Mom's Throat

Mom's Throat

The suction the head of my penis created as I stroked and massaged my mother's throat would cause my mom's eyes to flutter. The vacuum seal seemed to add intensely to the pleasure she felt. She loved this as much as I. My eyes would role back into my head, and I would find it impossible to maintain their lovelocked stare into hers. For the 90 seconds my mom could hold her breath, I would travel in and out of blowjob heaven.

She loved to give me oral sex this way while on her knees between my legs, so she could look up into my face and feel my entire body tremble and shake. The warm wet feel of her loving touch was exquisite. My knees often gave way, and I would rest on her strong shoulders. I would always cum in my mother's mouth with my arms hugging her head, barely able to stand. I would catch a last glance into the two loving pools of my mother's eyes, before the fondling of her lips, tongue and throat would cause my face to contort and grimace. Then my balls would explode and erupt from my loins and burst cum forcefully into her puckered mouth. She makes the same sounds she makes when she splurges on a Dairy Queen fudgeboat sundae with all the works, after a month's diet on Slimfast. "Eeeehhhmmm! Oooohhh! Yum!" She looked in total bliss. My mom was enjoying the fruit of my loins. She caught every creamy drop as it gushed and squirted in waves of ejaculation down past the gauntlet of her taste buds and down her smooth and sexy soft throat. She hugged my legs tight to keep the dizziness in my head from causing me to stumble.

Mom loved to tell me over and over again how much she loved the taste and the "boyish" scent of my cum. She would never let it shoot directly down her throat and thereby miss out on all my musky boy juice flavor. She would let my penis spurt cum in her mouth against her tongue until the swelling of her cum filled cheeks told her it was time to swallow. Mom could always tell exactly where my cum was within my body, from the moment of no return, until my screaming wad of cum was squirting full force down the length of my 7 inch, 14 year old cock-meat. The cum would travel up the length of my shaft and burst into her mouth just as she finished catching a deep breath of fresh air. Then, with a face like an angel, she would lock her lips around me with her face aglow with the pleasure and the aura only a mother lovingly sucking her son can ever show. She gave me 90 seconds of pure bliss.

The spouting streams of my cum washed the full wet inside of her mouth and gums, as she swirling her tongue round and round, directing the streams here and there, letting my fresh sperm fill her sweet cheeks till almost bursting. The vice-like seal of her sexy, red lipsticked lips around my cock skin would only begin to weaken when my mother felt my cock go limp in her mouth. In the blissful moments of my post cum, she loved to pleasure me further by bathing her tongue in the steamy scent of my crotch. She would suck my balls and give me huge hickies on the super sensitive boy-skin of my inner thighs. The source of my mother's tremendous sexual desire for her young boy were the sour-sweet tasting and aphrodesiac scents of her boys cum filled loins and musky boy scented crotch.

Soon I would be rock hard again. Then, with a look of complete abandon to the pleasure she was both receiving and giving, she would swallow my cockhead, and with a sexy groan, down her throat it would go again until my ballsack was tight against her chin and her nose was full of my 14 year old cock-bush.

My cock would have to bend awkwardly down the curve of her throat when we faced each other straight on. You could see the bulge of the cockhead in her throat going down the soft curve of her neck in her windpipe. Usually cum washed down ahead of the helmet of my penis shaft, and that would lubricate the soft tube of my mother's throat with a coating of my sperm. The resulting slick friction of her ribbed throat muscles tightly gripping my lubricated cockhead was the source of the incredible pleasure we felt, as my loving mom would raised and lower her head up and down the length of my stiffening cock.

My mucous like cum formed a natural seal between my cock skin and the epidermal ribs of my mother's soft caressing throat muscles. Mom stroked my cock with this lubricated throat-seal over the tiny sensory nodules of my stretched shaft-skin. My mom lovingly sacrifice her oxygen for as long as she could, to pleasure her son with the ultimate joys of deep oral sex.

I would listen to the smooth soft thumping sounds deep in her lungs as my bell-head repeatedly broke and reformed the cum-seal in her beautiful throat. I watched a lump move back and forth in my mom's neck and disappear in her chest, then reappear with a soft thumping sound emanating in the sebaceous depths beneath her breasts.

