end of the wall? I felt ashamed but I didn't want take my eyes off her wet, swollen breasts.

I knew I was caught and there was no turning back now. I was also so close to another orgasm and getting caught only intensified this sensation. If I was going to get my ass beat, I may as well enjoy it while I could? While Jeni wept, she hugged herself which hindering my view. I just laid on the other side of the partition, feeling the orgasm grow. After a minute or so, she leaned back in the tub then continued to bathed herself. My baby sister stopped weeping, and without shifting her eyes from the hole, she opened her silky thighs and revealed her most intimate organ again. Inevitably, the burning sensation grew in my testicles as my orgasm arrived. I thrusted juicy streams of creamier sperm from my swollen cock. It kind of scared me at first, I though maybe something was wrong with me but the tingling orgasmic sensation was so much more intense. This was far better than any fantasy I ever imagined as I stared at her green eyes and her virgin pussy only two feet away from my face. I continued to pump-out load after load of my teenage seed, as my baby sister ran her soapy hands up and down her luscious, virgin body. I noticed something else was different too, in my bedroom where I was stretch out, the air was filled with a very aromatic, sexual smell that was actually quite arousing. I wanted to jack-off again while my sister was still in the tub but I felt like overstayed my welcome, so I pushed the wooden hatch back in place, threw my jeans back on and nervously made my way downstairs.

Not too long after that, Jeni came down, looked my way, then sat on the sofa next to me to watch some television. She said absolutely nothing as my mind raced a mile a minute. I was puzzled and very scared, I knew I was caught red-handed (in more ways than one) but she didn't say a word to me or our mother about the peephole. I thought for sure Jeni was going to tell on me but she didn't, even worse I thought that our mother was going to beat my ass when she found out what I did but that did not happen either. If Jeni only knew what beautiful pleasures her luscious, naked body held for me? Getting all aroused again, I shuffled down the hall and into the bathroom. Once inside, I dropped my pants and started to jack-off again, checking out my cock in the mirror above the sink. I wanted feel the earth-shattering orgasm again, not to mention see if I would release more of this milkier, potent, teenage seed? Soon, the walls closed in on me as I thrusted out thin streams of my maturing cum into the sink, fantasizing about my baby sister's soft, sensual lips, riding up and down my shaft.

The next night I got my courage up again because I had to see her voluptuous, innocent body. Jeni bathed earlier that morning but I was just a little too nervous to watch. But, after supper, my baby sister slipped upstairs to take her evening bath. Frightened and highly aroused, I discreetly went to my room and got into my voyeur position. As I peered in, half expecting to see her crying, she was just sitting in the back of the tub bathing herself with her eyes focused on the newly formed gateway. She also had her knees raised and spread open enough for me to see that her bald, fatty outer lips no longer concealed her delicate, pink inner lips. She ran her soapy hands all around her full breasts, squeezing them together, occasionally taking one of her stiff nipples into her mouth and sliding her pink tongue around her areolas. She was abundantly gifted, even at that young of an age. I pulled my jeans and tee-shirt off and started massaging my tool while watching my sister slide her hands from her swollen breasts down to her tiny, ripening vagina. With one hand, she gently opened the delicate, pink inner lips of her vagina, and with the other hand, she crossed two fingers and gently slid them up and down the top of her wet slit, faster and faster, then slower and slower. I guessed that this was how she liked to masturbate? It was not long before the dam started to build within. I stroked harder and faster, thrusting deeper into my pubic region, watching my baby sister's voluptuous, wet show. Only after a couple of minutes, the flood came. The room seemed to whirl around as I trembled in ecstasy, discharging massive loads of thick, creamy cum on the wall--the pleasure was too immense. I wanting to shoot my new, sticky load all over my baby sister's supple breasts but it was just a little too risqué. As the moments passed, the climax subsided. I slowed my thrust, milking out the last few drops of baby creating sperm, mesmerized by my baby sister's most intimate exhibition. God, I had it made!

