Grandmother by Code Hammer


Damn I hated to go to Grandma's every summer. I'm a 15 year old guy and I need to party with my friends! I can't party at grandmas! Grandma was in her late 50's, she probably forgot all about how to party.

Well, here I was laying in the bed in my room at Grandmas. This farm was boring and she got me up at 5 AM every morning! Summers are for sleeping in! Grandpa died many years ago and I guess grandma loved him very much as she doesn't even date or anything. I guess when you get old the sexual drive disappears. I just wonder how many times she and grandpa fucked? Wonder if she sucked his dick? Nah not grandma.

I looked over at the clock 8 PM and it was bedtime here. Can you believe it! I turned on my bedside lamp. My body was going to hell staying here! I undone my pajamas and took my hard dick in my hands. The movement was making me dreamy eyed. Oh I love to jack off, it makes me feel good!

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING??" Oh shit -- Grandma. Oh shit she caught me! I am in for deep shit now. "DON'T BOTHER TO COVER UP!" she yelled. She came over and removed the covered. Boing, instant soft! "YOU DON'T GET MY SHEETS STAINED YOUNG MAN! YOU AREN'T AT HOME!" Damn I was catching hell real hard!

"I'm sorry Grandma."

"Shut up, shut you filthy mouth. I don't see why you have to jack off. Why don't you find a girl?" she said slowly down her tone.

"But Grandma, there aren't any girls out here on this farm"

"What do you think I am? Your Grandpa?!"

"No ma'am."

"Don't you think your Grandma has seen a hard pecker before?"

"Yes ma'am."

"You are probably still a cherry. Aren't you?"

"Yes ma'am."

"OK. Now if you keep your mouth shut, I'll show you how to jack off instead of staining my sheets."

"I won't say anything I promise."

"You better not or there will be holy hell to pay. You understand?"

"Yes ma'am." Damn she was pissed!

"Take off your pajamas." Grandma scolded me. I was terrified and took off my top then I took off my bottoms. My dick shrunk to a nub.

"Well, start jacking off let's see how you do it."

"I... I... can't grandma, not with you here!"

"Oh shit. Spread your legs." I did and her hand went to my soft dick. She fondled very carefully and I was getting hard. I tried to stop it. Hell I didn't want grandma to see me with a hard on I thought as I gazed at her as her robe came open a little.

"Hurry up and get this thing hard!" Grandma scolded.

"I'm trying! Please Grandma."

"Oh please your ass," Grandma mocked as she stood up and she let her robe fall. Say, Grandma wasn't bad at all! She didn't look like she was in her 50's. "You hard yet?"


"Well hurry up, I'm tired and want to go to bed," she said

"It won't get hard grandma, I'm sorry," as I laid there 1/2 hard.

"You know you are really pissing me off. You can stain my sheets but won't give me nothing in return?" she said as she sat on the bed. She started to play with my dick again, then she bent down and put it in her mouth. Oh shit she was gonna bite it off. She moved her head off and looked. My dick was growing. She growled and resumed what she was doing. Say I liked this! I wish I could say that I had an 8 inch dick. Nope only about a 4 1/2 and it was hard. I never had a hard on like this before!

She sucked me and it felt good. Then she quit and stood up.

"You still owe me for my sheets young man and you are gonna pay for them," she said as she got on the bed and straddled me. My dick went into her and SAY I liked this! She was moving up and down as I closed my eyes on this wonder! Then she started to move faster.

"Something's happening to me Grandma. I gotta pee," I pleaded with her, my whole body tightened and I felt a burst go into her as she moaned slightly feeling it. It didn't feel like pee, it felt well a million prickly knives going through me. She stopped moving up and down and slowly got off and pointed a finger at me.

"Never, never stain my sheets again. You can put that nasty stuff in me when you get the urge. Is that understood?"

"Yes ma'am."

"And another thing young man. Every night for this whole summer I will be coming into your room and make sure you don't stain my sheets is that clear?"

"Yes ma'am."

"You must have got this from your father but I broke him too and I will break you. Now put your clothes on. I don't want to look at that nasty thing until tonight," she said as she put her robe on. Tomorrow night I'll have you put it somewhere else. Understand?"

"Yes ma'am."

"If you stain my sheets again, I'll beat your tiny ass until it's black and blue, understand?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Now kiss grandma goodnight, I'm tired. And remember what I said," she said as she bent over so I could kiss her cheek. Grandma left and I laid there trying to understand just what happened. I just fucked my grandma! She even sucked my dick! And... wait a minute! Did she say she broke Dad? Holy shit! Did she do the same thing to Dad??? My Dad?