Mom would finally catch her breath, and her watery eyes would meet mine. The look in her eyes was worth giving my life, for just such a moment as this. I was looking at an exquisitely beautiful women. Elegant in her young facial features, with her full red lips still wrapped around my pulsating cock-shaft, she appeared not to be sucking anymore but tenderly "gulping" on my penis. Having mastered the art of suppressing the gag reflex, she could even go as far as to literally swallow a flaccid penis as if it were a piece of food. When done with a rhythm on my penis while it was deep in her throat, she could stimulate me with such intense pleasure that I could barely breath myself. It became as if my softening penis were the source of her nourishment. She fed on it hungrily and with powerful passion.

As the throbbing pulses of her swallowing reflexes made my head toss to and fro in intensifying pleasure, my cock would inevitable get to hard for her to continue stroking my cock in her throat this way. That's why my mom always did this to me just after I had cum and my penis shaft was unable to harden and stiffen again for awhile. My mother must really love me with a marvelous love to have learned to pleasure like this is.

I would often return that love by licking her sometimes an entire evening, rather than us watch television together or spend time in the yard or around the house apart from each other. I would let her know this was her time to relax and be served a pleasure buffet of delights.

Usually, the signal to her that her evening of pleasure was about to begin, was just a simple stroking of her hair with her brush, or some other gentle caress that ministered to her bodies maintenance needs, rather than to her sexual needs. I usually picked a time when I knew my mom was a wreck from stress at work.

Often I would start a warm bubble bath for her in her large upstairs bathroom. The sound of the cascading water would cause her to melt into our plush sofa downstairs with a fresh glass of wine, as she relaxed and softened from a stressful day at work. Mom knew full well the weight of her stressful burdens would soon be completely lifted by her loving son. I would be at work on her body with my caressing hands all evening long. She became snuggly in the couch cushions with her wine glass and her head leaned back with eyes lightly closed, letting the little bit of alcohol she always enjoyed do its thing.

The sounds of my preparations was all you would hear. She did not speak much. And I did not make conversation. All her sounds would become OooohhhHHs, and AaaaahhhHHs, for the rest of the evening.

It became a ritual. An evening of soft tender sex with her son, with no thoughts of the outside world, or her stressful bank executive job, that made the cost of climbing the corporate ladder sometimes not worth the lines it was beginning to cause in her pretty face.

I would guide my mother upstairs by the hand and she would follow, her mind adrift on the day's events that still I guess needed sorting out. Whatever she wore that day to work, would soon fall to the floor, peeled off one piece at a time. Sometimes she helped by lifting a leg, or turning methodically as I stripped her almost like a nurse or doctor preparing her for an examination. I took control of the physical realm, while I gave mom a chance to drift off into her mind's ethereal world, to meditate and think through her troubles. Sometimes I think her job made her brain as sore as her aching feet, when she came home tired trudging through our front door. Anyways, it was a ritual, and we both just let it happen according to the same unwritten. I needed my hands on her and the closeness to her, and she needed all that, plus the unwinding of a tremendous load of stress. I would caress and wash every inch of her body as she lay in her bubble bath, and then take her up by hand to the message area for an extremely long hot-oil message.

Usually I would always manage to cum twice or three times when I served her my special treats. But I made sure it was in passing, and that she knew the star of the evening was her. She would lay on her back as I stood on my feet beside our message table, which was really part of the raised platform or decking around our large Swedish sauna. My hot oiled hands would stroke and pummel her breasts as she would pull herself a ways off the decking so her head could fall between my legs and she could suck on my cock upside down. The beauty of my mother's tanned body made the oil glow on her skin like a polished bronzed statue. The tan lines of her bikini from laying out in are yard all summer were wonderfully sexy. We would have the sauna on, so the pores of her beautiful skin were open and lovely beads of glistening sweat covered her peachy smooth skin.

Her luxurious neck had a pool of sweat in the natural basin formed at the base of her throat by two of the tendons in her neck. Her relaxed throat was soon filled with my semi rigid penis as I stroked her back and forth through her juicy mouth. It was all so soft and rhythmic and without frenzy, as if the object were to continue with this pleasure a hundred hours, not just the minutes it would take to nurture me to cum.

