Mike and Maggie and the Holidays by TJ

Mike and Maggie and the Holidays

(Note to reader: please read Mike and Maggie's Family to get an introduction to this very horny family)

It was the first holiday season since our three young kids -- Molly, Mikey, and Missy -- had joined in the family's incestuous tradition. Maggie and I were excited about my family's visit, knowing what it would mean to them. My parents were in the their early fifties and in great shape. My dad, Paul, was once a professional athlete and has always taken care of his body. My mother, Jan, is a gorgeous brunette with large tits and a great figure for her age. My grandmother, Grace, who is in her mid-sixties (she was only 14 when she became pregnant with my mother) was also planning to visit, along with my sister, Peg. Peg is 30 and although she's never been married, she has a baby boy just over a year old.

We hadn't seen any of my family in over a year, so it was going to be good to have them all at our house. We told the kids about our family's sexual adventures and they were anxious to be included. My family didn't know that the children had become involved in the family tradition, so this was going to be a big surprise to them.

The family all arrived on Friday and we enjoyed a leisurely dinner together in the dining room. My folks were interested in the kids and all of their activities, as was Grandma Grace. After dinner, we explained that we had gifts for the family to open and - after cleaning up the dishes and putting Peg's baby to bed - we all gathered in the living room.

My parents and Grandma Grace were gathered on the couch. Peg sat in the recliner next to the couch, and Maggie and I sat by the fireplace. The children all stood off to one side of the room. I announced that there were three gifts and that they would be opened one at a time.

First, Molly walked over to Grandma Grace. Molly was wearing her red velvet Christmas dress and it hugged the voluptuous curves of her teen-aged body. Molly is gorgeous and I know the family has been dripping with anticipation to get a piece of her.

"Great Grandma Grace?" Molly said with excitement. "Since you are the eldest here - the first gift is for you - and since I am the eldest mine is the first to give." With that, Molly reached down to grab the hem of her dress, and in one swift move, she pulled it over her head to reveal her tight, teen-age body. She wore a black, sheer bra that showed off her firm, round tits. A garter belt hugged her slender waist and garters held up sheer black stockings that matched her bra. There were no panties, however, and Molly put one foot up on the couch next to Grandma Grace as she reached down to slide her hand across her shaved pussy.

There was a gasp from the family as they looked upon this lustful vision of beauty. Grandma Grace quickly reached up and ran her hand up Molly's thigh toward her youthful cunt. "Oh my dear. What a beautiful, sexy thing you are. I couldn't ask for a better gift. Let me feel your pussy, child."

Molly withdrew her hand as Grandma Grace's hand slid up to feel her Great Granddaughter's warm sex. Her experienced hands pulled gently on Molly's cunt lips to reveal our daughter's hard clit and moist fuck hole. "Ohhhhh how beautiful, child. May I?"

"Please, Grandma!" Molly said hoarsely. "Do whatever you'd like!"

Grandma leaned over and licked her aged tongue up the length of Molly's cunt. Again, there was an audible moan from the family as they watched in lust. "Mmmm. Feels good Grandma!" Molly said hoarsely.

Grandma Grace stood and moved her hands up to cup Molly's young, firm breasts through the sheer bra. "Let's take this off, shall we?" she said as she tugged the bra straps over Molly's shoulders. Molly reached around and undid the clasp of her bra and it fell to the floor.

"Will you suck on them, Grandma?" Molly asked.

"Oh my, yes," she responded as she bent over to place her mouth on her Great Granddaughter's hard nipple. She rolled her tongue around the light brown areola before sucking in as much of the tit into her mouth as she could. Grandma Grace then began to peel off her own clothes. She was in very good shape for her 64 years with large tits and a beautiful face. She pulled off her lacy support bra and silk panties to reveal a neatly groomed pussy mound.

My mother looked over at me as we all watched with anticipation. "This is wonderful, Michael. We've dreamed of this day." She reached over and grabbed my Dad's cock, which was bulging from his khakis.

"Just wait, Mom," I said. "Your gift is coming up." I winked at her and we turned our attention to Grandma Grace, who lay on the floor.

"You're in for quite a night!" Maggie added with encouragement.