It wasn't to much later that I found out that our mother must have known about the peephole too. Mom had a date with some friends that evening, which she frequently did, and she was upstairs preparing a bath. I was standing in my room, near the dresser masturbating to a 'Penthouse' magazine, when I heard my bedroom door open. Mom looked in and clearly saw me jacking off, I felt really embarrassed. She was standing there with just a towel wrapped around her body, staring at me as I clutched my swollen shaft. My pants were at my feet and I fumbled around much I could trying to cover myself. She looked at me and said "it's alright, don't feel ashamed, there's nothing wrong with....." I could not help but blush, my face must have been as red as my cock was? Breaking the uncomfortable moment, she asked if I was going stick around the apartment while she went out, and I said "okay." She disappeared as quickly as she appeared into the bathroom. I heard the water shut off. My cock started to throb again as I regained my composure. Our mother had a very nice set of tits too, so I wanted to compare their unveiled shapes. God I was insatiable and so incredibly horny. My own mother just caught me jacking-off and did not make a big deal about it. So, even more aroused, I removed the wooden hatch and attempted to look in as she bathed. To my surprise, there was a washcloth draped over the faucet, which totally obscured my view. I stood back up and finished masturbating, wondering why she covered the hole? Maybe it was just a fluke? Later on, I went into the bathroom to take a leak and saw the washcloth still hanging there. I then picked up the washcloth and put it away, still baffled? On a few different occasions when our mother bathed, I would go take a peek just to see if the washcloth was in place and sure enough, it always was. Apparently, Mom was self-conscious about me peeking in on her, but she did not entertain the thought of me watching her young, developing daughter taking a bath? Oblivious to the notion that her baby daughter was spreading her pink, tiny pussy open for her oldest brother, as I shot thick streams of sticky, maturing cum all over the wall, wanting desperately to thrust my stiff cock, deep inside her womanhood?

This highly erotic and taboo-like ritual went on for some time. Jeni and I would spend a portion of the mornings, afternoons and/or evening masturbating with only a small partition between us. Afterward, we would resume our positions in the living room and watch some television or go outside to play, but never speaking of the erogenous events that took place.

About a month or two later, my baby sister got up and passed by my bedroom to take a bath as she usually did. Only this time, my bedroom door was wide open. On that particular morning, Jeni passed by my room while I was in laying in bed, naked. My legs were spread wide open and my eyes half shut as I fantasized about my baby sister's most intimate parts. I did not notice her at first but when I did, she was just standing there naked, watching me as I slowly thrusted my cock up and down it's full length. I got a bit embarrassed and was about to cover myself when I realized that I had seen her masturbate so many times, it was only fair that she sees me play with myself too. So, with neither of us being particularly modest, I just continued stroking away on my member as she just stood there and gazed in fascination. I poised my hand down at the base of my cock and pressed my tool forward, giving Jeni a full view of my rock-hard erection. I also lowered my knees to make certain they would not hinder my baby sister's view. I continued stroking up and down the entire length of my shaft, as I stared at Jeni's now, sparsely covered pubic mound and her larger, swollen breasts. This exhibitionism was cut to short though, after about two minutes or so Jeni went into the bathroom to take her bath--I was so close to orgasm too. She actually stood at my door for a couple of minutes and watched me masturbate. I feverishly wanted her to see me shoot my powerful, thick seed but there just was not enough time, then I got another idea. I went to the spot and positioned myself to view her lustful body. Sure enough, Jeni was in the partially filled tub, rubbing her tiny slit and spreading her delicate pink lips for my viewing pleasure. I wondered if Jeni kept the water level low so I could clearly see her vagina as she played in and around it? But, on that particular morning, I not only let Jeni watch me masturbate, but I also shared my orgasm with her--How, you may ask?. At the brink of another powerful orgasm, I knelt up to the peephole, pressed the enlarged head of my cock against the opening. With a few more precise strokes, I orgasmed and drained my creamy, teenage sperm into the hole and onto her lower body. Gushes of cum accompanied this particular orgasm as my semen shot across my baby sister's legs, abdomen and probably even onto her tiny, pink love canal. I tried to position myself to the proper angle to make sure my cum would hit its mark. I thought, what the hell, I loved my baby sister as well as lusted after her and I wanted her to know too, despite the consequences. I also knew that her eyes were always fixed on the peephole while I watched her caressing herself, so how could she have missed watching my cum erupt through the tiny orifice and land on her smooth, silky legs? Hesitantly, I got back in position and gazed through the opening. Jeni was still in the tub. Her eyes still focused on the orifice, rubbing her swollen clit. I thought for sure she would get out of the tub when I exploded my steamy, incestual load on her but she just laid there, fondling herself. Perhaps she fantasized about me in the next room, pounding my swollen cock to her lustful show, shooting my hot, sticky cum all over her exposed, developing body, wanting more?