I would insist on these nights' agendas being entirely to pleasure her, but she loved my cum to be a part of her evening pleasures, so I did not deny her.

I loved her deepest soul and would gather the galaxies in the night sky with my bare hands if I could, to form a necklace of twinkling stars, and then drape them majestically around her voluptuous neck.

My mother was most beautiful within. I desired to place over her inner heart a jeweled crest made from the rarest gems in existence, and place my hand over it to feel the pulse of the women I love... my soul mate and lover, my mother who feels exactly the same way for me her son.

Just after I had cum in her mouth, she would lay me down to relieve my perilously weak legs, and continue to keep me in and out of her mouth, sometimes sucking my ballsack, or licking elsewhere and discovering new pleasures for us to share during our quiet post cum bliss. She would never penetrate my asshole, but often would lick my crotch area including my tightly puckered anus, because she was incredibly fond of the boy scent around my ballsack and crotch.

The next day after a night of pleasuring my mom like this, she would have a look on her face all day that radiated such joy and happiness you would swear she was walking on air. She had everything her heart ever dreamed of, and it was all found in the love she shared with her lover boy son.

Often, because I was only 14, I could cum again in just a few minutes.

And often several times an hour if given a few days rest ahead of time. Since I was equally matched to my mother in both height and weight at the time, our sex together was perfectly matched for 69 lovemaking. We would often stay locked together with our mouths pleasuring each other's loins for an entire evening, both of us cumming in ecstasy over and over and over again without ever unlocking our 69 embrace.

Doing 69 with my mom, she could not see my face to guide her how best to pleasure me, and instead she would lick and suck me in every imaginable way, then listen to the various moans of pleasure each method of cock-sucking or tongue lavving produced. I would dive into her cunt-hole and do the same.

The result was nearly as good as when we could lock eye contact, and perform every sexual pleasure with perfection.

My mother was 32 at the time, and her cunt was like the body she had, which was like the Playboy pictures I had seen. Her pussy was what I like to call "pert", and very beautiful, with outer lips that were like a young girls, with no real outer "lips" at all. The inner lips were just beyond the swollen clean shaven edges of her cunt-hole, and it was there that I would try to bury my face, as my cock and crotch were sucked and licked so lovingly by my mother.

In that 69 position, I could feel my mother's throat wrapped snug and warm around my cock once more, and she quickly made me shoot cum into her juicy hot mouth again. My cock did not need to awkwardly bend in this 69 position like it did when I faced her, since the natural curve of my hardened cock and the inside of her throat were now a perfect match. I could penetrate fully an inch and a half further into my mom's esophagus from this angle. I seemed to penetrate so deep into her chest, that the cocks bell-head disappearing well beyond what I could see of it as it passed the base of her neckline. Also, it seems a lot of my cock length is hidden deep in my groin, and mom always seemed to gain yet another inch or two more by forcing her face deep into my crotch until my balls were wrapped tightly around her cute nose. She loved the boy scent of my sweaty balls and the pulsing of them against her face. Often she would initiate some casual oral sex right after I came home off the bus from school, just so she could explore all the ravishing scents of my crotch and balls that were trapped all day in my underwear.

With plenty of lubricant from having just swallowed a load of cum, she began deep throating me some more, her gorgeous long straight auburn hair draped over the bare young skin of my thighs. Her head bobbed up until my cock filled just her mouth, and then down again, plunging my bell-head as deep as it could possibly go.

Then my mom said, "I love you Tommy," and proceeded to take a huge breath of oxygen, and commenced a 90 second marathon of super deep throating me, using the ribs in her esophagus that help her swallow her food to create a cum-seal around my cock that would last a full minute and a half. Her chest made a new kind of sound. A pulling sound like a wet syringe makes when sealed in a large vacuum tube. The sexy thumping and squishing sound in my mother's throat as she stroked me up and then deep down her windpipe was the most exotic sexy sound I ever heard. The pleasure from the vacuum suction and pistoning of those deep ribbed muscles made my face contort in a grimace of pleasure, as my mother gave me another taste of her heavenly oral delights. So lovely too, was the tear filled expression in my mother's face and eyes. Oh how she loved me so! Every part of my mother's beautiful body was in motion to show me how much she loved me. Giving me sweet motherly sexual pleasures and fulfilling my every boyhood desire for love.