"Bring that wonderful cunt of yours down to me, sweetheart," Grandma Grace said as Molly straddled the older woman's face. Molly lowered her hips until the lips of her cunt, now dripping with heat, barely touched her Great Grandma's lips. Grandma Grace immediately began to lick Molly's cunt up and down, sticking her tongue as deep as possible into the girl's fuck hole as possible before rolling it around the hardened clit. Grandma has had a lifetime of experience at learning to bring pleasure to other women and she's done it for her own daughters and daughters-in-law, her granddaughters and granddaughters-in-law, and now she was doing it for her Great Granddaughter. Maggie had told Molly how great Grandma Grace was at getting another woman off and Molly was quick to ask if she could be the Christmas offering for her Great Grandmother. Molly now began to realize what Maggie meant.

"Oh god, Grandma. Of FUCK! That's... Oh yeah...it's so good...SUCK ME...OH YES!" Molly cried as Grandma Grace worked her magic. Molly ground her pussy into Grandma Grace's face as the older woman licked and sucked feverishly. Grandma Grace then reached up and around to grab Molly's ass cheeks and pull her tighter against her face. I thought the old woman would have suffocated, but still she pulled harder. Molly's cries of ecstasy grew louder as she neared climax.


With that she screamed, as I've never heard her scream. Her body shook all over and her cunt ground itself against Grandma Grace's sloppy face as cunt juice poured down Grandma's cheeks and chin. Molly had several orgasms before either of them let up on their fevered pace. Molly pulled away and immediately crawled down between Grandma Grace's legs. She dove her face passionately against the matriarch's cunt and began to return the favor. Grace reached down and gently placed her hands over Molly's head.

"That's it, dear. Do it to me just like I did it to you. That's it... what a beautiful piece of ass...ohhhh yes...suck Grandma's pussy...make Grandma feel good."

Molly just moaned as she went after Grandma's cunt like a woman possessed. She reached up and plunged her middle finger up the experienced pussy, massaging the hot geriatric cunt. Grandma responded to the attention of Molly's active digit.

"Oh, darling!" Grandma Grace moaned. "Oh you sweet cunt licking dear! Ohhh! YESSSS!"

Grandma Grace bucked her hips to meet Molly's tongue and finger as her body convulsed in orgasm. Molly then reached down and grabbed the older woman's thighs pushing her legs up against her chest and exposing her tight ass hole. Without hesitation, Molly licked down from the flowing cunt to the puckered hole of her Great Grandmother's ass. She poked her tongue at the tight opening and rimmed it energetically. "I love to lick assholes," Molly said. "Oh Grandma. It's so wonderful."

"Then lick it, dear!" Grandma responded. "Lick your Grandmother's asshole. Oh what a sweet little slut you are!"

I looked around the room and everyone was in a sexual trance as they watched the scene unfold. My Dad had his cock out and was stroking it slowly. My mother was rubbing her cunt through her dress. Peg and Maggie were even bolder. They had just stripped off their jeans and panties and were outright finger fucking themselves. My own cock was begging to be freed, but the show wasn't over and I knew that Maggie would have a hold of it soon enough.

"Come on!" I cried. "They could be at this for hours! The next gift!"

With that, Mikey walked over in front of my mother. My mother is a gorgeous, 50 year old blonde. Her body is in excellent shape for her age and she could easily pass for a woman ten years younger. Mom has a healthy pair of tits and an appetite for sex that is largely unrivaled by any woman I know (I think that's where Missy gets it!). "Oh, Mikey. Are you gonna give Grandma your nice, hard cock?" she asked as he approached.

"Grandma Jan," he said as he peeled off his shorts and T-shirt. "My cock is yours."

My mother just about climaxed right there. She quickly grabbed Mikey's hard number and pulled him to her mouth. She sucked in the entire length, coating it with her saliva. "Oh Mikey," she said after it was good and lubed up for her stroking hands. "It's beautiful. You have a beautiful cock. I want this in every hole as much as possible while we're here. Do you understand me, young man?"

"Yes, Grandma," Mikey responded.

"I mean it, Mikey. I want it in my mouth, in my cunt and in my ass. Would you like to stick your cock in Grandma's ass?"

"Yeah Grandma!" Mikey said.

"Good. Grandma loves to be good and fucked in the ass by young studs like you."

With that, my mother stood and peeled off her clothes. She hugged Mikey and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. Mikey was completely unfazed by the gesture, in fact - he seemed to relish it and returned the affection as their tongues danced together. This pleased his Grandmother, as did his hands reaching up to cup her generous breasts in each young hand.

