Incest Vacation by Muffin

Incest Vacation

I was in my freshman year in high school and not having very much success with girls except with my cousin Annie, mother of my first kid. You've already heard about it in My Cousin Annie. Well she was the only girl I was getting it from. Well she had moved halfway across town so we didn't get to fuck much. Every weekend we would bike to a secret place. We would fuck but it lost all the excitement so we quit for a while to see if a little separation would work.

Well it didn't work it was just worse. I went looking for a good fuck. Of course I failed. My whores (mom, grandma) decided to go visit family in Louisiana. Well in the coon ass country there aren't very many sober people. So I'm walking around my family's little 5 feet by 5 feet plantation and I run into a cousin and a niece that I'd never found out about. The cousin she was 16 blonde, short, and D's. The niece was the same but DD's and 18. They were dressed like twins. They were wearing the smallest bikini tops I'd ever seen. Short shorts and the back of the shorts had a heart cut into the back of them. How I found this out was that they asked me to join me in their clubhouse they had a surprise for me. Now that heart was placed right. They had these heart tans on their bare butts. That is why they were there to show off their asses.

We got to their clubhouse and it was luxury that I didn't expect. It had a TV, couch, and one bed. Satin sheets. Well that TV was used for good reason. The niece was old enough to buy porn. She had bought 200 porns or more. They sat down but the funny part was they had burned their asses. They couldn't sit down on their nice round plump asses. In resort they took the things off. It was made into a show. First they unbuttoned each other's flies. Then they opened the zippers with their teeth. Boy were they sweet. They took my pants off too, but they did it with their tongues put together. Before I knew it I was in my boxers without a button to keep my boxer slot closed.

Then they started the movie. It was all oral sex, vaginal sex, and fingering. They were getting wet and they had a puddle forming. I saw this because I was sitting behind them and I saw this dark spot forming in the carpet. I just flat out said, "Are you girls horny?"

In response they grabbed each other and made-out wildly. Rolling back and forth. "Is that a good response?" my cousin asked.


So they or we, mainly them, started to watch the rest of the movie. The movie ended and the first thing I see is two girls violently grab each other and start making out. As they were doing that they were stripping off their shirts. The shirts were very loose so I didn't know how big their tits were tell I saw their tits right there and then. Once they got the shirts off there was nothing left to take off so I was watching two true blondes rolling on the ground fondling fingering and kissing. Their pussy was even blonde. That's what I mean by true blondes.

All of a sudden they stopped and my cousin asks me "You like what you're seeing?"

Trying to lie I said "No."

"You liar," my niece says loudly "your dick is sticking out like a coon in a stable of sheep." So they both come over and do this magnificent oral job on me. One is sucking my dick the other sucking my balls. Well I of course I came within 1 minute. Then they stopped and started to kiss with my cum going between their mouths. That was the greatest sight I had ever seen.

We went home after all this. I went to my room and jacked the hell out of my dick. It was an ok load, but it'll get bigger. I went to sleep dreaming of my little blonde whores. In the middle of the night I felt this wet sensation on my dick. So I investigated the feeling well my hand was up in the air and my hand met a heavy load of flesh. I had grabbed a tit. My cousin was fucking me and had cum from me dripping out of her pussy. Well, I figured that when I came that was when I dreamt that I had come. So we fucked hard but quietly. I blew 4 loads of cum in to her by the end of night of love. She came 3 times but wasn't satisfied. She pulled a carrot out of nowhere and shoved it in her pussy, then flipped me over and shoved it in my ass. This wasn't any small carrot, it was a carrot like a dick. So I got but a fuck but it was pretty painful but pleasurable.

After she left the day had officially started. My little blonde whores had convinced my mom to let me go with them to their 'teen club'. This 'club' was their sex hut that we had visited the day before. They threw me down on the floor and shoved a strap on dildo in my ass then shoved my dick up the other ass. My niece was behind me fucking my ass and I was fucking my cousin. Every time my niece would go forward I would go forward and shove my 8 inches into this tight sporty ass. They were both swimmers and baseball players so the had well-developed vaginal muscles, leg muscles, and ass muscles. Well that strong ass was massaging my dick so it added pleasure and friction.

We fucked like this for about 30 minutes but we fucked till everyone came twice. They wouldn't let me pull out till it happened. I went limp twice in her ass, it actually felt weird to go limp in an ass. I'd never gone limp while fucking. I've always been hard, then went limp, then sucked to hardness. It was cool to fuck limp. I grew back of course.

Once all that was over I watched them fuck. It was without the dildo. They fucked by rubbing the pubic bones on the clit. IT was weird to watch to girls fuck without a dildo. Sadly they orgasmed and then we had to go home. After we had dinner we excused ourselves and went to my room to play a game of truth or dare.

The first dare was for me to sit under my blonde whores in the bathtub while they pissed on me. Just because I was horny and like some kinky stuff I did it. We went in there I stripped and then started to piss. It is a cool feeling to have that warm sensation on your body. Then I dared them to let me piss in them not on them. So they let me. I first pissed in my cousin. Sadly I ran out of piss in her. While I was pissing in her she orgasmed because of the sensation. Then my niece had an idea I drink 3-4 glasses of Louisiana ice tea. Then I had to tell her when I needed to piss. About 10 minutes after I drank the tea, I needed to piss so I told her we went in to the tub and I pissed and she orgasmed violently. She slammed her head on the tub 3 or 4 times but didn't make too much noise. She walked out of there with her pussy dripping piss. So she made an excuse. She stood there for 2 or 3 minutes saying "Hurry I'm going to pee in my pants." Then I flushed and she yelled "nooooooooo" then started to yell at me about making per pee in her pants.

That's when her parents took her home. They reprimanded her for peeing in her pants at that age. Then I left to go home. Back to my original home. I'm always getting pictures of them fucking or posing. I just wonder who is taking the picture of them fuckin'.

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