In our 69 position, I came hard just as my mother caught herself a breath of fresh air. She had timed my throbbing cumload perfectly to fill her mouth with the streaming jets of my sperm. However this time she spilled her mouthful of cum all over my cock and balls, and proceed to lick them clean of my cum, while alternately kissing my tender inner thighs, and stroking my cumslick cock with her expert hand.

"My little man is my lover boy," she said. And then tears welled up and pooled in her eyes as she let out a cute couple of little sniffles. A little cum always gets up her nose, and the cute way she tries to hide the fact fills me with compassion and concern to be gentle.

With intense love aglow on her face, my mother looked me straight in the eyes in a lovelocked stare and then proceeded to slowly lower her lovely head down to my crotch. "I'm gonna love you like this forever," she said, with tears trickled down her cheeks, at which point both my plump young balls were sucked into her mouth until the entire ballsack was gone from view. I groaned and my body fell limply into a dreamlike trance as my mother's tongue bathed my entire ballsack in the juices of her sweet loving mouth. We then rolled to our side in a 69 as my mother sucked my balls and I sucked and licked her gushing cunthole. Her cunt came again with her clear fluid pouring from her hole. This time I locked my face over her entire pussy hole and drank her cum as it poured out like bees honey into my mouth. I was sopped up her juices with my roaming tongue, pleasuring her, and strengthening the growing fibers of our emotional bonds.

I knew how much my mom enjoyed the flavors of my cum so I asked her in the husky "man" voice that I always used to sound sexy to her when having this kind of fun together, "Do you want me to cum in your mouth again mom?" She was getting me rock hard again as we lay there cuddling and caressing each others loins. Mom responded in kind, with a mischievous voice of her own, "You bet I do tiger!" Then she said, "This time tommyboy, I just want to suck on you very slowly, and take a lot more time to taste and enjoy your sweet cum. So I'm going to just sit you down in this beany-bag chair and get between your legs darling lover boy, and taste you cumming three times in a row, in say twenty minutes. How's that sound studly, think you can manage that for your old mom?"

"Does a rooster go cock-a-doodle-do?" I said, while tickling my mother's vulnerable spots in the soft areas just behind her knees. We had been continuing to lay in our 69 position, lazily enjoying the dream state we had drifted into together, when mom's body suddenly tensed up and she jerked into action.

"Ooh you dirty rat" she said, as she counter attacked by jumping up from our 69 and twisting my arm, trapping me in a position from which she could tickle my tummy, which was my terrible weak spot!!! Mom was an equal match for me when fighting like this, when I was just 14. So we had a genuine "slugfest" going on, tickling each other and wrapping ourselves up in each other's wrestling moves.

We ended up chasing each other on foot, giggling and tickling each other pink, as we ran around the furniture in the room. We traded roles as fox and hound whenever one scored a tickle on the other. We finally collapsed from playful exhaustion and crashed together down onto the soft beany-bag chair. We both laughed till our sides ached, while mom hugged me tightly in her arms so I could not move. The beanie-bag was in the middle of our plushly carpeted downstairs den, where my single mom and I could fuck and suck together and make noise without attracting attention from the neighbors.

Mom kissed me lightly on my face and filled me with the scent of a strong perfume. I think she wears it on her cheeks. Her closeness instinctively put me at ease, and the passion increased into a lovely kissing session that lasted for over an hour. Mom was always a tender lover, and kissing next to eating my cum was her favorite sex. My mother was a gorgeous young women with a very lovely mouth. Often I would just french-kiss and make love to her beautiful mouth rather than fuck her as we drifting into sleep on her bed at the end of the day. Her eyes would always captivate my soul when we kissed, and the love in them for me would melt my heart and hold my body limp in their spell.

After the kissing, the beany-bag chair had almost swallowed me up in its cavernous middle as the beans shifted around my sinking buttocks. Mom was sitting outside the chair, lip-locked to my lips as I sunk down. She broke our lip-lock and said with a happy and mischievous voice and smile, "Now where were we, Studly Doright? Oh yes, now I remember." She pushed her lovely body into the edge of the beanie-bag and nestled comfortably her beautiful face between my sensitive thighs near my penis, which was now flaccid from lack of direct stimulation for so long.