Mother knelt down before her Grandson and began to give him a blowjob that would rival that of any porn queen. Her mouth enveloped Mikey's handsome rod, coating it with her saliva. She then sucked on the bulbous cockhead as her hands stroked the length of his shaft. Mikey stood there, his eyes closed, moaning with delight. "Oh man, Grandma. That's incredible!" he groaned as her tongue rolled around his cockhead. You could now see that his prick seeped a sticky, clear pre-cum.

"I've had plenty of practice, sweetheart" was my Mother's throaty response to Mikey. "I've got a lot to teach you, young man! But right now I want this gorgeous cock in my cunt. Lay on the floor Mikey."

Mikey obeyed his Grandma and lay on his back. Grandmother began by straddling his face in a 69 position. "My cunt is really wet, Mikey. Suck some of my sweet pussy juice for me." With that, she leaned over to give more attention to Mikey's throbbing cock, careful not to make him come. Mikey's tongue rocketed out of his mouth and into his Grandma's dripping snatch.

Meanwhile, Molly and Great Grandma Grace were still in a 69 of their own on the floor. Under the Christmas tree Maggie and I had placed three candy canes - the long, thick straight ones - for each of the kids. Of course, we knew that they would eventually be used as surrogate dildos and Molly had quickly picked up on this. She and Grandmother Grace were fucking these huge candy canes into each other's cunts and then licking the juices off as if they were blowing a cock. "Stick it in my ass, dear!" Grandma Grace said and Molly obliged, rotating the colorful stick into the elder's tight bunghole.

A few feet away, Grandma Jan had now moved down to place her cunt above Mikey's cock. Holding it in place, she lowered herself slowly down his long, throbbing shaft. "Ohhhh sweetie!" She said in a whisper. "Your cock feels sooooo good in Grandma's pussy." She began rocking herself up and down as Mikey reached up to cup her huge, meaty tits in his hands. "Oh, thatta boy," she said approvingly.

"Daddy!?" Missy whispered at me. I looked over and could see the anticipation in her eyes, as if it was Christmas morning and time to open the presents. "Can I do it now? Pleeeaaase?"

"Okay!" I said so all could hear. "The final gift ready to be unwrapped."

Missy sprang over to my Father, still on the couch with this dick in his hand. Dad is a strapping man who has grown more graceful and dignified with age. His cock, while not as long as mine, is much more thick. Missy approached him coyly, staring with hunger at the hard dick in his gentle hands.

Slowly Missy reached down and pulled up the hem of her red velvet Christmas dress to reveal her young, bare pussy. "I'm your present, Grandpa. Would you like to fuck and suck my cunt?"

"Oh my little darling," Grandpa said as he reached out to run his finger along the hairless, swollen slit of his young Granddaughter's pussy. "Come on up here!"

Missy literally jumped up into her Grandfather's lap and he helped her lift her dress up over her head so that she was completely naked. Missy then began to undress him and he obliged, setting her aside long enough to pull off his khakis. He sat back down on the couch as Missy crept close and grabbed onto the base of his cock. "Oh Grandpa. Your cock is so big! It's not long like Daddy's, but it's bigger around."

"Can you get your pretty little mouth around it, Missy?" he asked her.

Missy stuck the cockhead into her mouth and it stretched her precious lips to do so. She slowly bobbed her head down as much as she could as Grandpa stroked her blonde hair. "That's it, Missy. What a precious little cunt you are. Suck Grandpas cock, baby." As he continued to encourage her he reached down her back and ran his hand in between her sweet, soft ass cheeks, feeling for her tight ass and cunt. Missy squirmed in response and moaned in delight as his cock continued to stuff itself into her young mouth.

That left just Peg, Maggie and I to watch the spectacle in front of us. Grandma Grace had two candy canes working - one in Molly's cunt and the other one in her ass. Molly was still sticking her candy cane alternately into both of Grandma Grace's holes. They seemed to be coming in an endless stream of orgasms. Grandma Grace, in particular, was getting quite verbal.

"Fuck my ass, dearie. Oh god, Molly! YES! FUCK MY ASS! SUCK MY CUNT! YOU SWEET FUCKING SLUT!"

My Mother was now on all fours as Mikey fucked her doggie style. Mikey was reaching around her to grab her flopping tits. "Does it feel good?" Mikey asked as sweat poured off of his adolescent body.