The evening seemed to take for ever to come. I was anxiously awaiting Jeni to come upstairs and take another bath. Having to pee badly, I went into the bathroom and closed the door. After taking a leak, I stared at the empty tub, wishing to see my baby sister play with her pussy again, I got another erection. I stood in front of the toilet and jacked-off. More thick, juicy streams of my milky cum shot into the bowl, leaving only a few creamy drops on the head of my penis. Turning around to get some toilet paper, I noticed we were out. So, I raised the pink curtain that hung from the bathroom sink and wiped off the tip of my softened prick---I got another devious idea. Looking under the sink, I realized that I could fit under there and be even closer to Jeni when she bathed. I knew it would not be long so I moved some of the dirty laundry from under the sink into my bedroom, clearing enough space to fit. Stripping all of my clothes off, I hid under the sink, lightly caressing my stiffening cock, anticipating Jeni's arrival. Not to long afterward, my baby sister came into the room and turned on the faucets to the tub. She stood next to the sink, stripped off her clothes and then brushed her teeth. Her pussy now had a few thin brown hairs on it and it was only a couple inches away from my face, my erection twitched. Moving away from the sink, Jeni sat on the toilet to pee. Even though the tub water was still running, I could hear Jeni peeing in the toilet and this even aroused me more. I thrust harder on my swollen shaft as I stared at the profile of my baby sister's breasts for the first time. Jeni got off the toilet and wiped herself, thank God I replaced the toilet paper or she might have used the curtain to clean herself off too, spoiling my cover? This was not the case though, Jeni climbed in the tub and shut the water off. As Jeni bathed, her eyes were still fixed on the peephole, she must have thought I was in the other room, if she only knew? My view was completely hindered by the side of the tub but at least I was in the same room with her, jacking-off. Then, out of nowhere, a small cough rose in my throat as my pleasures increased. Jeni looked around and apprehensively got out of the tub, grabbed a towel and pressed it against her wet, exposed body. Then my baby sister nervously asked, "who's there?"

I said nothing but she had heard me. She walked over to the sink and lifted the curtain, angrily ordering me to come out from under there-I did as she commanded. Standing there next to her with just a towel pressed against her wet body, she asked me "what the hell are you doing in here?"

I told her that I was sorry, but she had the most beautiful body that I have ever seen. "I just wanted to be closer to you," I said.

I moved towards the toilet so we would not be standing so close to each other, but in doing so my hard cock brush past her exposed hip, and surprisingly she said, "what is that?"

I told her I had an erection, and I got them when I watched you bathe.

"God it is so hard!" Jeni said.

I told her that is the way it gets when I get aroused. I wanted her to touch it, but could not think of a way to get her to? Then I said "see how swollen it is, it hurts a little when it gets this hard, will you rub it for me and make it feel better?"

Jeni looked at me like I was crazy, but after I asked her nicely again, her towel slipped a little, exposing one of her breasts---I was in heaven. "We should not be doing this you know," Jeni said. Any hints of anger had long left her voice.

"I know, but I truly love you and you are the sexiest girl I have ever masturbated too."

She looked a little confused so I pointed over to the peephole. "Ah, so it was you!" Jeni said.

"Did you think it was anyone else?"

"Not really, I see the way you look at me" my baby sister said in a very sultry manner. Standing a little closer now, my erection brushed the towel hanging right in front of her tummy. Swiveling my hips, I used my erection to move the towel a little. God, her stomach was soft, and now I could see her marginal patch of pubic hair cropped just above her tiny, pink gash. She leaned back against the wall and the towel dropped to the floor. My twelve year old sister looked more like a twenty year old as I pulled her next to me. We were now cuddling as my rock-hard erection pressed into her firm tummy--she felt so warm. I hugged her tightly as I could, never wanting this moment to pass. Finally, I had to back off a little in order to see all that my baby sister had to offer again. Then I started gently thrusting up and down on my swollen cock. She just stood there, hypnotized by my erotic, incestual show.