My legs and arms were pushed up in the air from the sinking of my buttocks so far down into the luxurious depths of the chair. My legs hanged draped over the puffed edges of the bag and my sexy playmate mom was facing me directly between them, breathing soft kisses on my boy-sensitive soft inner thighs. God she was gorgeous. Her tits were pointy C-cups and perfectly suckable. They stood out proudly like missiles ready to launch. Each was a full handful as I caressed them a few moments before mom settled into a comfortable position to suck my flaccid cock back to life.

"Young man, just lay back, close your eyes and enjoy. Your lovergirl is going to make you cum cum cum three times so she can fill her mouth with your wonderful creamy white stud-juice."

Suddenly, the hot sexy heat of my mother's beautiful mouth engulfed my flaccid cock, and I watched her pull its flaccid condition to full length with a sudden backwards bob of her head. She held her lips tightly around the edges of its helmet and sucked and stretched out my cock just like that.

"Ooh mom that feels great!!!!" I said. I knew she would soon have plenty of the tasty cum she wanted if she continued that much longer. She would fill her nostrils with the musky aroma of the fruit of my young teen loins and sagging ballsack.

Mom was very careful to make this a very relaxed and sensual suck-job.

She wanted to savor every drop of pre-cum she could. She repeatedly pulled and stretched my flaccid cock, sucking only the cockhead. With her sex smart hand, she held my penis skin stretched tight over my cock-bone. Her fist wrapped around the base of my cock had pushed the loose skin down into my groin. What a beautiful sight for a young lad to behold! My mother's expert mouth and hands worked in harmony, with her eyes locked to mine, and loving me with their love-locked stare.

Soon I was hard, and mom began stroking me slowly with her naturally ribbed throat muscles. Her saliva and my pre-cum had me all slick and gooey. I felt her tongue tickling my balls as she engulfed me whole. She did not hold her breath this time but steadily throat fucked me nice and easy, all the way in and all the way out of her deep throat until I was ready to ejaculate in her mouth. Her face came off my cock at just the right time so she could hold my cock in her hand and watch my piss-hole spray burst after burst of boy juice onto her outstretched tongue. A lot of cum missed and she just let her face get plastered with my wriggling sperm without dodging it, until her gorgeous model's face was slick and wet and gobs of fresh cum dripped from her nose and chin. A beautiful woman's tongue, long and sexy popped out, and like a kitten, she cleaned every globule of semen from her skin and used her hands to bring the rest to her roving tongue and ruby red lips, were she licked them clean as a whistle.

"UUuummmm that was yummy tum tummy" she said, and immediately continued sucking my cock through the minutes of my post cum bliss. The afterglow of the first of blowjob of the series was the beginning of the next, and my eyes were rolled back into my head as if possessed by a demon. My mother continually sucked on my young boy-meat through the bliss of my post cum until I was hard once again.

For round two, she let her hand down to her crotch, and fingered her cunny while continuing to clean my pole of our previous cum together. She would let my cockhead push into and fill each cheek pouch, and did an amazing number of creative variations of cocksucking, until I was soon ready to fill her mouth with my wriggling tadpoles again.

Just then, because of the intensity of the oral gyrations of her mouth as she was pleasuring me, my mother's ruby red lipstick began to rub off on my cock skin. And that was despite the fact she tries very hard to use the right kind of lipstick to avoid this. She always takes great pride in her cleanliness, and the lipstick smeared on my cock skin looked "smudgy" to her. She stopped blowing me for a moment to wipe a damp tissue up and down my shaft, and to reapply a fresh new coat of non-smearing red lipstick to her luscious lips. She wears the overly done lipstick just for me, because I asked her to. I love her pretty playmate mouth more than anything about her, it is just so incredibly beautiful and pretty. So kissable and enjoyable to explore when french-kissing her.