"Oh yeah, Mikey. Fuck me good! FUCK ME HARDER!" Grandma Jan responded. Mikey responded by moving his hips with piston like efficiency.

Peg then looked over and Maggie and me. "I've got a present for you two. Get over here!" She then reached up and cupped her milk-engorged tits and gave them a squeeze. Small streams of sweet mother's cream exploded from her delicious nipples. "Get over here and have some milk!"

Maggie got on one side of the lounge chair while I planted myself between my sister's legs. As Maggie joyously began to suck on one tit, I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to Peg's hot and ready cunt. "It's been a while, Sis," I said as Peg spread her cunt lips to accept my cock.

"Too long, big brother - stick that long cock in my cunt before I go crazy!" I thrust my long dick swiftly into her wet cunt and felt her cunt muscles clamp down on it as I entered. I then lowered my head to Peg's tit and began to suck on the hard, inch long nipple. Sweet warm milk filled my mouth and Peg screamed in delight as her hips rose to meet my pulsing manhood.

I looked over to watch as little Missy stood on the couch and straddled my father's lap. What a beautiful sight to see my sweet young baby lowering herself onto her grandfather's thick prick. "It's so big grandpa. It's gonna fill my pussy up so nice!"

She slowly lowered herself onto the cock head. Her face contorted as her cunt stretched to accept the thick hardness of his incestuous dick. "Ohhhhhhh she moaned."

"Oh god, Missy. You're so fucking tight! That a girl, keep going."


Her cunt continued to descend and the sight made me so hot that I pummeled my own cock deeper and harder into my sister's flowing sex as I continued to suck torrents of her mother's milk from her tits.


Molly and Grandma Grace had moved over to join the others. Mother was still fucking Mikey's cock as he played with her tits. Grandma Grace moved over and lowered her cunt to Mikey's face demanding that he suck her cunt.
"Here you go, Mikey, dear. Suck Granny's pussy for her."
At the same time, Molly got up on the couch and straddled her grandfather's face as Missy continued to work his cock into that tight little cunt of hers. "Here you go grandpa!" Molly said as she pushed her cunt into his mouth. "I've been waiting a long time to feel you sucking my cunt. You have no idea how long I've fantasized about this." Her beautiful firm body and perfectly proportioned tits looked so succulent as she rocked her body above her grandfather's upturned face.

My dad licked his tongue up and down his teen-age granddaughter's cunt. "Oh sweetie. I would have had you anytime you wanted. You should have said something. Mmmm you taste so good. That candy cane made you taste like peppermint! What sweet little sluts you girls are." With that he went to work on Molly's cunt as she pulled her pussy lips so as to grind her clit into his mouth and nose.

Meanwhile, Missy has miraculously taken almost all of her grandfather's thick meat into her small cunt and was beginning to move up and down on the huge cock as her pussy became more lubricated. "Oh yeah!" she moaned in a high pitched squeal. "Oh Grandpa! Fuck me! IT SO BIG! YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM!" With this, Missy became bolder as she impaled her self violently against her grandpa's dick. Her fingers went to work on her own clit.

"Mother, I think he's about to blow!" Grandma Jan said to her mother. In no time the two elder women were on their knees in front of Mikey's hairless cock and balls. His long, throbbing shaft glistened brightly like a Christmas ornament from his own grandmother's cunt juices. The two older women alternately sucked and licked his young cock as they pounded his shaft with their fists.

"Oh god, Grandma! Here I come! OHHH YEEAAAHHH!"

His hips jerked up and down frantically just before his muscles tightened. Just then a huge glob of white semen burst into the air. Both older women yelped with excitement and placed their mouths just over the bursting cock head. Stream after stream of gooey white jizz erupted from the depth of his balls as he coated his grandmother and great-grandmother with the liquid fruit of his sex. The older women were ecstatic to see that whatever gene caused the men in the family to produce large quantities of cum, Mikey had it too. They squealed and giggled with delight as they licked the cum from each other's faces.

Meanwhile, after Missy came two or three times from Grandpa Paul's tree trunk of a cock, Molly asked that they switch places. Missy pulled herself from Grandpa's thick dick, which was now coated with our little girls' pussy juice. Molly straddled the thick meat and facing Grandpa, she lowered herself slowly down onto it as she gave her grandfather a passionate, sensual French kiss.

"Ohhhhhhhh SHHIIIT," she moaned with delight as the thick cock filled her cunt.