"See how my hand goes up and down the shaft like this, you want to try it?" I said.

Without saying a word, she gently grabbed my swollen cock. I placed my hand over hers and showed her how to grip and stroke my red, enlarged shaft. After a few seconds, she got of hang of it. Jeni looked deeply into my eyes as her tiny hand caressed my bulging prick. I raised both of my hands and cupped her swollen breasts while I gently kissed her passionate mouth. Her nipples were already stiff but to my surprise, her areolas were swollen with little bumps all around them, I had never seen this before as I gently pinched and rolled them in my fingers, she shuttered. "Wow, that feels even more tingly when you do it," Jeni said. She giggled again as I leaned forward and kissed her, pressing her against the wall. Her hips thrust forward as my cock touched the beautiful pubic mound that had brought me to so many powerful orgasms before. She continued to stroke my red, swollen shaft, gently sliding my cock up and down her lower belly.

"Rub it on your pussy and it will make you tingle too," I said. Without a break in the action, Jeni pushed her hips a little more forward and rubbed the enlarged head of my cock up and down the top of her slit. I groaned, nearly cumming right then. "Slow down a little, or I am going to cum too fast," I said.

She just moaned, as she used my tool to masturbate herself. With my knees, I spread her legs further apart, as I felt the head of my prick penetrate her tiny, well lubricated lips. I know knew right were the hole was because I could feel its suction trying to pull me in. I also knew if my prick slipped near that luscious hole just one more time, I was going to slide it into her steamy, juicy vagina and take her virginity. Her pussy was so wet, slippery and tight, I could not imagine my cock ever fitting in there. Jeni continued thrusting my cock into her vagina lips, which got even wetter. In perfect timing, I thrust my hips forward, which sent my swollen cock about a quarter of the way into her luscious, tight hole. I felt something pressing against the head of my cock, and I knew I reached her unbroken cherry.

She was no longer moaning, she was panting now. I knew it would not be long for either of us as I felt the rush of the beautiful orgasm near. Jeni's hips thrust back and forth against my motions, as she guided my swollen cock just barely in and out of her tiny cunt. I pressed in a little further, then I felt a snapping sensation as my cock slipped about half its length into her pussy. The tight ring of her vaginal muscles wrapped around my shaft, holding me in place. Jeni grabbed my shoulders and shuttered in orgasm, as she lowered herself onto me, fitting as much of me into her as she could. On the fifth or sixth thrust, the enlarged head of my cock slid almost all the way inside her--God she was so juicy. It was also the perfect fit, as Jeni's tight vagina rode my manhood, I felt as though our bodies were made for each other? My orgasm arrived as I let the first thick, stream of cum sink deeply inside of her receptive vagina. Pulling out, hopefully not already impregnating her, I grabbed my throbbing cock and continued to pound out the rest of my steamy load My hips thrust forward a little as another spasm sent a shot of thick sperm onto her sweat covered breasts, she gazed in satisfaction as I thrust my creamy, teenage seed all over her belly and tits.

I think I came more this day then ever before, as loads and loads of my hot, incestuous sperm bathed her lustful body. When I was finished, Jeni began to rub my sperm into her tiny vagina. Looking down, I noticed the trail of blood running down her thigh and onto the floor. I asked her if she was okay, and she said that she never felt better. With her eyes locked on mine, she lifted her left breast to her mouth and ran her pink tongue all over the milky streams of cum that I exploded on it. I was getting another erection watching my baby sister nurse herself again, only this time she was sucking my incestual, creamy seed off her nipple and breast. I rubbed against her, feeling all the wet, slippery cum that soaked her luscious, sweaty body. We kissed for a little while, tasting each other which was kinda salty but I didn't care! I don't think she did either? Then I said to Jeni, "It looks like we both need a bath now, you don't mind do you?" My baby sister giggled again as she took my hand and led me into to the tub.

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