Mom rolled and puckered her lips to spread the lipstick evenly, and gave me a sexy smile and a wink with her long eyelashes. She was in a very playful mood, as she returning swiftly to my penis to keep up the pace of her cock sucking, which had my balls so close to cumming just moments before. Then with both her hands held tightly in each of mine in a passionate embrace, I began to cum, and cum very hard. I could not maintain our love-locked stare into each other's eyes when my orgasm hit my loins, and sent shockwaves through my body from head to toe. My toes curled, and I threw my head back with my face contorted in pleasure, and groans babbling from my lips. My semen began to boil up my cock-shaft like an erupting volcano.

She began slowly dancing her slightly parted lips over my spurting cock-slit. The net effect being my sperm would shoot into her mouth at a higher velocity and from every imaginable angle. Thus thrilling my cum loving mom with the delicious sensation of a fresh hot fountain of sperm bathing every corner of the velvety insides of her gorgeous mouth.

Then she took a deep breath, and swallowed me down her throat for 90 seconds of post cum blissful sucking. I was temporarily blacking out, in and out of conciousness. My toes curled, and my face went flush red like a beet. The ecstasy was so powerful, I literally could not keep pace with my hot playmate mother, who was carrying her young teen son off to totally newfound sexual discoveries, in a dreamlike trance I had no control of.

"Tommy, are you OK honey?" My mom got slightly worried, but I quickly recovered enough composure to let her know what she already knew. It was the ecstasy of her lovely mouth pleasuring me so wonderfully that had my head spinning temporarily out of wack.

"OK is the understatement of the millennium mom, that was totally awesome!" My heart rate was just settling down when I felt mom pull herself onto the beanie-bag into a 69 position over me and say to me, "You think that was good, how about this to make you cum?" She stuck a cum soaked finger up my virgin asshole for the first time in my life and manually began an inner massaging my 14 year old nubbins of a prostate gland. That sent me immediately over the edge, and I began for the first time ever to enter a whole new level of bliss here to for unknown. That feeling was one of complete sensory stimulation of my entire young budding sexual apparatus as never before imagined. Mom seemed to be in ecstasy herself, since she loved me so much, that she always cried when I cried, laughed when I laughed, or came when I came. My feelings for her greatly deepened.

It was becoming heavenly just to look at my mother now, from any vantage point or skewing of light, no matter if she was clothed or undressed, in private or in a public place. She was after all, equal in beauty to any Playboy playmate I had ever seen in any of the girlie magazines I had ever found. The fact she was my mother only multiplied tenfold higher my ratings of her beauty, compared to all the other beautiful women in the world.

When I came into my mother's tender loving mouth for the final time that day, she met my burst of cum with her tongue pressed tight against my piss slot and her lips tightly sealed just over the edges of my helmet. The result was that only the head of my penis was in her mouth, and my cum shot forcefully into her tongue under incredible pressure. The cum exploded quickly filling her cheek pouches. Her sexy eyelashes shuddered and she began to suck even harder. My cute cocksucking mother's mouth was full of every once of my semen from the newly discovered depths she had just unlocked deep within my loins. Depths full of the tastiest creamy white cum she ever had. There was almost none of the normal seminal fluid this time surrounding my sperm. It looked as if this thick perfectly white substance was pure sperm, dredged up directly from the bottom of the deepest hidden reservoirs of my aching ballsack. This sperm was the breeding stock for the cell division of all other sperm. It took me several days to recover and cum like normal again. I was completely drained of my cum.

But I was only 14, so once my young growing body adjusted to my mother's constant attention, my ballsack began to produce delicious sperm in copious amounts. I guess my body assumed this was normal. Soon I could cum enough to satisfy her completely. She loved my cum more than anything in the world, and sucked my balls dry every chance we could get alone together and make love.

Sometimes her job as a bank executive would take her briefly out of town with coworkers which made it impossible for us to be together for a few days. When she got home, she always looked forward to an especially delicious load of my semen that was full of the pure, thick, wriggling sperm she absolutely delighted in. It was so full and thick with live sperm you could watch gobs of it slide themselves across a tabletop.

Nothing was so beautifully sexy about my mom as that cute seductive sexy smile on her face when she came home after a long business trip, and would say in her trademark, playfully mischievous voice as she walked through the door, "Tommy, where are you lover boy?"

The End