"It's big, isn't it?" Missy asked as she lowered her cunt onto Grandpa's face.

"Ohhhh Missy. How did you get this in that precious little cunt of yours?" Molly exclaimed as she pushed herself lower. Missy didn't answer because my Father had now begun to suck Missy's swollen cunt and she was already starting to cum again.

What a sight. I was so hot as I fucked Peg in a steady pace. Peg had already cum once or twice and I had an idea. "Maggie, why don't you and Peg enjoy each other here. I've got a nasty idea." They didn't say a word, but as I pulled my cock from Peg's cunt, Maggie moved between my sister's legs and dove her face into the flowing pussy. Peg grabbed the back of Maggie's head and pulled my wife's face against her.

I walked over to where Molly had filled her cunt with my Father's cock.

"Lean over, sweetheart," I said as I gently pushed on her back. "Daddy's gonna give you your first real double penetration." Molly did lean over, which put her face right into her little sister's ass crack as Missy continued to get her pussy eaten by Grandpa. Molly instinctively began to rim her little sister's sweet puckered asshole.

I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to Molly's asshole and began to push. It was loosened up from when Grandma Grace had fucked it with the candy cane, but I immediately felt the thick hardness of my Dad's cock through the thin membrane separating Molly's cunt and ass. Molly immediately responded to the sensation of having two cocks inside her.

"Oh Daddy! OH! That feels GREAT! FUCK MY ASS! TWO COCKS! OH YEAAHHH!" she bucked her hips to fuck her Grandfather with her cunt and to meet my penetrating cock with her ass. It took a few minutes, but eventually I had most of my long cock into her ass as my Dad's thick cock continued to pummel her cunt. "OH MY GOD! I'M CUMMMMMING!" she screamed as I felt her muscles contract in spasm like fashion on my intruding rod.

Mikey, was now hard again from the sight of his sister getting reamed in both holes, as well as from the oral encouragement of his grandmother and great-grandmother. He came over to the couch and waved his cock into Molly's face. "Come on, Sis! Let's fill all your holes."

Molly immediately opened her mouth to receive her brother's prick. Grandma Jan and Grandma Grace, not wanting to miss out, joined us. My mother knelt behind me and spread my ass cheeks, driving her tongue into my tight ass. Grandma Grace did the same to Mikey. The sensation was incredible. Peg and Maggie now joined the family fuck fest. Maggie knelt behind Grandma Grace began giving the elder lady a lusty rim job as her fingers explored the old woman's sopping cunt. Peg did the same to Grandma Jan. There we were - the whole family was a sucking, fucking, licking mass of sexual ecstasy.

Just then Missy began to scream in orgasm (again), but it started a chain reaction climax. Molly, heated by hearing her sister's screams of delight, began to spasm in a violent orgasm. My dad then began to moan from between Missy's cunt lips as his cock rocketed into Molly's flowing snatch. I felt the heat of his cum pouring into Molly's cunt and I couldn't hold it any longer. Cum exploded from my cock into the depths of my daughter's bowels, sending her into another shattering orgasm. Mikey, who is normally very controlled, couldn't hold his own orgasm and another mother load of semen burst from his cock into Molly's mouth and onto her face and chest.

The men pulled away from Molly, who quickly fell to the floor on her back. Cum from Mikey's orgasm covered her face and tits as her gaping cunt and ass holes dripped from my Dad and my generous offerings.

"Oh my little slut!" Maggie said proudly as she surveyed her cum covered daughter. "You look absolutely delicious." With that she descended on our daughter, giving her a long, French kiss before licking our son's cum from our daughter's tits. The other women than joined Maggie, licking and sucking cum from her pussy and anus. Molly went nuts as she received the attention of the other four women.

It was all capped off as Missy stood above Molly's chest. "Here you go Molly!" she said as she spread her pussy lips. A small stream of golden pee arched out and onto Molly's face. Molly opened her mouth to receive the offering, but the other women, who wanted a taste for themselves, soon intercepted the stream. The piss covered all of the ladies faces and tits before Missy was done. Peg then stood and, cupping a tit with each hand, began to cover the other female family members with her mother's milk. The ladies all cheered and giggled as they accepted the creamy offering. They then went to work cleaning each other up with their tongues.

This was just the first night of our Holiday together! Can you imagine what the rest of our week together was like?